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I Love my Results with Dr Quiroz - Tijuana, Mexico

I am very pleased with my results!! I had my my...

I am very pleased with my results!! I had my my brows re positioned which is done with a forehead lift, upper and lower eyes and fat transfer to lips and necklift. My experience with CosMed Clinic was a good one, I was treated very well and the food was also very good. I was picked up at the San Diego Airport by a van that was provided by CosMed Clinic and taken directly to the clinic, I was then taken to my room and made very comfortable by his staff. The next morning I had my surgery then was taken back to my room, I stayed in the CosMed Recovery for 7 days then returned home and have been healing very nicely since. I will tell you this, It is a little frightening to watch your face go through so many transformations in the healing process, I even contacted the clinic via email several times wondering why I looked so weird, and was told that my face was healing and that both sides of my face was healing and would look different until the healing was complete. I am still a little swollen but I'm posting a before and after picture so you can see the big difference. My daughter said it was really freaky because I now look younger than her, those are her words. Dr Quiroz is a very talented surgeon and has a very nice personality. He laughs very easily and makes you feel very comfortable. The Anesthesiologist was very nice as well, he actually talked to me before the surgery and made me feel very safe, he told me that he would be by my side throughout my entire surgery and that is very important.
Results look great, I am surprised that you achieved fullness in the cheeks without a facelift though. Can you post some clearer photos and some of the scarring please.
I had a full facelift. I do not want to post pictures of my scars, scars are to be expected after cosmetic surgery, mine are very minimal. I can however post more pictures.
Sorry to rock the positive boat, but the after picture is very blurry and I'm a little skeptical.

I was asked to post additional pictures

Here are more pictures of me one month post op
Taylor, I've chatted with you a little on my review but now I am looking at the work Dr.Q did for you. You look great, and only 1 month out. Dis you get a facelift also, your results look like it but you posted only having a necklift done? Whatever, you do look great, and I am so glad that you liked Cosmed like you do, this makes me feel better and better about going there myself, carry on healing, supposedly it will cont to get better! :)
I did have the full facelift. I'm still a little swollen around the cheeks and lips. Thanks for the compliment. You will be in great hands with Dr Quiroz.

Thanks for adding more photos! Looking good!


I had a full face lift.

I did have a full face lift, which I did not state in my previous post.
I was cut about 21/2 inches across my front hairline (you can choose to have it done in the middle of your scalp and not across the front) the front hairline scar is almost completely gone, then there is a scar above each ear in the hairline about 2 inches and of course you will have your scars behind and in front of the ears with a face lift. The scars in front of my ears are about gone also. I hope this helps. Believe me!! If my scars were bad, I would say so. I had hardly any pain at all with the forehead lift, I've read horror stories on women who had lots of pain with this procedure but the only thing I have is numbness and a little sting from healing form time to time. Good Luck to you.
Thanks for your kind words. I'm still in the healing process and will post more pictures a few months down the road.
By all means, don't post pics of your scars, that's your choice. I'll be perfectly frank though, I don't follow your logic at all. If you have nothing to hide why wouldn't you post photos that show such a critical part of your results? Post-surgical facelift scars are important to almost every woman here! You can't seriously expect people to take your word for it that your scars look fine just because you say so. If they did, why not show them? That's what doesn't make any sense at all. People appreciate seeing many visual details after a facelift so that they can make an informed decision about the techniques & skill level of the surgeon. This is especially important for those who are considering surgery abroad and cannot meet the surgeon for a consultation prior to arrival. The devil is always in the details which is why they are so appreciated. :)


Look at how horrible I looked in my before picture!!! Do you think for one minute that I'm concerned about scars? Come on!! Scars a a small price to pay for the results you will get from a face lift. Good Luck to everyone having a procedure done. Sorry I could not please everyone with my pictures but a few more will be forth coming in the months to come. Who know, maybe I'll post a few scars to make a certain person happy. lol
Oh and Taylor, congrats on you facelift. Thanks for sharing.
Facelifts are scary. There is a discussion going on in the forums about facelift recovery times, read that and really freak out. I say this to explain what I think happened here. Taylor's original post sounded like a pain free miracle facelift and her pictures also showed a miracle result. But start doing research and see that she did have issues she was scared of , questions she put to doctors about pretty serious problems. Then, I for one, got skeptical . My facelift turned out fine, and still the recovery was rough. I read reviews for gals who go to Mexico and the Dominican Republic, I hear of infections, and necrosis, and eye damage, nerve damage, upsets me terribly. But the prices.....amazing. So here we are, and anyone who wants a facelift maybe considers going out of the country to save money. But scared to death something will go wrong, or maybe they are being mislead about the process. So they see Taylor's review, then worry that maybe it's not quite complete, and the pictures aren't clear, and the reader is plunged back into uncertainty. I Guess the moral of this long circuitis memo is, we must do our own homework, we better be aware that plastic surgery has become commercial, marketing is crucial, and the doctors know it. When I did my fl, I went to a local guy, and I personally met 3 women he had done. My final soapbox thing is about a situation where the patient wants a procedure and keeps going to different doctors until they find one who will do it. This is like suicide in my book. Doctors say no for a reason, safety! Done now, thanks for listening.
I received some unkind comments when I said I was very happy with my LSL. I have chosen not to post often because of it. I do review the comments in my inbox from RS but only respond occasionally.

39 days post op pictures

I wanted to post a few more pictures, hopefully these are a little more clear.
hi beautiful. you look happy and serene. i hope to go to dr. quiroz. did you have a lower blepharoplasaty with incisions on the inside or the outside of your lids? mine would be on the outside, and i'm particularly concerned about that. big, big bags. i'd love to hear more about dr. quiroz to help calm my fears - and i want to see updated photos.
I had surgery done with Dr Q. I had a full face lift with forehead lift and upper and lower eyes, my scar ran right along my lower eyes and you cannot even see it, he is very good with the eyes and everything else too. You can't go wrong choosing him for you Dr.
Just checking in to see how you are doing....would love to see a updated photo, Hope you are all healed up...

5 months post op

Here are a few more pictures taken just a few days ago. I have lots of itching on my scalp from the forehead lift and it's still numb from the center of the top of my head to the front hairline. I message it daily and that helps, it is getting much better as the weeks pass. I did lose a little hair from my already weak hairline from this procedure which I was aware of before having it done but it was worth it to me, it will grow back in time.
I just had similar surgery at Cosmed. I had a wonderful experience as well. You look great.
You look wonderful, so relaxed and youthful, not pulled in anyway!
Thank you, I'm still in the healing process.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr Quiroz is an EXCELLENT surgeon. Do not be afraid to go to CosMed Clinic in Tijuana Mexico for your surgery. The entire staff is very professional and the care you get is Outstanding!!

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