Considering Butt Implants with Dr. Juan Fuentes - Tijuana, Mexico

I am considering having butt implants, along with...

I am considering having butt implants, along with an extended tummy tuck with Dr. Fuentes of Tijuana, Mexico. I am in my consultation phase as of now. From viewing my pictures, he also wants to do lipo on my thighs, back, and upper buttock area, with fat grafting. I am really leaning toward having the implants because I do not want the fat to reabsorb. So, also with the thigh lift, I'm just waiting on a response for a price quote. I am very happy to have found this forum, it is just what I needed to help me to make a better decision! Real people, real experiences! I am also a gastric bypass patient who has lost almost a 100lbs. I haven't been overweight all my life, but with medication and some other factors of life I ballooned over 8 years. I am happy to say that I love my results from the RNY, now I just want to "tighten"....good luck ladies! I will keep you informed and also use this as a "journal" of my journey for myself.


Hi dr fuentes is an amazing doctor My friend had butt implant with him and her result is just wow. When are you going to have surgery with fuentes? I'm planning on going around next months
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Dr. Duran It Is...

I have been yo-yo'ing between 5 or 6 doctors. While I am not too fond of sending my naked behind pictures all over the I do understand that's the procedure with out of town patients. I was quoted a price of $4800-$6500. The $4800 is for a bbl,lipo, and tt...the $6500 includes a Thigh Lift. I decided to go with Dr. Duran because of the great reviews and amazing results! Although you may have to wait a few days for a response, but no worries she is very detailed in answering all of your questions. I sent out a private message to one of the members here, and I didn't read the email carefully that Dr. Duran sent me. All of my questions were answered there. I will be paying my deposit of $250 within a couple of weeks, and hoping to receive a date sometime in September 2014, anyone who is scheduled around that time, hit me up! :))..I would love to have someone I can share stories with before that time. I will be posting my own before pics within a couple of months of me having the surgery. I have already decided that I want to exercise, exercise, exercise, and do more exercise lol to maximize my results before I go in to have the surgeries. Why go and have surgery if you are exercising like an animal? may ask. Well I have had gastric bypass surgery, October 18, 2013 made it one year for me...I have lost 95lbs to this day...and when you are losing pounds and inches rapidly...all the exercise in the world isn't going to tighten up that lose skin. Although it isn't just horrible to look at, out of my clothes I notice it and I want to do something about it! I will keep everyone posted on my journey to have plastics done. I'm so excited!! I welcome all comments and suggestions! I just need to keep browsing these reviews so that I can decide on a recovery house. Love, love, love the supply lists that some people are offering on their posts, that really helps out a lot! All I need to find out now is are there any post-op testing that needs to be done by my primary care physician before I leave the states. Guess I will call and find out huh? Care Ladies and Happy Healing!!...

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I meant to mention "pre-op" testing....not "post-op" in my last review. The only thing Dr. Duran mentioned in her response e-mail was hemoglobin levels. I am going to call her receptionist and get a better understanding of any pre-op testing or just send an email. I will update once I receive a response.


What is your dr. Duarte website?thank u
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Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Decided to go with Dr. Duran....

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