CAN BBL FIX THE WORST BUTT IN THE WORLD!! Found out on 14th March,2012 the answer is YES IT CAN - Tijuana, Mexico

My butt is severly dented because of Doctors...

My butt is severly dented because of Doctors injecting pain medication into the muscle over several years. After doing alot of research I realised that it could possibly be fixed so that my butt looks normal again. I am sick of feeling like a freak so im ready to do this. I was originally going to bolivia for bbl however after spending some time on this website and mmh i was convinced that Tijuana was a much better option. The drs have better results and prices so im heading to mexico in march. Staying at club medical from 13th March till 21st March, Im staying for a week as I am from Australia and have a 14hour flight home. I am also getting breast implants at the same time so I can get back the boobs I had before having my 2 girls. All the ladies on this website have helped me so much that i decided to post my before pics and continue to update you all throughout my journey (with post op pics as well) so that i can maybe help other ladies in the future to see what is possible with a bbl. As my butt is so badly indented compared to the other ladies that just have flat butts I thought my story might be helpful. Please keep in mind that it is extremely hard for me to allow my pictures to be seen by others (it took weeks to get the courage just to let my husband take the photos)so be kind to me and please no insult as i know my butt looks horrible. I have just over 3 weeks to go till i find out if my butt can be turned into a nice, shapely behind. Im so nervous as im going alone but at the same time im so excited and cant wait to see my new body. If anyone has any advice or tips id love to hear them.

Im 5'6 and weigh 60kgs(132pounds) I managed to...

Im 5'6 and weigh 60kgs(132pounds) I managed to gain 10kgs (22pounds) for my surgery even though my dr said he could transfer 900cc each cheek when i weighed 50kgs (110pounds). I just wanted to make sure that there would be more then enough fat to fill in the dents and shape my butt.

Apparently my hemoglobin levels are excellent so...

Apparently my hemoglobin levels are excellent so with that out of the way there is nothing to stop me now. I started taking my pre op vitamins today as I'm at 2 weeks to go now. Just making sure I'm fully packed and ready to go. Does anyone have any advice on what I need to take with me?

Ok I've got 1 week now before I leave. I've just...

Ok I've got 1 week now before I leave. I've just paid the rest of my money to my dr and for my stay at club med. So all I have to do now is to get the US cash I need for my trip. I go on Thursday to get fully waxed so I don't have to worry about that for a few weeks afterwards. My nerves are getting really bad but luckily my oldest girl is turning 10 on Thursday so I'm occupied organizing everything for her parties this weekend.

Ok I'm at the airport waiting to depart Australia...

Ok I'm at the airport waiting to depart Australia in 2 hours. Very scared/nervous but super excited that my time has finally arrived. Looking forward to seeing the new me.

Hi ladies I had my surgery yesterday and i am...

hi ladies I had my surgery yesterday and i am really surprised that i am not in any real pain. i feel a bit stiff but that is it. however i know that the pain will hit me sooner or later. Dr pantoja is an amazing man who is so friendly and honest about what to expect. as my case was a bit different from most he sees he spent a bit extra time explaining what fat grafting can do for my dents and that maybe down the road more can be done to give it more roundness. but dont think ill do this again (even though it has been relativly painless so far) its just so far to come and so much money.
It appears that i no longer have the dents in my butt and it actually looks like a real butt should. so i am happy. only just got back from drs so still a bit tired will post again with pics within a couple of days.
Thanks for all your support.
Also I saw blackchyna before i left drs and she is doing oklllllllllllll

Im 2 days post op now and still surprised by how...

im 2 days post op now and still surprised by how little pain there is. dont get me wrong there is some pain and alot of stiffness but i really expected worse. Sleeping is the worst time as rolling over is so hard and so uncomfortable and it takes about 5 mins just to turn to the other side. As i can only lay on my side. I just had my garment changed over so i have some naked pics to be able to show how it all went. my butt isnt huge but at least it doesnt seem to have the big indents that it used to have.

I forgot to tell you the details. I got 495cc...

i forgot to tell you the details. I got 495cc breast implants. and Dr P was able to put 900cc in each butt cheek. Im happy with the results so far i just hope i dont loose to much of the butt to reabsorption.

Ok ive now had 2 massages and man do they hurt...

ok ive now had 2 massages and man do they hurt especially on the back that hurts the most. Im still feeling good not much pain at all (except for during massage). loving my stay here at club med they are taking very good care of me. I miss my husband and kids so much but i know ill see them in just 5 days and i cant wait for that.

My husband is now checking out this review too so ive put a nice close up pic of my boobs for him. Enjoy sexy!!

Just had my follow up appointment with dr pantoja...

Just had my follow up appointment with dr pantoja and everything is going really well. My breasts look great and the holes left by the drains are clean and should close within 3 weeks. I'm allowed to sit normally in 2 weeks however he says I should expect 40% absorption which scares me as that's nearly half of it gone so I'm worried about what that is going to look like. But sadly I'm just going to have to accept whatever it ends up looking like. But I'll know for sure in around 3-4 months I'll jut keep my fingers crossed that those dents don't come back.
I am absolutely thrilled with the service I've gotten from dr pantoja's office and I'm so glad I chose him to do my surgery. He is such a nice, honest man.
I am also so thankful to everyone here at club medical they have been amazing through all of this and if I ever get the option to come back for a round 2 I will definitely stay here again. They have helped me so much with everything (including the fact that I'm so home sick). Having travelled half way around the world for this was scary but they have made me feel like I'm at home. I'm sad to leave them all but can't wait to get home to my amazing husband and kids.

So I'm now at 14 days post op and everything is...

So I'm now at 14 days post op and everything is going really well. Just had the stiches on my breasts removed yesterday and I have never seen a scar so thin before.. I am so impressed with the scar that i now have around the bottom part of the nipple. Im still feeling now pain but im definately stiff and achy and very itchy at times too. But considering the pain i expected this has been so much better/easier then i could have imagined.
Ive posted new pics from day 14..

Ok im now 3months 1 week post op and still feeling...

ok im now 3months 1 week post op and still feeling good. I havent noticed any reabsorption yet but i know it will happen. I have been living in my garment 24/7 only take it off to shower. And my waist just keeps getting smaller and my butt has stayed the same. My breasts are 2 sizes bigger then I wanted but i am happy with them and the scar is amazing it is already almost impossible to see. ive attached some new pics. a couple naked and 1 of me in a new dress i bought. Oh and i also just bought my first ever strapless black dress which im looking forward to wearing to a friend's party next weekend.

Post Op Measurements:
Bust 36inch
Waist 26inch
Hips 37inch

Sorry all. that should of been 1month 1week. i...

Sorry all. that should of been 1month 1week. i think i had a seniors moment when i missed that mistake.

Ok im now 2 months 2 weeks post op and still going...

Ok im now 2 months 2 weeks post op and still going well. I still havent lost any of my butt yet but i imagine it will happen at some stage. My only concern is that my thighs are now bigger then they were before i had the lipo. However i know that is where the dr got most of the fat from so they must still be badly swollen i just hope they get smaller soon. Other then that i am still really happy with my results.

Pre op measurements
Breast 30 inch 76cm
Waist 33inch 84cm
Hip 35inch 89cm
Butt 38inch 96 1/2cm

Post op measurements
Breast 36inch 91 1/2cm
Waist 27inch 68 1/2cm
Hip 37inch 94cm
Butt 40inch 101 1/2cm

1 year 4 months post op update

Hi all I'm sorry it has taken me so long to update this review. I am still happy with my results as you can see my butt still looks like it should. I have lost some of the fat but I don't have those horrible dents anymore and that was what mattered the most to me. I have no words to thank Dr Pantoja for what he has done for my life as he has completely changed what my life was like. For the first time ever I have confidence and don't have to always wear a long jacket everywhere I go to hide my butt. I am happily showing my figure off every chance I get. I recently went to a friend's party all dressed up without my usual jacket and my friends didn't even recognise me (they walked straight past me as they didn't realise it was me).I walked into the place like I owned it and every head turned and checked me out and that was an amazing feeling. Woman were glaring and men were drooling... I loved it... Thank you so much to all the ladies on here that helped me through the process and that have supported me since you are all amazing and beautiful people.
I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Pantoja and Club Med to anyone that asks.

2 years 4months after

I am still happy with my results. I may not have a big butt however I have got some curve there and that's what matters. I have had no complications with either my butt or breasts. So very happy that I did this.
Dr Pantoja

all the staff were really nice to me. and dr pantoja said he felt honoured that i travelled all the way from australia just to see him. and therefore he said he will make sure that i get the best results possible. And that is exactly what he did.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Glad you are happy! :) That is always great to hear when someone goes through this process and is happy and satisfied on the other end.
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Hii.. I love your story and your doctor did an amazing job.. I am a 24year old woman, live in Denmark and I kind of have the same problem as u did.. My butt has been injected a lot when I was younger by unprofessional , so my butt is sevely dented as well.. I feel sad everyday looking in the mirror, I feel like a freak. :( so I m thankful to see I'm not the only one and that something can be done about it.. But how is your butt looking now? Are the results still good?
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I felt the same way when I was looking at this site for the first time. I still love my results. I don't have a big butt like the other ladies here but it is a small butt and that's good enough for me!! Good luck to you and please feel free to contact me anytime.
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Thank you so much for sharing your story. I don't have dents but I feel like after losing 90 pounds I have the worlds smallest butt. I am not sure I can be helped but its very depressing. Seeing how beautiful you look has given me hope. I am strongly considering Dr. P but hubby is doubtful although he loves me just like I am. Would you email me current pics? thanks once again!
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My hubby said he loved me the way I was but he knew I had to do this for me and he loves my new found confidence. Will post new pics soon
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I'm so glad you were able to get your butt fixed. Has the fat sayed? You look great. How did you decide on pantoja?
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Thanks loveheartlove. A lot more of the fat has stayed then I thought would. My result is better then I thought was possible. I chose pantoja because his office were quick to reply to any email no matter how dumb my question was. The one thing that sealed my choice was when I told them I was from Australia so I was unable to pay the way others do and they offered to book my surgery with no payment. I could have paid all of my fees when I got to his office on the day of my surgery. I just felt more comfortable with him in the end.
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Thanks so much for sharing your pics. They have helped me tremendously, and girl, believe me I know what you must have went through. I have a similar story and need reconstruction. Rather than explain, I will post as soon as I get the sx. Thank you so much, you have really helped me. I wish you the very best and remember, you were beautiful then, and now your beauty is shining through even more.
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Thanks novabooty. It's been over a year and I'm still very happy with my result. I will update review shortly with current pics. All the best of luck for your surgery.
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What a transformation!!!!!! He worked his magic. Any updated pictures? Did your body re-absorb the fat that was placed in your butt? Thank you for sharing your journey with us.
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Hi queens sorry for the late reply I have now updated my review with a new pic. Some of the fat was absorbed but it was nowhere near as much as I expected so im very happy with the way I look now.
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haven't seen u for ages. I wonder how ur body is doing since then. But I must say, your new butt looks Dam good! and ur boobies r HUge!
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I considered Dr P in the beginning but cldnt find enough work, tou look gorgeous. out of curiousity do u or any1 know what happened with girl this summer and coma?? I've been praying for her and hope that she is okay. Best wishes in ur journeys ladies. I found out abt it on here and googled Dr P name and coma and read some details abt it. I dunno but it made me much more aware of what I'm getting into as if I wasn't on edge enough smdh. Just be thorough ladies :) @pms glad u r doin well again take care.
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I did have the breast lift/aug,550cc,saline moderate profile, my bbl, well I need a round 2, I didn't have a lot of fat, so I only got 500cc per cheek, which I need way more than that, we will see in feb my 6 month check up
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Congrats to u!!! You look great! Thanks for sharing
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I am sold I am going to Dr. P!
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Hi kimkwannabe. Thanks. His email is He is an amazing surgeon and a really nice guy so I know he will take good care of you.
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Wow! Yes hun, You look amazing! Do you still have his email address by any chance?
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Thank you for sharing....i appreciate your b4 and after photos.....your results turned out really good...did you get a breast lift and augment?I am having my bbl August 6,and then i am having a breast lift and augmentation Dec 7....
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Hey Sacramento gurlie. I had breat augmentation at the same time as my bbl but no breast lift. I found no problem with getting them done together. It also meant only 1 lot of recovery time. Good luck to you for your surgery :-)
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Hey girl, how are your results holding up?
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Hello u look amazing hun :)
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thanks lina. i am enjoying the new me i dont think ive smiled this much in my entire life.
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