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My surgery Went Really well I had TT, Brest...

My surgery Went Really well I had TT, Brest Implants with a lift Lipo on love handle flanks under mid back section && Also fat drafting to buttocks. Ive had absolutely no pain from Breast Augumentation or Tt but I was also on lots of pain meds Percocet's to be exact all the pain I experienced was on the area where lipo was done my back & buttocks where the fat was drafted to. In 2 days I'll be 2 months post op! I guess everything is healing as it should. About 3 days ago my areola started feeling sore I hope nothing's wrong! I think he is a Great Dr. There is one thing that has been an ongoing problem since my surgery && I went to the Er a week ago anyways my lower back near my tail bone it hurts like the Dickins and has been the entire time it's the outer skin layer is numb && it feels like something really hard in my lower back. the pain comes and go through out the day no pain meds are working I hope this Gets better soon && I hope everything's okay. Other then that everything else is Good! My stomach mostly near naval area is completely Numb still.


Girl you look GREAT!!!! It was good talking to you the other day. Keep me posted on what we talked about (your back).... Dr. Lara JAMMED!!!
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Yes && it was good speaking with you also it made me feel better talking to you Thanks a lot && Yes u were right I wasn't spose to be working out so now I just walk on the treadmill a little! My back feel so much better I am glad about that! && Yes he is that's what I heard But he is a Great Dr!
Sometimes I think about going to Mexico to get my surgeries done but I get worried because it's in another country but you seem to have a good experience!
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2months Post Op

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