#YILY...sitting at CIPLA...today was crazy !

I have never had a butt but I didn't really care...

I have never had a butt but I didn't really care or notice until it went square. Square as in spongebob.I to this day still have not come across anyone that has a butt like mine and believe I have tried ! Anyway about me I am 33 years old, I have 3 children with my husband who I met in highschool as a freshman. We have been together ever since !! OMG I loooove my hubby he is just...mmmm...still looks 21. I on the otherhand look 21 in the face but have the body of a 45 year old. I am 5'5 and weigh 218.4 just weighed myself today. My middle child had a heart defect that we discoved when I was 4 months preggo ,that landed me on side bedrest for 6 months. The result is what the mmedical folks call a pedulum stomach...eeeewww. I wish I could put up pix right now but my phone got wet so I can't yet.
I found Dr.campos on here and plan to have sx by july if he is not booked up. I want BBL of course but also TT I'm just not sure how safe both are to do together. Maybe I'm just scared. Oh yeah on a side note I talked my sister into getting a TT as well she is teeny tiny but has loose skin so her result wil be awesome. I will post before pix soon and keep everyone updated on my weight loss. I plan to lose 25 pounds.

So I cheated an weighed myself this morning and I...

So I cheated an weighed myself this morning and I am down 1.7 pounds today ! Whoop whoop ! That makes 8 pounds down so far...only 20 more to go !!

I know I'm not supposed to weigh myself everyday...

I know I'm not supposed to weigh myself everyday but oops I did it again...and baaaby I down another 1.6 pounds yeah me !! I know its only a pound and some change but I felt thinner. I am almost at the 10lb mark ! Whoop whoop !

Whoop whoop...down 3 more pounds OMG I'm really...

Whoop whoop...down 3 more pounds OMG I'm really getting it in ! I am so excited I will be at goal weight in no time at this rate. Ok so I decided to go ahead and take my pictures...I have no sent them in yet but at least they are in exsistance now. I really need my quote but I am sooo scared he will say something crazy like lose 50 pounds and then get at me. Huh I know that's ridiculous but when you want something soooo bad sometimes you begin to doubt that it will happen for you. Well for now sistahs I will take my small 3 pound victory and run with it ! Ttyl for now big booty babes

Sooo..I have decided to go with Dra. Yily but I...

Sooo..I have decided to go with Dra. Yily but I know she is going to say I have to hae a TT which actually was fine because that was my oringinal plan. However after reading so many reviews of BBL sistahs saying they don't reccomend it because of the sleeping situation and the possible compromising of the BBL for the TT...now idk what to do ! I do need the TT but the BBl is my main concern. But then what if I got the BBL and because of the wide waist and loose skin my booty looks booty...no pun intended. My hubby and I have been coming up with ways to sleep after the dual procedures but I really need advice. Has anyone completely regretted doing both or been so glad they did it together and got it out the way ?
Do anyone have and reccommendations ? Please help !!

I am at a total stand still with my weight loss...

I am at a total stand still with my weight loss I'm sure due to the fact that i just got back from a vacation. Time to up my game..lol.
I really want to get an April date with Yily but I don't want to travel alone and plus those discounts sound good to me !! I am catching my Jet Blue flight out of Chicago because that is the closest place even though i will have to catch the bus there. I am fine with that though because it only costs $17. So with that being said I would love to meet up with someone/a group and travel together for safety and discounts. Inbox me if you are interested or if you know of anybody looking for a travel buddy/roomie. I have not booked yet because I am waiting to see what responses I get and what dates you all might be trying to get.

Okay.... so here are my before pictures and as you...

Okay.... so here are my before pictures and as you can see I was NOT being dramatic when i said my butt looks like sponge Bob : ( Damn I cant wait for April !!!
and I just sent in my pictures to Yily and a sort email about what I wanted. So now I just gotta wait for a quote !! BTW still looking for a RS sis to travel and buddy up with. My butt is super tight and I'm worried she won't be able to get much fat in there, what do you all think ?

I sent my pics in the other day and now I'm just...

I sent my pics in the other day and now I'm just waiting to hear back. I am working out the small details right now like, how should I wear my hair, should I cook and freeze meals for my hubby and babies ? I hope I sleep tonight, I've been almost in an altered state at night, I'm not sleep but I'm not awake either. I just lay there and think about my butt and hell yalls butts too...lol..this is a mess. Well sistahs I will update when I get my quote from Yily.

Today was a weigh in day and I am pleased to...

Today was a weigh in day and I am pleased to announce that I have shed another 5 pounds ! I am hooking my smoother that I wear on the second hook and not holding my stomach in while I do it. Wow this feels really good. I have not been to the gym in several days because of the weather but I am sooo motivated that I may brave public transportation if I have to...lol.

Its really sinking in now and I am beginning to...

Its really sinking in now and I am beginning to pack my bags and take my pre op vitamins. April 5th is a hop and a skip away and I just praying that all goes well for me and the sisters I'm going through this life changing journey with. I won't post again until I begin my 30 day count down and I will take 5 day pre op pix before I go. I also promise to update often and post pix regularly. I want to be the best and most supportive BBL sister that I can be to you all. I also will not be taking down my pre op photos because I personally feel like, why be on a public forum if u want to be private ? That's just me :-)
be on a public forum....if you want to be private ? Its weird to

I forgot to mention I will be doing a my favorite...

I forgot to mention I will be doing a my favorite things post look so for that soon. I think its important to see all the pix you can and to see people in and out of clothing to fully guage their results.

My surgery is on the 5th of April so I am...

My surgery is on the 5th of April so I am officially in the 30 day count down phase of my journey ! I will be posting an array of before pix in various outfits and under garments so not only can I look back at my journey with appreciation but I can also ward off "booty greed" if it starts to set in. I also want to give you all something to be able to look at and judge for yourselves how you feel about Dra. Yily's techniques on us bigger gals. I am confident whatever the outcome that I will feel like a trillion dollars :-) Now if I could only talk to JMspa I would be less anxious but I still have no response from them. As far as my weighloss goes I have lost a total of 16 pounds since Feb when I first started my journey. It has been a struggle but I am thankful for every ounce shed ! Stay positive mamas ! Pix to follow

I am so excited now its seems so real. I can't...

I am so excited now its seems so real. I can't believe I'm leaving the country....wow. I got my passport .....

So I'm all packed and ready to go. I will be...

So I'm all packed and ready to go. I will be leaving in a matter hours at this point. The weeks have faded to an hourly count down. I didn't sleep a wink last night and Aunt Flo is still in town getting on my damn nerves...lol..even though I was so happy when she got here because I kept dreaming I was pregnant .I will post my favorite things tonight. Me in various outfits and under clothes. The newest development with me is that I will not be getting a tummy tuck. I will be having agressive lipo to full back, full abdomen ,arms and BBL. I will be getting a tummy tuck in December instead. I am really hoping my skin retracts like Redonkulous' did. Her results are stellar to say the least. Yily will probably read me the riot act but I just can't do it at this time. I will keep y'all updated !

So me and my sx buddy go to cipla to do pre ops...

So me and my sx buddy go to cipla to do pre ops and she ended up having her surgery today ! I'm being her nurse...lol..she is totally out of it. No pain meds yet and she is about 4 hours out of surgery. LOL...she thought she had a baby ! Anyway we kind of didn't have a choice but to do our surgeries separate because the girls for today missed their flight which meant when they got here they would need to have surgery on our scheduled day. That would be to many in one day so Yily said one of us had to go today. Totally not fair....I was here on time and early but I need to accomadate for them...ok...fine but here's where it gets crazy. This ghetto bird shows up starts causing a scene ! Wow...how embarassing.

1 year post op ! i made it and feel great !

so it's been one year and I posted some pics I feel good about how I look everybody's impressedI get compliments all the time and now I'm not afraid to wear dresses post comments let me know what y'all think
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I'm planning to get a little tweaking done to my lower butt and upper hips. I also along the way lost my belly button....long story that I'll post later but yeah I have no belly button.....
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what exactly did you have done? I see your wish pics so do you feel that you got what you wished for?
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I got a tummy tuck and bbl. I love my results but I do feel my hips are kind of high.
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I know scarey huh ? I'm all good check out my pics....Yily is the business !
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::sighs::.. I always get a little nervous for these girls who's last post is right before they go into sx... then we don't hear from them after... hope she just forgot her password or something :/
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What happened -__•
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How did it go , you never came back
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How's it going? Hope you're having a smooth recovery ....happy healing!
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How did your surgery go?
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Good luck!!
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Hang in there & good luck tomorrow !
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Good Luck tomorrow! I'm glad u were there for your sx buddy!
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gd luck hubby and I will keep you and beauty in prayer!!!
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tell us more that cra
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Good luck ladies!
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Lol she thought she had a baby ha. Smh at ghetto birds. Uk some ppl hav zero hometraining nd tact. A shame. I wlda bn extra pissed if she tried to grt me to hav sx a day early. i dnt operate like tht. i hav to mentally prepare for stuff nd i plan everything out. sx a day early wld av not fit at all. lol. anyway Good luck tomorrow love nd happy healing!!!!!!!
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Get it girl, you ready boo, I can't wait to see what you look like, I'm excited for you take care and update when you can, your in my prayers
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Ghetto Bird?? Lmao!!
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girlll the ghettoness i saw from some of the girls wen i was there smh! i dunno how ppl can go to another country and act like that! smh anywho im not even going to get into it...
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Dont tell'em nothing donk.....Actin crazy is so stupid while their ass is asleep & the whole DR slap that respect into a biznitch....a few rules to follow don't get smart with ppl cooking your food, and don't talk shit to ppl when you life is in their hands, and keep ya mouth shut when ur getting braids...CTFU....
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CTFU!! You had me rolling. Anyway you are totally right, its crazy because these people are going to open up parts of your body and you wana speak like this? To them? -_-
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lmao@ghetto bird!!!
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I go in first thing in the morning !
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Thx y'all...confidentbeauty is just out of surgery and is doing well. She sleep but in and out.
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