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Since I lost almost 50lb had 3 kids including a...

Since I lost almost 50lb had 3 kids including a set of twins, I decided to treat my girls to an update. Couldn't afford to do it close to home, way too much money. I did a lot of research, checked credentials and red every review I could find. So far, I think it's gonna turn out really nice. I'm only 11 days post op. I've been taking arnica and bromelin, as they recommend. I think it helps a lot .

From my first contact with office, everyone very polite and professional. I spoke with surgeon for my virtual consult and again later when I had more questions. I work in the medical field and I can tell you, a surgeon is not going to speak directly to a person that is not a patient. My husband and I were picked up From the airport, taken directly to the office. Again, everyone very nice, we had to wait awhile for him to finish with his first patient, but we were really tired anyway. The nurses did a great job with pre op, the doctor came in marked me up, after introductions, he is a super charming fellow! Turns out that my right breast was a whole cup bigger than my right. He said it should take a couple hours, ended up taking 4-5 hours, he took his time, and gave me what I asked for. He ended up doing a reduction, lift and augmentation on right, and a lift with augmentation on left. 310cc silicone extra round, keyhole incision. Stayed overnight in his facility, went to our conveniently located hotel, stayed two nights, went back for follow up. He removed my drains, changed my tape and off we went to catch our flight. You might want to have an appt set up

With your regular doctor, if you don't handle pain super well. They can't give you narcotics in pill form, only given while in the office. I think if I could of taken more time off, I could of made it. Wearing compression bra for 1 month, will be taping for as long as a year, depending on my scars.

I'm happy you are liking your results. Great Dr.
16 days post op, considering how much time it took my surgeon, I think I am healing beautifully. My bruising is minimal, no oozing open sores. I have followed my ps instructions to the letter. In a medical assistant in a walk in clinic at the hospital. Couldn't be happier

16 days post op just changed the tape

Since I had the most work done on my right it looked pretty roughed up. Amazing the difference a week can make. Faithfully taking arnica and bromelin

Still in compression hell

Wearing compression bra 24/7 changing tape weekly. Will wear tape for almost a year so as to have no visible scars
Did u use him ?

17 days post op

Healing beautifully!! It's amazing the differences you can see in one week.
Thanks I feel really lucky after some of the reviews I have read!!
Looking great!!

17 days post op

So far so good, doing weekly tape changes, no more discharge from right nipple. Doing daily massages

Better pic

As you can see I'm all taped up
Wow! Looks nice and even and great shape! You have a nice figure. Congrats on the weight loss! How do you feel during the work day?

A little better lighting

3 weeks post op bruising almost gone thanks to arnica and bromelain
I had couple of c sections, some feeling returns but the scar has always felt numb. I'm getting back feeling already. I have some numb area by my incisions, but it can continue to return for as long as a year
Will you have any feeling in your areola afterwards? I had tt and 7wks post op can't feel lower tummy really. Bt a nurse told me that I may never feel it. Not too worried though due to a future belly piercing lol
Well I'm a medical assistant who works at the walk in clinic at our local hospital. I do 12 hour shifts. By the end of a 12 I can swell up. But getting better all the time.

21 days post op! Rode my motorcycle today

Last week of having to wear the torture device. Can't wAit to wear a regular bra. So hard to hide that damn strap! Off the Percocet usually take some tramadol and using arnica and bromelin , bruises almost gone, will update picture when I change tape on Wednesday.
Ok thanks! I had 3 c-sections myself bt had to get hernia repair. So I'll try to get piercing before feeling returns. Can't wait to c updated pics. That's what I'm going for next.
Tape change day tomorrow looking forward to seeing my progress, will be 23 days post op! Will update pics then.
Awesome!! U go girl!!

26 days post op-in between tape changes

So I finally threw away my torture device(surgical bra) I was getting skin irritation. I was in the shower my husbands last tape job was not holding up so I took it off. This is how I am looking 26 days post op!! I still have some adhesive visible on my boobies.

No more pain meds needed!

I'm completely off all pain meds, still taking the arnica but I ran out of bromelin. Still tender in certain spots in the right but tolerable. Still doing my 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening of implant displacement massage. Am I always going to be in a constant state of nip forever??
He did an awesome job!!! So happy for u!!!
I was so mortified with the pictures I took for my virtual consult I instantly deleted them, now I wish I would of kept them.
Do you have any before pictures? You look great!!

Went back to Zumba class

So after a fun weekend with my husband I roughed up my right breast. A little pain in the armpit area. Then a day later, Zumba . Again with the right armpit pain. I tried to baby the right side. It had all the extra work with the reduction and lift with ba. The left is my perfect one. So I think I managed to make my right breast drop a little. Left holding in same position. I'm now 29 days post op

Back to having sex and Zumba

When we were getting down in the hotel room I know I put a lot of pressure on the right breast. Hurts in the axillary area. Then I noticed that I lost some height on the right.

41 days PO starting to spit stitches

41 days PO feeling great. Still taping as u can see. I've just noticed that I am starting to spit several stitches. I knew this might be a problem for me since it's happened in the past. I'm also a little disappointed cause I had a lift and a reduction plus augmentation on the right and it figures that would be the one to drop first. I know it's too soon to tell. But I was lopsided before it just worries me that they are now not asymmetrical again. They were so perfect!
They look great
I do see what you're talking about. Will the left drop some also? You still look great!!
My right breast had alot more work done to it. It was a full cup larger than my left. I had to have a reduction, lift and augmentation on the right with a lift and augmentation on the left. It figures that my right would drop first, since it was the way larger breast. My left has not dropped a bit, my scar underneath is still totally visible. It will drop, it can take 2-6 months for it finally to settle in. I am supposed to keep massaging, the left was so much smaller, it's going to take longer. It really bugs me, cause it totally reminds me of my old boobs, but I have to be patient, I have faith in my PS. I'm only 48 days post op.

50 days post op

Feeling fine, back to Zumba 4 days a week, starting to spit a few stitches. Warm weather is making me super itchy!!
Yours look amazing :)
It looks like u have a nice figure other the the poor boobies. It's well worth it, it really helps with your self image. Are u scheduled yet?
Rocking a tank top is right! I cant wait to do the same :)

2 1/2 months post op.

Doing well, had another stitch spit. Getting ready for a night out.
Hi, I hope mine come out as good as yours! Mine are very asymmetric right now. How are your scars looking? I'll be having a reduction, lift, and implant in my right boob. Same as you. Can you post an update picture of the scars?
My right boob was larger pre op and got the smaller implant. But this is the same one that will not drop! My left boob is perfect! You look amazing and healing quite nicely.
Thank you!! That's funny cause my left boob is my perfect one. Right has a way bigger scar due to the reduction. I guess mine couldn't be fixed with a different size implant?

2 days shy of 3 months PO

Working on scars, ps wanted me to wear brown 3m paper tape for a year. Started having a reaction to the tape due to warm weather. Trying scar sheets at night. Since I had so much work on the right side my scar looks pretty big but it's wayyyy better than it was. Still think my left is a wee bit higher than my right.

Didn't upload updated photos

Added pictures of scars I had complete mastoplexy with a reduction on the right. I don't know why he chose not to use different size implants

Ok I got my ps to send my preop photos

The pictures I took originally to send to my ps, I deleted them. I now realize how important it is to show the before and afters. So here they are, scary!!
Hello sweetheart, You look fabulous. Are u right handed? I am, my right breast was dropping & the left was staying high & tight. So I started doing almost everything with my left hand. It made a big difference & my left breast which is my largest breast caught up with the rt. So if you haven't already started using your left I would suggest trying it. ;) hopefully it will get that girl down where you want it, level with the right. You look stunning in your black dress for your date night! You're ready to turn some heads! I really like your title's, looking like National Geographic. Nothing is better than a sense of humor :D I hope you're doing well, it looks like u had a major anchor lift with augmention. I'm 6wks post op from my anchor lift & augmentation under muscle. Wishing you my best & continued healing.. Xoxox
WOW! Congratulations! Yes, you're right, the before and after photos are amazing. So glad you could do something special for yourself. Happy belated birthday!
I emailed my ps yesterday and asked him to email my pre op photos, I realized how important it was for other people to see!!
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