It's been a year since I became a Yily doll !

I'm young only 19 years old but I have had my fair...

I'm young only 19 years old but I have had my fair share of life experiences so far that make me wise beyond my years lol . I am 5'6 and I weigh 185 I am trying to lose 10-15 lbs before surgery . I am super excited to the point where I have become obsessed just like many of you. I don't even know where to start any tips or advice will be much appreciated . Only 84 more days , now to make this surgery money lol .

I have been thinking about it and I feel like this...

I have been thinking about it and I feel like this is a go hard or go home situation lol . I want a huge new butt like a video vixen , I already have a little something ijust need some more , iCant wait to see what happens . I have also been trying to figure out how to tell my boyfriend and father about the surgery I know my boyfriend will be supportive he may not like it but he'll be supportive . don't know about my father though I know for sure he's not going to be supportive and I can't just show up with a hugeeee butt & say hey dad look at what igot. i think I'll cross that bridge when iget to it . I'm happy to finally be doing something for me . I do a lot for other people but it's nice to sacrifice for myself . I just want to look amazing when I look in the mirror and smile instead of wanting to cry everytime I see my reflection . I have not had a flat stomach since I was like 8 lol , ibeen heavy set or thick as some people call it most of my life , it's hard for me to lose weight I get un motivated fast . Anyways back to work to save up for my new body !

I added wish pictures since today is the first day...

I added wish pictures since today is the first day in a while i have been on my labtop as the days get closer i will add before pictures. I have been working so hard lately im so tired this trip to mexico will not just be a change it will be the mini vacation i need. I am so tired !!!! I am so excited not the least bit nervous maybe later on i will be nervous. I havent bought anything but i will start anyways ladies i wish you all the best of luck inbox me if you need to vent or have any questions i will try to help :)

Okay so inever thought I would be a flip flipper...

Okay so inever thought I would be a flip flipper but low & behold I am lol . I am now going to Dr Yily De Los Santos in the Dominican Republic . I also changed my date to January 7th because I want to take my mom she needs a vacation . She is going through intensive chemotherapy & physical therapy right now . So I am looking for places to book to stay in DR I think I have found one though . I will be booking that soon my father works for the airlines so tickets are not a problem , then I will start buying stuff for my surgery . I have a little under 2 months left & I am beyond excited not scared at all yet . I am trying to lose 10 pounds and have signed up to he gym & got a personal trainer . Remember ladies no matter who your doctor is we are all in this together and you can inbox me at any time just to talk or if you have any questions or tips , love you all muah .

I just did my measurements . Pre-Op Bust 36...

I just did my measurements .
Bust 36 DD
Waist 32
Hips 46

Lost 5pounds , igot a couple more to go & 8 weeks...

Lost 5pounds , igot a couple more to go & 8 weeks to go . I am not excited at all lol but iprobably won't be till the day of . Just a short update for today .

So i just had to update to tell about my passport...

So i just had to update to tell about my passport experience . My motherr has been reminding me for months now that its time to renew my passport but since i am so hard headed i waited till the last minute. I went last week and when i got to the post office by my house i was told that they werent doing passports this day i walked 21 blocks to this post office by the way. So im on my way to the next post office and decide to check my bank account since its payday and my account says 0.00 so im like wtf . i go to the bank to find out my account has been frozen . Im like thats not possible ive never paid taxes im only 19 i just got my first job a few months ago come to find out its not my account they wanted to freeze its my fathers but instead they just did it to mine ( thank you irs ) . The next day i go to the other post office her and the lady tells me she will not do my passport because her shift ends at 11 all my stuff was filled out i just needed to pay but after cursing her out for 15 minutes another worker told me that there was another place i ould go. I walked to the place becasue she told me it was close ( it wasnt ). Anyways i got to the post office and the woman infront of me takes an hour because she has 4 kids she was doing passports for. I get up to the counter excited and the man tells me i need a witness because my passport is expired and i have a prmit which is consudered temporary id not permanent so i have to come back wtih a witness ( are you f-ing kidding me ) . This week i go back to the one by my house and after cursing out the first woman who told me she wasnt gonna have my passport done because it wasnt as important as the people who had to do packages . A man finally told me he would do it for me but then tells me i am missing a whole bunch of documents and i had to go get all my stuff photocpied myself . I told him give me my stuff back and started to cry . Me and my mom went to the thirsd post office i went to last week and all my stuff was done in 5 minutes . Anyways i will buy my plane ticket tmw just had to share that story .

Ihave bought my ticket && scheduled my surgery for...

ihave bought my ticket && scheduled my surgery for Frebruary 1st with Dra Yily de Los santos . I have bought all my stuff even though I'm nowhere near done packing . My sister is coming with me . I'm excited every week igo through an emotional roller coaster of being excited then being worried about my results not coming out correctly && also thinking about everything that can go wrong so I'm trying my hardest to stay positive . Ihave a doctors appointment this Thursday to find out about my CBC results && to see if ican get some pain medicine lol . Anyways ladies have a happy && blessed new year , iwish you all the best !

I'm getting excited , happy new year everyone ,...

I'm getting excited , happy new year everyone , may 2013 bring all you bbl dreams to life. I am booking my room this weekend . I work Sunday - Wednesday 24 hours a day so all the stuff I have to do has to be done Thursday - Saturday . There is not better feeling than to know that I am paying for this surgery by myself . Maybe cause iam so young lol this is very important to me to know iwanted something && worked till I got it . I have a month to lose some more weight , time to go hardcore on my diet .

I have booked my hotel && received my passport ,...

I have booked my hotel && received my passport , it feels so real now ! 26 days left . My mom has been such a big help and support system for me . She was telling me last night that at first she thought that iwas crazy && didn't know why I wanted to do it but after she saw how hard iwas working to reach my goal && how much iwanted this she said she couldn't help but he there for me . Now lets just pray Dra Yily can give me the big ol booty I want lol .

I am exactly 3 weeks away ladies and i am taking...

I am exactly 3 weeks away ladies and i am taking my vitamins . Just incase you ladies wanted to know what i am taking it is folic acid , ferrous sulfate ( iron ) , vitamin c and b complex . I will begin taking my arnica & bromelain next friday at the 2 week mark . I am super excited still not nervous. I had my first booty nightmare lol it involved a ski resort in vermont and waking up after surgery looking exactly the same not really sure how the two connect but it was quite a dream . All i can do is pray anyways ladies love you all , ill update again next week friday .

I was gonna start my countdown at 10 days but I'm...

I was gonna start my countdown at 10 days but I'm so excited I had to start it now , it's almost my time !

Started taking my arnica && bromelain today &&...

started taking my arnica && bromelain today && ipassed my road test && got my license , I'm excited only 2more weeks !

So I'm packing && I'm running around like a...

So I'm packing && I'm running around like a chicken without a head . I'm so scared && I'm so excited , please ladies pray for me , thank you guys for all your support && information , ilove you guys ill be leaving in a few hours && Iam so ready . I can't believe it's happening , ill tell you no matter how much itell people about this experience they can never understand until they experience it that's why ilove having this website . The fact that we argue && fight on these boards show that we are truly a family more than any other board . Stay strong && beautiful ladies , thanks for your help again .

I'm done it hurts ill update later

I'm done it hurts ill update later

I will respond to all of the comments soon but I...

I will respond to all of the comments soon but I am having a rough recovery pray for me ladies love you .

Iwill update better when I am home , ifeel better...

iwill update better when I am home , ifeel better , the soreness is horrible , Yily uses a drain now . Ladies continue to have me in your prayers I appreciate it so much ! && when it's your turn remember please be prepared for the pain it's really terrible !

its been a long time !

I have done the surgery and i love it but i am going to go back for my round two in july. i think its crazy to start this process all over again but now i am pre occupied with school so the wait wont be as bad . i will be starting a new thread . any questions just ask . i will also post post-op pics soon

New pictures !

I love my new body ! Can't wait for round two && my boobs .

You can read Part 2 of my BBL journey, here!

1 year postop

I absolutely cannot believe it has been a whole year . I am scheduling my round two for May . I wanna thank all you ladies because all of reviews helped me . If you would like to know anything just leave me a comment or message me . I wish you all luck for future bbl sisters and happy healing for the ones who are already bbl sisters . Love you dolls ????

New pic

Will post more later
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I have actually chosen to go to Dra. Yily . I love her sculpting skills .

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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You look really good girly , I've contact the doc but she's yet to get back in contact with me... Do u have a site , #, or email address I'm which u used on specific to get in contact with her?
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Hi, you look super good, I just wanted to know if there were sum before pics of you..I would really love to see dem..again you look amazing!!!!!!
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Hi lady you look amazing!
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Hi my love . Thank you .
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Why doesn't she take Care Credit? How much did the entire trip, surgery, hotel, recovery cost you ..that you would say? BTY>>>YOU LOOK AMAZING..i think you look perfect without number two..but i know we want to be the greatest!!!...
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All together I spent about about 5000
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A yr!!! WOW u look AMAZING!! did u loose much volume and how are u maintaining your shape is it hard??
  • Reply
Thank you . I lost an inch but that was just swelling and lol yes I have gained weight I'm going for a round two .
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REALLY!! u must didn't post those pics u look great girl..r u going back to the same PS or choosing a different PS this time around
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I am going to a different doctor I have heard yilys breast work isn't the best .
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You look good.
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Thank you .
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hi, im ashley. your body looks amazing! but i wanted to ask you a couple questions text me if you can 9148863954
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Girl you look great! Like the heart emoji face lol..I want to do a Round 2 also, just lipo sculpture & BL..Are you plan on going to the same doctor?
  • Reply
thank you hunnie && yes i am going back to dra yily . i love her lol . btw i am a dancer so if you still have questions you can ask me .
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When are you planning on going for Round 2? Maybe we could buddy up? I want my body to be a1 when I do start dancing & I'm not there yet...I just wanted to know like ins & out, what should I know? Lol I don't know anybody personally who dance to talk to about it
  • Reply
I plan on going in May as soon as school is over . Inbox me && iwill give you a direct contact to me it is a lot to explain lol .
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Finally you're back lol, looking great live your results. I was thinking of duran. But she's fucking up. I'm gonna stick to yily , but I keep hearing of ppl saying they caught infections , is this true?
  • Reply
Lol iknow I took forever . I love them too a few things I wanna fix but besides that I love it . I didn't get an infection so I don't know anything about that lol .
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Happy Healing!
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thank you
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Hope your ok x
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Why does Yily dolls take so long with their post op reviews? This is another reason why I joined Dr J.
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Where r u? :( how you been? Please let us kno
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OMG WE hope all is well!! I really wish ladies wouldntt just disappear on us..:-(
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