Campos Round 2?!- Tijuana, Mexico

Im 5'5,currently 140lbs,have a generous 34DD...

Im 5'5,currently 140lbs,have a generous 34DD chest with a butt that is there just barely from the side view but..from the back view its not as round as i would like at all. My hips are quite boyish and ive dreamt of that more curvy figure since my late early teens!
Ive schedule for a BBL with Dr Campos because he is highly recommended for his "hour glass" work.
Ive got a few months to go until the day and alot of planning as i am from London UK..over 10 hours flight!!! how??? arghh!
I would appreciate any advice and id gladly share mine ;)

I will upload before photo soon.

Ok, so Ive rescheduled my date for Feb 10th....

Ok, so Ive rescheduled my date for Feb 10th..I'll be paying my deposit later today so i guess the deal will be sealed :)
Im still undecided if Im going to go it alone or drag a friend :/ (i would be paying the flight and hotel stay for them too)
Its the the whole Mexico thing alone! Because to be honest Im not to keen on a recovery house and would prefer a hotel.
Anyway still alot to plan :)

17 DAYS TO GO!!! im so excited..its come so fast...

17 DAYS TO GO!!! im so excited..its come so fast but now the days are moving slow lol
I've been doing my best to prepare but really need to ensure I've got all my stuff together.
I have managed to gain weight, nearly a stone, making me now 10st 4. hoping this gives me enough to work with , hoping i can get possibly 900-1000cc plus 200cc to my hips!
Looking through others photos are helpful but still leave me really unable to understand this whole CC thing! i know results also depends on what your initially working with its just ive seen quite slim ladies able to remove 1000cc's and some larger ladies removing less! Oh i don't know!! have to wait and see *covers face*
I do plan on losing this extra stone thou because it really does not suit me! my face , it seems to have gone only to my face and neck lolol.
Hoping losing the weight after will not affect my results too much
So thats the latest with me at the moment, ill update again soon.:)

ARE YOU FRICKIN'SERIOUS! ok so i was about to...

ARE YOU FRICKIN'SERIOUS! ok so i was about to upload pics and thought maybe i should take a few more today since i have gained around a stone since taking the first lot.
SHOCKED to see the new fat that is smugly on my back and the stomach that now looks like im pregnant lolol
i could see the weight gain in my face but how often to we get to view our on backs?? lol..
pictures reveal all!
Thankfully i get this sorted in the next couple weeks :)
i really hope all this excess weight ensures i get more cc's to the butt :)

Hiya Ladies Counting down the days and thought i...

Hiya Ladies
Counting down the days and thought i should start packing to ensure im well prepared.
Anyone have any advice on things to pack?
Thank u in advance x

Hey ladies.. only 2 days left till i head over to...

Hey ladies..
only 2 days left till i head over to Mexico.
getting the final things in double check! as well as mentally!!
im just trying to figure out the best way to go from San diego airport to tijuana...ANYONE know? T.I.A

Hi guys.. excuse me for taking so long to update...

Hi guys.. excuse me for taking so long to update ive just been so busy with everything.
Right, where do i start.... so Im around 11 weeks post op to be honest it feels longer than that in most aspects, apart from the still somewhat tight feeling in my abdominals and lower back when i move sometimes i feel recovered.
I have lost volume in my butt and hips :( to start with i dont think he injected that much BUT thats was on me...i told the doc i was more concerned with him just creating a curvy shape with my body and i didnt want my butt too big!...HOWEVER now im wishing i would have asked for more! lol
Overall my body shape is much better than before the surgery :D and i do not regret or think its a waste in anyway.
I am already planning round 2 with the same doctor. This time i will take along pictures and be even more specific.
Im really not sure where he will get the fat from this time and that is somewhat a concern! he took all the fat from my stomach and lower back. I guess my upper back, arms and inner thighs could be the donor sites.
Its a bit of a downer because i wanted to be working out and getting more in shape but ill have to put the gym sessions on hold because i want to keep any fat i currently have for my surgery.
I do get alot of nice comments on my body now :) My boyfriend thinks i look amazing but supports me in wanting to repeat the procedure.
I have pix which ill put up but unfortunately i didnt take much of the butt itself i was more impressed with the abs and shape lol...ill also new pics today of how i am 11 weeks post op (butt included) ;)

Added a few pics..sorry about their clarity, they...

Added a few pics..sorry about their clarity, they were taken on my mobile.
Your shape tends to change so its hard to judge initially but im at the 3 month mark now and i expect my results to be more or less the same as they are at the moment. In some clothes i think my butt looks small and then in others big :/
i met up with some friends the other day and they ALL commented that my butt looks alot bigger ;) but i didnt share my secret lol
my stomach still tends to swell up from time to time but its smooth with no lumps now. I just really have to get my sit up on!
my current measurements are butt/hips 41 inch &waist 27.5 my stomach is swollen a lil at the previously was 26.5
As i said before i still intend to get a second procedure :)

Sorry ladies I still have no cc information...I...

Sorry ladies I still have no cc information...I have emailed the office numerous time but no response..I emailed them again last night with a sharper message! I hope they get back to me appropriately!
Nothing to really update in terms of change. I am currently still the same measurements as last time, thou in my opinion even more fat has gone from my hips and they have a somewhat straight shape to them :(
I'm also still trying to get a revision date but no replying that either yet.
I'm looking at possibly another doctor....NOT sure but I'm thinking about it...possibly salama?

Hiya ladies just a quick drop of info..I recently...

hiya ladies just a quick drop of info..I recently found out the Ccs I to we're 1120 per cheek
I didn't think it was that much to be honest but I'm to complaining :)
I'm still in the process of sorting things for my second round with campos I'll keep you updated x

Hey beauty's! I have finally got a response to...

Hey beauty's!

I have finally got a response to my emails to dr campos office.
I have been trying to book a date for REVISION/SECOND ROUND bbl.
I have two dates to choose from either 14th November or the 29th novemberb but ideally I would want the second week in December..however, if December is not avail I guess ima take November the 29th :)
Not having the date just made it difficult to plan much of anything so it feels good to actually be able to make sone kind of plans towards my bbl.
Dr Campos also told me that I will not be able to have any lipo to my stomach or waist because he already performed aggressive lipo there during my first procedure.
He estimated this:
Liposuction inner and outer thighs 1600
Liposuction upper back  600
Fat grafting into buttocks 600
Discount -800
Surgical Facility 900
Anesthesia 500
Post op meds 125
garment 120 (if yours is too big)
Total  3645

I'm really happy with the cost and I do believe he is an amazing surgeon,hense why I really wanted to repeat the procedure with him :). My first choice
So I have my planning to do. Flights hotel stay etc..I'm thinking to have a shorter stay than 2weeks this time. Between 1 week and 10 days .
Ill keep you updated x

Just wondering if anyone has stayed at grace...

Just wondering if anyone has stayed at grace recovery house in tj?
Im contemplating going alone this time so In that case I would choose a recovery house over a hotel
Any one ave experience with the recovery houses in tj?

So I'm booked for the 29th of next month and I'm...

So I'm booked for the 29th of next month and I'm excited of course :)
I've decided to stay at a recovery house for 5 days and then stay in a hotel in San Diego for another 5 days before heading back to London.
I really don't know where campos is going to fat from to be honest. He said he can't take from any of my previous places such as stomach,waist and lower back so he suggested my inner thighs, upper back and maybe arms. I do not have a lot of fat In those places but I'm hoping for the best.
My current weight is 145lbs, I'm 5ft 5.
My waist is 27 inches and my hips 41 inches.
Like I said before I only want to place more fat on my hips/ sides of butt to give a more rounded shape. I do not want more projection.

At the stage where I'm getting anxious about the...

At the stage where I'm getting anxious about the surgery.
Because I do not have much fat on my body I'm a little concerned if I'm making the right decision to go ahead with it. Since I have had agressive lipo to my stomach and waist 8 months ago with dr campos, those areas cannot be lipo'd again.
Arghhhh I don't know :/
Also, although my measurements have stayed the same over the last few months, my butt looks smaller to me! I read online some meaurements of other women who have similar measurements to me and their butts are Hughe! For example Kim k is said to have 40 inch hips/ butt..I'm 41 inch but I wouldn't say mine Is as big as hers.
I also have quite slim legs so a MASSIVE butt on me would NOT look appealing.
My stomach is also not as flat as it was before but then I haven't been exercising etc.
All that being said I get a lot of attention! Comments and compliments...there's times im glad it's not bigger because already people seem to stare lol, I get really shy and awkward hahaha!!
HIPS have definitely lost some roundness, there are some clothes that really highlight that fact to me!
They do have a slight square shape which is what I hope to correct this second time around! HIPS HIPS HIPS!!!!
I would say if hips are also on your list be sure to get that extra fat placed in there to compensate for some volume loss later.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr Campos is a great doctor. He was very reassuring and informative. 6 months postop and I am so pleased I chose him as my surgeon I would recommend him to anyone who is thinking of having a bbl procedure, he should be your first choice ;)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Do you have any current pictures?
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Is your price including hotel and flight?
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Anyone having surgery around June 3? I am scheduled to have a tummy tuck with Dr. Cardinas in Tijuana. I am staying at Beauty house. If I bring a buddy with me or we buddy together at the same time we get a $20 per day discount. So just checking to see if there are any takers. Ronnie will pick me up on the United States side of the border maybe at a hotel parking lot or something and take me to Beauty house on Sunday. Just checking to see if there might be anyone going my way by chance.
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How did your round 2 go? Any pics? :)
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Would love to see recent pics. I'm having bbl surgery with Campos on Monday.
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How did ur surgery go?
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Did u pay extra for fat grafting to hips the first time.
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Beautiful results! Do you have recent photos?
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So i was told i dont nd to gain weight, to get 1000cc into butt n hips. Is this true im 5'1 130lbs, this is what angie said ?
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How did round 2 go?
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Heya, Your pics look great! How did round 2 with Campos go? I hope you are really happy with the results.I'm from London and am going crazy looking for the right surgeon but not sure if I want to travel so far. Did you have to pay again?Please update when you can
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do you have anymore current pictures? your original body and mine are soo similar now I am 145 like you and 5-2"! im also doing campos! I decided last minute! I am scared of the plunge and recovery but I have to do this for myself! cant stand feeling "deformed" any longer and wearng clothes to hide my flabby stomach! he wants to give me an ETT! extended tummytuck! im sooo scared! how will you travel there? I think theres no direct flight fromlondon to tijuana so I may stop in mexico city stay a few days and then travel again or stop in san diego and travel again. I hate traveling! and I get a bit nauseas on plane. I want to make it as easy for myself as possible :) I was thinking to spend 14 nights in beauty care and another week in a nice hotel in tijuana then go again sandiego /california and spend a few days and then come home; I dont know how the hell ill arrange all that. i think Im going to need a travel agent for sure...
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CurvyD - You'll be fine - I don't know how beauty care does it, but Club Med picked me up in SanDiego - and brought me to the recovery home. So, all I had to do was book a flight - send them my flight info - and schedule my surgery - and they've taken care of everything else. There's a girl here now from Russia - She's staying 3 weeks (I guess they get many girls from Russia here and they all stay about 3 weeks) Like I said, I'm not familiar with Beauty Care, but where I'm staying they cool all your meals - wash your clothes - have internet, etc, so I think by the time you get a hotel and spend extra money on food and stuff - you might as well stay at the recovery home where you have someone to take care of you and look after you. I can post today's pics - But there's not much difference - Still very bruised and swollen - They look just like the ones I already posted. I hope this helps - You'll be fine - I've had several surgeries - It's hard to go through recovery, but after you'll feel so much better about yourself it's soooooo worth it :)
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ooh wow thanks so much for sharing Id love to see your pics Im gonna check u out hehe :) how much does it hurt? Ive had two babies wihtout pain relief but to be honest I cant handle pain I was screaming at the end when giving birth to my last child who was 9lbs! LOL
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Your date is ALMOST HERE!!
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Hi London, Your Results are out of this world!! You look Great i ve been following this sight for a lil min and im finally ready to go through with it your results are my motivation.. Girl i need to use your pic as my wish pic #1 lol. If thats ok. :) I also wanted to kno it i can have the contact info for Dr. Campos Thanx Luv..
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Have you decided to go back Nov 29th? That's my surgery date with Campos - First round. Would be nice to know what to ask for in advance if you have any advice. I'm excited about a smaller waist and curves, but I also want a butt.
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You look amazing now. I cant wait to see your r2 results!
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Thank you Mari:) I send my emails via
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hey girly you look spectacular I cant wait to look like you! can you provide me with the email adress for dr.campos? please and thanks in advance.
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Hey can you please post some current pictures. Thanks
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I will do once I can get on another computer..I'm still using my iPad at the moment
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Great! Can't wait to see.
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How much was the BBL with Dr. Campos?
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@london what's up Chica?? U look gorgeous and natural!!! Congrats on ur journey... And be blessed on ur trip back. My concern is being satisfied round 1 bcs I wld dread a round 2 but I know me 2. If it ain't right lol so I understand kp us updated sis :)
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