Going For Round 2 This time I'll be going w/ campos!

Hi after wanting the bbl and waiting for so long...

hi after wanting the bbl and waiting for so long im finally do it!!! im planning to get a bbl within 2-3 weeks in tijuana mexico...does anyone want to do it with me? if so email me and we can talk more about it!! i email my pictures to the dr and he gave me an estimate it seems really reasonableUpdated on 24 Aug 2011:so i arrived in tijuana today the procedure is tomorrow...does anyone in san diego have a free room or something i can rent??!!?? i found this place where I'm staying at right now through craigslist and honestly I'm scare!! so if any here could help me please email me asap!!!Updated on 19 Dec 2011:Going for round 2 in feb-march...anyone want to join me? I figure we could split the cost of the hotel or something, or if anyone lives 10-15 across the boarder and has a room available for a week I'll be more than happy to rent it. If you do just message me privately.HOPEFULLY it'll be BETTER second time around =]i don't know how much it'll cost yet but my first procedure including all the expenses was approximately 4.7k. I talked to the staff a while back they don't know how much the second procedure will be for either but they say the price should be lower. Hopefully this time it'll be a lot less because I was completely broke after the first procedure. So all you ladies out there that's planning to do it somewhere around that time in Tijuana let me know!Updated on 22 Dec 2011:if you want to see my before and after pictures feel free to send me your address and i will reply as soon as i can =]

hi could you PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ send me your before and after pics.. im SOO DESPERATE to get this done and not being left bankrupt.. so i want to go to mexico also..
Do U have any updated pics? I'm anxious to see pix. =)
Hi somethingnew,
Hopee your recocery home is better than your T.J. experience. Jeep is posted as soon as you feel better.

Im now over 5 months op and it sucks!! most of the...

im now over 5 months op and it sucks!! most of the fat got absorbed already =[ going to a different dr because i haven't heard from mine in a while! PEOPLE IF YOU'RE GOING TO GET THE BBL GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!!find the right dr. and ask as much questions as POSSIBLE!!
hello my name is maggy im coming dwn to tj on wednesday so reply to me n we can meet up but im doing my surgery with Dr.Luis suarez in tj mex,

Ok so im one week away from being 6months op and...

ok so im one week away from being 6months op and im super stress out cause i wanted an earlier date w campos but he's booked til july/aug! does anyone have an earlier date and want to switch? i was hoping to do it in april =[ well i waited a few months to post these pics hoping it'll turn out for the better...well it's nothing but disappointed =[ waste of time money and pain!

Can anyone tell me when the incision will heal...

can anyone tell me when the incision will heal completely or what they use to make it go away? you can't really tell because of the light but it's my incision is still super visible now and i hate it! so if anyone have any advice please let me know!

I still haven't decided who i'm going to do a...

i still haven't decided who i'm going to do a re-touch with...it's either between campos or salama =[
Id like to go but its a bit too soon....id have done it in California but its ridiculously over priced
Yea u talkin bout giselle. She cool. They training angie and she sucks. I font have time for it. Imma just save up the extra money. Lose the headache of flyin out if country and passports and everything. Imma just stay here. Salama will give u exactly wat u want so fuck it imma go to him. At least they answer the phone
I chose salama too. I had a date for campos in may but his staff is not responding to.my emails and things so i said fuck it.


GOING FOR ROUND TO W CAMPOS WOOOHOOO!!hopefully it'll turn out wonderful this time because the first time didn't turn out so well..my ass was still flat!
when are you going


SUPER EXCITED LESS A LIL MORE THAN ONE WEEK TO GO!!! this time it has to be right! it just has to!
Hey doll, How was your r2?
How are you doing? WHo did you end up going too?
hello everyone i just wanted to let you know if you need a date for dr campos i just cancelled for sept 28th 2012 call anggie
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I don't know why I can't edit the doctor's name. I had it done by Dr. Suarez In Tijuana, Mx. Dr.Campos was my first choice but he was SUPER booked and at that time i wanted it ASAP so I went to Dr. Suarez instead. My first experience with the Dr. Suarez and stuff was AWESOME but the results weren't much to my liking I'll be going back for round 2 soon.i take about the part about me saying it was awesome =[ now im 6months op and it's a FAILURE ...gotta go to someone else for round 2 =[

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