A new me after losing 110 pounds

Im a single mother of 3, I have a beautiful face,...

Im a single mother of 3, I have a beautiful face, but I was overweight, (used to be 298lb). I hate my body, every part of it. My boobs are saggy cause of my weight lost. I have a lot of back fat too. I trained so hard and feel really bad about myself. I have no butt at all... I came from a very destructive relationship. My ex husband used to call me pig, amd make fun of me for being overweight. I cant even have the confidence to have a new relationship. So I contact Dr. Carmina, I want a BBL and a TT. For now... Its been 3 days of waiting for my quote.... Very excited!!


So I have been taking all this for like 3 weeks now, I have always been anemic =/ Im getting a little crazy over this. I just want to save and save. My taxes are coming soon lol Im waiting for my W2 form.. I hope I can save beacuse Im a shopaholic... I know!! So is really hard, and being single with my kids is harder. Im dominican by the way, and I have been searching for Dr. Duran... I have seen her post ob pic and wow!! Shes really good! I have been trying to reach her but no reply from her yet.

Excited!! Dr. Carmina Cardenas call me!! Yesssssssssssssssss

Dr. Carmina call me today I was really excited that she call me that fast and wow she seems like and amazing person. She talk to me for a very long time. Im saving a lot,, than she mail me a quote of 6,400.00 for a Lower Body Tummy tuck, muscle repair and BBL. And that my results would be better if I loose around 10 to 15 pounds. And that I needed a second round to have the body I want. Im doing exercise mmm harder now. 2 times a day zumba. Im going to live my dreams doll!! Im very scared too... I dream about it every day. And their is my real pic and my wish pic lol. I think the recovery house is a little expensive for me... 130.00 per night... I would stay for like 4 days the most, Im not rich lol..

In Chicago renewing my green card!!

Hi dolls! Well Im very nervous my resident card has being expired for 6 years... I know stupid me.. And I have my biometrics tomorrow, so here Iam in Chicago.. Im sooooo nervous and scared... I really hope I can get a sticker so I can travel, but my mom think that since it has being exp. for so long they are not gonna do it. I contact Dra. Yily and she quote me, 4,500.00 for Back Lipo, BBL TT. Im doing my taxes tomorrow too! YES!!!! So lets see what happens tomorrow I dont want to wait 6 month for my original card to be send.

Dra. Yily yes all the way!!!

Omg dolls Im so anxious!!! I got my resident card sticker so I can travel for 9 month till my real resident comes in the mail!! So I did my taxes and I got a real good refund. Yeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii this couldn't be any better... I have my appt with my doctor tomorrow so i can get my blood test done. Im very afraid that anything goes wrong and i cant get my surgery this will be the last thing im waiting for so I can start buying stuff like crazy. I have been taking my medicine, vitamins and all. Im very nervous! I can't believe Im so close to the body I always drea of.... My BMI is 25 yeiiiii, I want to book my fly for March 19 and my surgery for the 20.

Before losing weight

I was a big girl huh.. Icant beleive my surgery is just a month away... I need to send my deposit to Yily and set my date, I want to go in March, my mom has breast cancer and shes going to have surgery and have her breast removed. On Feb 14. So Im staying for a little bit till she gets a little better.


OMG dolls! I paid my deposit!! Im so exited!! I cant believe this is happening in a month. I went to get my blood test today and my doctor said I have too pay out of pocket for my test cause its a cosmetic thing... really doc!! I was so mad.. so I just order a CBC and the EKG... I hope everything comes out ok. I have been taking vitamins and iron folic acid and stuff like that... but didnt know that if you take iron with milk or calcium your body cant absorb it...
Im soooo happy Im buying my ticket tomorrow... Im dreaming of this every day!!





32 days!! Im going crazy!!

I thought I had more days to wait.. I was counting my days wrong lol. So my hemoglobin is 11.7, Wich is good since my Hemo level has always being 9.6 so that means my vitamins has being working. I have lots of questions and worries now... Im scared ladies!! Yily hasnt get back to me about my deposit, that worries me a lot... And another thing that worries me is gaining weight.. I have gain 4 pounds!! Noooooooooooooo I eat a lot if I get anxious... I have my boppy pillow ready too lol

Saying goodbye to this ugly body

Hi beautiful!

Im so happy, I can't even sleep lol. And when I do sleep I dream of my surgery... I just got my taxes! Thank you Lord you know I have being good this year and working hard and I deserve it lol. I took this picture today... just right now, my strech marks are not so dark.. this camera of mine lol. 27 more days dolls!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy lol

Scared of bacteria....

OMG dolls Im so want this surgery but Im so afraid about bacterias,, people talking about Yily using the same bloody doctor clothes to surgery and stuff like that. I was watching the news and they are saying that 3 women in New York died because of an bacteria infection they got at Santo Domingo surgical clinics. I was trying to see if CIPLA was one but they didnt said any names. Supposly the bacteria rotten the women butts. My mom is freaking out, she just had her breast removed surgery 2 days ago and shes asking me not to go... Im still going but if I see something weird or dirty I'll leave.

I can;t sleep dolls!!

19 more days to go yes mam =) Im already I hope my period doesn't bring my hemo low... So I get all my stuff done. Im very nervous... omg can;t sleep at all... I took some pictures going to try to upload them I think they are perfect to see my before and after surgery... I nned to get my passport, thats about it... I need to drink lots of Orange juiceeee lol so hasta la vista ladies!

I triangle

Just 19 more days to change my whole life

Another sitting down pic

Eating so much!! All this anxious just want to get it over with..

15 more days!!

I can't believe how fast time is flying! I can't sleep.. I need to have lots of rest.. My flight is at 7pm on the 19 and I'm arriving at my Dominican Republic at 3:00am on the same day of my surgery... Have almost everything ready...

Cant stop eating... ;(

All this f*cking snow is making me depressed...Today I ate and ate and ate... around 10 pounds of food... omg instead of losing Im gaining weight... I have 14 days left.. I need to stop this I cant sleep and Im very anxious all the time...

I promise from now on to keep a healthy diet... I know is hard but is going to be worth it.
I want my perfect body... I work hard for it..

Back fat!! Lots of stretch marks...

This is me in the couch eewwww!! Im so nervous, I want to now my hemoglobin level.

Almost time for my surgery!!!

Wow time passed so fast! On my way to Chicago and tomorrow my flight from Chicago to New York from New York to my beautiful dominican republic than at 7:00am to Yily

More pre op pic

My back is my worst problem...

On the airplane!!

Im on my way to New York dolly!! So nervous... See you soon


With my boppy pillow lol

Stock at jfk airport uugggg

Dolls i guest I miss my apt. My flight is at 5:15am now. I have to wait because my flight was late..

At cipla waiting!!

Im at cipla this is a little crazy.. Everything takes a long time, so be prepare to wait wait and wait... Pre op pic Came yesterday to have my test done... 7 girls for Yily today, o hope she get a good amount of time for my sx. I have being here since 7:00am

Almost time!!

So Im in a room now just waiting for the nurse to Take me to sx. Havent seen Yily yet.. Its so cold here, and no pillow ir blankets so bring them with you

Photos of the room

Finally post op

Yily has a strong character but everything is for your own good. I was a little upset cause of my arms and chin, but then she said no, my hemo was 12.9 she would not have all those procedure done at once. And I really think that was the best thing now... After sx my hemo was very low, I lost a lot of blood, was very paled and my pulse was very slow also my cholesterol. But I'm better now thank god!!

Dolls Im so freaking happy with my body!

Im updating, everything is great just had my drain out today... I´ll be posting my pics tomorrow!

Post op pictures

Ok dolls here aré my post op pictures


Dr. Carmina

Yily De Los Santos

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Any updates? Are you ok?
  • Reply
you look absolutely FABULOUS
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You look amazing! Thanks for sharing, happy healing doll!
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Wow!!! Hey beautiful you! What an amazing transformation! I gave u a shout out on my blog! Happy healing!
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Amazing! God Bless.
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You look fabulous! You are BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats to you!!! You've been thru it in life sis, and you deserved this! Best Wishes! Peace and Blessings!
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i know this is properbly gonna sound weird for you hunny but I read ure post once and I lots it and searched and searche for it cos the last post I read was when u were stuck in jfk my heart went out to you soo much cos I been thru an abusive relationship too in the past and I remember wanting to do soo great after my break up to make sure he sees what he lost wich started with my physical soo ure story touched me a lot .. soo happy that everything went well and I cant wait to see what yilly did on you . byt the way you are such a gorgeous woman thaty pretty face plus ure gorgeous body u gonna be the show stopper happy healing love soo ecxited for you
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Would luv to see your new look!!
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OMG you are so BEAUTIFUL!!! i am so happy for you darling! you look incredible and you will be even more incredible with the bbl. just give it time to settle and enjoy your curvy body :)
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You are very pretty!! Hope you have a speedy recovery =)
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Wish u the best(^_^)!results. Happy n speedy recovery!
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Just stopping by to ck on ya! Happy and speedy recovery!
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Congratulations happy healing!
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Congratulations! I'll be praying for you during your recovery and I hope you get the results you want:)
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congratulations!!!!! So happy you made it to the flat side! Keep us posted as to how you're doing and your new look! God Bless you!
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Sissy u did it! CONGRATULATIONS!!! UM SO HAPPY for you! Omg she carved the heck out of all that skin! Yes u got ur desired look so ...FABULOUS AND FINE
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And FOXY!!! U really deserve it all that determined preparation u did! Keep posting once u feel better cause u are PERFECT inspiration for other ladies!
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I didn't get my arms done either, I went in with 13.7 hemo but lost a lot of blood and had 2 units of blood transfused :-/ but def for the best, I couldn't imagine dealing with arm lipo on top of everything else right now
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I hope u get ur desired results. U are already a pretty lady. If u lost a lot of blood, did u get a blood transfusion?
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Happy healing I hope u get the results u want...can't wait to see pics
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you are so pretty! hope u get the results you wants bless you! x
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Good luck sweetie. .
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Good luck
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Thanks!! So exicted
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Hey how did it go? were you able to have sx or do you have to wait until tomorrow? Well Good luck chica!
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