4 1/2 months post op *new pic

Hi Everyone!! I've been wanting a curvy body...

Hi Everyone!!
I've been wanting a curvy body since way back when. Finally I feel that I'm at a stage in life where I can afford it & can really make it happen! I am 5'3 130lbs. I came across Dr. Campos online, I love his work.. He definitely knows how to shape a women (from what I've seen). I had a virtual consultation, Dr. Campos will charge me $4125 for lower back, waist and abdomen lipo and fat grafting to the buttocks. Is this a good price? I'm having a few worries... First off.. I'm not a very big girl, will I have enough fat to transfer? Doc sd 600-700 cc's I want to be "bootylicious" lol is this enough fat? Second... I have to be in TJ for 7-9 days minimum, I've heard scary stuff about TJ. Am I going to be safe? I'm gonna miss my babies. I really want this done I have two days before my deposit is due. Please share your opinions & experiences!!!

Hi ladies!!! I'm a little disappointed today:( I...

Hi ladies!!! I'm a little disappointed today:( I went to a doc just to get another opinion since I won't being seeing campos in person till the day before my sx.. The doc said I am very lean with little fat. He says a bbl will do a very little change for me. Although most women would love to hear that, not me... I've always wanted a volumptious curvy figure... When I gain weight it doesn't go to the right places and when I work out I lose every little bit that I have. Ughh I feel like I'm stuck in a 12yr olds body. Dr. Salama seen my pics through email and also recommended a weight gain before sx. The doc did recommend butt implants if I wanted a change but I just don't like pics that I've seen and I hear of way too many complications.

Really want this surgery but so many "what if's".....

Really want this surgery but so many "what if's".... Pleas share ur advice ladies I am desperately trying to gain weight and its just not happening. Will this procedure be worth it? I have a tummy (2kids later) but I can't grab fat on my sides and barely a pinch of fat in my back.. Is this procedure going to be a significant change in my figure?? I'm scheduled 3/13/13 with Campos!!

Disappointed today... My sitter for the week of...

Disappointed today... My sitter for the week of surgery backed out I might have to cancel:( I wish I cld just take my little guy with me. I don't really trust anyone well enough to leave him for a week.

Campos' vets how long did u stay in the area? My...

Campos' vets how long did u stay in the area? My flight is an hour long. Wondering if ill be safe to go home a little sooner then 7days.

Having second thoughts willing to sale dep for...

Having second thoughts willing to sale dep for $200 less then what I paid!!

Ladies please help me by letting me know what I...

Ladies please help me by letting me know what I need to take on my trips &what I can take to help make recovery easier!! I would appreciate any help...
Thank u:)

They don't answer emails and then when I call they...

They don't answer emails and then when I call they have attitude. Answer my email, no call frm me its simple. They don't know if they received my payment they want a receipt, if u got a payment of $1325 u shld be able to keep track of that. They make me nervous bout the whole thing.. U think they'd be more caring & respectful.

I can't wait! I got my suitcase out and began...

I can't wait! I got my suitcase out and began packing last night... I'm nervous but excited. The days are going by so fast. I'm currently 132lbs 5'3 I hope the doc can get enough fat to do something PHAT for me lol Have a good day Gals:)

We have only been married 6 months but together...

We have only been married 6 months but together for 3 yrs. He is in the military and away right now for training. Since he's been gone he don't call much, his text are one words and he's even went weeks with not texting or calling at all. The last few days he's been telling me it's over, I always insist that I love him and we are going to make this work. I am always positive or at least try to be. Yesterday I texted I love you & can't wait till ur back. He responded "quit being optimistic we are done" he comes home a day before me and was supposed to pick me up at the airport after being gone for surgery he texted "I will pick u up from the airport but don't say a word about us being together, it's over" :( I have a feeling while I'm gone for surgery I'm going to come home to an empty house. I'm torn, heartbroken, no words to explain..

My nerves are going crazy! New me & new start for...

My nerves are going crazy! New me & new start for my future... It's already began to be a life changing experience. Praying for a safe trip & fast recovery! Thank you for all your well wishes & support!

Here at Campos office waiting, they gave me meds...

Here at Campos office waiting, they gave me meds to relax and the doctor will be coming in soon! Ready to get the show on the road! Btw I can't believe I lost weight OMG I tried hard to gain:/ Wish me luck! I need a fast recovery to return to my babies:)

Campos hooked me up. Love me curves already.

Campos hooked me up. Love me curves already.

Sooo.. Sorry i haven't been on ladies.. I have had...

Sooo.. Sorry i haven't been on ladies.. I have had A LOT going on.. So remember the problems I was having with my husband before I left for surgery.. Well when I returned his ring was on the dresser and he was gone. I was served with divorce papers a week later. I am hurt, sad, mad.. but in the long run I know he did me a favor. I dont think him leaving has anything to do with the surgery. I am sure he was cheating and he was an asshole long before I planned anything. .. Now about the procedure I was up walking around the night of my surgery. I felt great.. I was sore but the most frustrating part was always laying on my stomach. I went home after 4 days staying at Club Med. Club Med is awesome and I met wonderful people! I went back to work on my 10th day. I still use a pillow under my thighs while i drive and sit. My butt has decreased a lot in size since the surgery but i still have curves and its bigger then what i had. During week 2 i did experience a lot of swelling in my thighs and legs but it has went down since. I would consider a second round but damn the healing process kind of sucks lol. Overall i am doing okay considering everything going on in my life. Thank you for keeping up with me. Good Luck to you all::)))) If you are considering BBL Campos is the way to go, he is certainly an artist!

4 1/2 months update-Campos (pic)

Doing great, feeling great, love the attention it was well worth it!! Ready for round 2 with a tummy tuck this time. Hopefully this spring coming up! I love doctor Campos definitely going back to him. He knows a women's curves and how to perfectly sculpt.

Side view pic!!

Take a look at my pics!!

17 months post op! New Pics:)

Hi Ladies!! I haven't been on here in forever... I just wanted to update u all on my progress. I am doing great physically and mentally. If you've kept up with me you know I had some relationship issues around my surgery date. I'm happy to say that person is no longer an issue:) Anywho post op life is wonderful *chessing* I love my body, myself, everything!! Lol I'm much happier. It's been a huge confidence booster. I get so much attention, everywhere I go. Sometimes people can be a bit much but for the most part everything about the surgery has been good. Lastly I just want to say to you all who are curious or wondering what people will say if you have surgery.. Sweetheart do what you want to do, people criticize regardless YOU are important to YOU. You get one chance at life make the best of it:))) take a look at my progress in my pics!!
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Hey! I can't believe I only see your profile now! You look amazing! I don't have a lot of body fat myself even though I'm already naturally curvy just the booty is missing! You give me hope hun! Hope you're well and the kids, too! :)
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U look great!
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You look AMAZING! Im so happy for you! :D
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You look good. What are your measurements?
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You look so good! no tummy tuck needed
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You look fantastic! & loving the hair. & as for your ex hubby, I know it's none of my business but f em!! Show him what he missed out on!
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Looking good girl! Let us know if u do round 2!
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you look amazing hun
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you look amazing!!!! i bet your ex is mad he left now!!!! lol
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So sorry for all the stress with the dh. :(. How awful to come home to that :(. Your gut is always right! Here you are all amazing looking and single!! I believe everything happens for a reason. You will find a wonderful man who loves you 100%! Don't ever settle sweetie!! (((Big hugs)))
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Thank you so much I'm still dealing with the heartbreak but I know with time I will heal.
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Wow. You look amazing!!
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Awesome results!
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You look amazing!!
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Looking good hun! Loving the bathing suit!
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Beautiful !!
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Thank u to all u wonderful ladies for the beautiful compliments
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... So sorry for what you are going through w your ex. Prayers sent up for your emotional healing. You lost him, but I'm sure your confidence is soaring and he's kicking himself ☺... Im going through something similar myself, but were stuck together financially, so for now, we're basically roomates.... As for your results: Phenomenal! Im 127 lbs too so you have no idea how much hope youre giving me! I was thinking I'd have to go w implants. Has it gone down at all? Did you "fluff"? Would love to see a pic from the side... Im going in Dec so please please keep updating. I need all the encouragement i can get to know that this is the right choice...
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I felt like someone had died at first but as time passes I thank him for leaving life it too short to live miserably or waste ur love on someone who don't love u the same. I had the surgery not being sure of what results is get but I wanted to do this before jumping to implants and I'm glad I did Campos was able to find fat and inject 1,000ccs in each side. My booty was huge at first but that was all the swelling it has went down a little and became more natural looking. I will post a side view. You will be happy with ur results!! There's nothing wrong with making ourselves happy:)
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I had the same issues with my guy He was basically withdrawing and treating me badly Bit since my op my confidence is up and I feel so happy, I care less about the situation with him, care more about me :) and it's attractive. The good thing is, I'm really fine if he never comes bk, and that's a victory in my eyes :)) all because I'm so happy now within myself
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U look fabulous ! Dr C hooked us up :))
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Wow u look great! I will be having surgery with Dr. Campos in 2 months the BBL.. N im pretty much obsessed with booties right now... But ur results are great. Power thru girl ur beautiful and deserve someone that truly loves u....
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I dont know what to say to you right now but I didnt want to leave your page w/o saying something. Sometimes things happen to us that make us question "why me". Remember God does not close one door without opening another. Take some time and take care of you. XOXO
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Thank u very much I appreciate the kind words:))
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