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Lipo, Extended Tummy Tuck, BBL - Tijuana, MX

After reviewing a few surgeons in Tijuana, I have...

After reviewing a few surgeons in Tijuana, I have decided on Dr. Pantoja. I am scheduled for an abdominoplasty, liposuction, BBL, and buccal fat removal on 9/17/14. I will be staying in his clinic for two nights then recovering at Club Medical for an additional 4 nights.

I'm very excited and somewhat nervous. I've had a lot of cosmetic and plastic work done but haven't been out of the states for it. 3 years ago I had lipo to my upper/lower abd, flanks, and chest but was left with a little excess skin that only an TT will fix.

Is anyone else having surgery with Dr. Pantoja around this time? I'd love to have a surgery buddy to chat with. Also I'd really appreciate any advice on recovery after a TT or BBL.

Nadia, Dr. Pantoja's surgical coordinator, told me pain is controlled with tramadol, toradol, ibuprofen, or Tylenol, or for "those with a LOW pain tolerance" they will give codeine/tylenol. This is very concerning to me. After every procedure I've had done I've always had adequate pain control with hydrocodone (for most procedures) and Percocet for the larger procedures (forehead reduction, septoplasty). What was everyone else given at Pantoja's office for pain control?

This recovery is not a joke.

I'm 5 weeks post-op (and 1 day) and feel like things are going so slowly. I know the recovery with tt is slow and a long process but dang...this wears a person out.

I have some swelling in my LUQ (left upper quadrant) of abdomen. Dr. Pantoja said it should go away on its own and with massage and juices. I had some swelling in the same area a couple weeks post-op that resolved then came back after I went back to work last week. I'm worried about a seroma and wondering if it needs drained. But how long do I give it to go down before finding someone to drain it? Anyone else experience something similar?

My energy is better but some days, like today, are worse and it is hard to get up and do things. I'm still wearing my compression garment-this doesn't bother me.

How long until I start feeling normal again?

Still dealing with a seroma...

I am still dealing with a seroma that developed approximately 2-3 weeks post-op. I am seeing a local plastic surgeon who has drained it 3 times now. The swelling in my abdomen is asymmetric and is making my scar look really high on one side. I hope the scar goes back down. After the surgery and until 1-2 weeks post-op the scar looked symmetric.

Another seroma aspiration...

I am visiting my location plastic surgeon on Monday to have my seroma drained AGAIN. I am hoping he will inject a sclerosant to help prevent this. I fear it has become encapsulated. Nadia has informed me they will take care of any complications but I'm not sure if this means for an additional charge or not. Plus I live in St. Louis, MO so traveling to TJ and staying for x number of days isn't exactly cheap. I have spent so much money with my local plastic surgeon trying to get this fixed. I am tired of this thing coming back. My scar looks higher on one side (not sure if its because of swelling-but they said swelling should subside by 12 weeks). I'll be 12 weeks post-op in 3 days and I still have a lot of swelling. I'm miserable without my garment.
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