50 Years Old and Trusted the Wrong Doctor..... - Tijuana, Mexico

Dr. quiroz is the most unprofesional human being...

Dr. quiroz is the most unprofesional human being ,, he promised me a breast lift and what he did was a breast mutilation,, my scars are horrible one breast much bigger,, hardly no stiches i had to put butterfly stiches in my breast so the inside of them would not ooze out.. i had infection i try asking him about the poor job he was very mad and treated me awful,, did not care and his wife always makes excuses for his poor work please dont be another victim!!!!!


So sorry to hear this, i was going to consider him as my surgeon. I seen a lot of good reviews on him. Also found him on YouTube saying that he was a great doctor. after all the research and I did I was going to go through him. the day I was going to choose him as my surgeon. I finally found bad results on him on ripped off reports.com. where your status couldn't get deleted. God was with me, I highly recommend you to report him on Ripoff Reports. good luck to you.
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So sorry to hear you are disappointed with your results. Will you be seeking a revision in the near future? Take care and thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf.
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Breast Mutilation Dr. Quiroz, Tijuana Mexico - Cosmed

How can a DOCTOR DO THIS TO SOMEONE. I STILL have the non-dissolvable sutures and I don't know what to do as there liquid oozing from the breast.


Praying for healing in Jesus' name. Amen!
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How are you healing, I hope this finds you doing much better!
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I was going to have him do my breasts as well but not now!! I am having my eyes redone by a different surgeon. See my 11 month review. My left eye is awful and my right eye also doesn't look very good. I initially wrote him about my left eye and he was willing to accommodate. (But that was because I Did have at least 2 frank talks with him making sure he would do a revision if needed.) When I started noticing my right eye loosening up I sent him a picture. From then on he was really cold. Then I had to cancel surgery as my GP recommended against it at this time as I started developing high blood pressure out of the blue. I emailed him about my health issues and never heard back. He was mr sweet and nice until I asked for a revision!!
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Mexico Plastic Surgeon

a nightmare!!!! i will never be able to wear a bathing suit or low cut blouse he really did damage to my body and my self image i think he peforms under the influence of something... he is the worst surgeon all he want is the money!!!!

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