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Well I have my TT and BA Review, but I think each...

Well I have my TT and BA Review, but I think each deserves a review. I am a 36A, I am 5'3 and I weigh 180. I am very undecided. At the PS Office I tried 400-650 ccs. I liked 600. I however now think 600 is too much. I have tuberous breasts there for I have to go over the muscle. I will be having silicone implants and the incision is through the areola to correct my tuberous breasts. My PS said I have enough tissue for the 600ccs but I have read here that the bigger the implants the more saggy skin im gonna have in the future plus since I am an A going all of a sudden so big may give me problems and skin thins out. I did the rice test 475 and 500. It's kind of weird, I keep liking bigger, appart from that what I immediately noticed just now is that my back does hurt! WTH i've only had them on like 30 minutes lol I guess thats an idicator. OMG what must we women go through, I'll post all my pics later.

Been updating for my TT more often... It's hard to...

Been updating for my TT more often... It's hard to concentrate on either as I realize both procedures are a big deal. I have a hard time keeping up with all the comments and updates on RealSelf! I try so hard just finished with over 90 notifications! I think I need to slow down to start relaxing for my surgery. So far everything keeps the same I'm still thinking on 500 ccs so that my skin does not stretch too much and thin. I hope all goes well with my boobies, I am waiting for them eagerly :)

Two days away!

Feels unbelievable I will soon get to have boobs, have wanted them since 15! seems unreal! I wonder how they are gonna look like and how many ccs I'll end up with. I printed 30 pics of boobs I liked, boobs I did not like, and what was too big or small. Bet CVS ppl will think I'm psycho lol

After Pic

My surgery was May 20. I ended giving PS like 10 different wish pics that I liked, that if I ended like any I would of been happy. Told her I wanted 500 ccs that I wanted a full C maybe spill into a D but def not a DD. Im glad i didnt do 600, it would of been too much. PS said okay I'l see inside whats best for you.

I remember waking up at different times through surgery, it was 6 hrs since I had a TT too. I remember talking to them and watching the time. Did not weird me out at all.

PS gave me 520 ccs in the end. They look big high and swollen, but very round and full which was what I wanted. Saw myself the day after surgery. Medical bra barely closed, has a band to make them drop but it wont close at all. I got my drains pulled out yesterday right drain did hurt a lil. They felt very tight at first. I have not had much pain from them at all. They have been good girls so far. I need to take more pics. PS said to not massage them.

My boobs PO 5

Well here I am sitting at level discomfort .5 my ladies have been too good to me. Except for this stupid medical bra that is too tight. How are they meant to drop? Not that I complain about high and round. It is my left that kind of hurts every now and then. I asked PS if I should massage them and she said no. I asked about ice packs-not because i am in pain n need it but because ive read it here and she says it does more harm than help :/ oh well. Gotta wait it up I guess. Been showering since day PO 2.

My right lady

My right lady is bruised. It is normal right? Other than that all normal.


PS did a great job with my boobs. They are definitely not tuberous anymore and they are perfectly round. My nipples did not end up looking side ways. Just gotta wait for them to drop n fluff :)

My Ladies!

Man that medical bra, omg, strangles my arm pits! I asked if it can go off, they said yes, rest at night! awesome!!! I can't wait to get to enjoy them! but my TT will make it all slower, I can wait if I waited 12 years for them :) They are good!!! almost painless! Random pain here and there is normal right? It just surprise me because I have not really had any pain at all, if anything it hurts sometimes a little bit where the drains were removed

YAY 14 Day PO!

Well I had a nightmare last night having to do with my left boob. First i remember seeing it deflated and hanging and moving all around, then finally at some point, I have the silicone implant in my hand -____- well my subconscious is not very polite, I had a TT nightmare too about a week ago, Anyways, I am really looking forward to get rid of all the dry blood around my nipples, it looks more scary than it should but all is well. PS said to rub oil in nipple so sutures start to get lose. I used neiosporin, pretty oily to me. Get shooting pains every now and then. I dont think my nipples are completely gone for sometimes I get goosebumps and definitely feel them there!

That medical bra is not as annoying anymore but definitely strangles me, oh well! I think my ladies are still about as high and round, the bra band is meant to push them down, I dont mind their fullness and how round they are on top!

Glad with my ladies

My breat implant surgery was a piece of cake, have not had any complications at all, they never hurt a single bit. They never looked deformed of like Franken boobie, never had to wait for them to drop. I guess it had to do with them being over the muscle but I love the roundness and fullness. I like the size and the position where they are. They are healing nicely and I am so happy I did it. Wanted them for so long! Wish I had not waited this long. I ended a D size! Just perfect, it was what I wanted!

Got to stop using the Medical bra at 5 week OP, wow nice!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Chose her through RealSelf and Make Me Heal reviews. She does great job on Tummy tucks.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I'm having my surgery on sept 30!! Ahh! Lol! I'm going with dr. Luque in mexicali. I enjoyed reading your review. Do you have any more after pics? I'd like to see what your PO pic looks like months after your surgery. My breasts look almost identical to yours. Except, I'm a small B cup now and am going for 410 high profile silicone gel implants. I also weigh around the same as you. I'm 5'5 and have been stuck at 170 for a couple months! VERY FRUSTRATING!!
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I will be taking some new pics and updating. My boobs did not change more I think. To me they have always pretty much looked the same since surgery. I totally love them, the roundness and fullness. Ill be taking new pics and putting them up. Goodluck with your surgery, wish you all the best :)
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Did u ever consider dr. Luque? Why didn't u go with him ( if u did consider him at one point)
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No i never did to be honest. I looked for doctors in tijuana.
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             looking good! how many cc you have?
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thank you! I had 520
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Hi Anna, your results look amazing! I just had my op and doc said I also had tubular breast as I had a deformed ribcage!!! Did you massage at any point? I also went over the muscle:)
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Thank you, no I did not, my PS specifically said to not massage them. Just up until now she asked me to massage the scar, but just to make it go down, although it is very thin and not thick at all. What did ur PS say about massaging?
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Mine said to press down with four fingers on the top of breast, side of breast by armpit and at bottom in shower every night. It's weird how some PS say to massage and some don't!
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Oh I know it's confusing!
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Omg you boobs look awesome and are a wonderful size what profile did you go with? I have the same "deformity" and I am getting the exact same 500cc Memory Gel Over the muscle on Monday so I am 5 days away from surgery! I thought I was going to small but yours look a great size! How is the recovery going I hear over the muscle is pretty easy for us!
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Thank you! I think its high to be honest i never discussed profiles with my PS depends how wide your chest is and your pre op size. Im seeing her today and ill ask her. She ended doing 520 and i like the size i dont think any bigger would fit. Recovery wise they been very good. Cant complain at all.
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I do realize how ever they are very swollen!
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How close did they come out to looking like your want picture?
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I actually gave the dr a differerent wish pic. Ill post both pics later
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Hi Anna, I was excited to find your post. I have the same type of breast shape. I never knew it had a name, I just knew it wasn't normal looking.When I started looking into a BA thats when I found out the shape had a name. I have always dreamed of having them normal looking and have finally decided to have a BA. I am so nervous though because as you said the surgery is more difficult because of our shape. I found a Dr in my area that has information on his website about tuberous breasts so I am going to have my first consult with him. I am a 34A now and only want to go to a full B because I just want them to look normal, I don't care if they are big. I do like your wish picture though and I am sure that is bigger than a B. Is your surgery the 8th?
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Hi! You know I actually never thought anything of my boobs other than they were horribly small. I never understood why everybody in my family had large breasts but me. Well no wonder! I went with 3 PS, and it was only Dr. Cardenas that pointed it out. Both other PS are supposedly good surgeons. I had no idea of tuberous breasts up until 2 months ago more or less. The base of my breasts is definitely very narrow, my boobs are undeveloped. I do want them bigger. I've been wanting them since I'm 15 and realized they were not gonna get any bigger. My wish pic I think is like a C or big C. Im gonna go with 500 cc. I pray to God one surgery is enough and that they get fixed. I wanted under the muscle and have read with turberous breasts it can be partially done or over the muscle, I would of preferred under but from what my Doctor says to get the full shape and form they have to go over, I will get into detail with her further. My surgery was gonna be the 8th but I changed it to the 20th of May. Good luck in your consultation, will look forward to your updates.
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I wish I would've done my reaserch on breast like ur doing! Surgery is almost here yaay!
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But you know what? Its too much info and kind of confusing. It worries me and I have tons of questions. I just want bigger round boobs being as I've lived my life with nothing. Not too big or too small. High enough, round enough. LOL sigh I think I ask for too much. The top of the cherry is this tuberous breast thing and from what I read they are more complicated and take longer to round up and to show results and may need a revision. Tho the TT is my priority and I know Cardenas is good with TT, I love your scar!
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Oh she's so good with tummy tuck my scar is so low I can hide it so easy with just chonnies! Does worry you getting them over the muscle?
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Your gonna love ur results and if ur getting fat transfer make sure u ask for alot I feel like 50% of my projection went down!
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It does because they may sag in time and they will be low I think. But I neef them over to give me a full rounded breast figure, being as my breasts arent like that and its how they should be,
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I wont get fat transfer, my booty is already too big and sticks out plenty.
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Ohh lucky!
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Anna57529 Hope all is well :) Sizes have been messing with my mind lately lol and all I can think of is going bigger. I am now between 500-550ccs based on the look I'm going for. I tried the rice test but it only helps with weight not really with how it'll look. So I am going to try on the sizers again at my preop appointment. Hope you're having a great sunday :)
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