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After reviewing a few surgeons in Tijuana, I have...

After reviewing a few surgeons in Tijuana, I have decided on Dr. Pantoja. I am scheduled for an abdominoplasty, liposuction, BBL, and buccal fat removal on 9/17/14. I will be staying in his clinic for two nights then recovering at Club Medical for an additional 4 nights.

I'm very excited and somewhat nervous. I've had a lot of cosmetic and plastic work done but haven't been out of the states for it. 3 years ago I had lipo to my upper/lower abd, flanks, and chest but was left with a little excess skin that only an TT will fix.

Is anyone else having surgery with Dr. Pantoja around this time? I'd love to have a surgery buddy to chat with. Also I'd really appreciate any advice on recovery after a TT or BBL.

Nadia, Dr. Pantoja's surgical coordinator, told me pain is controlled with tramadol, toradol, ibuprofen, or Tylenol, or for "those with a LOW pain tolerance" they will give codeine/tylenol. This is very concerning to me. After every procedure I've had done I've always had adequate pain control with hydrocodone (for most procedures) and Percocet for the larger procedures (forehead reduction, septoplasty). What was everyone else given at Pantoja's office for pain control?


Good luck;)
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Looking forward to your experience with Dr. Pantoja. I am headed there in December for BA and TT. Good luck!
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Thank you. Good luck to you too!
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