Mexico here I come!!!!!!

I'm a 31 year old African American female in...

I'm a 31 year old African American female in Greensboro nc .. I'm looking overall a self esteem boost! Don't get it twisted I'm a beautiful woman in all departments. I'm giving myself this gift because I do deserve something for me. I have been threw hell this last couple of years. This is a new year and it's all about me and my children. The kids are blessed and happy about our new space in life. So it's time to make mommy happy . My surgery is April 9@ 800am I can really say this was meant for me. For one my prices were way different then my quote but hey blessed I should say. I'm stay at grace recovery house ..lve lost over 13 pounds so that I can stay this current weight 152 I was 165 so I should have enough fat lol... I did my blood work march 9th I'm all good I'm actually more healthier now then before. I have changed my eating pattern . I'm all packed n ready. I will post picture keep me in your prayers ladies

Good luck!!! Sending prayers your way! What all are you getting done?

Ok ladies so I'm really nervous So I'm packed kids...

Ok ladies so I'm really nervous So I'm packed kids are set to leave for spring break I got my boppy pillow n my epic foams came today I guess the wait is going to bother me the most lol
@wana Almost there hunni!!! Cant wait 2 c the results!! Love ya Babe!!! Praying for u day and night (& Dr C's hands and spirit in preparing for & during ur surgery)
Wow that is funny....I am also very close to gbo NC and in my 30's. I will be getting my surgery done April 5th in Miami FL. (Dr. Salama) What a small world..keep in touch and good luck...

Ok I guess this is really going to happen lol 5...

Ok I guess this is really going to happen lol 5 days I'm fighting out...waiting on my bbf to take me to the airport shit I want her to go ... I know I'm ok I've been praying day n night but a little extra ... I've pack n unpacked 3 times already I guess nerves I'm going today to get me some braids .did my last look in the mirror goodbye flat ass. I printed my wish pictures j lo was my top favorite on ass. But I did take 3 others beyonce, Kim k. Sorry I forgt the third one , I havent told anyone I did tell my mom that I was going for a little lipo of course she said just eat right you have lost weight . Wth the hell but ok. My homegirl from here started this quest almost a year ago and it's time, I can't wait to see the new me guys. I go so much aniexty Im so restless I'm going to start taking my Bromeline on Friday and my arrica I was told that you can start it at least 3 days before with swelling so that it would be in my system I talk to Angie and she said ok as long as it has no green tea or some other herbal stuff . So I guess ladies let get ready
Thanks girls I'm getting a little nervous but I know god will take care of me

Ok so im ready I leave out sx is April 9 please...

Ok so im ready I leave out sx is April 9 please pray for me ladies will keep you update on my sx
Everything go ok?
Update us Please!!!
Hey I've been waiting on ur post op response b/c im pretty sure im going w/ campos too. Hope everything went great!
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