My Thigh Lift With the MOST CARING Plastic Surgeon Dr Victor Gutierrez in Tijuana Mexico

I have been having an amazing time in Tijuana,...

I have been having an amazing time in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr Victor Gutierrez and Elsa are the BEST! Words can not describe their kindness, love, and their caring concern for my every need. I have literally been treated like a Queen. With tears in my eyes, and my heart full of love — THANK YOU!!!
Tomorrow is my surgery day, and I am very excited!!! It has been almost a year since my lower body lift, butt lift and breast lift. Time has passed quickly, and now I am back so that Dr Victor Gutierrez can transform my body even more beautiful. This time I am getting a thigh lift and arm lift. I am feeling great!


Hey girl, how are you feeling???? Can't wait for a update....Please post when you are feeling up to it...
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Best of luck LisaLias! You're in good hands and I'm sure the results will be phenominal. Anyone wanting to see pics of Dr. G's work visit my posts, he really is an artist.
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I can't wait to hear from you!!! I know you are going to be super happy with the results since we share the same Dr. I know I am in love with my new body. Dr G is an Artist!!!
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Day 1 post surgery

Day 1 post surgery:

My surgery went great!!! However, I do feel like I just had surgery. I am moving slow. Very slow, but just amazed that I am not in any pain. I spent one night in recovery, then moved to my hotel room this morning. I am laying on a ton of pillows with my legs elevated. Dr G and Elsa has made sure I have everything I need and more. Even the hotel staff has been most helpful. I could not be happier.


So glad to hear from you....
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Happy to hear from you too!!!! Big smile!!!!!

Day 2 post surgery

I am in my hotel room watching Toy Story on Netflix relaxing in bed. For this thigh lift and arm lift surgery I wanted to stay in a place where I am not expected to do anything. The less I use my arms and legs, the better. At home with family, it is impossible to just sit/lay around and do nothing. Here I can concentrate on recovering and for a short time only focus on healing.
I do not have much swelling at all. From what I can see my legs are looking bathing suit ready. I can finally ditch those short pant that I use to wear over my bathing suit.


Can't wait to see pictures when you're healed, but I can image how great you must be looking. Glad you are taking care of yourself and resting...They were all so nice to me at the Hotel too, I went to the restaurant for my meals and even sat out on a lounge chair which felt like heaven, for a while, I was just afraid of getting a sunburn to all to everything else...Lol
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to add to everything else....
Your pictures and results are breath taking. I can't wait to post my pictures as well. I can already see an unbelieveable change.

Day 3 post surgery

I have so much more energy today and I feel great! I heard so many grim stories about the thigh lift, and saw so many ugly scars pictures. Scary! However, this surgery, even though it is in a sensitive area, if done by an artistic, caring plastic surgeon like Dr Victor Gutierrez, then you know your results will come out amazing! Hardly any pain. Thigh lift surgery is not something to be rushed. The thighs should be lifted and our girly parts should stay beautiful. That takes a skilled surgeon to be able to do all of that. I honestly would not trust this surgery with anyone but Dr Gutierrez. He is the BEST!
I am staying off of my feet, resting properly and eating yummy food. Today, I am watching "Bones" on Netflix.
Yesterday, I looked down at my thighs and I started crying. I cried for a while. All those years of wishing I could do something about that part of my body has finally came true. Dr Gutierrez brought my dream to a reality. I cried happy tears of joy. I just can't believe my legs look so beautiful.


What hotel are you staying at? Cant wait till see your pics!
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Are you thinking about coming? Smile. I am staying at the Hotel Hacienda del Rio and making more beautiful memories.

Day 4 post surgery.

How can I feel so great after surgery so soon? I am not in any pain either. I seem to be healing very quickly and I am happy to report everything is going great.


That's great! Makes me feel optimistic about a possible revision. I hope you post before and after picks. You can hide "the goods" with a thong. :D My scars are so bad everyone's will look good by comparison. So happy you're doing so well!!!
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Day 5 post surgery

Having a thigh lift with fine thin line incisions in the right place was extremely important for me.
I am like most women and like to wear cute undies, beautiful bathing suits and other nice undergarments. I did not want to be stuck wearing boy shorts undies to hide Ugly Scars. Many women are seeking to get thigh lift revisions. Why? The thighs are areas on a woman's body that is beautiful and should stay that way even after thigh lift surgery. Scar placement is vital. it is important to chose a plastic surgeon carefully and wisely, because depending on the results of your thigh lift, can effect a woman's self esteem for the better or the worst.

Having my thigh lift with Dr Victor Gutierrez has made me feel even more sexier because of my magnificent results. It feels so darn good to be able to finally show off my thighs and NOT be ashamed, hide and coverup and this beautiful area of my body.


You sound so great! Very interested in your results! Happy healing
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Thank you. I feel great. Still moving slow, because I do not want to mess anything up.

Day 6 post surgery

I was able to get so much rest today. I refuse to rush this recovery, because this surgery means too much to me. My doctor put his heart and soul into this surgery to transform me, so any thing I can so to recovery beautifully, I will. I know it means staying off of my feet, getting a lot of rest, and eating healthy, Everyday I feel better. I brought a mini skirt with me, and tried it on. OMG! My thights do not rub together anymore!! Inbelieveable how my dream surgery has made me look and feel like a new beautiful sexy woman.


Hi Lisa. I'm so happy for you and hope things continue to get better and better. Can I ask, did you get your TL because you had bariatric surgery, lipo or just lost weight? So far, are you noticing any distances, like smaller thighs or tighter feeling? I so want my muscle definition to show again, when I have mine done.
Differences, not distances. Lol

Day 7 post surgery

This morning I decided to have breakfast in the restaurant. About 7 or 8 of the staff at the hotel complimented me on how well I look. Most were saying, "You look so much better." That made me feel good. I decided to spend the rest of the day in bed. I want my body to use every ounce of its enery on healing. Room service here at the hotel is great. Later for dinner, ordered steamed fish, no salt, extra onions. Seems to be the only meat I can reasonably tolorate. Those onions were the best. I seem to gravitate more towards vegetables and less towards meat. However the fish was melt in your mouth pure goodness. I also ordered my absolute favorite dessert in the world. Flan. Yes flan. It has been my favorite since I was a wee tiny toddler. OMG! Tijuana, Mexico has the best flan in the whole wide world hands down. Mmmm super delicious!! Every time I took a bite, all I could do was close my eyes and shake my head slowly as those delectable flavores swirled slowly in my mouth and down my esophagus. I know I have to eat to heal, but who said it can't be pleasurable too. Smile


Yummy! Flan!! I lived in Acapulco for over a year in my very early 20's and loved that dessert. I've never been able to replicate it. Sounds like you're doing all the right things. I'm so happy for you- can't wait to see pics sometime.
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I am. Happily healing.

Day 8 post surgery

I am healing so well. Today, was so beautiful here in Tijuana, I decided to go for a short walk. When I was putting on my pants, I noticed I did not have the tight areas in the upper thigh. My pants went on very easily. As I walked out of the door, I had to force myself to go slow and remember that I only recently had surgery. Feeling great!


Wow you said it so well....I hope people get it...There is a huge discrepancy when it comes to talents and abilities of Plastic Surgeons. Some how people think if you have the training then basically they are all the same. Or if they are board certified then it's a given that you will have a fantastic outcome...Well in a perfect world maybe, and then we wouldn't need sites like this that give us the straight truths on surgeries. So thankful for this site, where we can learn and make informed decisions on our health and well being....
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Day 9 post surgery

I can not believe time is passing by so quickly. Resting and staying off my feet benefitted me the most, because I have not had any problems with healing, even though the incision is in a sensitive area. I am healing remarkably well. I had a beautiful day and plan on having a good night.


It does take more than paying a lot of money to a board certified plastic surgeon and traveling far away because this surgeon has a well put together website and fancy facility. You still might not get the results you were lead to believe you were going to get. Research is vital!

Day 10 post surgery

Being an excellent plastic surgeon encompasses so many different aspects, and it takes an artistic surgeon to shape and form various parts of our body. I know that Dr Victor Gutierrez has a natural ability to envision the form and shape of different parts of the human body, whether it be eyes, nose, face, or body. But his abilities span even further. It takes even more than that. You can have the perfect surgeon, that placed your incisions lines in the perfect place, but can't sew a stitch worth a lick.
The earliest memories of my mother is her sitting in a yellow chair, behind a sewing machine, talking on the phone, in the sewing room, morning till night. I remember helping my mother sew and finally was able to get my own sewing machine once I got older. That is why I love extremely straight lines, and knew my incisions and sutures must be straight. I was trained to line up the fabric or material very straight and even on the cutting board which looked like graph paper. I was taught how to place the pattern straight on the fabric. I was taught to pin the pattern straight onto the fabric. Everything had to be straight, or the garment would not turn out correctly. I was taught to cut straight and sew each stitch precise and even. If it was not done right, it would have to be ripped out and done over again. Everything had to be measured exactly right. When I sewed things by hand, stitches were even and beautiful which required patience and skill, which took lots of practice. I even loved to hem by hand using the blind stitch method, where you can not see the stitches. The iron stayed on. I burned myself so much, till ironing is not my favorite thing to do. (Smile) Beautiful stitches and warm straight ironed fabric is beautiful. The finished product was perfect if everything was done properly.
This is how I wanted my body to look. The plastic surgeon is not working with dry cold fabric, but wet warm skin. But the same concept applies. Dr Victor Gutierrez is an expert "seamstress/tailor" Big question. How did your plastic surgeon learn how to sew? Does he even like to sew? Even now in a department store, I look not on the outside, but in the inside of the garment, at the cut and stitching. There are some very expensive clothes that are over priced, because they are sewn and "put together lousy." Don't Buy It!
The same holds true for under trained, overpriced expensive plastic surgeons. His cuts, measurements, lines, and sewing MUST ALL be perfect. If one thing is lacking, then we as patients — our bodies, will be "put together lousy." Don't Buy It!
I am happy to say that Dr Victor Gutierrez is a plastic surgeon that knows how to put an entire body together right, and to him, it MUST ALL be perfect. NEVER - EVER is a body "put together lousy." You Can Buy It!"


Awesome review!
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Day 11 post surgery

I have had a wonderful fun morning! Laughing and giggling. Singing and trying to dance. Can't dance yet. I even amaze myself at the things I do. I am feeling so great. The soreness and tenderness is almost all gone. I think it is because I have given myself time to heal. I really love my results. I will be ready for the summer. I am going to buy me a new swim suit to celebrate my new thighs. I know it is going to be a glorious summer this year.

I am so very thankful to have a doctor like Dr G.


Yes! I think a bikini is in order here! Glad you're feeling so well!!
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As soon as you and Az post some new pics, I shill hopefully be calling Dr G. You two are my only source for his work. I've emailed his office, but no response.
No pictures yet. (Smile) But as soon as I can take pictures and post them I will. I am just still taped up at the moment. There seems to be a problem with the email. Please use:

Day 12 post surgery

My days in Tijuana, Mexico are soon coming to an end :-(


I loved n TOTALLY AGREE, where you said, that a surgeon suppose to know how to sew, n that Dr. Gutierrez was n expert "seamstress/tailor" of skin. because unfortunately My lids were put together n sewn lousy by a surgeon who didn't know how to sew or tailor lids;-( and oh boy I paid the consequences(-_-)! Loved the way u explained ur journey with Dr. Gutierrez. Ur surgery had a wonderful outcome. Waiting anxiously to see before n after pictures(^_~)!
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Ooops! Yes, my eyelids, sorry for not being specific. Can u imagine, my eyelids that I can't cover with nothing this indented scars that were carved by this "surgeon" n I paid a fortune to have this done. I think he removed more fat from my eyes than the "liposuction" he did on my body, lol!

Day 13 post surgery

Tonight is my last night here in Tijuana, Mexico. I have been treated with such kindness and generosity by Dr Victor Gutierrez and Elsa that going home tomorrow is to be extremely emotional. . .


Safe travels home...
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Wet red eyes. Dark sunglasses on. Headed to the airport.

Day 15 post surgery with before and after pictures

My dream surgery has finally come true thanks to my wonderful plastic surgeon Dr Victor Gutierrez. I can not believe these are my same legs. My legs are so smooth and beautiful. My incisions areas are healing nicely, and are easily covered by my underwear. I am extremely happy with my results.
MY THIGHS ARE Beautiful!!! Beautiful!!! Beautiful!!!


WOW!!! great results...such a improvement. These are really important to show how much improvement can come from a medial thigh lift. Everyone thinks in order to have results like this you must have the long thigh lift but not so...You look fabulous!!!
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Amazing transformation! Ur ready for a bikini contest now :).
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OMG thanks. Do you really think so?

Day 16 post surgery - plans to stay healthy.

Two wonderful life changing compelling events and a 120 weight gain forced me to changed my life. Two pregnancies, breastfeeding, man oh man, I was fat. I was so dissatisfied with my body that I resolve to make a change, yes a permanent change in my whole way of life. These changes were not easy, especially living everyday around the SAD (Standard American Diet) which bombarded me at every second of the day with its food advertisements; telling me that things were good for me, when they were not healthy at all; telling me I can eat those 100 calorie snacks, but takes me a whole hour walking on the treadmill to burn it off; telling me I can eat all I want to, and still lose weight. I got tired of them telling me things, and I decided to do the complete opposite and have been successful with getting healthy and strong.
After the weight loss, I knew I should look healthy and strong, but every time I would walk, or move my arms, I was still a mass of skin. I found a lot of success, stress relief, and satisfaction going to the gym, and running on the street, but all that hard work was not showing up. I felt muscles under the skin, but I could not see them. Sometimes, no matter what you do, or no matter hard you work, we still need help. I needed help! This is the reason I contacted Victor Gutierrez, M.D. my plastic surgeon.
Now after my plastic surgery, and the skin has been removed, I am just as determine to keep my figure, which will continue take dedication, persistence, and lot of hard work. It will be a while before I can work out again, but I still plan on going to the gym, just to hang out. I do not want to get out of the habit because it is very easy for me to slip into my old habits and get lazy. I try also to participate in things that will keep me active, moving, and thus motivate me to keep on going strong.
I'm feeling happy and healthy!!!


They do look curvy and nice. My skin is the opposite, super thick. Hoping he'll be able to lift it without the long scar.
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He will be able to tell you the procedure that will give you the best results. The way Dr Victor Gutierrez expertly takes his times as he does his sutures, your incisions will come out beautifully.

Day 18 post surgery

I am reporting my surgery progress today. I have very little swelling and no pain. Durning my shower today, I noticed my incisions are healing wonderfully. All incisions are closed. My perfect incisions are laying flat and looking great, especially since it has been only 18 days after surgery. It is difficult for me to lay still, but I know this thigh surgery is very major and lots of rest is needed for me to heal properly. I better take advantage all of this rest and healing, because when I start moving, there is no stopping for me.

Please join RealSelf or sign in.


Day 26 post surgery

I absolutely LOVE my new thighs. I love my thighs, because they are still thighs. What do I mean: All my life, I have had big thighs because of genetics. Just because I needed a thigh lift due to the extra skin, that did not mean I wanted small straight thighs, without a shape. I have always love my big thighs, I just wanted the extra skin removed. Dr Victor Gutierrez succeed in giving me the perfect thigh lift just perfect for me. Everything about my recent surgery has gone well. My healing rate is going faster than normal and this is due to eating a healthy diet that contains lots of green vegetables, taking the right combination of supplements, and also drinking plenty of water. I will continue to update and happily heal.


Hi Lisa, how are you doing? Wondering how your thighs are looking and feeling now? Have missed talking with you - so much going on. Hope all is well.
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I missed talking to you also. All is going super! I have to agree with you - a lot is going on. My thighs are looking great and I hope to post some updated pictures soon.

Swimsuit Edition

My thigh lift surgery and results has been magnificent!!! Yesterday, I went to the gym and walked behind a little old lady. She was walking very slow. I was having a hard time keeping up with her, but I felt very good after my slow walk.

Afterwards, I changed into my swimsuit. . .

No Shorts!!!!!!! No Shorts!!!!! No Shorts!!!!!!
I did not have to coverup embarrassing hanging skin.

I did not have to pull down my swimsuit in the crouch area either, because my thin incisions are in the perfect place, and well hidden and is fading already.
After I pulled myself from the mirror, I finally got into the jacuzzi, relaxed and smiled. Yesterday was a good day.


My friend.just had her thighs.done in tj as well they dropped her off at san Diego airport she had real good service and.looked really good she paid 4000 for her tl and 3000 for her breast lift.
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Thanks for providing that information. They really are the Best!!!! (Smile)
Dr. Victor Gutierrez

Dr. Victor Gutierrez is a doctor of superb moral integrity, strength and compassion. More than that, his caring and humble disposition makes him an outstanding doctor and surgeon. His degree in Micro-Surgery enhances his artistic surgical abilities as well. This specialized training and knowledge allows him to utilize unique surgical abilities, thus surpassing other plastic surgeons in technique, experience and abilities. He is able to make a connection with his patients and always put their safety, welfare and health above anything else. You can look far and wide, yet you will never find a better plastic surgeon than Dr. Victor Gutierrez.

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