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I just want bigger hips and smaller waist. I have...

I just want bigger hips and smaller waist. I have a boyish shape with D breast natural. At 1st I wanted Dra. Yily in DR but it was far and some of her reviews were crazy. Then I was gonna go to CosMed I paid the deposit booked my flight then, cardenas name kept coming up. I mentioned her 2 a friend and she said her bff went 2 her. I canceled everything last week. And I wrote Cardenas an email on a Saturday she replied on Monday and have been in contact since. She is really sweet and concerned with your goals and if she can make them happen. So I am abt 2 purchase my flight 2 San Diego and im paying my deposit 2morro


My surgery is on the 24th of this month. I wish I had a sx buddy. I am leaving on the 23rd and will be back on The 28th or 29th. I don't want 2 be gone for too long. I have paid my deposit and can't wait to be a Cardenas doll. I don't want a lot of butt since I have small thighs. I want a small proportionate waist and more hips. Is anyone else going around this time. I have noticed that she puts more at the top of the butt. I want it round. Im not sure whether that is based off patients preferences or her's but I do think it should be proportionate.

2nd thoughts kinda

Well ive been on this site for abt 4 months now. Looking at pics of docs in DR and MX. The 1st dr I wanted was Dra Yily de los santos. Her work is amazing. One poster "madeinyily" results are exactly what I wanted since our before shapes are the same or close. So I reached out and sent pics never heard back. Then I called all the numbers I could find. One was actually her cell phone. I was so happy it was her and I told her I hadn't heard from her I wanted a quote. She started yelling saying that it is so late y am I calling her, I was confused I looked at my time it was 6pm I thought maybr there is a difference in time. So I asked and she said its 6pm so im like wow. She hung up and text me the office number and told me 2 call tomorrow. I called and no one spoke English so they kept transferring me everyday for a week. Then I took it as a sign that I wasnt 2 go 2 DR and with everything on the news I leave it alone. Then I called Dr Castaneda who put me at ease a bit but I wasnt 100% sure. Then I was told about Cardenas I decided to go with her but everyone says she is the TT queen but im getting lipo and bbl. She tried to say she cant get my waist that small or I would have to get a TT I would like to wait until after having kids for that. So im nervous now. She is more expensive than the other ones. I am suppose to have surgery on 4/24. Her bbl she puts the fat kind of high and not all over. I dont want 2 lose my deposit but doctors always feel like they know more than you. She may but not abt what I want. I don't have anything I need I feel so unprepared. Ive been excited up until this very moment. The reason I brought up Yily is because even though she is rude thats who I really wanted 2 go 2. Her results are amazing. So torn. I just dont want to waste my money.

I just got here

So I am here. The flight seemed to take forever so that is expected I guess. I got here at about 9 pm and the night nurse made me this amazing chicken salad with corn, broccoli and a few other things. I have Verizon so calls are .99 a min but they have magic jack here with free calls and wifi and MAC desktop here. This area is beautiful I am really big on scenery. This house is beautiful, it is well decorated there is a rec area nice patio international satellite laundry kitchen everything you can possibly need and a consultation room. Ronnie (Cardenas hubby) and Gabriel picked me up at the airport and it was a 40 min drive to the recovery house. Gabriel is also the cosmetic dental tech and he will be whitening my teeth before I leave. I have slept the entire way here so I am wired lol. I can't eat or drink anything since it is now after 10 pm. I have decided I will vlog it once my phone charges and take more pics. I have gained 4 lbs since the 1st set of my before pics intentionally so more fat can be harvested but my jeans I wore have a mind of their own my zipper and button kept popping open I guess my jeans didnt get the memo that it is not panty dropping time yet...lol. I just checked in with the fam and them tell me how crazy I am for getting surgery and trying to manipulate my decision from telling me I am going to die on the table and get dumped into the gulf or that I will look like big Ang from Mob Wives(supportive huh). So I am ready. I am actually calm and at peace which is odd since I am normally spastic. I am one that feels when something bad is meant to happen it will happen no matter where or what you are doing. I mean shit I live in brooklyn so i have a better chance of getting hit by a cabbie crossing the street then anything else but whatever diff strokes I guess. I guess i will watch tv. My surgery is at noon and they will get me at 10am so that leaves me 11.5 hrs to vlog or IG or facebook or something. I will keep you posted. I will try to post after surgery the good and the bad hopefully no bad though. kisses

Last pre op Pics

I'm waiting to be picked up now. I can't eat anything and whatever they are cooking smells so good. I had a weird dream that my results sucked which is unsettling but I'm here and no backsies lol

I feel like sh*t

There was a few issues b4 sx yesterday I had hydro gel injection In my butt years ago. I told the 1st doc but forgot tell cardenas she wanted a X ray then a ct scan. I was supposed to get lipo and bbl but she said the lipo will make my skin hang so I decided to get a short TT back lipo 250 cc injected bbl. I'm in pain and regretting my decision. More time off of work.

It hurts so bad

This pics r from when I was on the table.

post op day 3

updated pics

updated pics

I've been itching so bad 4 a week. I mean it was worse than the tummy tuck. I went 2 the emergency room and I went to the nerve doc. Since lipo numbs or the nerves desentizes or some thing but a week or two later when it gets sensitivity back it can itch like a mother.

My phone isn't letting me upload

8 weeks w pics

photos 8 wk

13 weeks

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look great!!
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From the pictures we can see how pleased u r and u should b. Looking fantastic.
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you only paid 4300 she quoted me 6100 for lipo and tt and bbl smh...
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That's how much she charges. I had a few special circumstances.
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ok that is great...you look great. thank you so much for answering my question
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Can you please post pics of your scar and belly so we can se the change compared to your befor pics. For the swelling I have read that eating cucumbers can really help you might want to google foods that reduce swelling.
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I will post more 2day or 2morro once I can get someone 2 take them. I have avoided broccoli and most sodium. Pineapple cukes and spinach help reduce swelling plus others that I incorporate into my diet.
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How is evey thing going? are you satisfied with your results so far?
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I am mostly satisfied but I have a few issues like my scar and I'm still really swollen I'm at my 8 week mark
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Looking good girl!
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Thank you
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When were the pictures posted on 5/20 taken? R ur scars starting to fade and the skin healing? It is hard to see in pictures. Thx.
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They were taken and posted that date. My dissolvable stitches just started to fade or mesh together. The skin is healing. I'm still leaking a bit but no infection per my dr at home.
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Glad to hear it. Good luck.
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Did I understand u correctly that u r not wearing any compression garment after just ten days after a tt? Why did u have to take out your own drains? Pls make sure the drainage is just fluid and not an infection. Good luck.
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No infection. I wear the garment for a few hours every day. I'm trying to get use 2 it
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