bbl tummy tuck and breast augmentation-dr pantoja

After having a baby and loosing about 75 pounds i...

After having a baby and loosing about 75 pounds i was left with alot of loose skin in my stomach, ive worked out and it doesnt improve, ive always been small from my chest 32A :( so i am excited to finally go through this! i did my reserch and received different quotes and i feel i made a good choice.. im scheduled for 8/1/13 with Dr pantoja in tijuana, i live about 8 miles from the border so i will be able to come home after 2 nights at his clinic. Im posting pics of before and ill post picures afer :) cant wait! Im 26 years old, 5'7 143 lbs.

dream body ..

Wish pix

before my tummy tuck :/

5'7 143 lbs..nice shape but too much loose skin!

1 week to go!!

My surgery is next week so far not feeling nervous at all, just beyond excited!! Weighed and measured myself to compare to my resukts when I heal..current weight 142lbs measurment are 32chest, 27 waist, and 37 hips! Cant wait!!

before pix :/

Tomorrow is my big day...

Tomorrow morning I will be on my way to my body makeover... Still not feeling nervous I think it's due to all you lovely ladies and your stories! I'm hoping and praying for a fast recovery, this will be my first stay-cation ever so I'm hoping I won't be in bed the whole time! Everyone please say a quick prayer for me and wish me luck :) ill keep you updated on the days to come!

waiting to start!!

Every one here is so nice!! I feel so comfortable!! I just got marked like a chalkboard!!! Beyond excited

Post op

So my surgery went good...the next morning when I woke up they had me sit up and I got dizzy and almost fainted which they said was normal, after breakfast I almost fainted twice so dr pantoja ordered a blood test, they came back saying my hcg level dropped to 8 from a previous 14 :( . He ordered two bags of blood to bring me up to normal I felt a lot better after that. I'm back at home now and I must say I recommend dr pantoja and his staff to everyone! He has an amazing personality and so does his staff. The nurse Naty stayed with me in my room the whole night she made sure I felt comfortable and had everything I needed. I'm so glad I went with them. About the procedure I must say the bbl was the most painful the first two days, it burned and was very uncomfortable, Naty said its due to the lipo and fat transfer. Now it's not that bad, the stomach just feels awkward since I'm haunches down and there's alot of pressure on my breast..he was able to fit 495 cc ;)

3 days post op

Just got out the shower. . Feeling more relaxed. Im still walking very slowly and haunched over. ..slowly standing far I think my results are already looking good. Bless my fiancee for helping me..I feel so needy cant really do much on my own

before pix

super flat skin..

Been resting alot ..been feeling better day by day and im wearing my compression garment 24 hours a day..except for when I shower.. it much better with the garment. Today I havnt taken any pain meds and im doing fine..first day without them since the surgery

34DD :)

I am so excited :) love them

3.5 months post op

Ive been feeling fabulous. . I absolutely love my results... my size 5 levis fit me big now :) the swelling is almost non existant.. I swell up very rarely and If I do very minimal. Im so happy I went through with it and that I decides to go with dr pantoja :)

current measurments

Bust -38 inches
Waist-25 inches :) :)
Hips-38 inches

7 months later and loving it

Dr Pantoja is the best! Loving my body

Pantoja is the best

Still in love with his work! This is going to be a summer I'll enjoy!!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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You look great.I'm having a bbl with him in March.prey for me..
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You look fabulous!!!
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Love your outcome, fabulous darling!
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Quick question, would you happens to have a number to someone, that does lymphatic massages? :)
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Did you get your bbl done? Pics please
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My compression garment keeps riding up so it sits just under my boobs and moves above my belly button and way above my tummy scar line. When I woke from sx, my garment was sitting above the scar line. Should my garment be covering the line or sitting just above it? My tummy between my new belly button to just below my scar line has been completely numb since sx and I'm how 8 days post-op so any feedback would be welcome! TY!
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My garment was covering it it was a full body garment ..and honestly my numbness didn't go away until about 7 months after
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Hey Skinny Chica!! How's everything?
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I'm good been feeling wonderful super glad I did it
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do you have CURRENT pics of your body that you can show us?
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Oh and is your tummy still FLAT? that's my major concern...I read so much about people not being FLAT!!
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Hey Cyndy! Question for you. When did you have ur stitches removed? And the drain?
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Hi Cyndy, you look amazing!! I was wondering if you can give me Dr. Pontoja's information, does he have a website? I've been looking at his work on here, and I love it! I know he's the surgeon I want to go to:) I'm looking into getting the procedures you got done. I'm super excited and scared but I know it will be a great change for me. Thank you for sharing your story.
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Hey Cyndy2469 you look great! I have a similar pre-op body to what yours was, I'm wondering about ur BA. What size did you get? Over the muscle or under? What incision method? Any suggestions for me? I'm having all te same procedures you did. (Sorry, totally bombarded you with questions)
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Hi :) and no worries I was the same way I was a 32a and got 495cc over the muscle through the nipple now I got resized at 32ddd and I love them! Im 5'7 so they dont look to big with clothes on but theyre big. I wouldnt change the size even if I could
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Awesome! Thanks for the info! I knew you had to go bigger if you're taller, just didn't know how much bigger. Thanks for the info! You're awesome
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You look amazing! Dr pantoja is the best!
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Thank you :) he is!!
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How long do the drains stay in ?
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I only had one and kept it for 3 weeks I felt a relieve when he removed it
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Hi. I hope you are doing well. I'm schedule in December. I would love to see your most recent pics. Thanks for sharing.
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Thank yoi if youre going to pantoja youre in good hands
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can u post pic of BBL
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Hi. I'm considering this ps. Are you staying in their recovery house? How's the service? How is your tt scar? When did they remove the drains and stitches?
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You look wonderful!
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