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I've always always felt insecure about my...

I've always always felt insecure about my "pancake" as everyone would call it, no hips just straight up and down but after marriage and kids my butt grew and hips sprouted just a little but so did my mid section *YIKES*. Not a good look but ive always been pretty active so I figured I'd work it off in the gym and through physical activities and thay worked fine but I still secretly wanted a lil more butt.

Cosmetic surgery was never an option I thought it too vain to go get cut up and risk my life for selfish reasons and since I didn't think my body was too wacked I was content and the butt issue would always fade away only to return...smh My sister told me she would be going to Mexico for a tummy tuck (are you serious, you must be nuts!!!) Is what I said to her but she showed me the results the girls were getting then I thought, ah ha! I knew there was no was ALL these girls were just born with these perfect shapes so this is the catch huh.

I knew nothing about a bbl at that time so I made my mind up instantly that I was going to have a bbl! I also decided to have a tummy tuck since I can't seem to shake these last few lbs since my last baby so why the heck not? I started researching last August and now here I am...5 days away from my surgery. I will fly out on 4/18 landing in San Diego at 1115pm.

I'm nervous, excited, anxious all in one. My daughter cried as I explained that I'll be leaving town Wednesday and my husband got teary eyed so this gave me 2nd thoughts because we are a very ckose family I've never been away from them this long but I snapped out of that real quick and the excitement returned. I was going to do this!

The last couple months I've been digging for items I'll need, making all necessary arrangements and I've ordered all my supplements such as Arnica and Bromelain B12 vitamins from eBay as well as my compression garments. I've ordered clothes and packed my bag with one loose flowing floor length dress and two oversized sweat pants and t shirts to match, 4 pair of panties, pads and tampons as my period is due to come the day of surgery #UGH! Lotion, hair products, passport, funnel, toothbrush, socks and I have to grab a few other things like sports bras and pack up the tablet and I think I'm ready to go.

Wish me luck, prayers and a banging body ladies, ask any questions I'll be sure to answer and keep you all updated. Oh one more thing, I frequent MMH often and I recently joined realself because the atmosphere over there has been blah lately and so far this forum seems more friendly no one competing and getting mad about who's doctor is the best and all that jibberish. Thanks ladies for welcoming me :)

Hello everyone, thanks for all of your prayers and...

Hello everyone, thanks for all of your prayers and kind words, thanks for the emails :)

I'm just now getting back to beautycare trying to relax. Omg I cannot express in words how AMAZING my Cardenas is (yes I said mine) LOL, Fatimeh is awesome and Carmelita is an angel! All of these nurses are Angels I tell you no joke! I've never been treating this way in my life!

Okay on to the good stuff you all have been waiting results. I absolutely LOVE my results!! I mean, I am in shock about this body! Although I thought I wanted bigger but Dra. Cardenas and the nurses swore me I already had nice foundation to work with, it turns out I didn't need bigger, I just needed a shape with a lil extra on top. I got 800cc with 360cc to the hips, my waist is omg, I'm speechless! It's so tiny its almost invisible!! I wouldn't change one thing about my trans if I could. Moniquesrose is here with me and she's doing well, we were playing with the implants Dra. Cardenas removed smh women...her breasts look good.

Anyway, ladies I'm tired and my eyes are crossing as I type but I'll hang around a few minutes to answer questions. :)

Day 3 post op and I must say that I understand now...

Day 3 post op and I must say that I understand now more than every about how bad the stiffness and soreness is in the mornings, it really is like a ton of bricks but once I get up and moving about alot better. Ladies who are preparing for uncoming sx please keep in mind and prepare yourself for the worse on the 2nd day I swear to you by the holy grail this was the absolute worse day of my life!! I broke down crying and I don't cry...crying partly because of the pain but MAINLY because of the sleep deprivation but the meltdown didn't stop me from mingling around the house and helping other ppl out, The Nurses here call me a very strong woman because I've been upbeThat since I awoke from sx, hell I even woke up during my surgery and held a conversation LOL! There is no way possible to get yourself comfortable it's just impossible and that's it. You have to have assistance or else you're doomed :(

Anywho, here in day 3 and I feel alot better as the Nurses all promised I would if I could just make it through day two. I'm adding pics today...ask any questions I'll answer in a timely manner.

Hi ladies, today was sorta rough with the...

Hi ladies, today was sorta rough with the swelling, I got home lastnight and was just fine but suddenly swelling set in and I felt like a balloon about to pop at any minute I cried from the tightness and stiffness it was so painful but I applied cold packs (frozen veggies and frozen onion rings lol!!! It got the job done and fast! It was so bad it makes me afrad to go to sleep because that's when it(the swell) happens. Now I feel normal again and about to take a brief walk to the corner and back for the sake of circulation to promote a speedy healing.

Hello everyone, it's been quite a while, sorry for...

Hello everyone, it's been quite a while, sorry for the delay. I haven't updated anything because I have run into a major bump in the road. I am 8 months pregnant which as u can imagine I was severely depressed about, apparently I was expecting DURING MY SX...anyway, I just started showing and glad it's almost over so I can really enjoy my results and start planning my round 2 which will be with Dr. Campos.

My tt is the bomb, hourglass even with the baby bump but I have NO ASS!! Okay, maybe that's a but xaggerated but it resembles my pre pp butt in a major way and I am not really impressed with the bbl, love the hips tho. Any questions ask away.
Dra. Carmina Cardenas

Dra. Cardenas is nothing short of wonderful and greatly skilled in what she does! I love my results she's very caring patient safety always #1

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@Roxy whassup Chica!!! Congrats in the baby bump. I'm so happy for you. I can't blv u were pregnant during sx. I'm happy to hear that you both are healthy and Doing well. Take care and hope to hear from you soon :)
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Hey doll, checking in on you and the little one :-) Have you welcomed your new addition into the world yet?
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Not yet, looking forward to meeting him within the next 4 weeks. Thanks for checking on me love, I'm gonna keep you posted :-)
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Is the baby growing healthy? Did you tell Dr. Cardenas that you were pregnant during surgery once you found out?
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Yes he's very healthy, I'm the only one suffering with discomfort and yes i told Cardenas. She told me the prgnancy would still produce a healthy baby and not affect my results but to stick to a strict diet and not gain more than 10lbs. so far thats been easy to sustain.
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Im happy he is healthy and I pray you feel better.
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Thanks red :-) ...for the most part I feel pretty good. Was worried more than anything that he would be deformed because of the circumstances but besides the overwhelming tightness im not in any horrible pain. delivery scares me though.
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Hopefully he is able to come out your vagina and not by c section.
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Yeah im afraid of the contractions ripping my muscle repair but my obgyn and.cardenas says thats not likely to happen, Ive prayed about it now its in Gods hands.
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God wont put more on you then you can handle. Even if your muscles did get a tiny bit of damage, at least you will get a new beautiful healthy bundle of joy out of it. Just think positive happy thoughts and I will keep you in my prayers.
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Your pics look great and congrats on the new bundle of joy!
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Thank you
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your butt looks huge in the pics. why do you think it went away?
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Bunzz these pics are my immediate post op pics before absorption. Now at 6mo post op, Ill say its absorbed maybe 50%!! Lol 800cc is not alot at all.
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Wow did you not have pregnancy test? Where did your ass go? Mine stayed with Cardenas. Wish you best of luck
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Of course i had a pregnancy of all people should know Carednas requests all labs in 2wks prior...apparently i was too early to test sx was within my 1st 4 weeks...which will result in a neg read.
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This is one of those 1 in whatever cases!! Fatimeh had 2 children after tt and I thought she looked great!! Why are you going to Campos with next visit?
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I have no doubt that I will still retain my hourglass after labor and delivery. Campos is the butt man hands down amd this has been my plan since before my surgery. To have the queen of tt lay the foundation and Campos plump my butt the right way. I love Cardenas amd shes very good at scupting, just not as good as Campos with bbl. IMO!
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thats exactly what im doing/did. thanks for the update and congrats
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Thanks Pro!!!! :-)
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you look great, your butt is huge lol....thanks for keeping us updated and for posting your pics
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I messaged you!! I am going to Cardenas in December!
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Hey Roxy, just stopping by for an update? how do you feel about your body?
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How are you doing and feeling?
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