Ethnic Rhinoplasty In Tijuana, Mexico

Hi Everyone! So I've been wanting rhinoplasty for...

Hi Everyone!
So I've been wanting rhinoplasty for as long as I could remember. After doing plenty of research, I've decided to get my procedure done in Tijuana, Mexico in exactly a month. The doctor I've chosen is Dr. Manuel Gutierrez. Is anyone planning on getting their rhinoplasty in Mexico or with this specific doctor? I'll be posting pictures and posting my journey here very shortly.

Peace, love, and happiness,


Just booked my flight! I'm set for surgery August 14th with Dr. Gutierrez! I'm so excited. I'm still seeking a roomate, if anyone (female) is interested in sharing a room and splitting the cost please contact me. I'll be there from the 13th thru the 21st.
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Whoop whoop! I just booked mine for July 16! Exactly a month before yours so I'll be keeping you updated with how everything goes. Enough time to back out if my nose job completely messes up. Just kidding! *knocks on wood* *Says a quick prayer to the Lord Jesus* HOPEFULLY, God willing, all goes well! haha.

Before Pics

LOL! I know the stars on the eyes look quite odd but I'm not sure that I want my entire face exposed just yet. Sorry :P


Good Luck & following
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Hâte de voir tes résultats pour me faire opérer par ce chirurgien ;-)
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I'm officially scheduled for July 17th. Booked my flight and everything! So excitedddd! Less than 3 weeks away =O


Good luck !
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please let me know your experience... he is my second choice... maybe first..
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Goodluck!pls do keep us posted.
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I'm here!

I just got in my surgery bed and attire! We're ready to go!! I'll update y'all when this IV is out of my hand and I can type better. Pray for me y'all ! Xoxo


huuuurrryyyyy!!!! lol i wanna seeeeee!!! im so excited for you!!!
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Yesssss! May God be with you girl! You'll be fine
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Post op

Overall, surgery went smooth! I'm making daily vids that I'm probably gunna edit into one. For now, here is some pics of my Swollen PUMPKIN face lol!


Hi Glam princess ,is your cast off
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How long will you be staying there ?
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From the 13th of August until the 21st

Cast removal day

I got my cast taken off today and to be completely honest....
I'm scared.
ummm... my sister has been trying to comfort me all day but between the swelling, and the bruising, I just can't see the vision. My nostrils are uneven but apparently that will change overtime when swelling goes down. I leave in the morning and I'll upload all my pics but right now.. I just wanna eat my worries away, avoid mirrors, and not think about meeting people who know how my face normally looks. Good night y'all xox


Thanks for the update. You will be good in a few days I'm sure. I think your feelings are very common so don't worry, what you're experiencing is normal. The swelling and unevenness will go away. I'm praying for you girlie.. Chin up.
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Can you post a current picture of your nose?
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Took the tape off to change it.

2 days ago I was changing my tape because it was coming off due to the oils in my skin. Took pics, my nose is still very swollen. My nostrils are uneven but when I called the doctor he assured me this is only temporary. My tip is very upturned right now but it's still very early in the game. Looking at your nose and analyzing it this early definitely messes with your mental state so I WOULD NOT recommend anyone do this! lol.. learn from my mistake!


I can feel your pain as this is my doc also and Im currently not to pleased with my results you dont need to wait till 4 months because you nostrils wont fix it self and the curve will not straighten out by it self he also didnt give me a call back either so dont feel bad. He should do a revision on you because he clearly made some mistakes, but the good thing is a nose doesnt determine your beauty.
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Looks great! Wait the 4 months to contact him again. Other than nostril its shaped super nice
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Ok I agree with the nostril thing, it looks like it could be fixed pretty easy. Almost like a stitch broke, I'm surpised he didn't call back, did you send him pictures of your complaints?
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Botch job?

So here's the deal... My nose job isn't healing into my dream nose or an even nose. Not tryna be a Debbie downer, just telling the TRUTH since I keep getting private messages about my honest opinion. My nostrils are UNEVEN. One nostril looks sliced. My bridge is super tiny for my face. The nose bone was shaved too thin. Also, my tip looks amputated because there seem to be something called Polly Beak forming. There is a curve going down the bridge of my nose. I emailed the doctor and I was scheduled to have an over the phone consultation yesterday but I never received a phone call. The doctor said in an email that 100% of the swelling will be gone and that's 4 months away. I'm focused on other things like school and work thankfully. And each day I come to terms and stop denying the fact that these results and the way I feel about my nose is not "normal". We'll see what happens. Staying Posutive. Only time will tell. Xo


Umm.. by all means your gorgeous sistah.. but who did your job... ?
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I like your knows overall but see your concerns. I hope he is right about the swelling
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Hi, how are you doing now? Are you seeing the look you wanted? I thought your nose looked really good, even so soon post-op...but how do you feel about your new nose now?
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He called this morning

Got a phone call from him this morning. He assured that it is swelling and that the curve down the centre of my nose is due to swelling as well. He then said the nostril looks sliced because of swelling in my tip. From doing research many surgeons use a steroid shot in these situations but he said he isn't concerned about my swelling and I shouldn't worry about that. He also said swelling moves from one side to the other depending on how you sleep. He said in a month I should send him pictures again. I just hope he's right and it heals well because I'm a student and saved for a long time to get this. I don't have money to see other doctors like Dr. Boahene to fix me up. Prayer is free though, so I'm banking on that :) . Stay blessed, I'll update in a few.

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What I like about my nose:
It's smaller.

What I don't like:
1) My bridge is too narrow for my face
2) My tip is WAY TOO upturned
3) My nostrils are still uneven in size and different shape
4) The profile sticks out too far.
5) Hanging columella

I'm waiting for ALL swelling to decrease before I give my final review.


You are beautiful! And i hope the nostrils evened out. Can u pls post recent pics :-)
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Giiiirl he f*** u up. I hate to be a Debbie downer but your nostrils are made of cartilage and he cut them Pretty badly. It's ok. It's not ugly. Ur not an ugly girl by no means. but it does show that you did have work done. And that's where he loses me because its supposed to look natural. If no one else will be honest babe,I will. Because I'd want people to be honest to me. How much did u pay?
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