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Thigh Lift Groin Incision - Tijuana, Mexico

I am very please with my results, my incision is...

I am very please with my results, my incision is thin and barely visible. I had very saggy skin and now my legs are proportionate. My scar is in the groin area. I am finally able to wear dresses.

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I am 6 months out. My thighs are nicely shaped. ...

I am 6 months out. My thighs are nicely shaped. I started running and cellulites are becoming less visible. I am wearing dresses and shorts for the fist time since 1985. I am very happy with my results. I had my surgery with Dr Cardenas and stayed at a recovery house. I would do it again in a flash!!!!


Hey there, thanks so much for coming back and sharing with us. I'm glad everything has worked out well for you. If you don't mind sharing, how was your recovery period, following surgery?

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My recovery was very short and successful. Do you want me to elaborate in a forum?

For the first week I was lucky enough to be in a...

For the first week I was lucky enough to be in a recovery house at Beauty Care and they had raised toilets with handles. For the first 2 weeks it is a must. I would remove all my clothes with the help of the nurses and use the bathroom by holding myself up on handles. I had to wash the area so all the bacteria from urine would be washed off. I then slightly patted it and put back my clothing. I was advised by doctor to put dry gauze every time it was damp to prevent area from being wet. Within a week I was able to sit down without holding on to handles. I kept applying a cream dr prescribed. By the end of the second week I left TJ and was able to fly home on a 5 hour flight and 2 hour drive home. I healed quickly by following dr instructions. I was not allowed to squat or bend over for 4 weeks but I was able to drive by the end of 3rd. I was slow to move for only 4 weeks then I was back to normal but just got a bit more tired. I would suggest 6 weeks off work. I will post my thigh groin incision, a bit graphic.


great photos your look wonderful! was it inner and out thighs or both?
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It was inner thigh lift and tt. Dr Cardenas places her scars so they are well hidden by clothes. She will do an outter as well if that is what is neccessary. She is a great artist
Thank you for your post I'm looking at going to the same doctor to have the same surgery. I would have to fly down there and I will have a three hour drive home. Can you please post your resent pictures of your scars. Also how much was your total bill with the recovery house? Thank you
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1 year later

I am thrilled with my results. For those who want updated photo all I can say is that I gained weight due to some issues I had wirh lapband and life. I removed my laoband. Results are such as weight gain went into my stomach below my breasts and my thighs. I am working on correcting this but having trouble. I am a thyroid cancer survivour and gone through menopause so it takes a lot more work to spead up this process. My thighs however are thick but no loose hanging skin soI am happy about that. This surgery will remremove extra fatand skin but not celluliites if you have lots but it will improve the look. You still have to eat clean and exercise. I do recommend it but please be aware that you have to maintain it. I will add pictures soon


Hey freespirit63, awesome posts, I am currently 3 weeks PO, beginning to get some what of a normal stride back but still having a little bit of a challenge getting into and out of cars etc. Not painful just annoying because of the lack of mobility. I still have some little wound separations in the groin but my PS said just to wash it with soap and dry it really good and to just put gauze there to absorb the moisture. and it will heal up fine, he said by far the Thigh lift is the hardest to recovery and has a longer healing time due to the area since its always getting tugged and pulled at whenever your walking/standing/sitting etc. As far as your experience how long did it take for you to get back to normal movements like squatting down or running/stretching the groin area? Thanks!
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My doctor suggested 6 weeks with minimul movement and 4 weeks before driving. You have to take it easy.
My name is Kealee and i was wondering about the whole stigma about going to mexico and people being butchurd and messes up having surgeris there. I need a thigh lift arm lift tummy tuck and a breast lift due to weight loss i lost 200lb 60 to go and i was trying to find good prices but safe. What made you go to mexico and not to a dr in the usa?
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sad and happy update

Dr Cardenas warned me not to gain weight as it will look weird. Due to challenges with life and being an emotional eater I gained weight. I looked weird. My thighs got bigger by 3 inches, my upper body gained and my waist went up by 6 inches. BTW all this was happening with a lapband. It was a waste of money. I had it removed in April 2013.
I decided enough is enough. I booked a sleeve surgery and went to TJ. My sleeve surgery was a success. I am down 16 pounds so far which is the smallest weight in 20 years, I never got there with lapband. Best thing I have ever done for my weight loss. Shape Cardenas gave me is almost back.


Hey, are you ok?
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Happy to hear thing are working out for you!
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