Liposuction in my Chest and Abdomen!

Hi my beautiful people.....for months now,I've...

Hi my beautiful people.....for months now,I've been looking for an international surgeon for my surgery but because of you guys...I decided to to go with Dr. Pantoja in Tijuana Mexico. I was looking at Thailand and the Dominican Republic,but I choose Mexico. I will be flying to San diego then cross the border.I am very nervous,I have no support and I will be alone. This is something I always wanted to have a flat stomach.I have been exercising for many years but never have the body that I want. Whats hurt the most is when I am on vacation....I always have a problem taking my shirt off on the beach and I am always around beautiful gay men. This is gonna be a gift from me to me.....I love you all!


I wish you much luck I am sure you will be more than happy with your results. You are attractive and this will give you the confidence boost you need. The pain isn't so bad and it is only most intense for a week then just soreness/uncomfortableness.
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Awww.....I thank you!
So did you get it done
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Now ......I am confuse

This is what a surgeon told me

Doctor#1-Thank you for the question and the photos. From your photos alone you appear to have a moderate amount of fat located inside your abdomen (deep to the muscles). Liposuction can only address the fat that is under the skin and not deep to the muscles. You may want to discuss this point with your plastic surgeon as you may not be able to get the contour that you want without loosing some weight first. Sedation and tumescent anesthesia works great for liposuction. The spinal is almost not needed or general anesthesia can be used.

Doctor#2-I want to thank you about the confidence on sending your photos.
I checked thoroughly and I have no very good news.
Your pinch test is telling me, that the majority of the volume you already have on your abdominal area is due to mainly intra-abdominal fat, that means, fat among the internal organs as are intestines, liver, and even heart. So, this kind of fat can not be removed, that can only be trimmed by loosing weight.
Also I can see some degree of loose muscle and that is letting the intra-abdominal fat to protrude .
Liposuction to the abdominal area will only improve partially your abdomen and will not create a flat abdomen. A completely flat abdomen can only be achieved with the combination of losing weight and liposuction, or even just losing weight, who knows (well, only you may)


Hi Roody. Your photos are beautiful. I love the shot in the desert. Hat looks like so much fun. Have you read the discussion called 'Did you gain weight after liposuction?' It may take some time to look through, but many women in that conversation discuss liposuction studies, and the long-term results they experienced. Best wishes to you for a happy, healthy life!
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I decided to make a booking with Dr. Pantoja in March 15,2014

I am not gonna lie,I was a bit scared.....but now I am ready. I have been going to the gym for years....I could never get rid of my stomach and I believe liposuction is my only solution. I have been emailing the office of Dr. Pantoja....and I will make a down payment this Friday coming up.


I Roody, I have heard over and over, people who wished they had spent the money that the lipo cost them instead on a personal trainer and dietitian. I so wish I had. I think the reason I did not is that I did not understand that I could be successful in losing my abdominal pooch (if you look at my story you can see it was due partially to a work injury that left me unable to do my usual fitness stuff). I didn't think that would work for me and I felt that time was running out! However, in the long run I have become very unhappy with lipo results and I believe it is a dangerous operation. It is advertised and marketed as a quick simplistic, fairly inexpensive procedure which addresses something that is much more complicated! IF you have fat removed from you body; your body will want to reclaim that fat and you will gain in other areas (I experienced this at 1 year post op with no change in diet or exercise). Part of what this means is that you would have to exercise MORE and eat even LESS than you do now. Otherwise fat cells in other parts of your body will enlarge. This has been true for me and countless others. And it is an phenomenon that is not to be underestimated. It is not too hard to find a doc who will do the procedure you want. So I really urge you to take some time to consider alternatives. The science of this is real; but docs won't admit it or warn about it because it threatens there bottom line ($$). But it does sound like you had two docs tell you truthfully what they thought. Good luck!
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You are a spirit killer.....what didn't work for you- might work for others! Thanks anyway...

Having Surgery on Tuesday Oct. the 29th in NYC!

Hi family....I decided to do my surgery here in NY instead of Mexico. I am having lipo in the abdomen and lipo in the chest this coming tuesday,everything is paid in full. I decided to do it here....because those procedures need follow up and I would hate to go back to Mexico. I will post pics.....sometimes next week! Thank you all for your support!


Good luck on your surgery
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I will be thinking of you on Tuesday as it is the same day I will be getting my procedure of lipo and breast reduction! Were in it together! That's the great thing about realself! Thank you for sharing your story and I can't wait to hear the post-surgery stories! Good luck!
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I'm sorry you feel that way. Consider that this is about science not random 'working' or 'not working'. My spirit was damaged by the industry that did this to me. Don't forget this IS an industry we are talking about (like the tobacco industry, big pharma, medical insurance). I wish you luck! You are an attractive man.

Tomorrow is the big day!

Tomorrow is the big day......nervous but happy at the same time.


Good Luck Roody! I was gonna say grab some street tacos but keeping it local is probably a better choice. I was going to go to Europe since I have family there and was going to save money. But I feel much more comfortable being able to visit my doctor. Are you going under or doing local? And how long are you taking off of work? You'll be fine either way! Cheers. Pain is starting to subside over here a little under a week later. :)
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Thank you so much!

All done....Best investment I've ever made!

2 days post op and I am loving the results.


Its good to see you this way! I have also done laser body sculpting and I now I am way more confident than before and I think money that I spent definitely worth it.
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watch it bro, you can't escape all those screaming girls(for your attention) around you now
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waouah you look like a top model, no swelling no nothing...after 2 days? your surgeon did q wonderful job and you look great,
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9 day post op!

Hi I am 9 day post op. Went to my surgeon today to get my stitches remove. I have no marks and I am happy with my results. I am swollen and still in pain but the doctor told me.....thats part of getting better!


Hey ! very curious about your results to this date Please update Great post op pics BTW!
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Ok now! Looking good
Great review inspiring I'm going to salama on March 13 I had not seen any male review
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Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I did not go to Mexico, I did it in New York!

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