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Dr Victor Gutierrez Made my Arms Look Super Sexy!!!!! - Tijuana, Mexico

My arms were in bad shape. No matter how much time...

My arms were in bad shape. No matter how much time I spent in the gym lifting weights, doing pull-ups, push-ups, and everything else I could think of for a few years, my arms still had so much hanging extra skin, that I had to have a arm lift. I will be sure to update with before and after pictures.

Straight and Beautiful.

My incisions are so straight, thin and well hidden. WOW! I am in disbelief at how lovely formed my arms are this soon after surgery.


It is so unfair to go into stores, see a nice shirt or a beautiful blouse you want, only to find that you can not wear it because your arms are too big. Flustrating!!!
Finally, that is a thing is the past.
I started wearing my small beige arm compression garment with the cutiest lace at the elbows yesterday that Dr Victor Gutierrez put on me yesterday. It is snug and comfortable. I have very mimium swelling, and my arms do not hurt at all. In fact, I have to consciously remember not to use them, and instead use my core muscles to raise up or lower myself down. I am sure I will be picture ready soon, but right now I am taped up with a beautiful arm compression garment on, so I think I need a little more time before I can post pictures. Smile.

Comfortable arm position

The hardest part so far about my arm lift surgery is not knowing how to position my arms while I am laying in bed recovering. I try laying them straight. I try bending them at the elbows. I try laying them on top of pillows. I try laying them under pillows. I try laying them above my head. I try resting them on my stomach. Is there such a thing as 'restless arm syndrome?' (Smile) As they heal, it is getting easier to get into a comfortable position an rest, without putting pressure on them. I do everything I can not to use them. No stretching. No picking up objects heavier than my toothbrush and a spoon. No doing nothing!!! Well, I do eat, like I am doing now. Let me finish my oatmeal and fruit. I just wanted to let everyone know I am well and healing wonderfully.

Beautiful arms photos in just 13 days after surgery

My arms are so sexy and beautiful. I would have never dreamed in a million years that my arms would ever be sexy again, and I would be able to show off my muscles that I have worked so hard for over the past few years. As most if us, I was worried about the scar and scar placement, but that was before I knew my plastic surgeon. After my surgery with him last year, I knew I did not have to worry about my arm lift, because Dr Victor Gutierrez really is the BEST,

Saggy Shaky Arm pictures before surgery

My skin was hanging from my elbow to my arm pit.

Still looking great!

My arms are healing wonderfully. It is amazing how well my scars are healing. I am astounded with my results.

Close-up Scar Photos of After My Arm Lift Surgery

I think the arm lift surgery is one that is the most needed, but it is the most feared due to the visibility of the scar. I certainly felt that way about having a scar going all the way down my arm. But what good was it to get my total body transformed and leave hanging skin on my arms. I knew eventually I was going to have to have surgery, but coming to terms with knowing I was going to have the visible scars was something totally different for me. I know a lot of other women feel the same way. What made me go ahead and have the arm surgery? For me, I had to put complete faith and trust in the fact that I have the best plastic surgeon and that he would make it possible for me to have beautiful arms just as he has transformed the rest of my body perfectly. I look at my arms now and know that my scar will not be there one day because I chose Dr. Victor Gutierrez as my plastic surgeon. He has truly made it possible for me to say "I LOVE My Arms."

Have Your Arm Lift Surgery (Brachioplasty) From a Plastic Surgeon that is also a Hand/Arm Specialist ONLY!!!

I did not do any deep research, read many reviews, or look at many before and after photos before my arm lift surgery, because I am sure it would have totally freaked me out. Why? The satisfaction rating for arm lift surgery is not high enough because women are not getting satisfactory results due to poor surgical techniques and inexperience from doctors that are not fully educated about a persons arms and with Brachioplasty. These plastic surgeons go ahead and do the surgery anyway because it looks easy and they figure they are just working with fat and skin removal, so what could possible go wrong. However, our arms are fascinating as well as complicated and should not be taken for granted by us allowing a less than experienced surgeon with no real knowledge about arms to perform our Brachioplasty.

Dr Victor Gutierrez my plastic surgeon also specializes as a Hand Surgeon, which includes operating on the hands and arms due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome relieving painful nerves and other awful symptoms which I sometimes experience myself due to repetitive use of my hands and arms. (Think about the amount of surgical experience he has working on arms!) Knowing this information, I was even more confident of his deep profound study and intimate knowledge about arms, and not just about excess skin removal. Our arms are extraordinary and certain places inside and out need to be handled with caution and extreme care, otherwise there can be problems after surgery or in the future. Choosing a plastic surgeon for our arms is extremely important! Choose a plastic surgeon wisely, not just for immediate beautiful cosmetic results like mine, but for life long healthy arms.

More Arm Pictures

Here is a full view of my beautiful arms.
Dr. Victor Gutierrez

He is the BEST plastic surgeon west of the Atlantic Ocean and east of the Pacific Ocean. You can look everywhere, but if you want outstanding results, please look no farther.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Have a Happy Labor Day! :0)
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Hi, sorry if I have the same comment twice, not sure if the first one posted. I noticed you aren't giving out the price of your arm surgery (which I totally support, don't get me wrong..) but could you give a ballpark number? Like under $5000, or under $4000? Thanks! :)
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Dr Victor Gutierrez prices are extremely reasonable, but can vary according to the amount of work involved and the surgical procedure. There are so many things that can be done durning a arm lift surgery that can effect the price. For example, one person may need a very long incision, whereas another person may only a mini incision. Some may need lipo or others may need incisions under their arms. There are so many things involved!! (Smile) Because of this, prices are different for each person so I encourage you to contact the doctor directly. They are so very nice and they respond to emails promptly.
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Hi, I see you're not giving out a price or anything, (which I totally support) but I'm just curious if you can give a ballpark number? Like under $5000? or under $4000? Thanks!
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Thanks for the info about the airport. That is good to know. I actually just contacted Dr. G and I am highly considering my arm lift to be performed by him now because of his specialty with the arms and hands and the fact he'a Board Certified. This has been my most feared surgery because you actually "see" your arms. I don't know if I could get over a botched job on the arms like I could if it were say "breasts!" The only thing that sucks is that he doesn't take care credit, yet, at the end of the day I know the cost will be close to half of what I would pay in the USA, so I think I will save up cash to do this first and then have my TT and breast reconstruction/reduction/lift performed later. We're you able to use your hands to get your luggage at the airport after surgery or did you have someone go with you to help?
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I literally have a scar phobia, so this one was the hardest decisions for me as well, but knowing Dr. G is the BEST, I knew my arms would turn out perfect. I did not pick up my luggage. Everyone is so helpful! At the airport on my way back home, I checked in my small carry on bag for $25.00. That saved me a lot of trouble since I traveled alone.
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Oh wow! I'm shocked you traveled alone. That's encouraging (for at least this surgery) because I want to have it done within 6 months and I know my husband would have a hard time getting off work/finding someone to watch the kids, etc. How long did you stay in Mexico afterwards? Also, how long before you had somewhat decent use of your arms/hands? Thanks for all your helpful info!!
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SugarArtist79, Traveling alone is much easier for me. I stayed for a very extended period of time. However, please speak with Dr Victor Gutierrez to see how long it is necessary for you to stay. It is possible that you can stay for a short time, and be back home before anyone knows that you are gone. (Smile). I was extremely careful when I came to using my arms right after surgery. I DO NOT push myself. I gave myself 3 weeks before I started any very very lite chores around the house. (That means I was telling others what I wanted done) Decent use? For me it took about 6 weeks. It has been almost 3 months, and I still will not pick up anything heavy, or try to open the tops off of jars that are too difficult to twist off. For me, giving my arms time to heal is the most important thing I can do.
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Thanks so much! Yes, I feel the same way about going alone. I don't want to advertise that I'm doing all this to ANYONE except my husband, best friend and you wonderful folks on here. Frankly, I have found that a LOT of people start judging you (sadly especially my family of whom my birth mother is the absolute WORST) The most important thing is that my husband supports me (and he does), yet now because I've had so many negative "comments" and "lectures" from certain members of my family I have just recently started to not talk about it AT ALL anymore. It's just not worth "explaining" to them. This is MY body! I'm the one that had 3 children and lost a LOT of weight (about 80 lbs.) in my early adult years, and frankly "I'm" the one paying for it, so I sure as heck am not going to listen to their "opinions" anymore. I've thought about this for a LOOOONG time!! My breasts are HUGE and one is about 3 sizes larger than the other one (E or F cup on right and at least a DD on left), I inherited my grandfather's stocky upper "man back and huge arms and broad 'football player' shoulders." I just don't feel feminine at all anymore and I'm DONE with waiting around trying to "lose more weight" as my birth mother says. I showed her one time all my loose "skin" and explained that "No, it won't just shrink and go away with more "weight loss!" UGH!! Sorry, I get SO MAD now because she refuses to "think or listen", haha! Also I was told "your breasts are beautiful and colorful (I guess she was trying to make a positive comment about my two DRASTIC breast sizes) and God made you like that!" Aaargh! Nevermind my increasing back pain and the fact I had to quit pilates for the time being because my breasts literally have almost suffocated me a few times in several positions. This is a person who met me when I was 18 and was never in my life before that time, yet wants to tell me exactly how to live my life! Uhmmm, NOOO WAY!!! Ok, I'll get off my soapbox, lol! I'm sending Dr. G my arm, back stomach and breast pics. We'll see what the damage is going to be... or more so "repairs!"
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Yes is good thinking
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SugarArtist79, You deserve to look and feel your BEST! Everything will be alright because you are doing this for yourself, which is very important. Dr Victor Gutierrez can and will completely transform your body. I will send you a personal message.
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Also, did you fly into the Tijuana airport? I took a look at tickets from Denver to San Diego and they are 250 versus 1000 to fly into Tijuana (25 minutes down the road), WTH?! I mean I know it's Mexico, but c'mon?! Anywho, I am thinking about this, but I am wondering if they can take you to the San Diego airport from the clinic? BTW, I've also read several other reviews about Dr. G & they're all VERY positive :)
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Hi SugarArtist79, I flew into the San Diego Airport, which cost considerably less than flying into the Tijuana Airport. I was picked up at the San Diego Airport and after staying in Tijuana several days after my surgery, I was taken back to the San Diego Airport. It was extremely easy crossing the border and everyone is very nice and helpful. They will take care of you 100% from start to finish. All of the reviews are 'VERY POSITIVE' because they really are the BEST!!!
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Wonderful results... I just love that straight line awesome... Dr. G does wonderful artistic job.
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Thanks you much. Yes, my incisions are very straight and are healing perfectly. Dr Victor Gutierrez really did an amazing job on my arms.
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Your arms look absolutely A-MAZING!!! I have to be honest in that I haven't even considered going to Mexico for this, but WOW, I might just consider Dr Gutierrez. Yay for you girl!
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THANKS! They look even better now. Dr. Victor Gutierrez is an amazing artist and I am loving my new arms!!
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