Dr Campos - TT, Lipo and BBL Mother/Daughter - Tijuana, Mexico

3 years both my daughter and I have been planning...

3 years both my daughter and I have been planning to have this procedure done. I am 44 years old, 5'5" & 165 lbs. I did Lipo to my back in 2010, with Dr Noel Tenenbaum Palm Harbor FL. horrible results and cost $3400, total waste of money.
We choose Dr Campos because of his consistent result, to me he has gifted hands and take prides in his work. Our surgery is schedule for Sept 4th & 5th 2013. Flight already booked, ClubMed is our choice for our recovery, have heard nothing but good things, sometimes money isn't everything although we all want a bang for our buck but as the ole saying "Cheap thing ain't good, and good thing ain't cheap"
I have seen work of other doctors in the US and it is nothing compare to Dr Campos. I do agree that he needs better office management structure and a much competent staff but for the price that is minor issues. Will keep you all updated of our journey and experience.
I was thinking about Dr Campos please keep me posted and what I would need if I decided on him. I have been reading he doesn't do lipo on the stomach? Have you heard that?
I heard he does do lipo to the stomach all depending on the person and what type of results they are expecting.
I agree about the office management I've heard so many bad things about Angie I wonder why she still working there for him

Exactly One Month Away till our Surgery !!!!!!

I can't express the anxiety that is killing me at this present moment, the more I read about Dr Campos work, is the more excited I get. I must say it is really grateful that you ladies post your experience on RealSelf and Makemeheal, this really helps us who are prepping for our procedures. I think I would have been lost without you all sharing your experience.
I had the pleasure with Susanna from ClubMed...awesome lady!!!! very sweet and helpful, provided great advise and insights as to what to expect. Marvin is very prompt in responding to any email correspondence. The only thing I am a little disappointed with is the service provided by ANGIE, she is very vague, I know she is very busy but she needs to learn and attain better managerial skills and customer service, which I am gladly willing to share for FREE !!!!
After reading everyone experience, I decided I would write everything I need to discuss with Dr Campos, in case they decided to drug me up before speaking with him. I am having my surgery before my daughter, so I know she would make sure Dr Campos knows exactly what I want LOL. On August 13 is my surgery clearance with my primary care Dr. and after that is just to wait for that day ~~~ would keep you all posted !!!!

Got Surgical Clearance complete 8/12/13

We got our surgical clearance done !!!! Yes it is becoming very real...The time is going by really fast. Just 21 more days !!!! it went from 9 months to 21 days...I made my own boppy pillows for both my daughter and I, it cost me just 2 for $25, saved a ton of $$$$, got my meds as well. Will buy the extra stuff in MX. Can't wait !!!!
I really want to see ur after photo do u know how many CC he is going to inject the reason is that am schdualed with DR campose on 10/21/13 .please keep me posted .best of luck to u
Hi Fayden26, I am not sure how much CC he is going to use on me but I don't want anything overpowering lol. I will continue to post my experience but I have yet to hear any negative reviews about Dr Campos work so with this said I am very excited to see the outcome and results.

Spoke to Dr Campos...

Yesterday evening I rec'd 2 missed call from Dr Campos, I return his call and we spoke for a good 30 mins plus, he answered all my question, he explained the procedures, he was very thorough with me. I can't understand some of the negative feedback that has been said about him but so far I must say everything is coming along as well. No one is perfect and one must remember when dealing with other countries besides USA, you are going to come across different cultural diversity and customs. Especially in third world countries, their attitude are very nonchalant and laid back, Dr Campos has built a name for himself and his reputation would always stands among the rest.
I will be going to Dr. Campos Sept 17th!! I cant wait to your results.
I myself can't wait to see my results, after speaking to Dr Campos he assured me he would try his best to give me the best results as possible...he is shooting not for 100% but a 1000% lol.I would keep you all posted.

Got the results for my Surgical Clearance

Well Folks...Rec'd the results for my Surgical Clearance, I am good to do, just have to email it to Angie. I made my very own boppy pillows, they are so expensive and I was able to make it for 1/4 the retail price. You can tell I am very much prepared, thanks to all the girls who shared their experience.
Good luck! He is a great doctor!

Finally here in Mexico 9/3/13

Our journey began 4 a.m. the flight from Orlando to Texas to San Diego was hassle free, although we arrive 30 mins early than schedule 9:45 a.m. Marvin was already there waiting on us, just like he stated 4 mins promptly to get us. His warm personality made us feel right at home, Suzanna is so wonderful, she got us settle in, then went into town to have lunch, both her and Marvin treated us to lunch. After we went to the pharmacy to get the Arnica pills and tea plus the cream for the Keloids (my daughter tends to keloid) Great Price!!!! Much cheaper in the U.S !!!!
PPL this is a very homely environment, the view is to die for, right on the beach, so calming and relaxing, you can just loose your thoughts into the ocean.....Well my daughter has to be in Dr Campos office 7:30 in the morning, then on Thur I would be having my procedure. While she is having her procedure, I would be able to tag along with Suzanna in the town. Will keep you up-to-date, wish us luck!!!

Finally it's done...9/7/13....Dr Campos

Hi folks, we finally got our procedure done, I can't express how great, how wonderful and how talented Dr Campos is. Our experience is just wonderful, words can't express how great this is. His office staff, including Angie, Yes Angie was as sweet as can be, after being here and actually seeing how his office runs you would understand. I love the fact that Dr Campos only does one tummy tuck a DAY, which means he devotes his entire time on you. I was not expecting the results I received, it bought tears to my eyes, I was speechless, dumbfounded. Let the pics speaks for itself.


Ladies and Gents, who are deciding to get any procedures here in Mexico, ClubMed is your best choice, the before and after care is phenomenal. Suzanna, Marvin and the entire staff - Alicia, Fabiola, Michelle, and Connie is the BEST. Please don't comprise your health for an extra couple dollars, it is not worth it. You cannot do this by yourself and you would only subject yourself to infections and additional health issues. Everything at ClubMed are so clean and sanitized unlike to a hotel room. The meals are exceptional and they are with you 100% all the way.


Today, Sunday 9/8/13, had our 2nd massage. Mazipa is the best, it is so convenient coming to ClubMed rather than having to drive back and forth to Dr Campos, although he insist on you having the massages done at his office however not to sure about how experience is his new person. As for Mazipa she takes her time and drain you as much as possible.
The healing process is coming along, with the good care and love from the staff of ClubMed, they have made it easy for us. They have exceeded our expectation and much more. It is a wonderful experience I must say!!!!
Girls I changed my mind I heard and seen lots of good things about DR Duran her dolls look really amazing
Curious if you are feeling a lot better already? Just trying to see what I am in for. Less than 2 days to go for me.
Hi Portland2, there is more discomfort rather than pain, everyone is different, my daughter have a higher tolerance for pain than I, I am a total chicken. Dr Campos took almost 8 hrs with me, when I actually was awake I was in my bed around 6, around 10 I wanted to walk around a bit but the night nurse wouldn't let me, I was able to drink water and a juice without be nauseous. The next morning after the IV was remove I started to feel a little pain until I came to ClubMed and I started to take the Tarmadol. Fri, Sat and Sun were my hardest days but with the help of the staff I was able to get around, they would allow you to walk according to how you feel. This morning I got up on my own and give myself a bath but need help to put back on my garment, still not yet able to do that by myself. If you are having stomach muscle repair that is the part that is more hurtful, but the actual incision doesn't hurt, the drain can be a little discomforting nothing major. But you are in good hands with Dr Campos, just let him know what you wants and he would let you know what is realistic.

Post Op visit today 9/11/13 - Dr Campos

Finally I went into today for my post op follow, my daughter had hers 3 days after surgery but I didn't feel the need to go then. All went well, he took out the stitches in my belly button but I have to go home with my drains, he also drained my back again, I am building fluid quickly so I am having massages everyday by Maripaz, she drains us daily OMG...it is unbelievable how IMPORTANT these massages are and who are properly trained to perform these massages. I am very confident with the choice of going with Maripaz as she has over 17 years of experience and work with all the top notched doctors here in Mexico, so that in itself speaks volume.
Ladies, again let me express how it is utmost important just as you have chosen your doctor to perform your procedure it is also IMPORTANT who you choose for your aftercare. Now I have crossed over to the other side I can give you all my honest opinion without playing favoritism...there is a little saying I have "Condemnation without investigation is the height of illiteratness" Do your homework, everyone want a bang for their buck but at the same time don't comprise yourself for a few extra dollars.
Having a tummy tuck, breast implants or any major procedures shouldn't be under estimated. Then Chiny man says "Good thing not cheap and Cheap thing not good"
Happy healing!!

12 Days Post Op

Here is a few pics of me 12 days post op also a couple of pic before surgery. Dr Campos is a king in his field. I am still swollen, was able to remove my drains today with the help of my husband (didn't hurt). I am so happy with my results and can't wait for all the swelling to go down.
My daughter is doing well but got one of her stitches opened since she has been back, she has been doing a little to much but now taking it easy. She looks great as well, when I am able to get a pic of her will post.
great! congratulations! how many days you stayed at clubmed? how much did you get to pay? thanks!
Thanks...I stayed 10 days, check their website for package pricing http://clubmedical.org/Packages.html

First Day back to Work

14 days post op - First day back to work, it was challenge but looking great !!!!!

One Month Post-Op

Today, is exactly one month post-op, I am relatively feeling OK, still feeling soreness and some discomfort. The swelling is going, my healing process is really really great, had no issues whatsoever. I love how my scar from my incision healed, I so love the size of my butt and hips, I didn't want anything to big and overpowering.
Everyone is so amazed of this whole transformation and most of all admire the DR who perform the work. I have seen and spoken to women who have had tummy tucks in the US and it is nothing compare to what I got.
I am so happy with the results, I am still going through the healing process, and surely have to get a new closet of clothes, my jeans that use to go up but can't button because of my tummy, now can't pass my hips LOL. My dresses and tops are to big now but I don't want to start doing any major shopping as it is only one month and I still have a lot of swelling.
My husband does massages daily on me to ensure no lumps is there, at the end of the day after work I am very stiff and hurt, so the massages really help. Last night I finally got a good night sleep and it felt great.
See the Pics, I took today !!!!

One Month Post-Op Pics

A few more pics

What a big difference Pics !!!!!

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Better view of the butt

Here is a better pic of the butt

One Month and Half

Swelling going down nicely, still have discomfort from the Lipo on the sides, lower and upper back. The results is more and more delightful....
you are looking better and better! how is your scar looking? I am getting one and I am scared of a thick or too crooked smiled one LOL! (assuming I dont develop problems) I don't keloid and my past surgery scar is gone! my doc told me he glued me instead of stitches. I hope Dr campos would do the same cause I have no scar now! just numbness, how does he close the incision? I haven been able to find many close up scar pics on RS. I looove to read your posts! thanks!
Hi, Dr Campos incision is really precise and consistence; I was worried about it but I am really happy with it. It is very low and very neat, no crookedness, he uses glues and some stitches inside as for the keloid there is a cream you can buy in Mx for $100 90ml and use it after 3 weeks of the surgery. My daughter had the same procedure but unlike me she keloid, I bought her the cream and she didn't. As long as you are very careful, very sterile and following post care instruction to avoid infection, you would be fine. Good luck and you would be amazed of your results as I am.
You look so good! Lovin the outfits too, shows all ur new curves

Loving it !!!!!

Almost four months and still can't believe the amazing results, absolutely no problems neither my daughter. Finally got into the gym for some toning and shaping, it feels good to hear the wonderful compliment, it feels good to actually wear those gorgeous dresses now without being self-aware. OMG my husband just love the results, the only thing I experience is a slight tenderness from the lipo.

Christmas Pics

Nice results
You are a young little mama! You look great! How is everything going for you now?
FABULOUS......very happy for you!

I am still in heaven !!!!

It is 6 months and I am still in heaven, I am still loving the results however I must say you do get the nasty stares, ppl who use to talk with you no longer does, it is unbelievable but this is the reality of having enhancement surgery. Nevertheless, I am loving it !!! My husband can't get enough of me, he loves seeing my wear beautiful dresses that falls right in all the places and that is what matters !!!! I would do it all over in a heart beat and only Dr. Campos would put his hands on this body :)
How many cc's did you uveitis get on your bbl?....thanks
Approx. 900 cc on each cheeks
You both look fantastic

One year later

One later I'm still happy, it was a journey I never thought I would embarked upon. Today I am so happy that I made the right decision and chose the right doctor to receive the best results. No regrets and still would stick to my decision THERE IS NO PLASTIC SURGEON IN THE USA that could give me the results as Dr Campos, all praises goes to him and his blessed talents.
My husband is the happiest man alive, this procedure has done everything to enhance my life in every aspect, I love how my clothes fits, I could wear any sexy outfit with confidence. I am still mindful of my diet but overall I am happy. I have seen other people surgery and it's nothing compared to what I got.
Looking good!!
You look amazing. Good for you! I can't believe anyone would give you a nasty stare or stop talking to you for doing something that makes you happy.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr Campos is a very modest guy, he has 10+ years of experience, he is very articulate in what he does and is famous for that "Hour-Glass" figure and Butt Lift. It is like he is working with clay, molding you to perfection. What is wonderful about him is that he don't over book surgeries on the same day, he would not do more than one TT a day, which is great cause you know he is taking his time. He has great bedside manners, however certain of his administration needs some work, there are a few of his staff that is wonderful and some others are not so pleasant, nevertheless his outcome compensate for those minor matters. His pricing is very reasonable compare to the U.S and there is no doctor I have come across in the U.S could perform such great work as he does. Being Latino he understands what curves women should have not just pull your skin and give you a flat tummy but add CURVES. Great experience with Dr Campos and ClubMed.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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