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Can any body tell me what do I need before surgery??? ?

Hello ladies ive been on this site a few times...

hello ladies

ive been on this site a few times and decided to join.

theres so many stories that motivate me! you women are very strong and im going through the same wanting a bigger butt... right?? and some curves to!! :)

well i have been considering dr.campos in mexico having seen so many going to him and the results are fantastic! i already went for 2 consults with 2 different dr's one was dr.ghavami in beverly hills wich he was awesome i really love his results but the prices were a little to high after seeing what dr.campos charges. and i also went for a consult with dr.bandy in newport beach she was a little more expensive than dr.ghavami but for some reason she didnt convince me. so i said let me do a little more research and i bummped in to real self!! and started seeing all these results different dr.s and all you wonderful women sharing your stories!! so with that said i JUST SEND AN EMAIL to the office of dr.campos ! i tried calling and that didnt work out can somebody tell me whats the best way to reach them for an appointment??

Ok so i got a response from hannia and i have to...

ok so i got a response from hannia and i have to send some pictures in!! im soo excited i will also upload some pictures on here ladies....

Ok so im having difficulty taking some good...

ok so im having difficulty taking some good pictures...any suggestions????

I sent my pictures to dr. Campos and he replied...

I sent my pictures to dr. Campos and he replied the following day!! Which amazed me because I hear a lot of ladies say it took him a long time to reply with a quote . So here i am expecting to hear from him in a week. And i get a response the following day but Now I'm a little bummed out because he said I needed an extended tummy tuck? Really I don't think I need one I'm planning on loosing at least 15 lbs if not a lil more before I go in I no I can do it I've done it before... PLEASE ladies I need some feed back on this one!! I will post my pictures

I need help what do I need before surgery ?? ...

I need help what do I need before surgery ?? What's good to take along with u??
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

i heard of him on realself!! :)

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When are you scheduled for surgery BBL sister? From reading other post I bought the Surgery Recovery pills from VitaMedica.com which your supposed start 2 weeks pre-op... Check out the website as I'm wondering what else I need for my surgery with Dr. Campos on February 26th :)
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I don't have a set day yet I'm thinking June/July but I was wondering what I need so I can be prepared time flies!!! And before you know it ur in the OR room getting ready for SX... How exciting!!! I hope all goes well are u ready???
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Dr. Campos suggested the same thing to me but too others didn't I think its about money because its more.
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i wonder what makes him determine that? did you also go to other dr.s?? and did they suggest the same?
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If you are not sure you should consult with another plastic surgeon just to see what they you and if there response is different than that of DR. Campos. I dont think you need a tummy tuck though its hard to tell just based on pictures because maybe after lipo alone your skin will sag and then that would mean you a need a tummy tuck. I had a tummy tuck and I had extra skin from my two pregnancies. So I suggest you seek advice or also ask other plastic surgeons on here and add your pictures weight and height and they give there insight. Good luck hope this helped
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I went to 2 different plastic surgeons and they never suggested for a tummy tuck so that's y I was a lil bummed out because I don't really think I need one thanks for the advice ! :)
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Well by your pics you dont have hanging skin so idk why he suggested a tummy tuck..
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I don't think u need a tummy tuck.....
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I really don't I need one either? I'm a lil confused I'm thinking of getting my bbl done and then if its needed maybe go through with the TT? Right? Are you just getting a BBL as well?
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Operation butt private message me...
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Welcome to Real Self, Operationbigbutt!!! Lovely to have you join the sisterhood! Wishing you all the best in your sx endeavors :)
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