35 Year Old Woman with 3 Kids in Need of a Body Make Over! - Tijuana, Mexico

Well I'm all booked for my surgery. I'm booked at...

Well I'm all booked for my surgery. I'm booked at Grace house, and my flight. I'm all ready to go! 29 days to go!! So excited!! I've dreamed of this for many many years.... After 3 kids I've completely lost my shape... But soon I will be back looking small and shapely. I'm so glad that I will be smaller by birthday.
Dr. P's staff has been amazing to me. Any and all questions that I have they were answered in a timely manner. Very prompt in their responses. I'll be spending 5 days at Grace, and their staff has been extremely helpful with me making my arrangements.

7 Days in counting

Well I have 7 days until my flight to Mexico and 8 Days until my surgery. It still seems surreal. I guess I it will become real once I get there..

Less then 24 hours

Well I've made it here to Tijuana. It's been a very exhausting day. I'm tired and anxious at the same time. I just settled down in my room at the Grace House, the staff here are so nice. Even my drive was very friendly. Made me feel good about being so far away from home. I just ate dinner and took a shower, now I plan on relaxing until I fall asleep. Just think tomorrow my dreams will be a reality. I can't wait to meet Dr. p and his staff..

The day has come

I'm here just got my blood work done, and EKG.. I'm all set. Just waiting to meet with Dr. P. Then they will take me to my room to prep me for surgery

Day after

I'm very sore. Can't wait to unwrap myself. Hopefully tomorrow I will once I get back to Grace house. The staff at the clinic took very good care of me.

4 Days

Still in pain, not as bad tho, each day I'm getting better. Took a shower today and I feel like a new woman.

5 Day Podt

Feel really sore, I got a massage last night to drain the fluid. It hurt so bad but felt so good at the same time. Sigh I know it's gonna take a few weeks to feel better and to see real results, I'm just ready.. ????

Flight home took a toll on me

Let's just say the flight home was hard on my body. I suggest anyone who travels for surgery by airplane have someone fly back with them. Being by myself was difficult to get around the airport and even more diffult to be comfortable. So even if they just fly in to fly back with you, don't do it alone. (Tummy Tuck Patients)

12 Days Post

Well I'm still in pain but not as bad. Really not taking my pain meds cause I'm just trying to take as much of the pain as I can. Still can stand straight...

Still swollen and Pain but loving my lil waist

My scar is so tiny. Dr. Panjoita did an amazing job.. I'm so happy. Still in a lot of pain and I'm at day 13 post Op. Still can't stand straight up, but doing a lil more around the house..


More pics

Still swollen but look at the difference

17 days post

Still very sore and can't stand for a long period, but I'm feeling great and still loving my results.

17 days

Pics for u
Dr. Panjoita

His staff is amazing! They have answered all my questions.

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I am HAPPY I found your REVIEW!!! Dr P TUCKED YOU BOO!! you LOOK AWESOME ALREADY! I have a couple questions.... 1) Grace Recovery House....how much? cause Lana stated that first night is $220 (which is the night before surgery but Dr P offers 2nights so did Lana still charge the $220) 2) I read you stayed at Grace the night before so did you stay at the hospital 2nights? if yes, did Lana not charge you for the two nights you was away? 3) Did you get picked up from the airport (San Diego) If yes, by Dr P office or Lana office? 4) I didn't read anything about Passport...did you already have one? THANKS so much for your TIME...Dr P was my first choice last year and Nadia has been very HELPFUL and they still honored my quote from last year, but my concern was not enough reviews on Dr P tummy tucks and boob work...but I am GLAD I found your review and another review last night...AWESOME!
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Well first off let me say thanks, I've wanted a Tummy tuck for 10years, so I am so happy with my results. Dr P and his staff was amazing.. Grace house was also amazing staff was very very good to me, and Lana is awesome herself. Yes I paid 220 first night then 2 nights at Dr P clinic. Then I went back to grace. And stayed 7 days. Grace picked me up from the airport and yes I already had my passport for years. No I wasn't charged for the nights I stayed at the clinic. I hope this was helpful
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THANK YOU for your first response :-) so did you pay $920 for Grace?
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wow he did an amazing job! you look great:) cant wait for my turn.xoxo
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Yes he did. When do u go and are u going to dr. P?
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I have 10 months left, a long way from now. but sooner then I know it, it will be here. I want to lose 50 lbs first. And I'm planning to go to him.. just a little nervous to travel that far
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I was nervous at first but his staff is awesome I also stayed at the grace house and I loved it. Well be safe and good luck with your journey
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Sounds like it was a piece of cake;) I wanted to ask you, if you don't mind, what was your pre weight? So I can get at the weight you were before surgery. Thank you :)
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My pre weight was 190 and I'm 5'5 my weight now if 175 but I'm still swollen and I have a lot of fluid in me so in a few months I should be down more.
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oh yeah, your definitely going to get smaller:)). dr pantoja is truly an awesome surgeon, I cant wait to pay him a visit!
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Congratulations. Your scar looks really good from that picture you posted. It's so thin and neat!
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Thanks and yes he did an awesome job.
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Wow looking good already nice incision.
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Thanks, it's looks good. I'm happy
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Good luck ;-)
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Good luck! Looking forward to updates!
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Thanks, I look forward to making some post about my surgery...
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Good luck with your upcoming surgery. Its an exciting time and I am looking fwd to yr updates
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Thanks, and I will be sure to make an update along with some pics.
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