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As most of you lovely ladies I also have been...

As most of you lovely ladies I also have been lurking this sight for quite some time. It wasn't until my cousin had several procedures done by Dra Cardenas that I became interested. I began researching more about Dra Cardenas and after hearing my cousins wonderful experience and seeing her great results I then decided I'd choose Dra Cardenas.

My surgery is scheduled for September 27th 2013 i will be getting liposuction to my abdomen, upper and lower back, flanks, waist and FG to my Butt and Hips. I payed my deposit a few moths ago but felt like now it's my turn to share my journey. Im 28 tears old weigh 112 lbs and a mother of a 3 year old little girl. My husband has been very supportive about the procedure even when I feel scared, nervous and unsure he always remains positive because he knows how much i want this surgery. Im only 8 weeks away from my surgery date... WOW time flys... I just got my lab work done yesterday that was requested by Dra Cardenas 8 weeks prior to surgery. My family doctor also prescribed me the antibiotics along with two other medications Dra Cardenas prescribes her patients. As part of my pre op preparations I also decided to go on a 5 year birth control plan since I hadn't been on any type of birth control for years.

Oh and I forgot to mention I also had my flight booked a while ago. I'm very very excited but like many women I get very nervous and scared at times.

Over all I've had a good experience communicating with Fatimeh, shes a sweetheart very friendly personable and always answers all my questions.


Is anyone else having surgery with Dra Cardenas around the same time I'am? I will be at the recovery home between September 26th and October 3rd?
Goodluck with your surgery!
Thank you Anna :) you are looking fabulous
I am having my sx december 12, 2013

The countdown begins.....

Only one month left till surgery, starting to get really nervous but looking forward to it. I just got back from vacation and gained like 3lbs I'm 115lbs I have one month to loose them and return tommy healthy eating habits. Fatimeh advise me to stay as close as possible to my ideal weight eat healthy and walk daily. I really need to buy my iron pills ASAP.... I bought my boppy pillow on Saturday and now shopping for something comfortable to wear when I fly back after surgery. Now I need to look for someone whom specializes in lymphatic massages in town. I don't know how many massages ill be able to get while at beauty care but I know I'll have to get a lot more when I come home.
almost here!!! I ended up only having two massages. Compression garment helped a lot. Your weigh seems very light dont over stress! you will end up looking fab!!!

17 days until my surgery!!!!!

I'm soooooo excited, I'm not going alone my cousin Will be joining me. She also will be getting lipo and fat transferred to her butt along with BA. Well I been taking my iron pills eating healthier than I had been, will see if I can loose at least 2lbs before surgery. I need to check what grocery store in town has the arnica plant, I'd like to make arnica tea when I come home from surgery. I added a photo of some of the things Ived purchased for after surgery :)
good luck thinking bout mexico myself.
Have you received any quotes from any doctors in Mexico? My cousin already had a tummy tuck bbl with dra Cardenas and she's going for round 2 getting her tummy lipo and more fat transferee to her butt, she already looks AMAZING but wants a bigger booty. You should research Cardenas shes pretty awesome. Ived seen my cousins results and several women here on rs.
Really thats good to know and thanks. I recieved a quote from pantoja, emailed cardenas and waiting for quote, gd luck

Only 2 days away from surgery....

I'm starting to get nervous but at the same time excited. I fly out to San Diego tomorrow (Thursday) and having surgery Friday morning. Ladies please say a little prayer for me. I will post an update after my surgery.
Good luck, praying for you hun :-)
Thank you very much :)
Good luck. Praying for a speedy recovery.

Pictures / 2 days away :)

Good luck can't wait to see your results!!

15 days post opp

I'm feeling soooo much better :) the first 3-4 days were the worst. It wasn't so much pain, it was discomfort. I couldn't get comfortable I had so much fluid and my tummy felt super weird. My belly felt like jelly and my faced swelled up so much it looked like a got in a bad accident lol. I stopped taking ibeprofein probably around day number 5. I'am now walking a little faster than the begging but I'm still not 100%. My swelling has gone down a lot but in I'm still very swollen. I've been drinking arnica tea ad taking arnica pellets. I startsrted with a size small garment and I'am now waring my xsmall, I feel like my extra small is getting big and I'm on my 3rd hook. I'm getting my small taken in I just hope it's small enough. Felling like I need more compression :/

As far as massages go I received 4 while at BCRH and I've gotten 2 since I've been back home. The first 4 massages I received were really creapy to me :/ I couldn't stand the way my abdomens felt while being touch or massaged but I dealt with it. In seriously such a baby I still don't know how I went thru with the surgery. I'm very thankful for all the wonderful nurses at the clinic and BCRH ( Carmelita my favorite, she's so cheerful lovable I looked forward seeing her every day. Carmelita was like my momma I felt so loved :) Susie I really liked her too she helped me shower and was very sweet. I don't remember the names of the nurse at the clinic but they were very comforting. The night nurse at the clinic was really sweet I felt like she was by my side at all times, my neck was sweating a lot throughout the night right after surgery and she rubbed my hair and adjusted the temperature.

Dra Cardenas is soooooooooo wonderful and just a beautiful person. She removed 6 liters of fat (yikes) and transferred 150 ccs to each hip 610 to one cheek and little more to the other cheek, I can't remember the exact amount. Dra Cardenas told me that I was a bleeder, she said had it not been because of my age and how good my hemoglobin was she would have stopped at my abdomen :/. My iron is now low but working on getting healthy again. I didn't know I was a bleeder although it makes sense now because hen i delivered my daughter I bled more than normal and ended up with anemia low iron. I didn't think anything of it because I thought it was normal to bleed like that or child birth, but now I know it's not normal and it's just the way my body reacts. Oh and I also bruised ALOT!!!!! My bruises are going away fairly fast which I'm happy about:) i also got to bags of iron pumped thru my IV the second day after surgery which I felt helped me a lot. Dra Cardenas checked up on me every day while at BCRH which I really liked.

As far as my results, I love what I see so far and I'm still very swollen I can't imagine how much smaller ill get:) my waist is tiny I never knew I had that waist hiding beneath my fat lol I also love my hips. As far as my butt goes it's still swollen on top but I'm starting to see it round up. It's still not completely round but I do understand it's because of swelling.

As far as this surgery goes, I feel it requires a lot of patience. Your body changes every day. I've been taking it one day at time and it's been working. I'm normally not a patient person but I'm learning to be now. So far the hardest thing has been getting my garment on. I can't get my garment on on my own. It's difficult for me because it usually just my daughter and I. I either have my friend help me or my husband when he is home. One lady thing I wanted to add ... A very very special thank you to Asianxdoll2 she has been dry supportive answering all my emails and any questions I'ved had
Post some pics.....I love to see some. Do you still have lumps? I'm home now and I am still swollen. I'll see Dr Cardenas on the 17th and I'll get my massage again.
I wouldn't say I have lumps just some spots on my abdomen but it feels like swelling because they aren't hard. I sent Dra. Cardenas photos and fatimeh said it was swelling. She also advise me to make sure my garment is tight and to continue using the epifoam. I absolutely love my results :) I'm truly happy. I'm still swollen but defiantly notice the swelling going down. I've been drinking arnica tea and arnica pellets. I've been getting lymphatic massages twice a week.... The massages have helped my bruising and swelling A lot. I've had a total of 8 lymphatic massages.
You look great! I had 6 lymphatic massages & 5 hyperbaric 02 therapy. My swelling is going down too, and my incisions are drying out. I'm still bended though. How do you seat? I am finding a way to feel comfortable. Take care.

18 days PO photos

Playing dress up:)

Im Now 23 days PO And Woke up feeling more mobile. I feel like I'm at 90% I do feel wearing the garment and epifoam makes it difficult but totally worth wearing both. I'm wearing my small compression garment I took to be taking in, well it's smaller than my extra small but now it's too big. I'm happy because that means my swelling is going down even more but tomorrow in definately taking my extra small to my seamstress so she can make it smaller :)

I was playing dress up today and tried on an outfit i luckily had a before picture to compare and WOW I had nooooo hips and now I LOVE how it looks my booty pops out too!!!! I'm so pleased with my results. The size of my hips and butt are perfect for me, I didn't want a ginormous booty or hips just a nice portioned size for my height and frame and Dra. Cardenas made it happen. My only consern now is I don't want too loose much more lol. When I return to the gym I plan on doing minimal cardio and focus more on weights toning and squat squat squat ;), I still have swelling in my abdomen sides and lower back but I've been patient with my healing process. It definately gets better every day. I still get a little weird wen I shower and touch my body tummy back and down stairs because the swelling makes it feel weird. I mean weird as in the sensation, some areas that are most swollen almost feel a little numb but definately feel my skin reattaching to my muscle. It doesn't feel remotely close to the creepy jello feeling I felt the first week after surgery. I couldnt stand that feeling, it was creepy, un confortable I can't even describe it.

Best wishes and happy healing to all you lovely lady's recovering.



I want BBA too. I saw your results and you look amazing. Congratulation! I was wondering how tall you are? I am 5'5 and I weight only 107lbs. I am trying to gain weight for BBA and eating as much as I can. Can you please tell me how much you weight? Very desperate. Please reply. Thank you
I'm pretty short, I'm 4 11 and I weighed around 116lb but for some reason when I weight myself surgery day I was 112lb I'm pretty positive that was not accurate.
Where are you considering having your surgery?

31 days PO

Loving my new figure!!!! I'm very happy with my results and I can't wait wear my clothes without a garment. I can't believe how much fat Dra. Cardenas removed. I feel like my butt is getting smaller but my husband has reassured me it's still big lol I think I'm just getting use to it ;) I love trying on my fitted dresses and WOW I love the way my leggings fit now. I actually have a booty and no camel toe lol I no longer have to wear shirts that are long enough to cover my booty or camel toe. I started using menderma on my 4th week as advised by Cardenas. I still lay on my stomach and only sit if I have and Im still using my boppy. I still see some swollen areas ... Not sure how long it'll take for my swelling to go completely away but I'm being patient. Happy healing to all you lovely ladies =)

30 days PO

U look amazing congrats :)
Thank you :)
10-29-13 - Can someone pls reply - Saw a Dr today for BBL - am 5.3" weigh 131 lbs and he told me to gain 15 lbs because I don't have enough fat?? I used to weigh 115 lbs for years, then gained and lost to around 125 to 131 lbs that I am currently. Where did the Dr get the fat from you? You seem not to have had that much? I'm surprised - you look terrific and still so small?

More pictures :)

Dreamcatcher28 - thank you for posting your pics and experiences. They do help those of us who are contemplating the BBL. It's very much appreciated :) You flew to CA, then were picked up by Dr. Cardenas staff? How did you get back when you weren't supposed to sit for any length of time?
Yes I was picked up by Dra Cardenas staff. When I returned I was also dropped of by Cardenas staff. I sat on my boppy also when I arrived at the airport I had wheelchair service which I highly highly recommend. I didn't have to wait in long lines at the airport it was a very fast process, I arrived almost two hours early even tho I had wheel chair while I waited for my flight to board u stood then I sat on my boppy they my entire flight which was only 1hr and 15 minutes long. After surgery I layed on my stomach the first two days but due to my face swelling so much and feeling very uncomfortable I did sleep sitting at an angle on my 3rd and 4th day. Lo always use my boppy haven't yet fully sat without it. Although your only suppose to avoid sitting for the fist 3 weeks I have not yet sat lol I'm afraid my butt will loose the fat. I don't feel like sitting on my butt at the beggining of surgery affected my results but I'am afraid so I've been staging, kneeling and laying and I'm a little over 4 weeks PO. I will call my doctor today and ask her if it's okay if inset sitting.
Your replies are helping very much. Where do you buy a boppy? It almost looks like a neck roll LOL. Was the pick-up included in the price you quoted?

36 days PO

One more week and I can finally take my garment off!!!! I can't wait, I'm starting to get a little impatient. A few days ago I started to feel that mild burning sensation on some of the areas that got lipo. Not a good feeling at all :/ I can tolorate it just very uncomfortable. I also feel like the epifoam suctions my skin like a pulling sensation. When I go from a sitting position to up right position my abdomen area feels like the epifoam is stretching my skin apart. Maybe it's because my skin has retracted more idk it's just not confortable. I spoke to Fatimeh last week and she said after my sixth week I no longer had to wear my garment but she advised me to wear it for as long as possible eiether night time or day time but after the 6th week I didn't have to wear it 24-7. Fatimeh also told me that after my 6th week I didn't have to wear the epifoam :) I have 5 more days until my 6th week. I will begin to work out once I'm done with my garment, I can't wait!
wow you look amazing.... lovn that black outfit on you
Thank you :) it was my Halloween costume lol I was a cat, but I'm loving the Victoria's Secret leggings.


Starting Saturday I will be at my 6 week mark which my epifoam os no longer required for me to wear. Also at the 6th week mark my garment is not required 24-7 but I was advice to wear it as long as possible either at night or during the day. It'll be nice to not have to wear my garment if I have an event or gathering to go :) and enjoy the clothes I'm wearing without having to wear clothes that don't show the garment.it gets difficult figuring what to wear when you have the epifoam and garment. I love the way clothes fit now ... We'll I am now having the problem where some close is too baggy and some store only carry smalls.
Your results is Badddd. I love the crop top outfit with the pointy toed pumps. Keep wearing that fajas until 3 months so you don't experience any swelling.
Y results look bad? :( That outfit was my Halloween costume lol :) I was a cat turned out pretty cute. Yeah your right I'm going to continue wearing my faja but it'll be nice to not have to wear it if I have an event to go too. I can't believe tomorrow will be 6 weeks PO :)
Lol "badddd" means amazing in big booty talk. I could also says your results look great but it would provide the effect I needed lol

10 weeks post opp

WOW time flys ladies, it's already been 10 weeks since my surgery. I'm feeling and doing great. I'm sooo very happy I went thru with this surgery, beyond worth it. I still wear my garment but not like before 24-7 I have gone a few days without wearing it. The swelling hasn't gone away 100% i have notice what Many of You ladies have talked about, where the seelling comes and goes when I go without compression for a little while specially in my puvis area :/ I'll post some pictures along with this update. Hope all you lovely ladies are doing wonderful :)

10 weeks post opp pictures

Another picture

How tall r u? I was thinking about getting bbl too but I thought I was too skinny for because I'm 110lb n 5'2 ..so I was considering but implants but I love your results!
You look amazing! I just sent over an email about getting some info! :D
What is the arnica tea for? Also the massages, what r they for?
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I'm very happy I chose Dra. Cardenas as my surgeon, she's such a beautiful caring and compassionate person she's just amazing. Cardenas visited me every day while at the recovery home and made sure all my needs we're met and answered all my questions. I absolutely love the way she sculpted and enhance my body. Dra Cardenas staff is just as amazing as she is, they all are very passionate about their job. Over all I'm happy I had the pleasure of meeting Dra Cardenas and choosing her as my doctor.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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