2 days post op - Dr. Campos

Hello friends, I am so nervous and excited at...

Hello friends,

I am so nervous and excited at the same time. I scheduled my surgery date with Dr. Campos in Tijuana, Mexico for February 28, 2013. I will be getting lipo on my stomach, upper and lower back, then have the fat transferred to my buttocks and hips.

I was charged $4,445 by Angie (Dr. Campos' assistant). I will be flying from New York to San Diego and will be picked up at the airport and driven to Tijuana by a representative of Club Med. I chose Club Med because of the great reviews I found here on RealSelf and also because it is located on the beach and I want to feel like I'm on some sort of a vacation. I will be staying at Club Med for 8 days and was charged $1,050.

I would love to hear from you guys. Any advice on what I should pack will be greatly appreciated. Also, if you guys have any question, feel free to ask. I will post pics soon. xo

goodluck girlie!! i like campos work i will be following journey!!
Thank you! :)
Hope u have a good surgery and fast recovery. Can't wait to see ur results

Hey dolls, So I just got back my lab results...

Hey dolls,

So I just got back my lab results and I am A ok for surgery. I also received my passport in the mail today.

Now this feels way too real. The nerves are kicking in.

Oh so you have a little while to go. Good luck with everything.
Hey gurly good luck to you. I have my surgery on the 1st of March with campos (marvins gettn me on the 28th from the airport) so for sure ill see "club med woopwoop" lol....r u staying the 8 days?
Yes, I will be staying the 8 days. I don't want to take any chances leaving too soon. lol

Hey BBL Sisters, I need a list of items I...

Hey BBL Sisters,

I need a list of items I should bring, any suggestions will be appreciated.

Pack lightly, When you travel back on the plane to go back home, your not going to be able to lift much & It sucks trying to put your suitcase overhead. Also your staying at clubmed, so your list of items you bring should be minimal! They provide anything and EVERYTHING you need! :) Just bring necessities: slippers, robe, garment. and some like yoga pants or sweats to wear if you go out to the market or for dinner. ...I know how it feels to get on the plane from NY to MX for surgey, but trust me you will never regret this decision :) goodluck!!! your going to look fabulous
Thanks so much, this really helped. Btw, doesn't Dr. Campos supply a garment for purchase or should I buy my own anyway? And if so, which brand do you suggest?
Because your SX is in 2 days, just get it over there. goodluck! :)

Club Med is so amazing!!!!!!! I highly recommend...

Club Med is so amazing!!!!!!! I highly recommend this recovery house to everyone!!!!!!!!
Will do! :)
Good luck and my you have a speedy recovery. I'm going to Dr Campos in June and I'm sooo excited... Please keep us posted ;)

Today is surgery day! I'm so excited! My nerves...

Today is surgery day! I'm so excited! My nerves are better now thanks to the amazing word from my fellow BBL sisters here at Club Med.

Pray for me you guys!


Hey ladies, I just got here to Dr. Campos'...

Hey ladies,

I just got here to Dr. Campos' office and he just finished giving me a consultation. I must say, Dr. Campos' demeanor and professionalism is suburb. His staff is wonderful and highly skilled. His office and surgery rooms are extremely pristine and modern. It makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

During the consultation I was a little upset bc Dr. Campos might not be able to lipo my upper back completely due to me having more skin than fat. Blame it on genetics. :-( Also he might not be able to transfer as much fat to my buttocks bc my skin is so tight. But he told me to trust him, that he will give me the body I want. He wants to give me a flat tummy, a small waist and some hips and booty.

Hopefully, I love the results. :)

Right now, I just received 2 pills - 1 to help calm my nerves and the other to put me to sleep. I won't get my surgery done for another 2 hrs because someone else was ahead of me.

I'm getting sleepy now, but will try to answer as many questions as I can.

P.S. Dr. Campos is finnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeee lol

I've been cryings nonstop, the pain is...

I've been cryings nonstop, the pain is excruciating. :'(
Awwwww sweetie.....I am so sorry that you had such a hard day. I know from experience that you NEVER let the pain get out of control. The nurses always say its like a mountain and you MUST STAY ON TOP or you'll have a hard time getting back up there if you let yourself slide down. So STAY ON TOP NOW THAT YOU'RE THERE :-). God bless and I will continue to pray for your healing.
Thanks so much!
Hope you are feeling better now that you are on top of your meds :-) you miss and dose and your body will definitely remind you that you just had a surgical procedure which was a hard hit in your body. I know from experience...rest up, take meds, stay hydrated and try to eat as much protein as possible so that your body can heal. You will get through this one day at a time. Best wishes to ya! :-)

So yesterday was a very horrible day for me. I was...

So yesterday was a very horrible day for me. I was in extreme pain, plus I was constipated. I suggest you girls start taking stool softeners right after surgery. Every inch of my body was in pain but once I had a bowel movement, I felt so much better. I will be getting my first massage today. I will post 2 photos now. Let me know if you have any questions.

I just received my first massage by the lovely...

I just received my first massage by the lovely Maripaz and I must say it was a good kind of pain believe it or not. I feel so much better.
Looking good!
you working that body. Your curves look great
P.S. does everybody have that annoying drain -even if they don't get a tummy tuck?

Today's massage hurt like hell... :'( I posted...

Today's massage hurt like hell... :'(

I posted a pic before my 2nd massage without the garment on.
thanks for that last pic u look great!!!!!!!!
Oh my goodness I can't wait till the 20th For my turn
Giiiiiirl, I keep looking at your pictures and I'm really impressed and excited. How r u at this point? And how r things at Club Med? Again, u look great!

A warning to all!!!!!!! I am very upset!!!!!!...

A warning to all!!!!!!!

I am very upset!!!!!!

Word of advice to all you ladies coming to Campos, beware of Angie and her BS ass promotional massage deals. She knew I would be leaving on Friday but still offered me this "great deal" of buying 5 massages and getting one free. What she didn't tell me was that you can't even get your first massage until you're 2 days post op and 3 days post op if you had a tummy tuck. So how the hell am I going to get all 5 plus my free massage if there are not enough days and they are not opened on Sundays? Also, you have to come to the office for each massage which is like a 20 minute ride from Club med. It hurts like hell to travel on those rocky roads for all that time. Don't believe her also when she says Maripaz can give you the massages where you're staying. Maripaz goes to the recovery homes to do massages as a side job. The massages you pay for at the office, she does not do those massages at your recovery house.

If 2 massages are included in your quote then get the first massage done at the office and the last, all other massages in between you should pay Maripaz under the table when she reaches your recovery house. And if no massages are included in your quote then only pay for one massage at the office bc you have to get your first massage done there. All other massages deal directly with the masseuse Maripaz.

Angie is a crook and tries to get more money from you. She had the nerve to try and charge me an extra $600 for upper back fat removal at the office when by email she said if I decided on the upper back fat removal she would charge me am extra $200.

All in all Dr. Campos is great but the way he runs his business money wise is a mess and Angie is a crook.
Thanks for the tip regarding Maripaz. Hmmm most of my communications is with Angie I really hope she does not try it on me as I will not have it at all. Would love to see your results I am thinking of going to Campos Aug/Sept.
Were u happy w ur results? Would u mind sharing pics i will b getting sx aug 26th w campos.
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