BBL - Tijuana, Mexico NO MORE CAMPOS!!!! I'm TEAM SALAMA now :)

Sooooo today is the day i paid my deposit for the...

Sooooo today is the day i paid my deposit for the BBL procedure by Dr Campos... i get the procedure done Sept 2012... im soooo excited! if there is anyone that can give me their 2 cents on how their procedure went with him i would greatly appreciate it!

im so nervous and excited at the same time! was there any down time for you... how long were down?


Is he booked up? I want my surgery within the next month. If you dont mind sharing his quote and details? I emailed him a week ago and have heard nothing.
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Hi there,

Thanks for your review and sharing your journey with us. I'm sure you'll get a lot of advice and support from the ladies in the BBL community. I look forward to keeping up with your progress!


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HEY YALL!! i just set my date for my BBL...

HEY YALL!! i just set my date for my BBL procedure!!!!! im sooooooooooooo excited and scared at the sametime... my original date was set for sept 24th 2012 but i got anxious and bumped it up to july lol!!! if anyone has any adivice or anything that they could tell me i would gratly scared out my ass but so excited!!! if anyone has any before and after pics i would love to see.... im sooo ready for this journey!!! LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!



Excited for you!
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Bonjour belle tifi, lol ;) I have read wonderful reviews about Doctor Campos. Initially, I wanted to go to DR since the doctors over there knows how to shape, contour, and curve the body for an hourglass figure. Is it ok that I ask you questions about your procedure ? I have done my research, but I want to plan the right way.:)
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Good luck waiting that long I wud die! Lol I get my surgery this month on the 15th when it happens I will pass on any tips I find out!
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I haven't been on here in months!!!! But I'm no...

I haven't been on here in months!!!! But I'm no longer going to dr campos I will be going to Dr SALAMA!!!!!! And I'm super excited!!!!!! I've heard so many good things and Ms Nancy is a total doll! I'm looking to share a condo, so if anyone is interested please let me know! My appt is set for early Jan!! B


Did you have to fly to salamas or does he let you do picture consultations? Cus i cant afford to fly back n forth and save for my new body.
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Why did you change your mind about campos?
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