DOES ANYONE WANT TO TRADE SX DATES? Brazilian Butt Lift Aug 14th 2012 W Dr Jaime Campos - Tijuana, Mexico

Im Scheduled for August 14th, I've been...

Im Scheduled for August 14th, I've been procrastinating about the reality of me having to surgery until now. I am just booking my flight and my stay at clubmedical. I even stayed off of Realself for a while in order to not get nervous. It worked but now I'm just as nervous my surgery us so close now. I've followed lots of his patients on here. All that I've learned so far has been from them. From the do's and don'ts of bathroom etique while your garment is on, to emotional and physical journey I'm about to encounter. I'm glad to have my BBL sisters on here. I've been a support for them and I know they will be a support for me. This is about how I want to feel, how over the years I've sacrificed myself for my kids which I love, and rewarding myself with remodeling my body to feel years younger. About me I'm 5'4 am usually 120 but forced myself to gain weight which is super hard to do for me. I've gained 10lbs so far, but now comes the stuffing my face fest until surgury date. I've have four kids, (the last two) a set of twins. I don't have crazy loose skin, I just don't have a plump booty anymore, and things are starting to head south. lol My motivation: feeling good in my own skin, being able to be at the beach with a bathing suit on and not feeling like I've lost something in the sand and having that akward feeling. Filling in my jeans, finally! All together with flight and room & board I will spend about 5,500 prob a few more. Any questions please feel free to ask!


Thanks ;)
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Hey girl, welcome to the bbl sisterhood
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Oh just to let some people know, when I got my...

Oh just to let some people know, when I got my quote, dates available for surgery were six months out. This man is busy, so keep that in mind when wanting to set a date, all you need is to send your deposit in to hold your date.


I haven't booked my stay yet cuz I'm going to go visit clubmed n grace recovery next week, but I will most likely book my stay with club med. Ahh that sucks, we won't meet. I'm driving straight to TJ the morning of the 20th, I liv only 2 hrs away. My husbands driving me. I will stay at Campos clinic ovrnight then head to Clubmed on the 21st. I have not met one person yet who will b there that week. I plan on staying Tuesday thru Sat.
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Im staying at clubmed, I'm staying for a week, I leave the 20th. Are you getting there on the 19th?
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Hi BBL sister! I am having sx with Campos right after u. Mine is August 20th. How long will u be in TJ? Were r u staying.
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I just came from the beach and I realized I hadn't...

I just came from the beach and I realized I hadn't posted pics so I'm doing so in my bathing suit. Which I wear something sheer over this, stretch marks and belly fat make me feel ashamed.

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Okay so my kids got home with a stomach virus,...

Okay so my kids got home with a stomach virus, I've been sick for like a week. I lost some weight. I am so upset. I want to cry. Its really hard for me to gain weight. Does anyone want to trade dates with me?


Trying to go to Campos next month, but awaiting a reply for a sx date. contact me, I'd love to go on the 14th of August if possible. But I wanted more than just the BBL.
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Okay so Im hanging in the balance right now, I will probably have to reschedule. I mean I dont want to go In and waste my money on minimal results. I hardly have fat as is. Then 30% might be absorbed. I cant. I will cry my eyes out. Keeping my fingers crossed. I've even been taking Mens whey protien powder. Hoping to add some pounds.
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Hi im interested on ur date please email me @ thanks :D
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I wont be able to make it for my August 14th...

I wont be able to make it for my August 14th surgery date. I will be losing my deposit. And with it my hopes. Im so sad. I will try again next year maybe april. I was so excited and now I'm getting depressed by the minute. I found no one to switch with me. :(


hello everyone i just wanted to let you know if you need a date for dr campos i just cancelled for sept 28th 2012 call anggie
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is there a reason y yu cancelled?
I want to have my surgery on oct or 8th 2012 with Dr Campos and my date is Sept 28 2012 do any of you want to switch with me?
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Jaime Campos

I've been researching doctors for probably 3 to 4 years, maybe longer. I finally chose Dr Campos after seeing his work here on Realself. I love this site. After seeing the work of different doctors a chose Campos because of his hourglass shape he gives along with your Butt lift.

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