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Ok so I just got a quote from pantoja. Lipo to...

Ok so I just got a quote from pantoja. Lipo to full back, arms, flanks, upper and lower abs. Plus muscle repair and tt with fat transfer for a bbl for $5000. That's pretty good compared to 5500 from Cardenas. Because Cardenas doesn't include a lot of things that pantoja does. Like the covered 2 day stay, faja, etc.


Do u hve wish pics
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I'm gonna post them now
@ms. Nina I know rightttt?! Lol I can't wait
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Wish picssss

These are just my wish pics so far. Still not sure if I want pantoja or Cardenas.


Hi, I am going to see Pantoja this June. I live in LA. Are you still going to TJ?
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Hey girl im team Pantoja all the way too!! he has the lowest prices tan carmina and campos, and ive seen some good pictures on line of some nice bootys
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Dang that is a good price, for all he's going to do:) can I ask what your prior weight is?
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