32 Year Old Single Mom / Car Wreck Plus 5 Years of Being on Steroids = 100 Pound Weight Gain - Tijuana, Mexico

After being down from a car wreck for a year and...

After being down from a car wreck for a year and being on steroids off and on (mainly on) for 5 years my pant size jumped from an 8 to an 18-20. I was always athletic. I loved going to the gym. I ate right 75% of the time. No Matter what I did, the weight kept creeping on. After facing my 3rd serious and long back surgery I decided that maybe weight loss surgery was the answer. I wasn't lazy or not motivated but I had a physical aliment that didn't allow me to lose the weight. I checked into it and my insurance didn't cover it. Checked here in Alabama (Huntsville) and doctor here wanted an outstanding $30G ! You read that right, thirty thousand dollars. Yeah, let me run right over to the bank for that one. So I did what anyone would do, I shopped around. Some say I'm crazy, but I choose to have my surgery in Mexico. Tijuana to be exact. Yes, I heard of all the danger. Yes, I have seen on tv what the government/new casters want you to see. Yes, I have heard the horrible stories. Being level headed as I am, I realized that danger, killings, and much more happen here in my own backyard and I deserved this ! I booked my flight for me and my ex husband and we went to San Diego. Truthfully, I was more aware and cautious in parts of San Diego than I was in Mexico. I had the best time minus the first night. I was on pain meds for 2 days and switched to Tylenol. I am almost 2 years post opp and I'm down from my highest weight an astonishing 105 pounds. I feel great and more importantly that back of mine that I broke in 3 places, feels like a whole new back. I spent less money, had fantastic service, did some great shopping, and lost that weight that wouldn't budge. Wanna know what's even better ?? I didn't just lose it, I kept it off! It's not a quick fix but with dedication and a made up mind, it can and will be your final answer !! Now, I am exactly one month away from getting my TT and my BA and I'm so excited !!
You look amazing
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I am 3 months out, down 45lbs! and seeing you are 2 years out I would like your opinion. I started this workout program which incorporates nutrition and "counseling" (I put quotations marks cus the counselling really is not beneficial) but the nutritionist is pushing solids. (I know I have to do it at my pace) but I am not ready, I want to continue my protein shakes. The protein shakes have become my go to meal when I just do not want to eat. Dont get me wrong I do eat solids but then I pay the painful price. No vomiting just a lot of discomfort. Nausea and some pain. Have you given up your protein shakes? If so, when. Thanks for sharing your story. Looking forward to you TT and BA pics. Thats my next goal.
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