Gastric Sleeve W/ a Lower BMI. Did It Before It Got out of Control! Mexico, MO

One week out from Sleeve and I've lost 14lbs so...

One week out from Sleeve and I've lost 14lbs so far. While some of you may think "why in gods name did this girl get this done"... I'm a realist. I know I was overweight, obese per my weight. I wanted to get it under control now. All my life I have been slim, and just recently in the last 6 years I have been unable to manage my weight. I am 5'3 and weighed 208.0lbs. Ridiculous! All my life I never weighed over 130.0lbs... My feet were hurting, knees, and back all the time. I'm just done. I decided the gastric sleeve was it. I'm happy I made the choice before I reached that point of needing an entire body lift when I lose all the weight, and look 10 years older because it ages you (no offense to others, please).... I knew my problems, tried to fix them, couldn't, so needed that extra help! So here starts my journey of being normal again....

One week and one day Post GS. 15lbs down.

Since these are the only photos I took, I will post them now to show my progress. In these photos the weight lost already is no minuet that there hasn't been much change. My waste has skimmed down a little.

13 days out!

Alright! I've made it 13 days out. I've lost now 20lbs even! Whoo hoo! I started at 208, I am now 188. The funny thing is I don't look smaller anywhere. 20lbs is a lot of weight!!! And I thought I'd see it, but nope!

So I can drink my protein daily. Right now I can only consume about 50g a day. I still can't drink that much, but I try. I am able to eat, pudding, jello, mashed potatoes, cream of wheat, soups, without any issues. If I try something a little thicker my stomach still hurts and acts crazy. So I just listen to my body and back off.

My incisions are all healed, one of them though has done this dimpling pucker thing. So hopefully that goes away or else I'll have to have my PS release the tension when he revises my TT scar. Ugh! One more thing.

For those of you curious if I had to follow any pre op or post op diet. The answer is no. I are until the day of surgery, and was told eat what you want when you want when you can. I've come to realize this is because I only have about 73-78 pounds to lose total. So for those of you who don't have hundreds to lose, life will be a little easier for you.

Although I had surgery in Mexico, I will be following up with a gastroenterologist here locally. He will make sure my sleeve is healing well. I will also follow up with my PCP who will draw my labs every 3 months and keep me healthy.

2 1/2 weeks out!

So it's been 2 1/2 weeks. I have lost a total of 22lbs. It was coming off about a pound a day, but then now my body is trying to play catch up, and holding on to every pound. I haven't lost any weight in four days. Which is fine I heard it's pretty common. When you put your body in starvation mode it wants to hold into everything.

So let's see, I can now drink about 3 big gulps of water and not feel sick just after one. This was the most upsetting thing to me because I am a biiiiiigggg water guzzler! Love love water. So I am happy a few gulps is better than two sips! I can drink a lot sooner after eating. I usually can always drink about 15 minutes after eating. The food works it's way down and I can then drink. And no I do not feel sick. For some of you who were told to follow a diet, I was not. I was told to eat when I could and what I could. He did tell me to hold off on heavy meat and chips. Things that were hard on the stomach. I haven't tried salad either yet. I know what you're thinking, this crazy girl is eating what at 2 1/2 weeks?!?! Ha ha... Yes I have been eating like normal since after 1 week. I can eat crackers, refried beans, cottage cheese, block Chedders cheese, fruit (can), cereal, lunch meat (very thin), pudding, jello, lazangna, tuna w/ mayo & pickles.

So just some ideas of what I can tolerate. I usually can take about 3 bites and I'm full. If I'm in a hurry I take the three bites and save the rest and come back to it. I am too busy to sit there for 30 minutes trying to eat it. I take a bite and keep on moving. Eat and walk.... Eat and walk! That's my life. Again, I was not exstreamly overweight to begin with, and before surgery, I was the type of person who had to force feed myself or force myself to stop doing things to eat, because I would always forget. I always said eating was an inconvience and I wish I could live without food. I surely did not live for food. But my weight sure did hang on still.

So... I am thrilled I had this done still. I get upset and regret the surgery only when I can't guzzle water. I love water and I am that upset about it. Other than that, boy is it nice to take three bites and feel like you just ate thanksgiving! Very convienent for me since I hate eating anyways! Ha ha

Two (2) months post op...

Well hello my realself ladies. I haven't posted for several reasons. One is there is not much to say, you find your own rithum and routine and carry that with you. Another is I feel like I've had nothing but negative messages sent to me, why? I don't know. Maybe because I wasn't 400lbs when I got my sleeve done. Maybe I would deserve more congratulating if I where fatter. Or at least that's how I feel. :-(

Now, on a positive note. I started at 208lbs. I have lost a total of 33lbs. I went from a 36 BMI, to a 30. I probably would be losing more weight if I were exercising but I am not. I don't have time to. Thus ONE of the reasons I had this done. I have three children and go to school full time.

As some of you don't know, the OTHER reason I had this done was because after years of trying to conceive these precious babies because I had PCOS, I have finally learned it was my enemy for wanting to lose weight. When you're PCOS, it is an immune disorder, in which your body is insulin resistant. Your body does not process sugar like it should. Well EVERYTHING has sugar. So, this is why I was never losing weight, even though I have never been a big eater.

Other than that, I am 28. Very healthy. No other issues. And just looking to be back to a weight more suitable for my small frame and height. I am 5'3 by the way.

So currently I am wearing a size 11/12 pants, and shorts. I could wear smaller, but this butt and thighs can't squeeze into them. So my 11/12's end up being big in my waste. I have always been very hour-glass shape. So it has always been a struggle. I've always had the waste taken in my jeans because I am smaller there. But hey I am not complaining. That's what most women want! :-) I am wearing medium shirts. And I am at a 36B. Which I will be soon getting implants!

What am I eating? Well I eat anything I want. Simple as that. There are some things I still don't eat because I feel yucky afterwards. Like bread and meat. They're too heavy. I love sharp chedder cheese sticks, and yogurt. I also get my salty craving from eating a couple Spanish green olives. I also drink some of the juice! Yum! Reminds me of my martinies! I still drink my protien powder, and for those of you who are like me and hate the way every single one tastes, and there too thick, I finally found the PERFECT one. It was a bit pricy, but sooooo worth it. It's micro filtered, so it's very thin and easy to drink with a sleeve. Just passes right through like water. To me it tastes just like yoohoo. Just thinned out. I'll post a picture below so everyone can try it if you want. I got it from GNC. They let me taste the chocolate and vanilla before buying them. For a big jug, it was $80.00.

So vitamins. Every morning I take 2 multivitamins, 1 biotin, 1 acid reducer, and liquid b12. Then afternoon I take 2 calcium. Then bedtime I take 2 more multivitamins, and an acid reducer again.

I had my blood work done a few days ago, in which my PCP checks all my vitamin levels, and CBC, CMP. And all came back normal. Last time my cholesterol was 2 or 3 points over normal. And this time it was 30 points below being considered high... Yay! So all is good.

Because I was not that big prior to surgery, I don't have a lot of loose skin, and I probably won't. But I can already tell things I do not like. In which I'll fix. You start looking at all these things you never paid any attention too before. But it will be ok. 3 kids and weight does a number on your body. So I will soon be having implants, scar revision and a little tightening to my tummy tuck, and maybe a mini thigh lift if I can't tighten these legs up on my treadmill. Other than that. I'm very happy.

So I have to say, my husband got his surgery on the 8th. So he's what 1.5 weeks post op. He can consume 70-80oz of liquid a day, food, and it's like nothing ever happened! And he's already lost 19lbs... He makes me sick! Lol. He's already lost half my weight loss in one week. And he can drink and eat like all is normal. Although yes he is only able to eat small portions. But he's doing amazing! He's already dropped 4inch in his waste, and one shirt size. See these damn men! The doctor said he would look smaller quicker than I would because his weight was only in his belly. Women carry it everywhere.

Alright, I think that's all. Ask questions if you have any...
Dr. Rodriguez "Dr. Rod"...

Went through Belightweight. Joanne personally runs this program through American and Mexican doctors. She is truly amazing, and arranges everything. I never felt like I was out of my home state, I was that comfortable! I stayed in the actual hospital for three days, not a chop shop surgical clinic. I was taken care of by three licensed doctors and nurses 24/7.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Well I think it is great that you nipped the weight problems in the bud now before you got to 300 pounds in 5 years - weight has a way of just creeping up on you until you look in the mirror and think how did that happen. I think you look great and if it took surgery to have it done so be it. I just didn't realize that you could have surgery unless you needed to lose 100 pounds or more. If I can't get my stubborn 40 pounds off that I gained after I lost 170 pounds (by dieting and working out) I am thinking of having what you had done. Good luck to you and your husband on your continued weight loss - I think that it's great that you are doing it together.
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Thank you so much. Even though it wasn't that much weight, I just couldn't lose it. It was starting to creep up. Because I remember when I was sitting at 195 for the longest time and then bam 208. Insurance will of course not pay for it, so that is why I was self pay.
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How are you doing with your weight loss?
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Great. Posting update now.
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How much did you pay for the dr in Mexico? What part of Mexico is it? And any complications at all?
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I paid $7800.00 in Tijuana. No complications. Amazing surgeons. They practice in the states as well. But have to charge more. I stayed in the main hospital angelas in Mexico.
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If I hated eating I'd not have got to where I am, I need this because I love it! It doesn't matter our differences here, we all want the same outcome, healthy and slim. I do hope you weight loss starts up again, you are the only one I've read that gets to eat whatever they want!
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I am not the only one, there are many. My mother being one as well. Sh sonly had about 70lbs to lose, and she eats everything she wants. This is because with her lower BMI the surgery alone will do the work. We have no differences here or any issues, so sorry if I made it seem that way. I am posting my experience, I could care less what other doctors say what your diet is. I am going off of mine, and my experience and being real.
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Lauren, oh I didn't think it a bad thing not to love food, I sure wish I didn't. I have no idea what my surgeon's post surgery ruled will be, but unlike most I read here, he has no pre surgery ones for me at all. I'm not sure if that's good or not because I'm just eating everything I love, which is just about everything. I'm glad being able to eat what you want immediately post surgery is working well for you, that's the differences of our individual bodies I guess. As long as we all get what we want at the end in this goal, it's just great. I hope you continue to do so well. Cheers!
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How has your weight loss and experiences been in the past 3 weeks (I think) since you posted that info. Do you have nay new pictures to post? You are a real inspiration to us all....I will be joining you on Sept. 15th.
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Happy with Smaller, I'm not sure who you asking? Lauren of me? If me, I'm still eating everything in sight, reach and smell.
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I will be updating today. Check it out in a little bit.
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No that was not towards you.
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Oh good, with about 65 lbs to lose I might enjoy an easier time too! Like that idea, and I'll bet others can e that 20, and keep,posting please I am following your journey :)
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You are just like me. I did it before it got out of control! Read my story if u get. A chance. I had all the same problems you said. It was sad. But I've lost 30 pounds so far so I'm slowly getting there.
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Thanks CrazyJersey - is your story in this mysterious REVIEWS area? 30 lbs wow! Take a long time? I always double the amount in my head when I lose weight to include what I would likely put on had I not been in a losing cycle. Female logic!
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Lol I don't know if mine shows yet but it's on my page. I didn't put if it was worth it or not yet. I wasn't veryyy fat to start with and I didn't need a pre op diet nor did I follow half the eating :/ else I could've loses A LOT more. Took two months I'm aiming for 10 pounds a month. I hope I can get there this month. I bought a spinning bike today!
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Thank you!!! I feel like people think I am crazy on here! Ha ha... I never did a preop diet, ate until the morning of, and even after surgery was told to eat normal when I could. I am thinking the calorie restrictions are for people who have a significant amount of weight to lose.
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CrazyJersey - I've a plan to lose 15 lb for each of the first 2 months, October 24 -December 24th, so on Christmas Day I can slip into a size 14. Maybe I'm being overly optimistic huh? Might need to make a little more pre op effort perhaps...
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Good for you my dear!! Why wait if you know and accept the problem and want to take care of it. I did the same, I said let me fix this before I loss total control of myself. Good luck on your journey.
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I wish I had found a way to get my weight under control many years ago so I didn't have so many health issues now.
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Nice to read this as I've got 65lbs to lose yet I think I'm entitled to do it now before there is more to overcome! First post I've read with a similar weight loss, I think I'm looking for permission to be slim.
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Ha ha! I know. You wait for people to tell you it's ok. Me I am more like I want it and I want it now! Once I have my mind set I do it. I am a very realistic person. Waiting does nothing but cause more health problems and more weight to pack on! Like I said to my doctor, I know why my knees hurt, and my feet hurt. I'm not in denial. I'm overweight!
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This is a very personal decision, I'm pleased to see you are taking action before you are morbidly obese with major health issues. You go girl.
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Thanks girly! I love your reviews as well. You're just a positive person! I love your outlook on life... I posted pictures for you by the way.
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