This site needs seems to only discuss Dr Salama! Are their any other doctors worth mentioning

Hey Ladies, I have been a faithful lurker on this...

Hey Ladies, I have been a faithful lurker on this site for quite some time. After reading countless reviews and viewing so many fabulous pictures I am now ready to take the plunge and recreate my figure. Originally I was Team Salama but due to the high demand I'm not willing to wait 6 months plus for an opening and not to mention he is constantly increasing his prices! So here am I stuck between choosing Dr Campos and Dr Pantoja. I think both Dr have amazing results but I leaning more towards Campos due to the most recent results and reviews I have seen. I received my quote from him

Thank you for your email. Please accept my apologies as I haven't had time to catch up with my email.
Thanks again for your patience and for sending us your pictures this way is easier for us to have a virtual consultation and in order to give you a much more accurate opinion and estimate.
Something that I want to let you know is that the estimate is based on your physical needs and according to your body type.

If you are interested in fat grafting in the gluteal area. I am using the micro fat grafting, for this technique I use low pressure syringes in
order to keep the fat cells the safest and to transfer them inside the muscle; this is mostly to avoid the absorption, and this is because in the muscle there is a mayor blood flow and the cells survive longer, there is an absorption of a 20 to 40% of fat.
I wanted to mention, is that the top quantity to be injected into each gluteal area is 800- 900 cc of fat in one session or up to where your skin allows us to do so, because the tissues sometimes won't expand and may compromise the blood flow in the area.
I suggest Liposuction in the abdomen, waist and lower back to define your figure and give the hour shape body you want and optimize your buttocks look with your lumbar area.
This is the estimate:
Liposuction in the abdomen, waist and full back 2500
Fat grafting in to buttocks 600
Discount - 500
Surgical Facility 1000
Anesthesia Fee 500 (Epidural, Sedation)
Girdle 120
Post op medication 125

Total 4345 usd
Dr. Campos
I spoke with Angie the patient coordinator and explained to her that when I sent in my pics 6 mths ago and was Alot bigger my quote was $3500... Here I am 6 mths later and down 45 Pds at 5"6 150, and my quote INCREASED!!! Also I was informed by that the deposit is $800 as Dr Campos had a rate increase. Anywho if any of you ladies are going in Jan/Feb and would like to hook up, please contact me. Also I am considering Club Med as I will be traveling alone...

I am really interested in Dr Campos well. Keep us posted on ur dates please.

hey girl,

welcome to the bbl sisterhood, and good luck on your journey, keep us posted.
Thank You Nicki86, defiantly will keep everyone informed:)

Finally spoke with Angie and was able to schedule...

Finally spoke with Angie and was able to schedule my procedure. I am sooo excited and can't wait until the day comes. I was really hoping to get in around Jan but with the holidays quickly approaching I want to make sure that I get my responsibilities (bills, kids, Xmas) out of the way first. Im still deciding on where I'm going to stay although I'm leaning towards CM. if anyone is going around this time and would like to hook up, please PM me:)
I sent my pic in 3 times because I thought they did not receive it and I was quoted 3 different prices! And that being the lowest and no extra areas added
hey dynasty, so i am not the only one that got that price?? he quoted me 4545 which i think is CRAZY because that is the highest i have seen from him. did you add any areas?

Hey Ladies, just a quick update. I spoke with...

Hey Ladies, just a quick update. I spoke with Angie and was able to get a surgery date for Jan 7th 2013. Dr Campos will have returned from vacation so I'm hoping to get splendid results! I am super excited. Once I can confirm my flight and recovery center stay I will pay for my procedure in full. NEW YEAR, NEW BODY, It gets no better than that!!!
Good luck Dr Campos is a great Dr! I thought of going with him but I'm just so scared to leave the states.. He quoted me $7200. He stated I needed Ann extended tummy tuck so that was includec in the price. With is still very reasonable but I just can't get over my fears of MX..but I do feel he is a wonderful Dr!

Hey Ladies, I am wondering what is the earliest...

Hey Ladies, I am wondering what is the earliest are you able to return home after having a BBL? I am traveling to Mexico on Jan 6 for my procedure the following day. Although this may sound a bit insane but I get home sick rather easy and being that I'm traveling alone I'm trying to see if I can stay 5 days following my procedure as oppose to 7. Money us not the issue I would just feel more comfortable being at HOME!

Also is there anyone else who is traveling to Mexico around this time? Can anyone share their experience with Dr Campos? What recovery house would you recommend? Please help

I am sooo ready to travel and get this long waited procedure over and done with so I can tear done the mall finally looking bootylicious in bodycon dresses:)

I have been on this site for years and I have...

I have been on this site for years and I have noticed the bandwagon effect seems to be everyone going to and mentioning Dr Salama. This is not to come off as rude but it seems as if, if your not team Salama your questions and reviews/updates go Un noticed. Are there any other sites where I can interact with former or potential patients regarding physicians such as Campos, Cardenas, etc!??

Surgery date changed to Feb 20th unable to take...

Surgery date changed to Feb 20th unable to take any time off from work in January. DAMN!
Your surgery date is right around the corner. Much prayer and wishing you a speedy recovery and happy healing!
hey i willl be going to tijuana as well either jan 21 or feb 18 2013 i chose dr pantoja and i will be staying at ClubMed recovery house. Good luck to you
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