6 weeks post-op- Tijuana, MX

Hello all, am 5.5ft tall and weigh 145 pounds. my...

Hello all, am 5.5ft tall and weigh 145 pounds. my main reason for choosing BBL is to even out my butt and hopefully lose the stubborn belly fat for good.

I have always been active since my teen years and...

I have always been active since my teen years and when i stopped training the weight went up, though it was not so noticeable at first. guess it does have something to do with age as well.
So i have recently lost 10pounds coz i also dont want to have too many areas lipoed to look how i want. but clearly the belly stays!! am not looking to have a bigger butt just to make the shape nicer. my measurements are now 34-28-41. hopefully i will get to have a smaller waistline since thats where the problem lies. the fat graft to the butt will be a bonus.
i have been looking forward to this procedure for almost a year now, and finally the time has come.
I will be sharing with you my journey and my post surgery pictures as well. That is what i owe this forum since this is where i got to find out about BBL.
I want to thank all the ladies who come and share their experiences on here, it helped me make this good decision.

So ladies i leave for Tijuana in two days, this...

So ladies i leave for Tijuana in two days, this week has been very hectic. i have all my things packed, which is pretty much the same as what everybody else is carrying along. Am travelling early because my flight time will be around 23hrs from Germany. At least i will be able to rest before my surgery on the 16th. I hope the big time difference doesnt mess that up.
i need some advice on one thing though, to lipo my inner thighs, or not. any info will be appreciated.

Thankfully all went well with my surgery on...

Thankfully all went well with my surgery on wednesday. i was under the whole time, my hubby told me it took 8hrs or so. i was also having a rhinoplasty.
The staff are all very nice and courteous and i felt totally comfortable there.
Today i had my first massage and it was as you can imagine very painful especially to the arms and abdomen. the pain has subsided abit, i think that must be because of the massage.
The first two days i had to lay on my back coz of the nose job, had to keep my head elevated. i hope that wont flattten my butt.
Am very stiff as is expected though am trying to walk around.
in this moment am very swollen and am draining alot. am also bluised from the laser lipo and it hurts like hell.
i will keep you ladies informed as the days go by. for now i need to rest.

Hi ladies, so its now been 10 days since i had my...

Hi ladies, so its now been 10 days since i had my surgery. I am recovering well. I have so far had 3 massages which i believe have helped me with the recovery. I had my drain removed on the 7th day and i think that will be a permanent scar from how i see it healing. My stitches were also removed on the same day after my massage. i suspect i will also scar on some of the incisions.(
I am still very swollen as is expected, and everyday i look different. My stomach feels very hard on the areas that were lipoed so does my back. Sometimes i look pregnant!! I cant even differentiate between the areas that got lipo and those that didnt! My butt is also still sore and hard to the touch.
The arms are the worst, they are big, hard and very sore!! what makes it worse is i need my arms to support myself whenever am getting out of bed, and i also lay on them when i sleep.
I have new bruises on my lower belly that were not there before and it also hurts down there, just above the vjj.
My fifth day was the worst, i had run out of pain meds and i cried!! The pharmacies were all closed here being a sunday!! On this day i totally regretted putting my body through all this.
Anyhow, am slowly getting relief from the pain and i pray that this is soon over.
I just hope that at the end of all this, it is well worth it coz am not intending to do a round 2!

I forgot to mention something ladies, due to the...

I forgot to mention something ladies, due to the large amount of fat that was lipoed from my entire mid-section, more than 4000ccs, i was freezing at the beginning and that really scared me. i thought i was falling sick. i guess thats what happens when you remove lots of protective adipose tissue in some places.. but the body has its own way of compensating itself for that.

Hello beautiful ladies, so am now at 6 weeks post...

Hello beautiful ladies, so am now at 6 weeks post op. am happy with my results, so far so good!! i am still swollen and hard in the lipoed areas and it hurts too..didnt know that it would last this long.. my butt has gotten softer and actually jiggles somehow (when i pay attention). my arms are much softer and smaller now too thanks to the massages..
I resumed gym yesterday, just walking on the treadmill on incline and also doing arm workouts. i intend to do step aerobics and Tae-bo at around 8 weeks post-op to firm my body up. i have noticed that my butt now has cellulite, but i only see it under certain lighting. some squats should be able to help with that i hope..
I havent had much absorption on the butt, i have gone down by an inch and a half since the surgery. it was very gradual and it stopped going down at the third week. I tend to think that it was just the swelling that went down coz now i see more projection on my butt...
About clothes!! where do i begin? Nothing fits(am not complaining), what fits on the butt, is way too big for the waist!! but i do love the way that Dr.Campos sculpted me, i got way more than i was expecting.. i cant emphasize enough how happy i am that i went to him for this procedure..
I know i had said that i may not want to go for a round 2, but i am so loving the outcome that i am getting greedy for more!!! but at the same time am hoping i dont get addicted to surgery.
so here are some pics of me as of today. i will update my profile in a couple of weeks.
I will be travelling next week for about 6weeks so i will do my best to respond to any questions, even if its not timely. Thanks for all your positive comments, they are very much appreciated.
Good luck with those of you going having surgery.



I just wanted to add that my current measurements...

I just wanted to add that my current measurements are 34-26-43.5. i hope i havent repeated myself coz i tried posting about an hour ago lol!
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You lol awesome
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Love your results! Very natural looking Please update us, would love to hear how it's going. Best Wishes.
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Hi you look great, how much did you end up spending on your total procedure?
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Hey congrats! Do you have a review of your rhinoplasty as well? 8Hrs is a long time! Great results !
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You look great! :)
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Our bodies look alike!! Campos dolls!
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Wow, your results are amazing!
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Hello I love your photos you look amazing I really want to get rhinoplasty did you like your results? I would like to know before I make the leap
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I love your body!!! I'm 1 month 5 days post op and I am "hoping" and "praying" my butt doesnt get smaller...I wish I would have gained more weight. Im already thinking of round 2.........
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hey girl u look amaaazziiinng, how much was it if i may ask
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i love your results thinking about choosing this doctor now...i may have overlooked it...but how many CCs...and the cost if you dont my me asking..:)
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This doctors results are the most natural and realistic to me.
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Can you please share how your nose turned out im looking for a rhinoplastic surgeon in tj
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I'm thinking about having a rhinoplasty with my bbl w/ Campos also.. Can you please post before/after pics?
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Me too dallas
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Wat do u think?
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Hi lisa, so happy to have read ur review, i too want a bbl n rhino may u plz send me ur email.. Thx
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Ur figure looks great
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Also- How much did you spend total with procedure and place to stay airplane all that good ol stuff I'd love to know, I am real serious about gettin my booty done too! Thanks sista!
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You look great! Wow! I have to ask-- you say that your measurements before surgery were- 34,28,41 and then they changed after to- 34,26,43.5 Is that all the change there was? How do you feel working out? Have you stayed the same proportions? What would you do differently if you had to do it over?
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Girl your body is banging!!! In scheduled for a BBL with Campos in may, I hope you are healing great hope to see more post op pictures from you soon
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Hey doll, I was just checking in on you! how are you adjusting to your new body. I have to email you....i am scheduled for r2 with Campos :-)
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