Pantoja June 24,2013!!!

I have been researching this procedure for about...

I have been researching this procedure for about three years now, I have finally made up my mind to go to santo domingo to get my surgery done by Dra Yily, I have seen so many great results from her. I am 5'4 and I currently weight 175 and I would like to lose 15lbs before surgery, I am also top heavy 38dd so I want a butt to match! I really admire how everyone on the site is supportive of each other and that's what made me join the site, I had second thoughts but after see how you lady's are so motivating and caring it really gave me that extra push, I will be traveling alone and this will be my first time flying so this site is definitely what I need right now.

Hey guys I total jumped ship, I am no longer going...

Hey guys I total jumped ship, I am no longer going to DR for my BBL I will be going to Dr. Pantoja and staying at club med from June 23-29, my deposits are made and I am soo excited!

I just purchased my plane ticket I will be leaving...

I just purchased my plane ticket I will be leaving Houston on Sunday June 23 and having surgery with Dr. Pantoja on the 24. I am so excited it doesn't feel real yet, It feels so far away. I am stay at clubmed and Marvin is the sweetest! I added my before pictures Dr. Pantoja suggested a tummy tuck but I don't have any kids and I want to wait to get one, hopefully my results will be good! Thank you ladies for all of your support!

I'm just counting down the days until surgery, all...

I'm just counting down the days until surgery, all my deposits are made and my flight is booked in going to start buying supplies next month, I can't wait for June to get here.

I have 39 days left and it still hasn't hit me...

I have 39 days left and it still hasn't hit me yet, I ordered most of my stuff from amazon and I still have a few more things to get, I know I've been hearing that a lot of ladies are dissatisfied with there results from Pantoja, so I hope I made the right decision.

27 days!

I have 27 days left!!! It's getting so close, I am very nervous from the bad reviews DR. Pantoja has been receiving, all I can do is pray and hope for the best!

2 weeks left!! Handheld massager

I order an amazing handheld massager and I think it's perfect for stomach and back massages!

Week til surgery!!!!

I don't even know where to begin, I have mixed emotions. I am trying to not let my nervous get the best of me but I can't wait until I am on the other side! I am stay at club med I know they have a phone to be able to call back home, does anyone know of a prepaid phone I could purchase to make calls? I have a I phone 5 so I think I can text and facetime on wifi but I have to be able to call my mom everyday.

Flight tommorow !!!!

Omg guys I can't believe my day is finally here, I'm so nervous I don't know what to do, could everyone pray for me, I will keep you guys updated!

Club med!!!!!!

I had surgery today, and I don't have any pain "yet", I'm staying overnight but I miss club med already! I love club med its so amazin and Marvin and Susanna are great, the house makes you feel like your on vacation, I will you date later when I'm rested.

Pantoja 1200cc each check!!!

I am out of surgery I'm not in much pain just stiff, I will update more later today!

Add a few photos!

Can you see a difference, I am still very swollen


My thoughts so far !

This has truly been an amazing journey I've meet so many wonderful and kind people, I just want to say thank you to all my RS sisters for being so supportive especially lesslie1966, cmcheeksallday,jvc, readyformyupgrade and all of the ladies that prayed for me during my surgery. I stayed at clubmed and everyone there is amazing, Marvin and Susanna are wonderful people and you feel at home there. I had surgery June 24 I arrived at dr. Pantojas office at 9:00am and I went into surgery two hours later, during surgery I was never completely out because I could feel him lipoing my back and when they turned me over, when I woke from surgery I was in my room and dr. P was there watching tv, he told me my butt was nice and I asked him how many ccs and he said "1200 each side " I was happy so I fell back asleep. I didn't have my pain just a lot of discomfort and swell, but it gets better day by day.

What do you say when people notice?

Soo 4 people close to me have noticed that my butt is bigger, I didn't tell my boyfriend or many people close to me, what do you say?

12 days pos

2 weeks po

5weeks po

1 month

2 1/2 months

2 1/2


10 months post

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I choose Dr. Pantoja because of some good reviews he is an amazing doctor, he is caring and down to earth !

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girl you look amazing! congratulations:)! xo
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Thank you!!
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I'm hoping for results like yours!!!!! You look amazing and that's the most cc I've ever seen Dr P give anyone at one time... Do you have an updates for us or pics ... thanks for a sharing your journey ....
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Damn girl you look bomb! He gave me 1300 holy shit now I'm scared lol
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Lmao! Don't be scarred! Lol it looks good I love my body I want to go back already
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Hey lady how r u? Just checking in on you and spreading some holiday cheer! I ndd to update myself. Still thinking of r2?
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Me too I'm still not done healing but my results are amazing! I thought about you the other day, I know your enjoying body!
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i kno i was think n bout u wondering ur results did u get nice hips? did bf ever find out? mines nvr did i nvr told any1 & im glad i didnt no1 knows they jus think i hav a bomb body my shape came out good i 4got my password on this so i couldnt get on i tryd find n u on fb but theres so many pplz w/ur 1st name lol
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Yes he gave me nice hips! My bf still doesn't know but he's in love with my body, I have some people notice the Change I just tell them I've been working out! Lol I was thinking of going back for a round 2, I want my butt a little bigger, remember how loose my skin was it's completely flat now!
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Girl......look at those cakes. Lol you look good.
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wow looks amazing girl!!!! I want one soooo bad ....thinking of going the same place!!! did you go alone?? how much total was the bbl & trip??
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I spent about $5000 or a little more than that and I went alone but I met some great girls at clubmed so it didn't feel like I came alone!
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Beautiful results. ... looking awesome!
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Thank you!!!
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You grew into your own nicely! So dr p's bootae's slowly develop over course of 90 days since he shoots fat transfer into the muscle? Appearantly so!
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Yea it slowly evolves, the only thing I'm not liking right now it looks like I still have fat rolls, my back is still numb and itchy it could be swelling, I hope it is.
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Yes me too and i just dont think he is as aggressive on lipo as he is great w TT! I dont have itching, usr the arnica gel eorks instantly for me! I' ll stick to tried tested and true w my buttocks w DR. ANDREW JIMERSEN!!!
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And he's great with BA'S.
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Dare you go mommy! U got it!
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Lol, it's getting there!
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Hey girly you are looking very good over there and ur swrlling has really come down ....keep up the great job!
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Swelling badd
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Thank you, the healing process wasn't that bad but this itching is driving me crazy !
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