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You are very lucky!. I am Canadian and could not...

You are very lucky!. I am Canadian and could not afford dental in Canada, so I went to Tijuana to do major dental work (17 crowns) and I choose a dentist who does not perform such major work as I needed. ( I did not know and he did not tell me, I found out after I went to Mexico and I was already in his office).

So a specialist was called to do it. He was in a hurry all the time and he promised a lot of good things. I do not think that he ever has done such major work before. We are talking here about cosmetic dentistry. The result is:
Huge teeth, in which case my natural teeth were shaved drastically, the teeth on the right side are smaller then the left side. They are not a nice shape and a little bit oblique, the length is huge too, and the ones on the lower jaw are on the top flat. I do not have a bite at all, even a grape.

The tragedy of my case is that I am in terrible pain. I can not eat, I can not drink water, the air is hurting me and I can not speak (how you can go to work if you can not speak?). A few day ago I got infection to one of the teeth a had a cavity and he did not treated, (he said that he shaved the cavity). I start to be weak and dizzy. I do not have fever now but is something wrong. I am in a situation I do not know what to do. I can not go back to this guy. He wanted only my money and I do not think he wants me back.

But, I do not want to discredit the Tijuana dentists.Also I made a lot of dental work in Canada in the past. I think I have not been very lucky. The dental work in Canada made me to be in the situation to go to Tijuana. And always is the patient fault and not supported by anybody. At the end of the day is ABOUT MONEY. When you have to pay a doctor, he is not only a doctor he is a sale person, too. You put your health and life in there hands and they do what they want with you and, is your fault.

I am sure there are between them responsible and make honorable job, but how do you know. They know how they work and they are very expensive and you can not afford them.

I payed 12500 USD for zirconia crowns. As far as I know zirconia has no pores to let the temperature to give you pain. I would not be surprised if they are not zirconia at all. Just bad quality porcelain.

I forgot to mention. My teeth are bleeding just above the gum. This is my story.

Hi I just came back from Mexico. My husband just had massive dental work done . He had gum disease and needed oral surgery . He also needed something called scaling and teeth whitening. For all the work needed the price was astronomical in the states. Over a 3 day period in Tijuana Mexico Dr. Gina Carabarin who works out of the Ariel Center in Tijuana did a phenomenal job. I can't tell you the pain my husband suffered in other dentist office . With her minimal to nothing in the pain thresh hold. She was prompt and informative . She was reserved in get treatment. She made him a personal mouth guard and egace him really instructional post op directions. She worked around our schedule. She was great. We went to our periodontist and told him the truth that his prices were to expensive for our taste. We explained to him our reasonings for going to Tijuana. He did an oral exam ( reluctantly) and said the dental and oral surgery were well done.. If any body needs more info just I M me
Hi, Fatfree43, So glad to hear another great result from Mexico! Every negative comment I've ever read about Mexico was from an American dentist or "someone who knew someone who knew someone..." Every time I see a comment by an actual patient, it's a great result for far less pain and money.
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