Hi, ladies!! Ok I hv been lurking 4 a while now...

Hi, ladies!! Ok I hv been lurking 4 a while now & 2 day I finally decided to make my debut on RS!! Lol My sx is scheduled 4 March 5!! I'm super excited, I can't sleep the only thing that occupies my time & thoughts is having my sx!! I'm 35 yr. young, I hv 2 teenage daughters & just recently got married 4 the 2nd time!' All my life I hv had a bad shape I.E. pancake booty, tummy bulge w/size D boobs!! I was originally scheduled to hv my surgery last year w/Dr. Campos n may but I ran into sum personal issues. Like the saying goes everything happens 4 a reason so almost 9 months later I'm mentally prepared to take this journey into transforming my body into what I think it should be!! Everyday I look at myself imagining how I'm going to look afterwards!! I'm currently 5'8 190 pds. I hv been oiling my pancake every night & day so I won't hv the problem of my skin not stretching!! I probably won't post any post pics until after my sx. No more girdles r padding thank God!!!

Congrats on your journey and welcome to the TEAM!! Sista :)
Thanks Sweetie!! :)) I see ur going 2 Dr. Cardenas as well!!

Hey my beautiful BBL sisters!!! I'm still here...

Hey my beautiful BBL sisters!!! I'm still here patiently waiting 4 my day 2 come!!! :))) Looking over all the pics on here I'm like OMG, I know ur not suppose 2 rush life but dang can March hurry n get here!! Lol I hv purchased all my items 4 my trip & taking my iron pills. I did my bloodwork everything came out good my iron level was 11 & it needs 2 be @ 13!! So I'm eating greens, red meat anything I can find w/lots of iron!! So much ass is constipated & I hv to take stool softeners!!! Ewwww TMI!! Lmbo...well just touching base!!! Smooches until next time!!
Hi Divalicious, I saw that you were #TeamCardenas and wanted to know how to get in touch with her office.(email,phone,smokesignal,lol). Im ready to get this show on the road. I would really like to send her my pics and C what she says so I can give my down payment. How long did it take for her to respond back after initially contacting her office? Im looking to possibly have surgery during my break(late march)Any info would be greatly appreciated!Thanx in advance.
Hey sweetie, this is her info I hv. Fatimeh Rosales Dr. Cardenas Patients Coordinator Us Ph. (619) 399 7449 Fax (619) 996 2042 Nextel 152*15*31208 www.beauty-enhance.com e-mail-carminacardenas@gmail.com!! I know there was the 2nd slot on march 6 available. But that may be 2 soon 4 u. Fatimeh, the patient coordinator, is a sweetheart she answered my calls & emails like the same day!!! It took maybe a 2-3 days 4 me 2 get my quote back as expected bc Dr. Cardenas is in surgery along w/visiting her patients so if she does not respond right away don't fret!!! Lol good luck & keep me updated!!!

31 days left!! Whoop whoop...I'm sooo excited!!...

31 days left!! Whoop whoop...I'm sooo excited!! :))) my husband said he can't wait until this is all over with bc I'm so amazed w/this. I hv nuthing but positive vibes about my sx. Everybody saying I don't need it but they are not w/me when I take my clothes. I do alot to hide my bad built shape!!! Finally I will hv the body to match my beautiful face. :))) I'm a super bad chic without this sx so I know w/it....u can't tell me nuthing (n my KANYE WEST voice)...GN sweetie pies just touching base I hope all is well on every bodies end!! Peace until next!!! Muah...

Hey BBL Sistahs!!! Lol at my 2 week mark...the...

Hey BBL Sistahs!!! Lol at my 2 week mark...the devil is busy & trying on every end 2 discourage me not to hv my surgery!! At first my husband was all 4 it now he saying stuff like I don't need that & we could use the money 4 sumthing else. I'm like dude r u serious u wait until 2 weeks b4 to say all of this...really!!! I'm sticking to my guns, this is sumthing I want 4 me. Nobody knows my body better than me, nobody knows how I feel inside but me, & most of all when I'm n that bathroom w/all my clothes off nobody sees me & how disgusting I feel I look. I hv gained a little bit more weight n the past months & my 15 yr. old told me last night "mama, u look like a potato" she keeps it real w-me...100!! :)) my feelings were hurt but hey she spoke the truth. I know dr. Cardenas is not a god n I'm looking 4 realistic results. I don't hv any wish pics my only wish to her is to stuff my booty as much as she can & honestly I'm not worried about the TT part!! Lol well I just had to rant 4 a min as to where I am. XOXO until next time...:))

Hi Ladies!! 7 days left...:)))) I'm so excited!!...

Hi Ladies!! 7 days left...:)))) I'm so excited!! Everything is paid in full & I'm just waiting patiently. My husband jumped back on the bandwagon...he is not crazy he knows what side his bread is buttered on!! Lmbo...hope all is well w/everyone!! Until next time!!! Xoxo
Good luck girl! Please keep us posted!!
Congrats!!! Please update #teamcardenas we need more girls with pics!!! :)))))

GM Ladies!! In less than 8 hrs. I will be leaving...

GM Ladies!! In less than 8 hrs. I will be leaving 4 Mexico. I'm nowhere near nervous!! Everybody keeps asking are u scared r nervous ...actually I'm not!! I've been wanting this sooo bad 2 the point I hv prepared myself mentally. My husband will be traveling w/me so that's a big help. I probably won't be able 2 post any pics until I get home bc my husband is very jealous & insecure & he has already made the comment he does not want my body all over the Internet...I will update & give very thorough details. Please keep me n all y'all prayers. Honestly this won't become a reality 4 me until I'm actually marked up on the table...lol prayers going up 4 all the ladies going in this month..."MARCH MADNESS"...lol until next time!! Peace??:))
Sorry, I got your email late. Good luck to you, GOD bless you. My husband and I are leaving today and I am scheduled for Surgery tomorrow.
Yes I'm ok I hvnt made it there yet. We are on the way to the airport now. I'm leaving Sat. bc my husband has 2 return back 2 work on Monday.
Are you ok? Are you at the RH? My bestie and I will be there on Sunday. Hope all is well!

Hi ladies, my surgery was yesterday. Dr. C is an...

Hi ladies, my surgery was yesterday. Dr. C is an amazing woman. I Dk what my body looks like now but everything worked out I rec'd 900 ccs to each cheek n 300 to my hips. That's the most by skin would allow her to do. I'm still here in the clinic I should be going back to the RH about lunch time. I'm more sore than anything right. I'm so blessed to have my husband w/me all the way!! I was never nervous r had doubts. Everyone is so friendly & nice here. Ronnie picked up from the airport n did a little detour to show us San Diego. He is awesome as well. So far my experience has been A-1. I hv no complaints about Dr. Cardenas, Fatimeh r any of her staff. I will give more details later I need to lay back down. Xoxo...
Yes I think ur n the room next door. Im still here @ the clinic my iron was too low to go back to the RH.
Glad it went well. I was next door to you getting prepped this morning.

I don't remember which profile I read but Im...

I don't remember which profile I read but Im having awful headaches, can someone please tell me a good remedy for this?? Also saw my butt it's still flat honestly I don't think fluffing is going to help. Maybe my body is just not fit to be proportion right. I know dr. Cardenas did what she could. I'm very down & out. My husband says give it sum time. All this pain time & money. I guess I wanted it a little too much.
Hey sweetie, checking in to see how you are doing. How are the headaches? I have them two and they exceed any other pain I get. Right now this morning they are mild. Dr. Cardenas is supposed to come see me today and I will ask her if this is normal. I have read that people get these headaches after lipo and they eventually go away.
Hey hun!! Hope all is well!! The headaches went away after they took the patch off my back. My iron was really low as well so that may hv been a contributing factor.
Good glad to hear. Was worried when I didn't hear back and they told me you had gone home. My headaches went away. Probably narcotics still in my system after the surgery. I switched to just IB propbhen after a day and by the second day they were gone. Glad to hear you are doing better.

Hi Ladies its been a min. since ive been on here,...

Hi Ladies its been a min. since ive been on here, so i decided today i was gonna do a full review of procedure!!! This is my opinion only of my procedure & my PS (Dr. Cardenas) as i always stress every person's body is different & no 1 person will have the same results!! My surgery was performed of March 5, 2013 I was the 1st surgery of the morning ( I think)lol...My husband & I arrived in San Diego March 4 we were picked up from the airport by Ronnie (BCRH) no wait r anything he was there on time. We slept at BCRH that night we were introduced to Carmalita, she a sweetheart!! It was kinda late when we got there but she fixed us a lite supper & we prepared for the next morning. Carmalita drove us to the clinic, where i filled out the proper paperwork & paid my 15.00 balance & 4 my meds (90.00). I also met Fatimeh, a sweetheart also. :))) just let me say before i go on EVERYBODY was nice, caring & concerned!! Anywho, we went upstairs to a room where i was prept for surgery i.e. marked up, iv inserted, spoke w/Dr. Cardenas. Dr. Cardenas explained to me about my body type and the skin on my behind was tight so i would not be able to have a big butt but a nice size. she also stressed about the fat around my waist and suggested that we do a tummy tuck all the way around I agreed, im just like do what u have to. ok so from the point on im taken into the surgery room talking to the "feel good doc" all i remember is telling him i was from LA.lol boom im out!!!lol about 5 hrs later ( i think) im out of surgery n a room w/ my husband all i remember asking him is how is my booty, he didnt answer me all is said was she took alot of fat off of me showed me a pic i was out again. so when i wake up again he shows me the pic when i say GROSS omg...Dr. Cardenas & Fatimeh came to check up on me Fatimeh showed me pics i really couldnt tell about my butt. I was informed that my iron was low so i couldnt go back to BCRH until i rec'd a bag of iron. so after my bag of iron i was transported back to BCRH. the next 2 days i didnt have any pain more discomfort. I was able to go to the bathroom. The nurses were very helpful but i thank God my husband was there w/me all the way he bathed me, fed me, wiped my butt, brushed my teeth everything!! I love my husband so much i have a new found love for him after this. at this time im able to look at my butt & I got so depressed & upset bc i really didnt see any difference in my butt Dr. Cardenas said she put 900 cc's n each cheek & 300 in each hip.I dont blame her at all my body is so disproportion im more than sure she did what she could!! And whoever said Almond oil helps stretch ur skin, i must have alligator skin bc i used this oil day & night for 3 months & my skin was still tight. ok so my iron ended up dropping again & my husband had 2 buy 2 more bags of iron i think he said they were 70.00 a piece not sure dont quote me!! so i rec'd my 2 bags of iron hoping my levels would go up bc that friday i was suppose to get a massage n put my garment on, well i was feeling so bad ladies i had terrible headaches i was tired n i had no energy i just chalked it up to my body being tired from the surgery...no my iron level had dropped so low even w/ the bags of iron I needed to have a blood transfusion, im taken to the clinic immediately put on an IV my husband paid for 2 bags of blood. $180.00 each bag...so after i rec'd the transfusion i started to feel better. the whole time Dr. Cardenas & Fatimeh were there checking on me making sure i was comfortable they had geniune concern for me. so we went back to BCRH to prepare to leave the next morning I stayed 4 nights after my surgery. Gabrielle picked us up for the airport the wait time to get back across may have been about 30-45 min.You do need your passport they looked at my pic and the officer questioned it bc i hv long hair but i let my stylist put a short weave style in for my surgery so he was like wait ok ur hair is long on here but its short now...lol Gabrielle said that was good timing. Remember ladies to have handicap assistance you will definitely need this!!! We didnt have to wait in any lines I was the first to board the plane & also the airlines changed our seats to the very front of the plane. The plane ride home wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. The car ride home was worst!! lol we have an SUV and when i tell u that was the longest ride home ever!! I have taken all my meds. im not on any pain meds, I have finished my antibiotics, i sleep on my sides rotating during the night, I rec'd 2 massages from 2 different MT last week one was 85.00 4 1 hr. ( a waste of money) & the 2nd one was 50.00 4 1hr. she was the bomb i think i may go back to her this friday!! Im on the last latch on my garment as a matter of fact i need to order another. i walk around my house and in the yard thats about it. My daughter told me last night i look like nicki minaj bc of my tiny waist line.lol i have a little bump w/my garment on w/o it im a pancake...lol i dont see a round 2 in my future I need to get my health in order as far as my iron levels I knew I was borderline anemic but never really worried about it. Im #TEAMCARDENAS all the way this is my first cosmetic surgery but from my experience this Dr. & her staff are the absolute best!! Ronnie is also a great guy my husband called him to take him to wal-mart he came right away. excuse the run-ons & jumping from subject to subject i just wanted to put it out there!!! my recovery has not been rough my husband removed my drains & makes certain i recieve my meds on time...lol Ladies let me say this if you have sum1 that can go w/you & be very supportive do that!! This is something that I could not have endured alone!! Im a strong woman but this is a journey that should not be traveled w/o positive support!! If you are able I suggest bringing at least 700.00 bucks in extra cash you just never know whats going to happen!! Pack light!! my suitcase list included these items only: TOOTHBRUSH, TOOTHPASTE, MOUTHWASH, SOCKS (U NEED TO WEAR COMPRESSION SOCKS A DAY R 2 BEFORE UR SURGERY)1 NIGHTGOWN, 1 PACK OF LADIES BOYSHORTS (DIDNT USE), ROBE, SLIPPERS, HAIR OIL, CONTACT CASE W/SOLUTION, DEODORANT, SOAP (DIAL GOLD ANTIBACTERIAL), NEOSPIRIN, BENEDRYL CREAM (DIDNT USE) ARNICA, 1 BRA, VITA MEDS, BOPPY PILLOW. I think thats all i had but u wont need a lot of extra things esp. if you are traveling alone...well hope i have been helpful I will try to upload sum pics!! i hope everyone that hv a surgery coming up hv a safe journey!!! n always remember to keep GOD n ur life ladies w/o him we are nothing!!! XOXO
any pics?
Do you have any pics of your results?
Quite a few on my page. We were there at the same time. I am posting 8 week post op tomorrow.
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