NERVOUS/ OVERWHELMED...UGH!! --Jan 9 2013 - Tijuana, Mexico

Hi ladies.. I fist ran across this site last year...

Hi ladies.. I fist ran across this site last year and wanted to have the bbl done, but never really made any moves towards it. So, after running across the site again, researching and seeing the great results from the BBL ...Ive decided to do it :-) I am 25.. 5'5 and 142 lbs. I work out 5-6 days a my body is in pretty good shape, but I dont have the butt that I want (not that its flat now, just want more) Im not looking for anything huge, just a more rounder-fuller behind. Im looking for a more hour glass shape! So, I have chosen Dr. Campos. I decided to go with him because not only does he give great results, but his price is very good and affordable too! At the moment I am kinda of nervous but excited!

9 Jan 2013-- Is my date surgery date with Campos...

9 Jan 2013-- Is my date surgery date with Campos :) So Im about to start looking at tickets for my trip. This whole process is kind of stressful. I keep going back and forth in my head about it. I really want this procedure, but I guess im nervous about having to gain weight. I really dont want to because since ive been working out the past 2 months ive been seeing muscle in my stomach, back, and arms forming...! And I dont want that to go to waste, yet I still want a bootay :-/ UGH!! Has anyone gone into surgery weighing around 145lbs and 5'5''? If so how well did the results turn out to be?

Also....I know it is recommended that you get at least 10 massages. How long does it take to get all 10? I am asking because I plan on going to Europe 4 weeks post-op. Will I have enough time to squeeze in all 10 within the timeframe?

So, I am finally getting this ball rolling!! I am...

So, I am finally getting this ball rolling!! I am excited/nervous at the same time. There are days that I feel like I shouldnt go through with it and other were I feel like there's nothing/no one that can get in my way from doing this. Which, I guess is normal. So I've booked my flight already. I wanted to get a good price since I am coming from Europe.. I got a pretty good deal, booking way in advance so I cant complain. I have chosen Clubmed, now I just have to put down my deposit. I chose them because I feel comfortable with them from reading plenty of you guys reviews and also talking with Marvin. They seem like they care about your well being, and will take really great care of thats who I'm rolling with. I am now putting together my list of things to buy, so far this is what I have on my list...ladies if i missed anything please let me know:

Arnica montana pills/ arnica gel
stool softener
pill divider
dial soap/case
vitamin c
iron pills
maderma scar cream
boppy pillow
shower hooks
yoga mat
anti itch cream
compression socks

Also I would like to know where I can buy foam and board for my garment, since I am not going to Dr. S?

Time is flying by soooo fast! My surgery date is...

Time is flying by soooo fast! My surgery date is Jan 9th. Im starting to get frustrated because I feel like im not prepared enough. I have my flight and im booked for club med, but I still have a lot to do. I guess the thing that I am worried about most is not passing my medical clearance, and on top of that I am living in Europe and dont speak their language. Im just hoping that they can understand what medical tests I need. I can tell them, but what if they dont understand?? It would be alot simpler if I were in America :-( I dont want to pay in full until I know for sure that everything is good to go. Ive bought a few things... like Maderma, urinal, vitamin C, iron, bromelain,arnica gel/pills... hhhmmm... thats about it! Here is a list of what I still need... LADIES please feel free to list some things that I missed or that helped you during your recovery.

stool softener, epi foam, baby wipes, compression socks, gauze,surgical tape, suction hooks, boppy pillow, silicon scar sheets, antibacterial soap,
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People who wants to affect this practice put this low ratings that's the explanation
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Can anyone tell me why this doctor keeps getting these low ratings w/o any explanation??? Haven't found any unhappy patients yet, still researching.
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Did you have your surgery? ?????
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Any update ?
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Update, did you have your surgery?????
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Hi BeautyShels, did you have your surgery? Any updates?
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Yes me and Niki03 will be at Clubmed and we will see you there! we will support each other during recovery!! Team Campos lets go!
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Hey, BeautyShels I will be at tijuana the 7th and i am scheduled for sx the 8th, day before you....and i will be staying at club med as well. We have 3 weeks left! Im excited and nervous at the same time. but hope all is well and see ya down there! :)
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Vanillafashh.. I inboxed you! im excited that you'll be there the same day as me!
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Hi Beautyshels I will be there in the 7th! Good luck! Hope to meet you there :-)
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OMGGGG beautyshels I'm also booked for jan 9th also Angie said I will be the 2nd surgery of the day I guess your first!! Bbl sistaaaaa !! Did you find out where your staying? And where are you flying from?
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Cool. Well glad your not scared. This is exactly what I am concerned about. My insurance covers infections etc.. It's mostly sitting down and flying I'm concerened about.
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Well im not exactly scared. I am actually ready for it! Just nervous about the recovery process and hope that nothing goes wrong.. infection, seroma, etc. cuz alot of health insurance companies dont take care of stuff like that. And Campos doesnt offer insurance like Salama does... so I think thats the only thing im a bit concerned about. but I just pray that everything goes well and the healing process goes great with no problems... And yea I'll be by myself.
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Yes so exciting! Girl I am so scared. Are you going by yourself?
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No, not yet... and yay! Glad I will have a BBL sister with me :)
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i will be staying at club med... and u?
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Me too have you booked it yet? I haven't yet! But we will see each other!
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Hi My surgery is on the January 8th. Where will you be staying?
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hey ladies!!! I've been waiting patiently i sent in my photos 2 Dr. C office last month & gv my height & weight. I haven't heard nothing back since then. So today I decided 2 call the number & it stayed busy so I called the back up #, some1 answered name Tanya, I asked lots of questions & I got myself an appt for my consultation for next Saturday August 18th, now I have to find someone 2 go w/me.. I really don't want to go by myself.. I'm pumped all the way up right now..
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Welcome BeautyShels. If you've built up muscle you should be ok to gain 10 lbs just for the surgery. Your metabolism should still be high. Good luck.
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i didn't go into surgery but I'm 5'5 n was told to gain weight, so now I'm 160 n surgery is in October 
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Thanks Nicki! I am glad to finally be apart of the team :)
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Hey girl, welcome to the bbl sisterhood... We are very similar in measurements I can't wait to see your results... Gl
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