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Hello BBL sisters . i am coming up to 24 soon and...

hello BBL sisters . i am coming up to 24 soon and i have always felt that this body is holding me back. ( okay maybe i ve put on a few pounds as well) i hate having no ass !!!! its like a curse and my big tummy !!! ( i wont even go there). so i have decided that its time for me to something about it and start living my life ..... you only live once after all. after seeing other people being transformed my sister prodded me to do it and i i cant wait. i have decided to go with Dr Pantoja and as i am from the UK this will besignificantly cheaper for me.

I am finding it difficult to make my mind up...

I am finding it difficult to make my mind up between Dr Pantoja and Dr Cardenas and at this point i really don't know !!! the good thing is that i can get a spot with both of them on the day that i want so i am definately having the Sx on the 27th of June and i have bought my plane tickets already but i cannot finalise between the two.

At first it was also campos too until i found out that he was booked up on the dates i wanted to go. I am at university so i want to go as soon as we close and be healing for the rest of the holidays. from what i have seen Dr pantoja doesnt really do hips although i like the fact that his lipo is quite aggresive . But because i am having the tt i have seen people talk about Dr Cardenas scars to be really low and well done for TTs.

the other problem i have is that although i will be staying in Mexico for a week after my Sx Dr Cardenas is going on holiday on the 29th so she would not be there for the rest of my stay and her secretary said that would make her uncomfortable (leaving me )

i really want a bigger butt with the bottle shape, and would hate to travel all that way only to be disappointed

Hello Patronella This is Dr. Cardenas and I want...

Hello Patronella
This is Dr. Cardenas and I want to offer an apology for the delay and
thank you for the confidence on sending your photos.
I am a very honest and clear person and doctor, so I will share with
you about my humble opinion.
First of all, it will be a requirement for you to loose at least 30-40
lbs prior surgery.
Second, I am very concern about your abdominal area where I can see
already saggy skin probably due to gaining and loosing weight through
your life, that saggy abdominal skin that will sag more after loosing
weight and of course will be worst after liposuction. So the perfect
procedure to really make a change on your abdomen and waist will be an
Extended Tummy Tuck in order to get rid of the saggy skin and to do a
tight muscle repair to get a totally flat abdomen and tapered waist.
I would do an aggressive liposuction to your back, flanks, waist and
as you requested a nice volume fat grafting to your butt and hips.
Also I have to be very honest about your current and inherited frame
which is wide on your waist and narrow on you hips, and your
bone-muscle frame won't be change with a plastic surgery because we
modify only skin and fat and superficial muscles (like abdominal
muscle), so it will be kind of difficult to create a super wide hips
when your frame is narrow. Definitely liposuction and fat grafting
will camouflage your frame and will help to create a curvier body
If your main issue is to maintain weight I will encourage you to
really think about bariatric surgery to loose weight permanently.
Quote for ETT, lipo and FG is 6000 dlls. (thinking you have lost all
of the recommended weight)
Please let me know if you have questions. I will be glad to help and serve you.
Dr. Cardenas

what do you ladies think ?
Dr Pantoja

i will rate properly after i ve done it !!

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He is the best doctor I love him I went to him once and my friend went bAck 3 different times and he did us wonderful. As you can see the message he sent you he not just Tryna take ur money and leave u fucked up he keeps it real and it's very beautiful where you stay And the hospital
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hey, i recieved a quote from Campos that was almost identical to urs even down to the offering me bariatric procedures. except his quote was $1600 more & he said he wanted to give me an extendedn TT. i have to respect their honesty even if its not what we want to hear. & i think the bariatrics is more because if we lose weight real quick to get the surgery it has a high chance of coming back & it will come back in terrible areas where as lap band usually helps keep our permanant result
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also i wanted to suggest to u that u go look at my question i asked the dr's about getting TT w/ BBL. it really may help u put things in perspective. i had 11 dr's reply & they all basically said i am too fat & i need to loose at least 25-35lbs & some suggested lap band.
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I was 197 in April, i went to a weight clinic and got on phentermine, In mid June, i was 168, your not that big wear u need a lap band. Just diet and use an appetite surpresser.
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Lol more like where does her back end??? Ugh! I know what u goin thru sista
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hello, im having surgery with dr.cardenas 9/8/12 and just wanted to know how your doing,.did you get the results you wanted, are her bbl nice? im just alittle nervous because iI really havent seen pictures of bbl work for cardenas

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LOL...YESSSS. So now I won't get the "puzzled" look. Like damn where is that girl's ass O_o but the DAMN LOOK AT THE ASS O_O instead lmao. Can't wait. #teambigbootay
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ROTFLMAO!!!!! That's too much, well good thing all of is flaties have a way out now so pretty soon you will be rid of the flat plague lol
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Lmao...I'm just saying. When I FIRST started doing my research I was like ewww wth is that. It looks like it stinks lmaooo. But wait till y'all see my before pics. You're gonna be like you know what Starr ass sure wasn't lying st8 nap time on her ass lol.
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They gross me out too that's why they're no longer in there LOL I couldn't take that!! You are hilarious girl ROTFLMAO!!!
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Gurlllll I was like F dat lol. I say all the time that God went to sleep on me when he got to my ass lol. Day 7...yayyy. Glad you're walking better. The drains kinda gross me out :-/
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I also got a quote from her and she ask that I loose about 50 pounds. I believe she suggest to get that type of procedure because 1 it's for ppl that want to loose btw 30 and 100 pounds and 2 lets face it...we all know how hard it is to diet. But if we stay heavy...we're just gonna be a big girl with a big butt and a lil more curvy. If you desire to look more like a video vixen the weight has to go. I think she's honest and upfront and not trying to sell you a dream. I will def keep her on my list. Wishing you the best hun.
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Use you're absolutely right that's how she is, she is very honest that's why I chose her...my surgery was with her last week and I'm beyond pleased with my results. When u get to know her she's more than just your doctor she's more like a friend she will never sugar coat anything.
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You know I don't think I've heard anything bad about her thus far. I think a lot of the doctors make your head big and when you don't get that type of result you're left disappointed. You ain't got to lie Craig lol. It's been a toss up between her and Campos but I am now #teamcardenas lol. How are you feeling Roxy? And if anyone is looking for a diet that will help you loose quickly let me know. PLEASE NOTE...you have to be VERY dedicated and the program can be costly to some. I was on it for 3 wks and I lost 20lbs. NO meat on this diet and I lost it on my 3rd week plus I was loosing weight in my butt. How can I get flatter than I already am...smh lol. But I do plan on getting back on it.
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Lmbo!! About you loosing your butt--hilarious!! I'm feeling fine, the drains are the worse thing known to man but as long as I maintain the swelling I'm fine all day and night. I move around pretty good...today is day 7 and I can finally stand up straight!!
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Congratulations on your journey which ever ps you choose I wish you the absolute best, I'm familiar with Pantoja and Cardenas either way you will be stunning however...Cardenas is the tummy tuck queen hands down. Well wishes babe :)
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Had to hear from Cardenas herself . She prefers to answer the emails personally
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Were you able to be quoted a price from her secretary? Or did you have to wait until you spoke with Dr.Cardenas?
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About 3 weeks but was in touch with Fatimeh her secretary who assured me that she was a bit behind with emails
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How long did she take to respond to your email?
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