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Surgery booked with Dr Gongora! Sooooo nervous...

Surgery booked with Dr Gongora!
Sooooo nervous about it!
I always wanted a nice round butt, no too big, just round and sexy.
My butt is flat and not toned anymore, I feel unsexy and always trying to hide it.
As much as I want to have my butt back I am so nervous about having implants.
Please share exp.

Finally I have a butt!

Just recovering, surgery is not as painfull as I imagine! Not even close to breast implants.
The uncomfortable thing is not being able to sit , laying in your stomach is the best option!
Dr and staff are friendly.
Dr has 4 butt implants done just in the 3 days I am being here, means that he is an expert, doing it 100 times, I saw first hand couple of patientes coming for check up; amazinggggg!
I am excited for the butt to start developing and see the real one!
I got 400 oval, he choose them , I just let him choose the best for my body and for my muscle.
I guess we have to be realistic and accept what our body can take and improve.
I can not expect to have a huge JLo round body when I have flacid skin and not fat to be transfer.
I can not demand round implants because the lenght of my body will not accommodate them nicely.
I am nervous about that, but I pray that he choose the right size and shape for me,
My worst fair is to have " wide butt"

10 days post op

Today I am feeling with mixed feelings. I still can not see my butt in the mirrow.
I feel wider from the back and flat in the bottom center of my cheeks.
I need to be most of the time at bed and is getting hard not to be able to do my regular life.
Today I feel that was not necessary for me to go thru this.
I still have my drains, I am scare bcause I will have to removed myself. One is ready I think, but the right still getting a lot of fluid.
With the dr being so far away make feel insecure.
Is normal to feel like this?
I wanted a butt so bad for the last year, but I was getting used to not having it . Now, I feel that my butt is wider but not perkier.
I am still not being able to wear my compression garment, will this make a difference after I start?

2 weeks

I developed a seroma, I had to go to my general dr bcause today most of my body swelling was better as well as the left buttuck, but my right is still hard, painfull and high.
I called the clinic everyday, and the nurses told me that could not be seroma bcause I still have my drains.
Well, de says that the drain is not placed where the seroma developed is in other side of my buttuck.
I am very scared, my dr here said to wait and see if my body will absorb it.bcause once is drain by a needle chances of infection are higher.
What to do??
I start wearing my garment bcause dr said compression may help, but after calling the clinic everyday and ask the same they said was not necessary bcause I still have my drains.
I am getting a lot of mix advices.
Should mi seroma be drain inmediately or should I wait few days as my GD advices ?????

Almost 3 weeks..

Here I am, with a possible infection and with a drainage that looks musky.. Spending Saturday at the emergency room.
Called Dr Gongora to guide me in what to do and still haven't hear from him..
I am scared, not knowing what to do, finding answers in internet and from the girls helping me here, and not able to speak with my doctor, just the nurses.
The ER dr put me in a stronger antibiotic and muscle relaxer pills and advice me to follow up with my Dr...... What to do if your doctor do not call you??????and when you call they said he is being really busy, but then you find out though people here ( new clients) that they were able to speak with the Dr to confirm their surgery and answer their questions.,
I am Desperate and scare at this point!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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Wondering if you r ok? Did u get someone to look at the fluid? Hope all is well!
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I Hope things went well for u. Ik sometimes we just dont want to post anything but we u feel like just let us know how u r doing hun.
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Hello, sorry I have not posted my status.My drains were removed at my 3 weeks mark and that was a mess.. One of my drains ( that I suppose to remove myself by dr orders) was stitched inside my body and a general surgeon here in the states had to rush me to an emergency surgery in order to open me against and cut the stitch from inside. All of this rollicoster will worth it if I like my results, but so far I am still unhappy, I was looking just for a little enhancement and my butt is huge and uneven( one implant is higher and not dropping) And I feel that I am a burden to my doctor when I ask questions. I text him and he do not answer. Is very hard to get in touch with him. I am pretty down and that is why I go not update.
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Oh hun I know exactly how u r feeling...at least u r ok with no more complications related to the implants. Just hang in there sweetie.
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Yes, Thank you for checkin on me after everything you are going throught. I am happy that you are removing the implant and you will have your body back, you were beautifull already,you will see how your body will heal faster. You are in a lot of ppl prayers and you will get better soon!!!
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Wow Naye what a fiasco! We all want the best for you, so please keep updating us. It'll help others doing research too. I considered butt implants, but I'm so turned off right now...
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@ backtobest all I can say to you is when everything goes well without any complications the butt implants r already a very very hard to recover surgery. But when things go wrong it becomes a nightmare and it feels like it will never heal or end. Im trapped with one implant for now until I'm strong enough to remove it and it's been the worst experience ever. I'm so embarrassed to go anywhere but work bc I have to go otherwise I wouldn't even leave the appt. I can't even change clothes in front of my husband... I'm afraid we will have problems soon bc of my insecurity and sadness. I don't think he will be able to handle all this drama for he has depression problems .I'm afraid the butt implants were the worst decision I ever made in my life and it might cost me more than I ever imagined. Pls think it over a 100x b4 u do something like that, specially when u choose the surgeon whom u will put your life and your future in his hands.
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Backtobest, I was desperate bcause I lost weight and my butt was very flat. My only option was the implants if I wanted a butt agsin( or exercise..) I went to Mexico bcause here they were telling me that I need to gain weight, and knew I could not. I had surgeries before, here in the states and everything was fine, no mistakes, easy recovery, easy communication with my Drs. This time was very different. The recovery is hard, you have to be very comited to rest( bed rest) and stop with your life, even dressing up is hard, ( I don't fit in any of my pants ) I am 5 weeks post op and my butt is still uneven, one implant sitting high and is already showing in one side... I believe is bcause is too big. My advice is: if you really wanted, find somebody who will take the time to talk to you one on one. Somebody that can understand what do you want: do you want a big butt, a big butt, is that realistic, is that an option or your body will not look the way you are dreaming on your wish pics. Find somebody close to you, where they can follow up for ANY complication, or just to be sure you are developing good . People here post their results almost inmediately after surgery, and the results look incredible sometimes, but I can not find pics after one year or so.. How is the butt implant going to look in few years??? In my honest experience, I wish I did not doit. I want them out, but the dr assistant told me I have to wait 6 months for a revision or removal. Can you imaging having a revision and go thought the same again just bcause one if the implants was not place right??? But of course that is a risk ,right!!! Crazy.
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Naye, only you and I can truly relate and understand each other here with implant complications and bad outcome. Hopefully the future patients will be more careful on their research than us before they make a decision. Hope they can see we r not discouraging them but just trying to help showing what's happening to us which I hope they can see it's a very difficult thing for us to do. We just want to shut down most of the time. Hope u r having a good day. I feel like crap this morning trying to hide in some clothes other than baggy pants for I have to go see my dermatologist b4 work.
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I've always wanted breast too but the thought of a foreign object inside is very scary. So imagine how much more afraid a butt implant is to me when I would have to sit on it all the time. I truly wish you and Anenimity the best. I can't imagine going thru all this.
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Hun, go to another Plastic Surgeon here in the states. Preferably one who has done butt implants. Get their opinion on what is going on. General dr's dont know much about this stuff, where a plastic surgeon who has experience will know what is happening. And may be able to help save your implants.
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I am so sorry you are going through this I pray that whatever is going on will only get better soon (I'm sure it will) and without u having to remove them so you can have the result u initially hoped for.. These things happen sometimes just with the proper physician and treatment you will get better continue to be strong and Hang in there :)
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My Dr is in Tijuana , that is the big problem we encounter when you have surgery in another country. We think, nothing will happen to ME, but the reality is that things cand happen, and after a surgery you need a close follow up with your Dr.. I am going to my GD doctor here to see if he can remove my drains today and send the liquid to be analyze... :(
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Where are you in relation to your doc that you still have drains? Can you just go to his clinic?
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Love do you have butt implants? Please seek doe medical help have someone do an MRI and test. I hope u are safe I don't mean to scared u and good thing u are on antibiotics but there is something wrong there. could this possibly be the implant supplier all this cases maybe they where contaminated this could be a possibly because it seems like everyone that got a butt implant has gotten an infection. But what is going on with this doctor very irresponsible not to call u for god sake your health is in danger and he just don't care terrible. Please keep us posted love and I hope u get an answer soon.
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Your drain fluid looks like mine was pls see someone hun if u have infection u need to know exactly what kind of bacteria u r infected with or else just taking antibiotics will make the bacteria stronger and more resistant to them... Pls be careful and and if u have to fly back there u have to... I'm so sorry :(
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Did you find out if you have an infection for sure or not or if it's really a seroma?
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Thank you ladies! I am the same, following your advices. Still haven't hear from Dr Gongora,to help me in advising me what to do, where to go and to look at my ER report, so, I am pretty much in my own trying to figurate this in my own.
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Hope all is going well in the path to recovery... Let us know how u r doing hun...we continue praying for u
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@naye how are u love?
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Hey girl I am sorry about your recovery but after reading about your situation I am so nervous now because I am going to do my butt with Dr.G on November 4th is there any advice you could give to help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks and get better soon!
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I know you hear this all the time, but you're still at the early stage of the healing process. Give your body a chance to heal. I'm currently 17 days post-op and find myself asking those very same questions. Some days i feel like i made a mistake. Some days I feel like my butt shrunk. It's normal to feel up and down because you spend so much on this procedure you want everything to go accordingly to your desire, but try not to let it impact your mental health. Follow all the steps that your PS has given you and have a friend or family help you with the drains when it is time to take them off. I hope your result turns out in your favor as time passes. Good luck and happy healing.
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I'm sorry u r feeling unhappy right now with shape And Stuff but its too early hun they will change... Just be healthy and a little patient with the recovery time. I unfortunately has to remove one side due to infection after 3 weeks post op and that has set me back big time now but I'm just concerned about healing of this infection. It's been 3 since I took it out and I was feeling ok until yesterday another girl had to get both removed all of a sudden infection came up without any signs it just messed me up pretty bad emotionally and I'm very sad and depressed today for some reason but this feelings come and go. Just make sure u have a doctor checking u for anything abnormal since yours is out of the country. Feel better
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