I am going to Tijuana Mexico to have the following...

I am going to Tijuana Mexico to have the following surgeries,,Face and neck lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, eye brow lift, rhinoplasty, fat transfer to the nasolabial folds, and dermabrasion to the lines above my lips.
I am very nervous. This is my face and I worry about being maimed and/or being deformed. Just wondering if others have had this feeling?
Some of the pics don't capture the lines (forehead) or sagging I see so easily so I took one pic in a different light.


Hi. We are going to be having just about the same stuff done. I have been emailing online with Dr. Quiroz partner, a Dr. Fuentes. I got a quote for $10,800.00 for FL, NL, rhinoplasty, brow lift and lower eyes. Sounds like your getting a little more for your money. I am going to contact your doctor also for a quote. I like both of their work that I have seen, did you look into Dr. Fuentes at all? I am 52 years old and actually we look similar with the same kind of needs. I am wondering sometimes am I crazy putting my trust into a doctor I have not even met, how are you feeling? I am really wanting to get this done as I know at my age, it is now time, I don't know if I'll be up to it in another 10 years. I have read so much negativity from some others, judging and all, and to those I say, go to another site, your comments are not wanted. I read that you are nervous. Yes, me too. I have not scheduled yet, but I'm going to be having it done in sept, then I plan on having a mommy makeover a month later, I'm also planning on a deep chemical peel after healing from the FL. I'm going to do the total kind of makeover I guess. How long are you planning on staying there? I'm planning about 8 days at the recovery boutique, have you got all of your labs and tests off to them yet? I'm actually rally glad that I met you, we're in the same boat here friend. :)
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Dr.FUENTES is very good. I have seen his work and he is very skilled. I was on the the plasticsurgery journeys site for a long time and saw a lot of girls have their work done rhinoplasty breast implants facelifts. not one complaint. site is pretty slow now but there are lots of pictures. not sure if you have to pay to be on the site anymore. very happy for you hope to go down myself when I can find some time to recover.
Please post pictures post surgery. . I am bookrd for smas face lift with brow lift and upper lower eye lift thingy in malaysia. I am not nervousand fully aware of everything that can go wwrong I surgery.. I wish yyou all the best.
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It is done

I had my surgery on August 5th. It isn't all as easy as I thought.
Dr Quiroz and his staff are amazing, as is the staff and service at the Recovery Boutique (2 floors below the surgery suite)
I was not prepared for all the post op stuff I've had to deal with.
First the dressings all over the head gave me claustrophobia, along with my eyes being swollen almost shut so I could hardly see. It takes a long time for the swelling to go down. Right now it has been 17 days since the surgery and I am supposed to go back to work in 6 days. I still don't look presentable to go to work as I have a lot of swelling.
I will post a few pics for now then the rest at one month intervals.
Everyone loves Dr Quiroz. I met 3 people at the Recovery Boutique, that were there for the second time with Dr Quiroz. Personal experience is the best reference.
I will be gushing more about how wonderful he and his staff are but I am having a "not feeling so well today",,kind of a day.


I updated my review. I stopped into work today. All the girls knew I went. They didn't think my smile looked bad. One lady worked in Neurology and had her own experience with nerve damage. She said hers took 4 months,,and also facial nerve damage repairs itself within a few months.
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How are feeling, terrora? Were you able to return to work or did you have to postpone going back for another week? I read your questions to the Doctors on RS and was wondering if you ever determined what the lump was on your neck that was causing you excruciating pain after surgery. Having severe pain like that isn't typical after a facelift so I'm sure it must have worried you. How are the nerve issues that are affecting your smile? Is it situation improving at all? I hope the swelling is going down more as each day passes and that you're feeling better soon. Sending you healing wishes.
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The lump is gone. Dr Q said it would get hard then go away, which is exactly what happened. It was gone about 4 days after my post. The smile is of concern still, although it is getting better. I did have a fluid lump on my head which Dr Q said would go away...and it did. I am trying to believe my smile is going to get better, as I have read other stories where the same thing happened and it resolved itself. Thanks for your post :)

25 days post op

Still have a lot of swelling. Swelling is under and around the eyes, cheeks and chin. I stopped in to work today to say hi to the girls. I got comments that were very positive,,,"you look amazing".."He did a really good job",.,."You look like a model..so much younger" There was 4 of them I mainly talked to and they couldn't see the asymmetry in my eyes (and pic doesn't show it) and said my smile doesn't look bad. I think I just need to give it more time. Stopping by work was the best thing I could have done.


You really look gorgeous!  I'm glad to hear that the nerve that affects the smile seems to be improving.  What has you PS said about that?  I'm hoping it's completely resolved before too long.  Your results and your skin look beautiful. 
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Aww thanks!! My PS keeps saying "give it time".
Terrors - You are a total hottie!!! You look like a princess - I think all will be great in 6-8 weeks but Dr Q's artistry on you is lovely.
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4 1/2 weeks post op

Less pulled, smile coming back. Eyes opening up and swelling is going down. I am getting LOTS of positive feedback from everyone. Too much, actually. I don't want the conversation to always be about me and my face so I have to make sure I get the conversation off myself.


Awww shucks..blush,,thanks.
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You look stunning!
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Hello Terri, you look Fantastic!!! Easily 20 yrs younger! Here's the link for Oprah magazine on http://cosmedclinic.com/success-stories/club med.
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I went out for lunch with a friend (68 yrs old) today. We hadn't seen each other for a few months. She said I don't look any younger or any better,,actually just a bit worse because I look so swollen. Talk about discouraging!


OMG that is terrible. I told everyone at work. I am a nurse and work in a large home care office. One of the girls I work with openly told everyone when she had her upper eyes and breast done. Nobody whispered behind her back. The other girl worked in a spa and had fillers, and tummy tuck. Nothing but compliments there either. So I had no problem telling anyone what I was doing. If it wasn't for all the girls at work I would be very depressed, as I get a LOT of positive feedback. I took THREE weeks vacation and when I came back I was still so swollen I called in 2 days the next week and canceled some other extras I picked up. I had so much done there was no way to hide it regardless. Would you mind sending me before and after pics to my private address? Thanks
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That woman is a bonehead. I got flack from work regarding my surgery...so when I came back to work, my boss looked at me in disgust and said "You've GOT to regret that!" and the next day he commented that I have to be wishing I didn't have it done. I said no, I'd regret it if I DIDN'T have it done. His comments made me withdraw so I don't tell anyone. I wouldn't have told him, but he kept harping why I needed 2 weeks off.
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Let's see if I've got this right. As a woman, you are judged by your appearance, you eventually become invisible because of your appearance, then you are condemned for improving your appearance. I'm wondering two things about your boss: 1) Does he understand the word "boundaries" and 2) Is his wife happily married?

Comparing side by sides at nearly 7 weeks

I sent my sister a pic of me and she said I look no different. So did a friend of mine who I had lunch with. The pic I sent looks like any other soft focus pic. So I sent her the side by side comparisons which I am posting here. I am waiting for her feedback.

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Ok I hit something,,here it is..oh,,,the after shots are all today,,after a hard work out, dirty hair and no make up. Enjoy! Ha ha.


Oh no,,swelling doesn't get more advanced. I took a month off work and still looked grossly swollen for another 3 weeks.Thanks for the compliment!!
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Hi -- I don't know how anyone could tell you that you got no improvement. If your friend told you that she must be nearsighted! You look great! Did you get back to work on time, or did you take additional time off? I had this surgery 7 years ago and it took me 6 weeks to have courage to go out in public. Things must be more advanced today--or maybe you are in excellent health so you bounced back quicker than me! Thanks for sharing your photos!
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I've already said it, but wanted to say again - you look gorgeous - younger & fresher!! :) I know you had some concerns about your smile. I was wondering has that resolved yet or getting better? I'm so scared of going to Mexico, but the more photo's I see of great results from Dr. Q, the more I want to go to him.
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It wasn't easy :0)

I am getting some private emails and comments about what it was like at first,,that I look Iike I have healed well etc. Well here are a few pics to show you of what it was like when I went home from Mexico and was kind of on my own. I didn't want my friends to see me. I thought I would come back looking glamorous but it did take a while to get back to normal,


Wow, your final results look amazing. You look like a 20 something year old. It does look scary to go through the "ugly" healing process. I might change my mind and cancel my appt. I don't want my boyfriend to see me like that.
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I think it all depends on just what you have done, I did not have the eyes or nose done just lower face/neck and for what ever reason, the majority of my healing was internal, in fact while staying down in Mexico I went out to restaurants' just days after my surgery and it wasn't obvious to those who didn't know me. Normally I bruise really easy but this time, just a little yellow around the neck. Not to say it didn't hurt like hell, it just didn't look like it for me. So don't chicken out brookcs the end result is soooo worth it!
Hi Terrora, I had my FL in Thailand and also found it difficult to get questions answered, etc. But I went ahead and made my plans and had a great experience! It looks like you did too! If you know anyone who wants to go to Thailand, I recommend GlobalHealthTravel.com.au , and Australia (english-speaking) medical travel firm that will help make all the arrangements. Or you can contact me at bodymindspirittravel@gmail.com to get more information. It is scary going to another country without knowing someone there! These people take really good care of you, and help with all your appointments and after care. Good luck with your healing!
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Three months

Still healing. Face is still tender all over. Nose very tender and tip is still swollen.
A colleague told me today that I don't look natural and I look like I have had plastic surgery. Funny thing is, she is a year older than me and another girl in the office thought she was close to 65 and ready to retire, when she is only 53. She is also about 60lbs overweight. Wondering if she is trying to bring me down so she feels better about herself.


there are a few possible reasons why people are responding the way they are to your transformation. the most obvious reason is that they are jealous. second, by saying that you look so much better now implies that you looked bad before. people who love you (your sisters, your older woman friend...), love you no matter how you look. also, you may be disregarding many of the complements you are getting from women. please just know that you look beautiful. enjoy it and most importantly enjoy your life and the ones you love.
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Thanks so much. I saw my sisters for the first time since I had it done. Not much response at all...no real compliments. My brother in law said I look 12 years younger. I will take it!
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Hey Teri, love the updated photos...you look fabulous!!! No wonder, you are getting the bitchy comments from co workers...you look 15 years younger, no one wants to see that unless it's on them....lol
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6 months- (In 6 days :)

Ok,,I could have washed my hair (mad hair day) or put on some makeup,,but what the heck,,,here is my almost 6 month update of pics with me natural
Still healing...
Nose still swollen- tip,,starting to take on my new shape but still have swelling. Anxious to see what it is going to look like.
Smile-90% back to normal
Scars still itchy but getting better
Still facial tightness but getting better. Apparently this is a good thing,,as if there is no tightness then it will become too loose.
Starting to look more natural per a coworker. To me I look like a bit of a mask still, but I get a LOT of good input from colleagues.
Face still a bit tender to touch.
Love going skiing and not seeing all that loose skin above my turtleneck and jowls enhanced by cold weather. Can put on my after ski hat without my eyelids coming down over my eyes.


Oh God I have to say you look Amazing!!! I'm looking into rhinoplasty but I'm afraid of the pain :(
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There is NO pain with rhinoplasty. Hardly and pain with any of it. Just facial tightness. Thanks for the compliment/ Don't go to Dr Quiroz for a rhinoplasty as he is not a specialist in that area. He did ok with mine but that wasn't my biggest concern.
You look wonderful! I can't believe you were told "no difference" ... ha! You look like "Caroline" on Vampire Diaries...I read someone else's posts that said she wasn't prepared for the jealousy from her close friends. I can't think of any other reason someone would tell you that you don't look different. And everything looks so natural! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It really is helping me make my decision about surgery in TJ.
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11 month update

Well everything is staying where it should be. I was worried things would sag when everything settled down. I still have tightness in my lower face and neck but that is a good thing. I read that you want to stay tight in the face as long as possible.
I look 100% natural I think. No more pulled look.
My only complaint is my eyes are too loose and I have to go back for a revision. Dr Q said he would only charge $100 for OR fee (?) but since he has had a negative attitude towards me (cold) since wanting my revision I am going somewhere else. I have lost my "awe" of him during this process and I was trying not to hurt his ego by wanting a revision. But in all reality I am the one out plane fare, $$ for kennels for my dogs,,using more vacation time, down time, etc.
-The tip of my nose is still swollen. I read it takes 18 months to be "normal" but I didn't believe it. Now I do. It is taking on a nice shape though.
-Smile 99.9% normal- Whew!!!
-No itching of scars
- All in all very pleased


Wow! Amazing results!
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I think you deserve to have the revision done by Dr. Quiroz because it will be very expensive to go elsewhere. Hey..........things happen and maybe he is just genuinely busy or something else is going on. But at the end of the day I think he would want you to be happy and I am sure revisions are not uncommon. All of us in our professional lives face the need to go back to our work and make adjustments. You deserve it and I am sure he will appreciate a patient who gave him the opportunity to make things right and walk away with good things to say!
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You look fantastic! Don't let anyone tell you differently. Lilygirl
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Mexico Plastic Surgeon

So far Dr Quiroz and his staff have been absolutely wonderful. I was looking into surgery in other places,,the US and Thailand (I am Canadian) but I couldn't find reviews or satisfaction with questions and concerns I had. The day after I sent the Cosmed clinic my pictures I received a call from Dr Quiroz, while I was on my way to work! Since then he has called me 3 more times. I am a nurse so I had some questions he answered with clarity and to my satisfaction as far as safety goes. I am very confident I am in good hands.

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