21 days, 16 hrs, Team Pantoja .Booty greed October 09, 2014 moved it closer

I will add my story when I am on calendar:) I have...

I will add my story when I am on calendar:) I have already been to Dr Pantoja twice before. I love his work therefore I am going back. I had a tummy tuck, lipo and bbl the first time. and then 6 months late I went back for a breast lift with implant. I am going back November 20 2013 for more lipo and bbl:)

Pre-op round 2 93 days 20 min left

time to countdown. I will start adding info tomorrow. I am also going to add wish pictures.


For those post op ladies that are able to work out at this point do any of yall want to start a work out fitness group? I am starting tomorrow. Being that I am 3 months post op boobs I can go all in.

81 days 20 hrs 38 min until i get more booty. But hey who's counting?

well i have been going hard at the gym and at the track. My weight did go up a little bit but i think that's because of muscle weighing more ten fat and my boob job lol.
under bust: 30 (WOW .. thats small but the boobs are huge)
waist: 28
Hips: 35
Ass: 41 (i will gladly take that for now but come 11-20 i will have more)


63 days left

Well I'm starting my post op kit. Luckily I have quite a few things already. I need more foam and smaller fajas. I also need a smaller sqeem. I have a small and it not tight enough.

Well am back

I have been supper busy with my 4 kids and all. But I am set to go back on March 19, for round two. I am so excited.

55 days 10 hrs and some odd minutes until round 2 bbl.

So I have some things left from bbl round 1. I do need a faja. I'm trying to get everything together this month. I think it's doable. I will put up my measurements at the end of the month. Who else is going around the time I am?

Change date to October 12,2014

Well it has been a while. I have been MIA dealing with family issues. My mother has been very ill now that she is better I am back on track to bbl round 2. I am sorry ???? for not responding to you ladies. I am in the process of doing that. I am also going to update with knew pictures. I promise to be way more involved and respond when commented...

71 days and 16 hrs until round 2 BAM!!!!

Hello ladies well not to much to update. Im building up my post op supply. Luckily I still have some stuff left from round 1. Im trying to find a different faja. Kinda like the one yily uses. Ladies help me out please.

pre-op round 2

My pre op round 2 bbl
Weight 159 lbs (I have gained like 10 lb since round 20 months ago)
Height 5 7 1/2
Breast 32 ddd ( breast lift with cohesion gummy bear implant w/ dr pantoja 1.5 yr ago)
29 inch waist
35 hips
42 AZz....com

Goal 24/25 inch
45/50 ass

anonther pre op round 2

Omg Cheap faja website ladies


You wont believe the deals.

first one is me

69 days left

Ive started my vitamin regimen. Im going to experiment on a back board today. Thanks to the help of a few ladies on here. I sill post step by step pictures.

Supply list

Officialy 60 day PLUS.... Supply list and things I still need.
13 Aug 2014 1 year post
I have been taking all my vitamins. I am starting to get my supplies together. I am going to break it down by meds and vitamins, first aid, beauty, and foods (nutrition)

Maca powder
Vitamin C
Vitamin B12
Benydrl elexter
Benydrl pill
Milk og magnesia
Aloe vera tea
Tylenol PM
Arnica tablet
Vitamin D
Levofloxin (antibiotics)

Dial hand soap
3 shower curtain
Adult pads
Antibacterial wipes
Baby wipes
Q tips
Large bandaid s
First aid tape
Sticky gauze
Ab board
Booty board (diy)
Yoga mat
Chair w/whole in it
Arnica gel
Benydrl cream
Pee funnel
Heating pad

Squeem (s)
Maria e garment

Eos chapstick
Tape measure
Make up
Hair ties
Hair oil

4 maxi dressses
4 tanks
Granny panties

Outfit to come home in...

booty chair


So ladies.... guess what.? So I was checking up on massages. Check your insurance ladies. I just qot off the phone with my insurance and found out that it covers chiropractic service. There are massage therapist that work for them. All you do is have to pay is the copay. Check your insurance ladies. I found out for 65 min for a ultrasound. Deep tissue, lymph massage it will be 35 per visit. OMG....cant beat that. If you have any questions inbox me.or message me SHOW LESS

Major cleaning

Is it just me ladies? I woke up this morning and have been on s major cleaning spree. I mean cleaning everything ..... I know my husband was like "wtf " how lichen coffee did you drink his morning? Lol I said Inman none. Totally off topic I think we should build a support group like a chat room or something. Kinda like what Mmh had before it fell off. What do y'all think.

Momentarily I will be posting recipes that you can can pre open for post open.

Keep a look out.

Recipe #1 White bean,tomato and green bean salad

Makes 4 servings
1tbsp of great lemon juice
1tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp extra virgin Olive oil
1packet spenda
Dash of Mrs dash
1/4 Tspn pepper
1 garlic clovd
5 cups of green beans
1 cup of chopped tomatoes
1tbsp chopped fresh dill
I can of navy beans or boil fresh ones
(To boil put 1 part beans 4 parts water )
1/4 cup feta cheese

Mix all together refrigerate and divide in separate Tupperwares. This will make 4 servings. Double or triple and you can make it's for a week or more inadvance. Freeze the second week so it will last longer.

Recipe 2 Black bean salad

Makes 4 servings double or triple correct more

1 1/2 teaspoon minced cilantro
1 tbspn chopped fresh parsley
1 Yvonne fresh lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon blk pepper
1 (15ounce can) blk bean ( or boil fresh ones)
1/2 cup chopped tomatoes
1/4 cup avacodo
2 tbspn of choppedgreen onions
1 chopped seeded jalapeno (I prefer with the seeds)
4 cups of salad beans


I am on a major cleaning spree. I am nesting and driving my kids crazy.

OMG.....28 days left.

Good Morning ladies. So out only have 28 days left. I'm officially under the. 30 day mark. I have my pre - op physical with my primary care Dr. I am getting all my blood work done. I am going to ask him for my prescription for my surgery. This is getting supper real. Pray that my blood work comes out good. I Have been taking allow my vitamins for a little over a month. I'm taking iron 65mg 2xs a day, multivitamin 1 x a day, vit c 2 x's a day, vit b12, vit E (I am going to stop taking it 2 weeks pre open) calcium. Oh and in to weeks I will start taking bromalain and quencitin. I week prior to surgery I will start taking arnica 2 x's a day and continue until 4 weeks post op. After I get back from my Dr apt I will post my pre op 28 days stats. Well ttyl.

Pre op apt yay !!!!!

So i went to see my Dr today. I was weighed, had an ekg done. I am going tp have my blood work in the morning. I was also able to get my prescription filled. I was not able to get my antibiotics until the morning. Unfortunately the pharmacy didnt have it. My medications that I a have this far are : Omeprazole for anxiety, ibuprofen 800 mg, norco 10-325. And my levofloxin that i get tomorrow. My 28 day pre-op round 2 stats are:
Under bust: 31.5
Boobs: 34ddd omg
Waist 29 ( i gained weight for round 2)
Hips: 37
Ass: 42.5
Pre op weight 159 .


Mylan is for nausea and dizziness.

Neat Tip

So I saw a tip in one one of my bbl ladies. I haven't completed this task yet. So I did how ever start the process. I purchased a lawn chair from a yard sale. The Lon kinds that has the back that goes up and down. It was a steel, only was $5 buck omg OMG. So proud of my self. Lol I will post a begging posture and then of all the steps. As of now I just washed it down. I'm still going to bleach it down . So yeah. I read alot and aware of not being able to put weight on the new booty so I am going to cut a hole in the butt part of the chair and then fix it like a bed so I don't have to lay on my stomach the whole time. I am attaching a picture of what the chair looks like at the moment and then if the end after process. Oh and btw I have a yoga mat that I put twist ties so.i can put it under my thighs.

M handy dandy chair

Steps are as follows: Btw this is just a ruff draft lol for those ladies that, put a boppy under thigh area
it asap. I am still going to wash my linen and fix it up to par. K.....
Step 1. Get a chair
Step 2. ? a hole for your butt
Step 3.. Put your bottom sheet or towel on the bottom.
Step 4. Put some pillows down for the back, husband pillow, neck pill
Step 5. Put pillows on the foot of the chair.
Step 6. Cover with bed linen and that's it.
I hope this helps ladies.


Finally got my levofloxin prescription. Riteaid had to wait on the next shipment. Its cool im pretty much ready anyway.

test run

You have received a YouTube video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLBzEhhamUQ&sns=sms

try again


Happy Healing and prayers please to bbl sister

Lets all send out prayer and happy healing to out bbl sister well soon to be at least "gimmethatbitt" who just made it to the Dr. Check her page out and show her some love.

homemade arnica tea

So I made my own arnica tea bags. And boy was it economic. I was able to make 35 bags out of 2 small baggies.


A little bit of cc information


Okay i think i figured it out. Bare with me,
There's 1kg in 1200 ccs (mls)
If you have an extra 10lbs of fat that equals 4 kg
4 kg x 1200 ml (! Ccs) equals 4800 ccs (mls)
Ends up with 4800 cc
Thrn again it might not all be pure fat, either wsy you can get , well i can to ... get at least 1500 ccs per cheek
So 10 lbs wich is equal to 4kgs will be enouph
YAY ME!!!!!

Yay! !! MY hubby bought me my post op dress.

Shout out to all the good men out there. Mainly mine lol ;) . So i have been looking at this cute dress to ride home from tj, mx in and i was hesitating buying it. He so happen to see it open on my tablet and i just got conformation in my email that he got it. Awwww i love him.


So i just picked up my lab results. So not bad for only taking for starting my vitamin regimen 3 weeks ago. So my hemoglobin is at 13.4, all my other test are normal. I hsve 3 weeks left. Yay!!!!! I am goiny tomprobly start packing this week end. I need to also buy some low sodium soips and crackers as well as pine apple juice. I am also going to order my faja, atm compression, bromalain, and quencitin . I should have all thosd things by next week along with my post op dress that my hubby got for me yesterday unbenosted to me. Awww i love him (side note) . Um lets see what else, why weight is the same thats cool tho. I need it for my bbl. I honestly cant believe that i am heading back over in 21 days. Im still debating what to do with my hair should, should i braid it or flat iron it.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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Ohh.. how much would it cost Mr to have a bbl done with Dr.pantoja??
  • Reply
It depends on what you want and need done. The price varies.
  • Reply
Thanx for the info.. how do I get in contact with his coordinator??does he charge for the first consult?? Do I have to go in person to get a quote??
  • Reply
Info@drpantoja.com. Her name is Nadia. I don't think that he charges for in person consultation. I did everything through phone and email
  • Reply
I saw ur pre-op pic and I have to say u look amazing now..why r u going for a round 2?
  • Reply
Thank you. For a little tweaking and to have My belly button done.
  • Reply
Great job! You have enough new fat..yay!
  • Reply
Lol thank god.. I think that I can get at least another 800 cc per cheek. What do you think?
  • Reply
If u don't mind me asking what did he charge you for the revision? Then I can answer that question...
  • Reply
2500 and I'm getting lipo everywhere cause he said I don't have that much fat.
  • Reply
I plead the fifth.... If ur happy do am I . I want u to be happy !
  • Reply
I just want more of a heart , not a shelf. Lol no problem
  • Reply
Oh ok but he always telling us not enuf fat... He shld go aggressive and go hard then he'll get enuf fat.
  • Reply
Yeah im going to tell him to suck all this ish out and stuff it in my ass. Lol...
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Oh did you see my nifty chair thing?
  • Reply
Ok gurl I will be praying he does but u shld be fine
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Yes I did! I have a bad bck that wldnt wrk for me but good luck! I didn't sit for 8 wks bcz my recovery was different from most members ... I starting loosing fat cells immediately so I had to do preventive measures from the gate! So my journal is geered towards a body that the fat struggles to survive due to improper handling of fats cells that could have died during transition or the placing of the fat incorrectly ! I can't put it on my body rejecting the fat bcz n the end I stll have my same pre sx buttocks measurements! I had to have a sofa recliner bc I laid on my sides on top of hundreds of pillows shifting every 45mins! Get a body pillow from costco very soft for 9.99 I seen it yesterday n the store! Good luck my friend
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Will do with the body pillow. Ty
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OMG! Thanks for you pre op pic! It shows that there is HOPE! You look AMAZING! My surgery date is set for Nov 2014...TT, Lipo and BBl. PLS KEEP POSTING PICS
  • Reply
Lol yeah I think those pre op made me look worse then I really used to look. Buit yeah its a big difference. I can't wait til my round 2 in 30 day. But who's counting. Lol
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Hello , I love your results ! I am having a TT ,Lipo,BBl on October 6.... so reading your supply list was helpful . Good luck to you on your round .
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I'm glad I could be of some assistance. I have some other little tips. I'm going to put them up in a bit. Oh also bought some new supplies. I'm supper excited... I almost gg ave all the money I need. Just about ready.
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Hey love I read your comments on another page I'm sticking around for you to so hang in there Im one to your cheerleaders. TT patients cannot have beans it makes them bloat so you might want to reference this is not for TT patient okay
  • Reply
Thank you. I will clear that up. I ate them tho. I'm half Mexican and grew up on beans lol. It does nothing for me.
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