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Although I'm pregnant and wont be due till April...

Although I'm pregnant and wont be due till April 17,2013. I'm excited 6 months from my due date, I will be having a Mommy make over, with lipo all over and butt augmentation!

2 years After I had my daughter. I had lipo in my upper and lower back, and abdominal, and the sides of my waist. The procedure was extremely cheap and worth every penny, and then some. The only part that sucked was the scar tissue! And not to mention I had a BM after 3 weeks of surgery.

Well here I am, pregnant again and I've done some research. Found out that tummy tuck is the best procedure to rid you of scar tissue. It's like starting fresh. (Thank god the baby is stretching my tummy out so almost all the scar tissue can be removed) I'm having a boy and this time I'm tieing the tubes up since I have a boy and a girl now. And I've also learned how to getting rid of the scar tissue in the process of healing from the surgery.

I've spoken with the clinic about my procedures. I haven't been quoted a price but I was told my price range would be in the range of 6,000 to 7,000 which is awesome for all those procedures. I've heard many awesome reviews about Dr. Pantoja, and not once have I herd a bad review. He seems to strive for what you request, and his workers from what I've heard seems very delightful.


are you lookn for a buddy?
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A buddy to do the surgery with? ;) I'm lost? ;) question did sound weird...LOL...yeah a surgery buddy...

Well, It's been 3 weeks since I had my baby! I...

Well, It's been 3 weeks since I had my baby! I gained 70lbs with him and loss 50lbs so far!! Yay me i have 20 more to go! I guess the catering to my family caused me to lose it fast! But I want to lose at least 57 more! I'm at 232 height 5.7 1/2 so I'm pretty tall! Lol
my last hospital weigh in was 282lbs! No joke! So i am pretty much blessed to see it melt off so fast!

I will be starting a shake and a salad diet Sunday May12/2013!! Plus I will be working out to Insanity 6 days a week!
I hope I don't lose too much weight cause I still want a Phatty lol!

I also hope I can stay dedicated cause not only am I in the process of looking sexy and getting healthy I'm growing out my hair and clearing up my skin! My kids have truly did a number on me! I'm only 25 so I can't just stop caring about my appearance!!

I want a buddy I can do this thing together with! I've always been a slender girl with only thighs and tits and a gorgeous face!! So I've always been told! I need to be able to be motivated and help motivate! If there's someone out there who don't want to do this thing alone and want to go the same time msg me! We could help each other through this extreme process!

Well I guess these pics are well over due! So here is the horror!


im looking for a buddy for sept 5th
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I won't be able to go until after October 19 because of me just having a baby!! ;( 6 months wait!!


Well I started my diet but..... I didn't start the 12th of May!! Lol I started a few days ago actually!! May 19th if I'm correct! But the good news is I dropped 6lbs in the process! I'm at 226
I decided to post new pics I'm so ecstatic how the fats melting off! I'm actually focus on this diet for once in my life! I'm eating small portion meals and just walking as of now!! I think I need to ease into Insanity! To hardcore right now!! I think the more I work out the less surgery i'll need!!! I'm going to keep you guys updated every week with pics of my progress! Leeeeeegggggooooo! ;)

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Well I've been lazy but not as lazy! I haven't droped any weight maybe irt cause I drink about (6) 32 oz of water!! So It might be water weight!! And that time of the month just left!! But..... I have been eating really bad and still c results!! Lol!!! Here are some pics of me dropping inches from last post!! 10days later!! Lol I'm going out on Friday for the 1st time in almost a year, when this body look a hot mess!!! Lmbo But........ Its encouragement for my surgery!!! I want to take pics and remember to do better!! Lol!! Well that's it for now!! Lol!!

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I'm going to Dr Pantoja on Nov 4 although I would much rather have a surgery buddy! Are you looking for one?
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U wanna go at that time...where are u planning to recover?

Date has been pushed back!! :(

This truly sucks! The date has been pushed back due to school! Plus I haven't been working out at all! Im at about 227. Where I need to be is around 180! But..... The good news is I can still manage to lose about 50 lbs around January! Once I get my surgery I'm going to half to take online classes for a semester! That's about 4 months so that will half to due! Also I'm only staying for 3 days because I honestly don't have the time! I have a 4 yr old and 5 month that I half to be home for! My daughter can help me with the baby while hubby's gone to work! But in the mean time I'm just going to focus on school, eating healthy, and working out!! So I will try to keep you guys posted cause I'm sure a few of you are thinking I thought she was going around November!?! Sorry lady's but I'm 100% sure I will get it done no later then Feb 3 2014! So that's that! ;)


Whoohoo! Tomorrow is the big day, hope you are well and ready! Post an update when you can! Happy healing hun!
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Anyone going in March?
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good luck..xo
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Update on what's going on...

So....... The last time I spoke with you guys my set date was suppose to be Feb. 4th but........ My income taxes just got back.... ;( so I'm now set for April the 10th which blows because I wanted to be ready for memorial weekend in Miami.... ;) So hopefully someone cancels so I can take there spot...... So right now I'm getting all my heal items ready for the big day I bought my plane ticket so there's no bailing because there's no refund.... When I get everything situated I will take a pic of all my items and my before pics..... Wish me luck and thanks for the support from my Realself ladies I really mean it from my heart I can't get this much love from my own damn family... Ijs with they haten butts lmbo ;) MuWah....

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;) thanks luv...
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Wow so much going on! I am in awe. Good luck and speedy recovery.
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Omg 24 days...... And.... Counting

Omg these days are going by so....... Fast I could faint... My emotions are everywhere and I'm dredging the moment they tell me to breath in then go under, but..... After this make over It's all going to be worth it..... My baby won't stop bothering me.... lol he thinks it's ok to get his laugh on before I get my surgery b(the....fuk)ol!!! He's bothering me now as I speak... lol it's all good though he's scared the new attention I might get from that flat tummy and badunkahdunk... Lol I would be to.... Hahha but to be honest I would prefer the ugly truth then a beautiful lie.... But he's very supportive.. I mean he's paying for it all... Lol hahha
But anywho.. I started to use my bio oil... Lady's off first use my skin is mad soft, highly recommend lady's The last 14 days I'm going to take my heal me pills.... I'm excited you guys... I'm like gong through all my sexy clothes that never looked good on me before.. I have like ten new pairs of pants that I have not worn because my thighs are huge ass fuck but my ass is lacking in that department.... It makes no sense... lol i can't wait till the inside of my thighs don't scrub anymore... Lol ijs.. I haven't been working out because I don't want them to take much of my thighs... I refuse to have skinny legs and a fat ass.. Not happening..
I don't plan on staying up there though. I would prefer to spend more money on aftercare then up there... I just want to be close to home.. Besides it's not my first rodeo.. So the excoriating pain won't come to me as a surprise.. I've had two c sections and lipo in my full back and abdominal... I'm pretty sure I can handle it...
So.... Much is happening at once.. Though. I'm moving the end of the month so I half to pack clean and all that crazy stuff.. I don't know how I'm going to do all this I 24 days.... Pray for me... ;)

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16 days left......

Omg I'm freaking.... 16 days left and I have not did anything.... I'm kind of stuck on it's happening all so fast but it's like really.... it's something I've been waiting for, for a very long time....
I still have a lot of stuff to get but it's all at Walmart so it shouldn't be that hard to gather.....
I wish I had someone I could go with but I'm sure I'll see someone off of realself when i get there... Lol ;)
I just received a whole shipment of Nicki Minaj clothing collection.. And man when I say they are so...... Sick perfect for after surgery... They seem like there designed for ppl with lil booties... Lol ;) so I can imagine what they will look like after SX...
So........ I have 6 more days till I'm in my new home, and 10 days counting after till I have SX....... If anyone have any advice or suggestion please message me... I'm on the verge of damn I don't want to go.... Lol I'm so scared and I know it's going to make me happier I just need to relax.. Lol fuk......... Some one save me... Lol ;)
Talk to you guys later.... Lol ;p


Hey hunn.... just checking up on you, our time is right around the corner. Which recovery home will you be staying at and how long do you plan on staying? I'll be there on 4/16
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Can't wait to see your pics I'm looking to go until like November or December I'm currently loosing weight I was ready to go but I've lost 20lba already and trying to get a little more for before I have surgery. I want to be comfortable with not working out for a while and it's not going to be any time soon lol.
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Lol ;) lamommyof3 I wish I wasn't so lazy.... I haven't been working out much... I'm going to need some of your energy.... But I guess right after surgery ill have them take pics and the day before SX I'll take some.... ;)

Omg I want to have a panic attack

Omg this isn't fair I feel the heaviness in my vajayjay and lower part of my tummy I'm about to start pmsing which sucks cause I ain't trying to deal with that bs while I'm leaking everywhere else... I'm mad excited tho all I been thinking about is as soon as I go under and wake up it's going to be a new me ... It's finally happening.. Sorry realself lady's I haven't been responding to you guys I had to move last month and I did almost all of it by myself that's right lady's my man had to go to work and I didn't want to spend money for 2 men and a truck... I've been lifting 150lbs items since I was in my teens thanks to my pops so that's why I'm like this pain ain't really going to be nothing the day I had my csection with my son was the same day I got up and walk a hour everyday for 4 days so I could leave with my baby... As long as I have some kind of medicine to take at least half the pain it's mind over matter after that..... I'm almost finished washing clothes my house is all situated even the kids room so I should be able to relax by the end of tonight.... Yo this is really so serial right now in 3 days I will be in San Diego 4 days I will be haveing my surgery.... To be honest I'm just ready to get this done and over... This has been well over due so I'm more then ready... I bought some more stuff for my surgery will post a pic.. Lady's wish me luck... I can't wait to see the result and show you guys.... If you want to keep me company inbox me your numbers love you girls frfr imajustdoit and getingitback I feel like you lady's really care so I just want to thank you personally.... ;)


Looking back at your profile, you've been waiting for this day a long time! You've been very patient. Make sure you allow yourself to heal well, allow yourself to NOT DO ANYTHING during your recovery =) For as long as you've waited, you want your best results. Keep me posted on how you're doing!
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Will have someone help you after surgery to hotel & to airport? If not, pack the minimum. With the tt, you won't be able to lift anything heavy, you don't want the sutures to tear. You won't need much clothes, just an outfit for day before, and a loose fitting outfit to go home. Wear easy to slip on shoes, you may not be able to bend over. I think one simple carry on bag should be good. Since you're not getting BA, you'll have your arms (I think that was a good choice since you'll be by yourself), but you won't be able to use your stomach muscles. LOL Can you tell I worry?

So I made it to Mexico.......

Let me just start off by saying damn........ That flight was long and annoying as hell.... I'm mad tired... I stayed up all day and night yesterday making sure everything was organized for hubby to take care of the kids with ease..... My daughter was an emotional reck.... She cried before I left and when I faced time her dad.... I can't wait to get home and snuggle with her on the couch and watch Disney.....
The boarder was a breeze.... We didn't get stop at all coming across... I'm not sure what's her name but she's the night time receptionist for Dr.Pantajo and I love her already.... We made arraignments to pick me up from the airport and drop me off at the airport for 120$
I'm staying at Hotel Pueblo Amigo... They are literally 8 mins from the clinic.. They take me to my doctors appointments as many times as I half to go for free... I paid 78$ A night and it's all worth it... It's actually quite amazing... The rooms are amaze.... And the service is too....
Tomrs my big day I will be going to the clinic at 9:40 am for labs and stuff... So..... I'm going to post these pics and catch some zzzz after I shower....

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Hotel pics

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Hotel pics


I hope is WELL!!!
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Thanks it honestly is a mind over msterr... I feel like dancing I swear... I was in more pain from my two c sections abd lipo
Praying everything went well, that your not in much pain, that the nurses are attentive and that your happily sleeping!!!
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Post op

Well I'm all finished can't see anything they won't let me move even gave me a catheter.. Just as I expected as far as pain go. Lol barely any... I feel so good.. I have to stay knelt down because he cut me from my belly button to my vagina so he could get rid of the c section scars and all the scar tissue... Now I will admit what dose hurt is me ass got damn I'm tired of sitting on it.... I'm about to stand up.... Screw what they say I'm just going to stay knelt so I won't tear my tummy tuck line....


Yay! Beachside, Love it! So they have you knelt down. I wondered how they do it w BBL. Yes, you will get tired of being in one position, but keep your end results in mind- like you said, you want the best TT scar possible. Also, cont to let your pain meds to overlap. Allow your body to begin healing w out feeling all that pain. I felt no pain the first 4 days =)


Well lady's I'm done with my surgery.... The pain is nothing... Lol no frfr I barley feel anything... I guess my tolerance is high... I don't kno... How about he injected 1200 cc in each cheek like really.... Yay.... I can't wait to see it.. My tummy is nice soft and flat... Who........ I just can't stop smiling... I can't believe I siked my self out thinking it was going to be bad.... It was awesome.... Now I have the rest of tonight to stay here then I will be discharge back to the hotel until my flight arrives... Can you believe I forgot my damn hoppy pillows but guess what... They sell them here in the clinic for 30$ can't beat that... Well lady's I'm going to take a nap... When I get back to the hotel I will take pics... Love you all kisses...


How are you doing Hun?
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Happy healing,just Remember just because you feel good you still need to take it slow and rest.I am excited for you your going to love the flag side!!
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Crazy update...

Hey love (gettingitback) and rs lady's I'm feeling even better I don't really take my pain meds cause I'm pretty much immune to this pain my body's looking better everyday but it's quite frighting with all these stiches I'm my tummy and belly button... I'm going to take some pics soon but it feels so uncomfortable to have my body suite off for long... The one tube in my back isn't draining because all my liquids are in the front so I'm going to have my fiancé play doctor and remove it in a sanitized and caring manner... If you go on YouTube they will show you step by step I called doctor Pantajo and he told me to remove it... So docs orders.. Lol ;) but everything is coming together so well....
Omg I forgot to mention the details of my trip back.... Lol I must say you half to be really stronge and brave to go by yourself I got so sick on the plane back I even had a panic attack I spent 3 hours in the bathroom leaned over the baby changer.. On the whole flight Lol the flight attended was so carrying I tried to give her 100$ for being so concerned and she wouldn't take it... I did have assistance from the airport wheeling me to the plane and to my next stop....
Oh yea almost forgot you know that awesome hotel I went to, that I took pics of... Well I went back because I paid for an extra day so I could have somewhere to lie and be comfy till it was time to board the plane (10 hr wait inbetween) now I had already paid for my hotel room in advance and these assholes had the nerves to tell me my room wasn't ready yet... Like wtf oh hell no what do you mean when someone reserve their room and you already have their money there should be no reserves.... I was mad pissed I had to wait for about an hour for my fning room.. Now I don't know bout you lady's but I was two days post surgery and in major pain so when somthing ain't right I act a fool... No joke I cussed they asses out and I dared them to respond in the same manner then I made them give me my money back and went up in that room and went to sleep for the free.... They were in the wrong for that and my pain caused me not to be so nice... So word of advice do not go to pueblo Amigo hotel and casino.. The only reason why I choose them is because they shuttle you back and fort to the clinic and hotel for free... That shit ain't worth it I weather pay 500 for the best service in a shitty hotel then a awesome hotel and shitty services... Theirs plenty of hotels that's closer to the clinic that also shuttle so pick one of those... But other then that this thing was a walk in the park...
I'm am happy I split up procedures to come back and get my breast done because I honestly think I would have died carrying all that pain and trying to go home on a plane two days later.... I'm just blessed I made it home and healing just fine....
I just want to say everybody ain't as crazy as me so if you can get someone to go with you or you half to wait a little for extra money so someone can come with you. Please wait it's not worth going through it all that by self.. I honestly had no choice but if I could do it all over I would probably wait... Ok lady's that's it for now as soon as I get a chance to put some pics up I will.. You all be be safe.. Muawah....


Yay! So glad to hear you made it home safely! Happy to hear the flight attendant helped out. Now, make sure you allow yourself to rest & heal well. You're a very independent & strong woman, give yourself the gift of time =) Rest up!

3 days post op

I think this was day 3. I'm so swollen and I was in a lot of pain so I couldn't take a pic of my butt... It hasn't dropped yet ;( but that takes time... Today is day 5 so I will have my fiancé take pics of me so I can get the whole body after I bathe.... I finally took the tube in the back out last night... I feel so..... Much better... I have a slight headache though but that's pretty normal but n e who will update you guys when I get a chance...


Your tummy looks great I stop taking my pain meds early also I heard it could slow down your healing but I'm no Dr lol
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Lol..... No but the ones who actually go thru it is where you want the info from so thank you for the knowledge... Thanks love...
How are you coming along? Still off your pain meds? =) I don't remember asking, do you have help at home with your little ones? Take good care of yourself. Although you may be feeling good, you want to make sure you heal inside well.
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Pictures update

Sorry I haven't been updating lately. I've been doing my ditsy as a wife and a mom but here are a few pics... My belly is so swollen cause I won't sit still but I got somthing for that... Lol
FYI I'm in my kids room... Lol cause they sleep in my bed.. Lol I'll cut my feet off before I wake them I need my me time... Lol ;p


LOOKN GOOD SIS! THANKS SO THE PICS...when u take more pics can you show us the tt scar....
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Thanks luv... Will do...
Thanks love.... I'm excited...


Sry I've been gone so.... Long I've been dealing with a lot plus I got a seroma but it's almost gone...


Hey Boo!!!! sorry to hear/read that you gotten seroma! how did you handle that? and your tummy has gotten smaller since your last pics!
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What's been going on..... Lol

To imajustdoit Thanks love... I missed you guys.... ;) The cause of the seroma was from me lifting a tv 2 weeks post knowing I had no business doing that... So avoid that.. I went and bought a golds body waist trainer belt which was about 25$ Online from walmart, and just kept my belly pressed in... My liquids are completely drained I just keep wearing my garment I only take it off to bathe... I haven't been working out lately I've been under a lot of stress in my relationship so I haven't had time to improve the new me... Now I'm going to start eatting healthy and working out since I am a month an a week post op... Wow it gets real when you make an improvement in your body... Who new my fiancé would become my X lol I finally got over that obstacle so I can focus now.... Life's too short to stress about anything...
I feel like I'm becoming obsessed with surgery not upset with the new me Dr. pantoja did an awesome job... But I want more.... I was already planning to go back to get my breast done so I have added on more lipo and fat grafting... He quoted me 5000 for it all... Which is very reasonable lol I would pay triple that amount in the states... I'm playing on going back in sept.... Because I half to wait 5 months before they start again so I'm definitely going to prepare myself so the next time I will come out flawless...
Very excited and the time is going by so fast...
I'm going to start posting pics every week... It seems when I vent on here I feel so good relaxed stress free do I know that this will be very health for me...


Hi there!! How are you doing? I also had seroma... And the area where I had it didn't heal right. How about you? Mine is right where the rib cage meets. If I don't where a CG, which I'm so tired of!!!, or an elastic band on the area, it swells a little and hurts. Ps said I'll need to do sit ups to tighten that area, but still 5 months later, not to start yet- Feeling frustrated.
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You look HELLA good..girl Damn you got me excited for my surgery..I was all scared but reading your page has helped me a lot..put my deposit down now waiting for spring break...You really got great results..they betta watch out for you..:-)
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Hey, how are you?
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Going back to Doctor Pantajo.....

Going back to Doctor Pantajo in March... Follow on my second journey...

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Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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