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ConCentrating on G.O.D!!!! HE knows BEST!

I FINALLY MADE UP MY MIND to have the Mommy...

I FINALLY MADE UP MY MIND to have the Mommy Makeover in late July or early August!!!! YAY ME!!!!

I am 42 (black/mixed with indian)...married...two grown young men...no grandkids...its just hubby and I at home...NOW its time for me to JusDoIt meaning its time for my MOMMY MAKEOVER...time to GET my SEXY back...I have been looking into PS here in the States which I have gone on countless consulations that range from $18,000 to $12,000 being the less expensive...I am not lookn to be in DEBT because its TIME for hubby and I to LIVE LIFE meaning its time to TRAVEL...so with that being said I am going to go to Tijuana or DR where there are GOOD PS that does not CHARGE a price of a 2013 car for a Mommy Makeover...PLEASE DO NOT JUDGE my decision and say I am being CHEAP...NO I AM doing what I FEEL IS BEST!!

I have received quotes from Pantoja, Campos, Fuentes, Cardenas, Yily, Robles, so on and so on...and I think imma go with Salvador Pantoja if I decide to go to Tijuana and I think Dr Robles if I go to DR...

I have seen reviews here on Pantoja and Robles TT and BA (which is my MAJOR concern)....I am not lookn for a VIXEN booty...I just need this EXCESS TUMMY SKIN GONE and my SAGGY BOOBS LIFTED...I will look into the booty lifting next round...

I live 3hrs away from San Diego which is very GOOD for going to Tijuana for my surgery....Pantoja quoted me $6800 and offers unlimitied post ops visits...

Now, I will have to FLY to have surgery in DR with Robles who quoted me $5900...she has a very good package that includes a 10 day stay at a RH...but, I will have to add on 4-5 days extra to see if I can have the drains/stitches removed...cause I will not be able to make trips back to DR....

PLEASE let me know your SUGGESTIONS for PS that is GOOD with Extended Tummy Tucks and Breast Lift with Implants!!!

Thank You All!!!


I AM STILL UNDECIDED! both Docs are WONDERFUL! both Doc assistants are GREAT! SMDH! I WILL DECIDE!

Okay...I am really LOVN Dr Robles TTs...and, her...

Okay...I am really LOVN Dr Robles TTs...and, her patients on here are very imformative in their REVIEWS!!! my total expense (Laura helped me) is $7925 which I will round off to $8000...this is just an ESTIMATION...she accepts credit cardd payments (additional fee)

Okay...I have seen several of Dr Pantoja TTs and he's still one of my TOP options and he's 3 hrs away...but, I NEED some JAW DROPPING TT's reviews...my total expense (Nadia helped me) is $7882 which I will round off to $7900...he accepts credit card payment (additional fee)

Okay...I have added Dr Yily cause of " MzJuicyFruit87 " (checkout her REVIEW)...it took awhile to receive my quote and I just filed it in my "tummy tuck" folder cause of her "cash only" payment...anyway, I am now considering her but, its not like YEAH!!! my total expense (no help) is $8510 which I will round off to $8600...and she only accepts CASH

Well, at LEAST I have OPTIONS :-) and, there are DIVAS on here whom are really HELPFUL and I enjoy my CONVOs with them...

Okay I posted pics of my body to give you all an...

Okay I posted pics of my body to give you all an idea of what I need/want! I have ALOT OF EXCESS TUMMY SKIN and I need Muscle Repair! my Breast is headed south and needs to be LIFTED north and FULLER! but, BOOTY IS COOL...DENTY LOL I need a Thigh/Butt lift so I will LOOK into that next YEAR...my main CONCERN is my TUMMY n BREAST...my tummy is SAD! FOR REAL...I LOOK GOOD in CLOTHES!

FEEL free to leave me any suggestions!

I've decided to go with Dr Pantoja!

I've decided to go with Dr Pantoja!

I would like to BUDDY up with a Pantoja patient or...

I would like to BUDDY up with a Pantoja patient or anyone who is going to TJ and stayn at GRACE RH end of May or early part of June!!! leave me a priv message!

I'm scheduled!

I'm scheduled!

Got my IRON/B COMPLEX/VIT C/and something that...

got my IRON/B COMPLEX/VIT C/and something that starts with a F...I can't remember and I just bout it...LOL...will have my blood work done in May...WHAT do I need for my TUMMY TUCK and BREAST LIFT SCARS?

I wanna see more of Dr Pantoja's tummy tucks! I...

I wanna see more of Dr Pantoja's tummy tucks! I need all this EXCESS SKIN GONE..its not FAT its SKIN! let me know if you have had a tt by Dr P or know someone who has had a tt by Dr P!

I'm SAD! gotta change my surgery date...OMG! it...

I'm SAD! gotta change my surgery date...OMG! it would be COOL if the reason was MONEY...I got all the money plus some...its just soooo much going on...May is my mom 60 th bday (5/25)...June is family vacation month...July is a freakn holiday month...I should have STUCK with AUGUST like I planned all along! aint nothing going on in Aug...never have...but, watch if I planned for August something comes UP! my 5 yr ANNIVERSARY is Oct 24 th and I wanna be walkable...

Okay I'M DONE venting...carry ON!

Hey RealSelf Divas...I have bee BUSY...new...

Hey RealSelf Divas...I have bee BUSY...new position and hubby's business got me O_O

Anyway, I am still going with Dr P...and, I am still lookn for more TUMMY TUCKs pics...anyone GOING to Dr P to have a TT and Breast Implants SOON????? let me know :-)

LOL...I'm just scrolling thru the reviews and LOL....

LOL...I'm just scrolling thru the reviews and LOL...why are grown women calling themselves "Yily Doll" "Duran Doll" etc...maybe its just ME! haHA

ANYWAY...I am EXCITED to have my permanent work schedule (recently promoted)...I have literally been LIMBO for 2 months 1 week in regards to my work location n schedule...workn for the COUNTY is bitter/sweet!

so I SCHEDULED my schedule for Aug 27 th (that's one yr from when I joined RealSelf)...so that's kinda COOL :-)

OH hubby n I started our own trucking business "Gunn's Transportation" YAY!

Nothing really to UPDATE...still lookn forward to...

nothing really to UPDATE...still lookn forward to my FLAT tummy and BIG boobs :-)


Okay I got promoted last January then hubby and I started our own business...NOBODY TOLD ME THE FIRST YEAR OF BUSINESS IS THE HARDEST! OMG...NO MONEY!

I am still getting MY SURGERY NO MATTER WHAT....I gotta FIND some MONEY or a CREDIT CARD by JUNE...LOL




Okay...its gonna HAPPEN this SUMMER...and, I am getting SCARED...gotta make my appt with my DOC...

I contacted Nadia (Dr P assistant) about another quote but HE's gonna HONOR the quote I got 1yr ago...AWESOME!!!!!
I contacted Laura (Dr Robles assistant) about another quote and its gone from $5900 to $6200...OLE WELL!!!!

Okay, I am driving distance from San Diego (where Dr P's driver picks up)...

Okay, I am soooooooo FAR AWAY from DR (where Dr Robles located)...


RealSelf Surfing....

I turned my notifications back on and its been CRAY!!!! I receive so many a day so I need to go rethink this notification thingy....OKAY...my PRAYERS go OUT to all who have had their surgeries this year and I am PRAYING for those who have upcoming surgeries!!!


LADIES, please take a look at my SITE if you need/want to LOSE weight before your SURGERY...its BEST TO BE AS HEALTHY AS POSSIBLE...you can JOIN FOR FREE to VIEW the SITE!!!


21 Day Fit!!!

Do you need to LOOSE WEIGHT before your TRANSFORMATION???? checkout the 21 Day Fix on my Beach Body Site www.beachbodycoach.com/JUSSLIM or send me a private message and I will ASSIST YOU!!!


Hubby told me to MAKE MY DEPOSIT for my SURGERY! WTH am I CONFUSED NOW! OMG! I'm like should I go to TJ (DR PANTOJA) or woman up and get on a PLANE to DR (DR ROBLES)...SMDH...NOW I'M ON R.S readn EVERY MOMMY MAKEOVER REVIEWS OF DR ROBLES...


I'm going to email Nadia Monday to check dates for Sept...and, LEAVE a $500 deposit...I don't see myself going way to DR by myself for 2weeks...please I have the FEAR of flying...and, that PLANE is still missing (WTF)...I also like the facts that Dr P is driving distance and has unlimited after surgery visits...I'm a PERFECTIONIST so I know imma be going BACK...LOL...anyway, PRAYERS FOR WHO HAVE SURGERY THIS MONTH!


OMG...I got my surgery day...gonna make the $500 deposit by Fri and then its REAL!!!


20 March 2014 at 19:23

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COPY & PASTE these links to VIEW some of DR Pantoja's patients!!!

SweetNurseWith Assets






I've decided to go with Dr Robles cause I want a guaranteed FLAT TUMMY and BEAUTIFUL BREAST...since I don't have anyone local to care for me at home (mom doesn't have room and hubby a truck driver) I will stay in DR for 14 days or however long it takes to remove the drains...


I'm on Day 9 of SLIMIN6....I getting in the BEST SHAPE of my LIFE! I'm 43yrs young and PLANS to LIVE 50+ more YEARs if its in God's WILL...



I'm lookn over Dr Robles "Plastic Surgery Book" that I received last year with my quote (asked Laura to email me another one just in case its updated)...Well, I am lookn at the IRON/FOLIC ACID dosage and I'm TOTALLY CONFUSED...LOL...booklet states take 300mgs of iron twice a day (so 600mgs a day) and my iron pills states 65mg so I have to take 9 of my pills on the attached pic? And, Folic Acid is 5mgs once a day but my bottle dosage is 400"mcg" OMG...I'M LIKE REALLY EBONIC RIGHT NOW LOL...CAN SOMEONE HELP WELL I WAIT ON LAURA RESPONSE?

IS it ME or IS it THEM...

Okay...ALL these WISH pics that are FAR FROM what the individual's BODY is ~> got me like O_O

NOW I got some pics up but I aint WISHING to BE like that person! HELLO, you can't have a tummy tuck and come out with a 6pk let alone a 2pk! LOL

The pics I chose are soley to give my PS an IDEA of what I want to accomplish AFTER she/he gives me a FLAT TUMMY! my tummy has to be FLAT no matter if I am standing/sitting/laying/flipping/skipping/YALL GET THE POINT! hahahahaha



anyone lookn for go to Dr Robles the end of Aug or first of Sept???? I would like to buddy with someone from the states...I live in Southern Cali! I want to make my deposit by next Weds to save a date!

Current Situation...

I'm HAPPY in my (loose) SKIN...but, imma be HAPPIER when its TUCKED AWAY!


I am praying for the family of the young lady who recently PASSED AWAY in DR (YILY PATIENT)...I'm not posting to POINT FINGERS or TELL ANYONE what they SHOULD or SHOULDN'T DO in regards to going to DR/TJ/ECT. for SURGERY...I'm POSTING TO LET EVERYONE ON REAL SELF THAT I'M PRAYING FOR YOU ALL (whom have had or going to have SURGERY)...GOD BLESS YOU ALL!


I need to STEP up my RESEARCH...cause I think I need a circular tummy tuck (not an extended) I'M TALKING ABOUR ALLLLL THE WAAAAY ROUND LOL...see I am in NO RUSH cause this is a MAJOR surgery no matter what I GET!!!

TUMMY TUCK is not a WEIGHT LOSS surgery!

Tummy Tuck Details

• Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) removes excess skin and stretch marks after pregnancy or weight loss. During a tummy tuck the plastic surgeon directly removes excess abdominal skin and fat, and also tightens the abdominal wall.
• Tightening the abdominal wall pulls in the abdomen (seen best on side view pictures) and corrects any bulge or diastasis that resulted from having children
• If you happen to have a significant distance from your lower ribs to your pelvis (common if you are tall), then the mid-line tightening will also cause notable bowing of the musculature along the flank region, and this will improve your hour-glass figure.
• For most patients, between 30-50% of the abdominal skin can be removed. This gets rid of any stretch marks that had been present on that skin. The remaining skin has to be stretched out to cover the whole abdomen, and this intrinsically makes it thinner.
• A new belly button is created. With "standard" scar length tummy tucks, the rotational component of aligning the scars helps pull in the waist line (improving the hour glass shape as well). Longer scar lengths (extended abdominoplasty) has the benefit of an anterior thigh lift.
• A surgeon may perform liposuction in conjunction with a tummy tuck (most often the flanks or "love handles")



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go to my SITE NOW!!!

Slimin6 Day 24...

I am doing SLIMin6 and I am on Day 24!!! I am down to 170.6lbs which I wasn't trying to lose (only wanted to tone) but I will take the LOSE LOL...

If you want to LOSE weight and GET IN SHAPE before you surgery send me a private message!!!


I have a FITNESS program for YOU!!! copy/paste to view the video!

21 Day Fix


Hip Hop ABs

Brazil Butt Lift

you can JOIN Team Beach Body for FREE

INBOX if you have any questions!!!


PRAYERS to all WHOM had surgery and scheduled for surgery soon!!! GOD be with YALL!!


******* SEROMA *******
A seroma is a pocket of clear serous fluid that sometimes develops in the body after surgery. When small blood vessels are ruptured, blood plasma can seep out; inflammation caused by dying injured cells also contributes to the fluid.

Seromas are different from hematomas, which contain red blood cells, and from abscesses, which contain pus and result from an infection. Serous fluid is also different from lymph.

Seromas can also sometimes be caused by injury, such as when the initial swelling from a blow or fall does not fully subside. The remaining serous fluid causes a seroma that the body usually gradually absorbs over time (often taking many days or weeks); however, a knot of calcified tissue sometimes remains.

Seromas are particularly common after mastectomies, partial-breast radiation therapy,[1] abdominal surgeries, and reconstructive surgery

******* Treatment *******
Seromas or lymphatic leaks (lymphoceles) may be difficult to manage at times. Depending on the volume and duration of leakage, control of a leak may take up to a few weeks to resolve with aspiration of serums and the application of pressure dressings. Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) conducted by a trained professional can also assist in managing and treating seromas.

If a serum or leak does not resolve, for example after a soft tissue biopsy, it may be necessary to take the patient back to the operating room in order to place some form of closed suction drain into the wound. This usually is not necessary and conservative management prevails.

******* References ********
1.Jump up ^ Wong, Elaine K.; Truong, Pauline T.; Kader, Hosam A.; Nichol, Alan M.; Salter, Lee; Petersen, Ross; Wai, Elaine S.; Weir, Lorna; Olivotto, Ivo A. (1 October 2006), "Consistency in seroma contouring for partial breast radiotherapy: Impact of guidelines", Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 66 (2): 372–6, doi:10.1016/j.ijrobp.2006.05.066, PMID 16965989
2.Jump up ^ Schwartz's principles of surgery: self assessment and board review, 8th edition, chapter 11, patient safety, errors, and complications in surgery

******* ???????? ********
So who's at FAULT for the development of SEROMA? what if the patient takes the drain out before instructed...or, does not get the recommended massages...or, does not follow the recommended diet...and, what if the PS takes the drain out before its time...or, does not tell the patient to get massages...or, does not tell the patient that proper diet...


Nadia (Dr Pantoja) and Laura (Dr Robles) - Assistants

Okay... I sent Nadia (Dr P) and Laura (Robles) an email regarding my monthly cycle and asking what is best...blah blah blah...Nadia responded the next day (I be up late emailing LOL) and she asked when do I start and end...I couldn't be exact but luckily my cycle was ending and I told her I would let her know if I can REMEMBER the previous months...GUESSS what???? still haven't heard back from Laura...LOL...Well, I found notes on my calendar for Jan but nothing for Feb and I had March and April...so sure enough I had to change my surgery date (yeah I got a date with Dr P too)...LOL...GUESS WHAT???? still no reply from Laura....two days later (last night) she responded "do worry we are able to do with that" WTF....deal with WHAT??? changing my tampon (sorry)...I know you are able to give me iron SHOTS...but, who wants to be on their cycle!!!! Girl, I am DONE with Laura...I wish Robles had another assistant to communicate with...
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I saw that you're concerned about a circular TT vs the extended. Perhaps you could see a surgeon in the US just for a consultation (sometimes they do it for free), then if he/she says to go with one method over the other, you'll be able to share that with your doc in the DR. Just a thought, good luck to you dear! :)
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THANK YOU! I have an appt this Thursday!
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That's great! Best wishes :)
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Hi Love! I'm going Aug. 27th Need a buddy? Oh and congrats on deciding on moving forward with your surgery.
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SORRY for the delay in responding but I am a probation officer and I stay at my work location 2.5 days...I have a date with Robles for Aug 26th but I am STILL up in the AIR and I haven't made my deposit...I am beyond concerned about the aftercare!
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It may also be no one at fault, but the way a person's body does or does not absorb the fluids- or reacts to surgery altogether. Of course, research & educate oneself, I'm not saying otherwise. Research PS and research the procedures one is interested in. Each PS also has different theories, very obvious when comparing PS's from different countries. I think this is why I appreciate RS & all the courageous ladies who shared their journys. I have been able to take what my ps has told me & added what others shared & really made sense to me. And of course, actually being in the recovery stage brings up new questions we most likely hadn't thought of prior to sx. Having Faith in the PS chosen is important, along with trusting God in the entire process. Imma, you have really done your homework & have educated yourself. I am sure you will have a wonderful experience with whomever you chose. You will heal wonderfully, especially because you are so active. You know doctors can only control so much, the rest lies on whether our body cooperates. (But we listen to what our body tells us in order to be proactive).
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AWESOME STATEMENT @GETTINGITBACK...you are SO CORRECT...I think for "some" its easy to blame the PS especially when one goes overseas and return with no aftercare...then the need to find HELP and then the "no communication" that may happen...its REALLY "EYE OPENING" here on REAL SELF...I respect anyone WHO KEEPS it 100% despite how others UPLIFT a certain PS...if it happened to THEM let them SHARE their experience without ARGUMENTIVE comments...I sometimes FEEL like NOT doing IT AT ALL...but, I can't let the WHAT IFs consume MY THOUGHTS...LIKE you stated "trusting GOD in the entire process"....GOD BLESS YOU!!!
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God Bkess You, my friend!! =)
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Hey there- happy to hear you're considering staying local again =) Personally, I find it comforting to know ps is close enough to visit. In my case, I don't think I would have known I had Seratoma, it wasn't a "bump" as the pix some RS ladies had posted. May God cont to give you peace in whom you select =)
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THANKS! plus Nadia (dr p assistant) responds so FAST! and, she gives recommendations to save money (like garments/boppy pillow/meds/ect)...and, I'm still waiting to hear back from Laura (dr Robles assistant) regarding recommendation on surgery and monthly cycle...which I emailed her and nadia the same night...I woke up with Nadia response...still waiting on Laura...LOL
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Nadia, is a beast! She's on top of things (she' has another young helping as well), however, I've emailed a few times, and the response time was quick. She also calls at least once a week, just see how I'm doing, and if I need anything. I'm not particular needy, but, I love great customer service! Having a coordinator like Nadia is essential to ps's team.
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FOR REAL @nycgr1momof2...she is really awesome...I think her assistant name is Ruth...I talked to a Ruth last year which Ruth does the phones and Nadia does the emails and scheduling and Dr P right hand....NOW Laura I don't know what to say about her!
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That's the one, Ruth is her name! If you have any questions at all, please just holler. :)
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Looking good hunny you giving these 20 yr old a run for their money... I'm scared of you... ;) can't wait till your surgery to see the finished results...
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Thank You...I was working out tonight and was like I CANT WAIT to have a FLATTER TUMMY and BOOBS...LOL
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Well you definitely deserve it hunny.... So you will be bless with a banging body....
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Dr Pantoja is awesome he left my belly super flat!!
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I am GLAD to know this @cyndy cause I am not completely SURE about going to DR....LOL
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You have a great foundation so your results will be awesome:-) Congrats on your journey and please keep us posted. Best of luck...
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THANK YOU @PRINZI...I am still working hard on maintaining my weight and getting my abs in the best shape (under this loose skin LOL)...so whomever I do go with BETTER TAKE OFF ALL THIS DAMN SKIN...HAHAHAHAHA
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Of course:-) and I trust that they will make you a doll. Keep up the great determination in your goal.. Much success and congrats on your achievements:-)
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Hey girly.....Beachbody Coach. I too am a coach. Funny meeting you here. lol. Coaches need surgery too. lmao. any who....I am loving my workouts. I have been at it for 3 or 4 years now. Les Mills Combat is now my ultimate favorite. Insanity is great and I have done it 3 times but the jumping has killed my knees. T25 is great too but once again the movements put a lot of pressure on my knees. Les Mills Combat has been the least painful I mix it up though so I never omit anyone. Even Tony gets some action once in a while . I also love love love Body Beast. I max out on lower body for real. Trying to strengthen and tone these juicy things of mine. I should save it for a possible BBL but I don't need it. Squats and lunges are my friend. Can get rid of the mommy pouch but I got that BBL Beachbody style. BTW you are looking amazing. Keep at it girl Keep it real and Stay with the fight.
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AWESOME @Essential...are you going to the Summit in Las Vegas in June? I'm going....then I am going to have my surgery in Aug or Sept...no exercise will get rid of excess skin so its all good...and I want some BOOBS....LOL...not concerned about the booty...haha
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