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Hello everyone. Im 21 and have a son whos 4 and to...

Hello everyone. Im 21 and have a son whos 4 and to all you ladies that have had children, must understand that my breast were never the same. I did some research and Dr. Luis Suarez is so far my best option. He gave me a very good price and his staff have answered my emails regarding concerns. I am a bit skeptical at the fact that they are asking me for a 30% down payment, but in my defense, I dont know if this is a requirement for most plastic surgeons. I would like to know if any of his former patients can give me peace of mind by sharing their stories and give me a heads up on what to expect. Thank You ....FYI I am currently a cup size A and looking forward to a C cup.


Hello everyone thank you all for the replies. I do apologize i havnt been on here for a while, I've been busy with finals at school. Any ways, so far i have $2000 saved up and Im very excited. I dont know if i want to try to finance the rest or just wait until i save up more money? Has anyone financed their surgery and how did it go? I havnt scheduled my surgery date yet because im still tryimng to see what different doctors tell me about my breast as far as the procedure they will do on me. One said they would simply put one implant bigger than the other. Another said they would have to perform a breast lift on one side. Anyone had similar situations. Everytime i buy a bra, the right side boob seems to be bigger and its very uncomfortable. I will upload my pictures please comment. Thanks for all the informationn!!
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Yes, it's normal. As someone else pointed out, many American surgeons require full payment before doing anything. However, the culture of healthcare is different. It's not worse, just different. For example, they normally don't ask you for insurance information before letting you in. There's an American who lives in Mexico who wrote a book about hospitals, doctors, surgery and healthcare in Mexico. I suggest you take a look at it so you'll know what to expect. To softgirl, unfortunately, the American health system is so broken that even with plane tickets and hotel included, most types of surgery are cheaper in Mexico, like 30% -50% cheaper. As a matter of fact, people are willing to go to India to get medical treatment there because the prices are even cheaper, even with more expensive plane tickets included.
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The surgeons in Texas require full payment at pre op visit:) so totally normal!!!!! Good luck girl!!!
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one boob is bigger


did you get your surgery
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@geegee714 Hey Girl ! I had surgery with Dr. Suarez about 2 years ago , I too left a deposit to assure the date , as I was told they need that deposit to be able to schedule me the staff nurses and anesthesiologist and all that , I left me deposit and then the rest I payed off the day of surgery. And I am SO SO glad wit my results perfect size no pain no scar , the process of recovery was very smooth. Got nothing but good things to say about Dr. Suarez .
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