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I've been wanting Lipo for a very long time...

I've been wanting Lipo for a very long time now!

Ive been expressing my feelings to my very skinny size "5" girlfriends and they feel its a bad idea to go overseas!


When i see girls (on the net) who received lipo over seas a mutual friend of a friend.. yaris and other vixens they look great!

but when i look at women from the states they look awful as if they never received anything at all!

Ive been reading about Dr Pantoja Dr Campos Dr. Cardenas

im looking for more info if people are willing to give im pretty scared because my friends give such horrible advice

my measurements are

38 d
34 waist

i really want my waist down to a 28 or 26 i gain most of my weight in my stomach i have horrible horrible stretch marks from having my daughter when i was 17 (22 now) and i want to be more confident about my midsection i also have scoliosis which makes it much worse!!! PLEASE HELP ME

..... Dr Pantoja followed up with me! Well his assistant Nadia and she says!

Hi Donica, thank you for sending your pictures for evaluation. Dr. Pantoja reviewed your pictures and he recommends liposuction in your arms, upper/lower back, waist, inner thighs and laser liposuction in your abdomen area due to the extra skin around the belly button area. All the obtained fat will be used for fat injections to your buttocks and improve the shape.

The quote we can offer you for liposuction in all mentioned areas and fat grafting is $3,600dlls. All drains and stitches can be removed 3-4 days after surgery. Once you make a surgery appointment we will require a $300dlls. deposit in order to secure your surgery appointment.

Im surprise he didnt consider a tt considering i do have skin from my previous pregnancy with my only child 5 years ago!

im not willing to do the lazor lipo because the mutual friend of ours said he burnt her badly with lazor lipo to the abdomen but i will proceed with the normal lipo and fat transfer to my butt only issue i have is i did receive black market butt injections almost a year ago i dont have any complications from it but im scared if something would happen! I want my body to be similar to yaris sanchez considering she's the only vixen to come out about lipo!

ill be spending 3600 on the surgery but im sure with the travel cost etc ill be spending roughly around 5k which is fine with me!

I would love feedback good or bad!

thank you

I'm still looking forward to pantoja in Tijuana! I...

I'm still looking forward to pantoja in Tijuana! I hope I'm not asking a stupid question but is pantoja in Mexico City or Tijuana mx my research shows Mexico City & Tijuana is quite bit a distance! Another thing I'm greatly wishing for a good job my problem I have horrible stretch marks for having my daughters! And I really hope my results are half way decent considering in not doing the tummy tuck! My hips are 43 inches for butt injections a year ago so I'm not doing the bbl I'm only doing lazor lipo! I want to consider a breast lift but I'm not sure!
What is a good recovery home in Tijuana that service dr pantoja and the airport???
I'm looking to book in April for my birthday I wish sooner but I know that's not possible!
Thanks RealSelf Community!

Well I seem my regular dr and he protested that I...

Well I seem my regular dr and he protested that I needed to correct my spine before going to get lipo suction! My problem!
I have scoliosis
If the degrees are higher then 60 the patient requires surgery to fix the problem!
Mine equals to 73 degrees! (Wheew)
So now I have to pull back on my trip to dr pantoja and put forth getting surgery on my back!
The dr says if it continues I won't be able to carry children my internal organs will not be ok and my balance in my legs will get worse!
I am a very clumsy person I trip probably 8x a day!
My condition is very depressing because I can't sleep well!
I always have sudden shocks in my back!
When it rains I have the worst back aches
And I'm always falling lol! (I find it hilarious sometimes)
Only good outcome ill be 2-5 inches taller!
I'm ok with 2inches! 5 inches is pushing it!
Well keep me in your prayers you guys and I wish u well and a safe journey!

No to pantoja for tummy tuck I stayed in the states!

I didn't go over seas for my tummy tuck because I felt it was too extreme of a procedure to do in a different country so I went to dr Williams near my home I have zero complications sometimes I'm in pain when I'm not taking my meds but over all I'm perfectly fine my surgery was this pass Monday I got my first drain taken out Friday my next drain will be Monday. I'm using the restroom perfectly fine everything is good I felt 5-6k difference wasn't worth my health which is why I decided to stay in the states! Now I may plan to go over seas for a breast job and more lipo if I have to in October but I'm not rushing it! I'm considering dr over Tijuana I've been hearing bad reviews about that place lately! I wish you well! Honey! Ciao!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I did not go to pantoja I felt a tummy tuck is too extreme of a procedure to endure over seas so I decided to stay near home and I'm very satisfied with my results!

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I also live in the Bay Area, may I know which Dr. did your TT?
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What I wouldnt give for your butt!!! Lol jealous!
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Where are you from cause Mexico isn't overseas? I am 3-4hrs from TJ and I'm in Cali...now Dominican Republic is overseas for me...
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When I say over seas I mean out the country! I want to be able to get up and drive myself to the dr immediately if I have a problem follow up with all my post op and not have to drive 10 hrs to achieve that! I live in San Fran area not la so it's a big difference for me. Now my breast fixed or more lipo no problem but a tummy tuck is way to severe. But I still have my Tt done! It's hard pain wise but I love my progress!
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What is draining ?
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may i ask where you got you butt injection last year and how much? pm me!
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Oh wait u have a booty! Lol. I meant Lipo
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Ooh no! Well health comes first then booty! May I ask, u get second opinion?
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Awww sorry Hun. Good luck with ur operation and I hope u make it pantoja after u heal all up :)
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i will pray for u. God bless u.
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you are DEFINITELY in my PRAYERS...God Bless You!
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I'm staying at clubmed and they are picking me up at San Diego airport.
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@joinkette, how long you staying and how much for Clubmed?
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I'm staying for 14 nights with clubmed and 2 nights with pantoja. I'm getting alot done so I want to stay and make sure I'm okay. It's $1650 for the 14 nights. All I need is a change of clothes and PJs and they deal with the rest.
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@joinkette, that's good....I am gonna stay 1 week cause I am in driving distance...and, Dr P offers unlimited post op visits....YAY!!!!
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Yeah that's nice you can see him after. I hopefully never have to go back lol I am still really up and down about getting a BBL. one day I want it then the next I don't :( and this will continue until July!
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@ booty4thiscutie... have u been there b4? Idk how far is TJ from San diego. Either way i checked the flight N they over $900 n some $1000 n change from NY to MX and you got to make over 4 hr layover. ridiculous. I also was quote $3600. but i think of staying at the recovery house for 3 days then move to one of the hotel Nadia DR p assistant sent me cause my husband will meet me there after 3 days.
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Fly into San Diego an which ever recovery house you choose shoulf include transport from San diego. Its not common for people to fly directly into MX because of the cost. If the recovery house doesnt have a driver Nadia can arrange one for you for 60-75.. TJ is about 15 mins from the airport
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thank you very helpful
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Are you looking at decent site I found flights for 450 round trip! That doesn't sound bad to me!!!!
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hey girl, nadia just set up my ride to and from the airport for 60 each way. Just ask her, if you need one.
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I thought the hotels offered transportation
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delta.com to book from NY to tijuana mexico. is almost $1000. i didnt know abt flying into san diego which i found cheaper. but b4 i was just looking for flight straight to tijuana mexico mayb dats why it was that much. But now i found other helpful info....like flying to san diego n make the rh which i will be staying @ come get me which i found very reasonning and that will help save more money.
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