Booty greed October 13, 2014

I will add my story when I am on calendar:) I have...

I will add my story when I am on calendar:) I have already been to Dr Pantoja twice before. I love his work therefore I am going back. I had a tummy tuck, lipo and bbl the first time. and then 6 months late I went back for a breast lift with implant. I am going back November 20 2013 for more lipo and bbl:)

Pre-op round 2 93 days 20 min left

time to countdown. I will start adding info tomorrow. I am also going to add wish pictures.


For those post op ladies that are able to work out at this point do any of yall want to start a work out fitness group? I am starting tomorrow. Being that I am 3 months post op boobs I can go all in.

81 days 20 hrs 38 min until i get more booty. But hey who's counting?

well i have been going hard at the gym and at the track. My weight did go up a little bit but i think that's because of muscle weighing more ten fat and my boob job lol.
under bust: 30 (WOW .. thats small but the boobs are huge)
waist: 28
Hips: 35
Ass: 41 (i will gladly take that for now but come 11-20 i will have more)


63 days left

Well I'm starting my post op kit. Luckily I have quite a few things already. I need more foam and smaller fajas. I also need a smaller sqeem. I have a small and it not tight enough.

Well am back

I have been supper busy with my 4 kids and all. But I am set to go back on March 19, for round two. I am so excited.

55 days 10 hrs and some odd minutes until round 2 bbl.

So I have some things left from bbl round 1. I do need a faja. I'm trying to get everything together this month. I think it's doable. I will put up my measurements at the end of the month. Who else is going around the time I am?

Change date to October 12,2014

Well it has been a while. I have been MIA dealing with family issues. My mother has been very ill now that she is better I am back on track to bbl round 2. I am sorry ???? for not responding to you ladies. I am in the process of doing that. I am also going to update with knew pictures. I promise to be way more involved and respond when commented...

71 days and 16 hrs until round 2 BAM!!!!

Hello ladies well not to much to update. Im building up my post op supply. Luckily I still have some stuff left from round 1. Im trying to find a different faja. Kinda like the one yily uses. Ladies help me out please.

pre-op round 2

My pre op round 2 bbl
Weight 159 lbs (I have gained like 10 lb since round 20 months ago)
Height 5 7 1/2
Breast 32 ddd ( breast lift with cohesion gummy bear implant w/ dr pantoja 1.5 yr ago)
29 inch waist
35 hips

Goal 24/25 inch
45/50 ass

anonther pre op round 2

Omg Cheap faja website ladies

You wont believe the deals.

first one is me

69 days left

Ive started my vitamin regimen. Im going to experiment on a back board today. Thanks to the help of a few ladies on here. I sill post step by step pictures.

Supply list

Officialy 60 day PLUS.... Supply list and things I still need.
13 Aug 2014 1 year post
I have been taking all my vitamins. I am starting to get my supplies together. I am going to break it down by meds and vitamins, first aid, beauty, and foods (nutrition)

Maca powder
Vitamin C
Vitamin B12
Benydrl elexter
Benydrl pill
Milk og magnesia
Aloe vera tea
Tylenol PM
Arnica tablet
Vitamin D
Levofloxin (antibiotics)

Dial hand soap
3 shower curtain
Adult pads
Antibacterial wipes
Baby wipes
Q tips
Large bandaid s
First aid tape
Sticky gauze
Ab board
Booty board (diy)
Yoga mat
Chair w/whole in it
Arnica gel
Benydrl cream
Pee funnel
Heating pad

Squeem (s)
Maria e garment

Eos chapstick
Tape measure
Make up
Hair ties
Hair oil

4 maxi dressses
4 tanks
Granny panties

Outfit to come home in...

booty chair

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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You look awesome! Thank you for all the info!!!
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Thank you. No problem that's what this website is for. I'm happy to share and help any way I can.
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OMG you look amazing! Can I ask what your stats were before you got any work done? It looks like I have a similar shape to what you used to be my stars 5'6, 170 Ibs, 38-34-42 currently but set for TT and BBL with Dr. P December 2015 :)
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Hey luv .... Are u not staying at CLUB MED ?
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No I'm going home right after.
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Oh ok koolT
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Yeah im only like 2.5hrs away.
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I'm going back too but sept 2nd 2014, he needs to suck all this back fat and arm/pit fat out!! I hate it!!!
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Gurllll can DR. P fulfill? Are u trying to gain weight to get that projection sis?
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Well I can pray... Lol
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Don't worry I got you, and u can get some prayers through bby girl!!!
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Thank you. I have faith that he can do it. We are going to have a nice chat. Lol
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U will be just fine !!!
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You look great already! Good luck on round 2 :-)
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Thank you. Im just doing a tad bit of tweaking.
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Oh btw "justneedabooty" is here with me too, she got a bbl as well. She went first. Haven't seen her yet either but she's next door so we talk and text. Sweet girl
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Hey girl, just had my sx yesterday with pantoja for my first round bbl, he managed to get 1300 in me! Craziness hopefully it's not to big lol. Anyway no pain so far just relaxing off this morphine haha. How are things with you? You look amazing and what made me persue him again. He's a very kinda and gental man. Reminds me of my father and his staff is great. Will def be coming back for my boobs and TT. So question,, I haven't seen myself yet been in bed all day/night but I ran my hands along my body and didn't feel much difference. Is fluffing true? It has to be right esp with all my cc I got. :/ best wishes
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I love your results. How are you feeling?
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Thanks boo! Feeling great! Finally working out, my butt fluffed I think lol feels a lot rounder! I def wang a round 2 tho, he missed my upper back and arms/armpit :( so bummed but besides that I love it :)
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Im going back in 71 days but who's counting lol...
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Yay lucky you! How much is he charging for a round two touch up?
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I getting a revision same day but with salama good luck hun
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Thank you good luck to you too. We can be booty healing buddys. Lol I'm such a cornball
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