Recovery: BA, BBL, Tummy Tuck

Hello beautiful people! So I am 25, I am a...

Hello beautiful people!
So I am 25, I am a single mother Latina and I've never wanted anything more than this body transformation! I won't bore you all with my life story (even though it quite interesting, I think I can write a book!) anyway As i mentioned i have two beautiful children that mean the world to me & they're wonderful existence is the reason I am scheduled for a mommy makeover BUT I see it as a price to pay for such an amazing outcome. So I am very strong willed and independent (by force-life has been tough) and I am very self less I've dropped my social life since day 1 so I could be a mother and father to my children, I put myself through school and am proud to say I graduated and now have a B.S. i was working part time while in school and every penny was accounted for and went to my kids which I've always supported on my own. I was lucky enough... Wait, scratch that.. I was *blessed* enough to obtain a job just a month after graduating and I am now making decent money. I have wanted a mommy makeover for over three years now, and even though I was counting pennies before, I knew that somehow, some day, I would have this done....And now, OMG the date is fast approaching! Anyway, I really want to take my kids places and explore and have adventures but I know I will never fully be happy and enjoy myself until I can be happy and comfortable in my own skin. So I started saving money and my first savings is going to..... Myself! Sigh, it's so hard to admit that but I think I deserve it. It's my present to myself for being the tough b**** that I am :-D I keep battling the guilty feeling that maybe we should go to Disney world for a week instead or visit family in San Diego, but then I go back to telling myself I won't be happy until I'm comfortable in my skin... Then I wonder what if I don't survive (in terrified of the anesthesia) and I call myself selfish again and possibly vane.. Since my children would be left without the only parent they have... ugh...Does anyone else have these emotional roller coasters??

Inhale*exhale* &&& post!'s so hard to share pictures... I don't even allow my bf to catch a look at my stomach. Here it goes...


Was so nervous to post them that I forgot to upload! Lol here they are ....

Getting anxious and so confused!

The more profiles the I read the more anxious and confused I am! How do you ladies know about pre-op/ post-op? I know nothing besides I need iron... :(. What's this foam? And squirms? How does a boppy pillow help BBL? How do you sit on it? Ahhh help ladies! Now I feel so unprepared
My advice to you chicka start reading everything on here! Take notes! Take your vitamins ask your dr which ones! Drink water! And read more stories you will catch up :)
Thank you! I definitely will! I'm gonna buy a special bright pink notebook and title it Dr. RS lol you ladies really do your research! I need to catch up
I love your story! Leave that guilty feeling behind. You are absolutely right - it will make your kids so happy when you are happy. They love you and only want to see you happy. Get this over with and then save for fun vacations. You're such a great mommy and they are so lucky! Your body is going to look so good it's already in very good shape. Don't stress too much about what to get post-op. I read so many different things and just kept it simple. I figured if there was anything else that I truly needed, I could find someone to get it for me. Is someone staying with you to help during your recovery? If there is no one close by, I'd suggest hiring someone. My mom was here for a few days and wasn't as helpful as I needed (sad to say). Then when my hubby took off work and helped it made a world of difference. You will need some help. I remember wishing I had kept my boppy pillow. I really can't figure out why but I know I could've somehow gotten comfortable with it. Just put it in whatever position will make you feel good lol. Best of luck to you! I can't wait to see your results ❤️


Sooooo... I would love to find someone with similar measurements who has already gone through the surgery just Bc I'm so curious to see what I may look like. I can't wen begin to imagine but I am so excited... I am getting a bbl as part of the package so I was on a mission to gain weight so that I can have fat harvested from other areas in my body since I was told the abdomen would not be used ... My stats
Height: 5'7"
Weigh: probably around 155lbs
Chest: 35.5"
Waist: 29.5"
Hips: 41.5"

Then I have my very own section called "big belly" lol it's the measurement around my nasty extra skin/fat and the fat on my lower back (muffin top/ love handles) I'm at 38" ... Ugh! Can you ladies imagine once that is gone? I would be so happy with just my waist to hips ratio that I have now.. Which by the way, I can see/ feel my skin right on my ribs so I know that measurement won't change .. Unless I have my ribs removed!. Lol which I won't! I'm big boned and it's ok :) I just want to be able to do a plank or perform push-ups without my belly touching the ground as I do! Haha

So glad you started your story here on RealSelf! Will you be staying at a recovery house after surgery? Here's a list that another user put together of mommy makeover supplies she found useful after traveling for her MM.

And here's a forum thread about BBL supplies. I hope this helps!

Awesome! Ill check it out.. Thank you :)
And post op dont buy to much stuff.. I didnt really need anything but pillows and iron pills.. and a lil first aid kit with stuff to clean up


Oh man, I wonder if I have sexy ab a muscles underneath all of this?? This is the result of my last born being a 9.14 lbs baby! Natural birth no epidural... How the heck?! this is also why I'm scared of Ben g sedated: I've never been down under. What if it doesn't work on me? What if I'm allergic? Ah..... Ok here are so icky pics ... From 210lbs to 135lbs then one day at the gym I was doing a plank and saw all my extra skin hanging and was discouraged-I went from crossfit super strong to an depressed sedentary but now I'm determined to prepare for surgery and will keep FIT after Bc my results will finally show! :)

I lost my train of thought above...

So I went from 210lbs to 135 to back up to 155 ish ... Ugh... Hopefully after all this Ill be motivated enough to stay at a healthy 140 :)
You are going to look like a million bucks! Love the 2 pack! Your butt already looks awesome so it will look even more awesome. Best wishes!
Aw, shucks. Thank you Lisalicious... Same to you! Our time is coming, how exciting! :)


Ladies I feel like such a genius! So as you ladies know I will be having a TT, BBL and BA. I bid like a mad woman until the last second (literately) lol for this reclined chair. I will be cutting a hole into it for my new voluptuous bottom (wishing!) and I will be reclined for the tummy tuck/ BA... Oh excitement! :)

Chair pic

Where are you staying, we are having our surgeries 1 day apart. I am staying at Beauty Care. Good Luck with everything!!
Hey Bubblegumbooty! :) I tried contacting some of the recovery houses but haven't had any luck. I haven't heard of Beauty Care. Where is this one? Do they have a website? How much do they charge? Maybe ill see you there if I can book it :)
The email is his name is Ronnie. the website is It is 100 a night but includes all care , phone calls, wireless internet, dish tv, etc. It may be cheaper if you have a buddy. Maybe we can go as buddies if you have not already booked :) I am having surgery January 3rd with Dr. Cardenas. Let me know.

Met the Dr.

So I met him thanksgiving weekend, I just haven't had enough "free time" to update... So I left a little disappointed Bc I was expecting him to be a little nicer from what I e read on reviews. Maybe it was a bad day? Or maybe because he knew I had already put down my deposit? Idk but he has a monitor where he can look into he waiting area and I felt rushed -_- the girls are still super nice though so that's the reason why I'm still forward with it, just telling myself maybe the Dr. Had a bad day. Ughhhhh bummer, I should have just waited until the day of surgery to meet him... Anyway I booked with Lana for grace recovery house she is super sweet and won't e around the time I will be there but she had already set everything up for me. I love the fact that they pick you up in San Diego. So perfect! I thought this pic was awesome! Can't wait to see the look on their faces .. More like the look on my own face! Ahhh excitement
Sorry you didnt have great first impression of dr. P, but dont worry he always gives the most attention to his patients that he already worked on. Which I think is best, he cares more about his current patients then his potential clients. Like me for example, ive had to go many times and he always see me first before his consultations, even if I didnt have an appointment! You will love your experience with him, so dont worry! :)
Thank you Teena! Once again, you make me feel better about the choice I've made. Everyone says great things about him and his work is phenomenal, I'm excited! And scared since I've never had surgery before or been out down under
A boppy was recommended b/c your stomach will be numb and you will want to sleep or sit holding it (or any pillow) against your belly for a long time. I am 9 mos out of MM and still sleep holding a pillow like that

Back in the game!!

Ok ladies, sorry I was gone for a while but there was soooo much going on. So my parents left on vacation and I had no one to babysit while I am away and recovering and my mom expected me to get a babysitter to leave my children with day and night for two weeks! Talk about a heartless grandmother! Anyway, then there paternal grandma said she would babysit and instead left to get a tummy tuck herself! Aya yaiii! Thank God she is feeling good enough to babysit (she's 5 weeks post op) ... There was also a scare along the way, I stopped taking my birth control last week in order to be off all meds before surgery -- Doc didn't tell me to do it but my obgyn suggested it to be in the safe side-- so anyway then my bf and I ha unprotected sex and immediately I started freakin out looking for something to do, I had an iud but had it removed Bc it was so painful menstruation, every month was hell! Soooo it turns out that the copper iud can be used as an emergency contraceptive if inserted within five days.... Ahhh so I had to get I again. I am sooooo close! I can't let any hiccup in the way of my results so obviously I wasn't pregnant but still the iud will help me have peace of mind that my chances o getting pregnant are super slim! Yay! Ok to three more days and in finally excited! I was so preoccupied with work (which is so mad I'm leaving for two weeks-ill be working from home while recovering) with finding a babysitter and with the logistics of my trip and getting to TJ. Lana from Gracehouse is a sweetheart and has assured me everything will be fine and we know have a plan for pick up times etc. I am so excited that I can finally stop worrying and be excited!!!!! Yay!!!

It's 4:00am and I'm not sleepy?

I have almost gone 24 hrs without sleep.. I came from work and attended to my children then started cleaning and preparing everything for when I come back. It was so much work then I went too into detail an ld got the Clorox out and washed all the sheets... Why did I wait such lay minute?! Well... At least it will all be perfect when we return back home (since my babies will be staying with their grandma) I fly out to San Diego tomorrow so excited! Ill be spending New Years with my sisters :-)
Good luck my dear! See you on the other side!
Thank you! Ill pray for us both :) hopefully we will have a safe and effective surgery and come to love our new body! Happy New Year! Cheers to the new us! (Don't really cheer tho! Stay away from alcohol lol)
No drinking for me

Ugh.... One day before!

So my parents don't support this at all, my brothers say nothing (they only know about tummy tuck) and my sisters think I don't need it. The only person who supported me unconditionally was my bf of two years and he just flipped on me. It might be his own perception or idk what but he doesn't want me to be meeting other guys so instead he picks a fight and we break up. Like wait what?! And through text lol ok well there goes that.. Ill be my own support system and keep moving. Sigh... One more day!

My recovery chair :)

Reclining lawn chair with a hole cut out for my bbl
Hope you are feeling well, Been thinking of you all day..
Thanks so much! I feel good and excited to see what I have now! Take care :)
DD2999 that was so sweet of you, thank you :) I'm glad I came out well

Thank you !

Ladies i have just two seconds to update so sorry I can't reply to each Individual but thank you all so much i am
Surprisingly calm and collected.. Dr Pantoja is a beautiful person. He makes you feel so comfortable and is at ur first impression was diff but it was probably an off day Bc he is amazing! I'm still waiting... Have been running labs all day finally came up to my room and will be going in about an hr and the surgery is 5hrs long. I will update with pics soon as I can. Thank you for all of your encouragement and please say a prayer for me :) thanks so much lovelies


Just said a prayer for u!!! Good luck
Thanks so much ! What a sweetheart
Hope all went well today. :-)

I'm alive!!

So we were waking to a surgery room and the doc goes "are you ready? Right this way?" I said "yesss exit door please!" Lol he said not an option anymore so I sucked it up :D

The anesthesiologist is great and so is the full staff... Amazing people!

My nurse is Mitchell tonight; she is young but she is a sweet heart. I just woke up and we are talking about health and fitness and I pretty much have her the scoop on how to get started including workouts and all. ladies don't be afraid of weights! You don't get bulky/ muscular. You burn more calories when you lift Bc even when you are not doing anything your body is trying to reconstruct the muscle fiber you "ripped" at the gym so trust me... You burn more calories! Do it! :) and it's saves a lot of skin from becoming flappy.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers! Mwuah!
Happy healing. : )
Thank you :)
Are you ok? Haven't heard from you!


I finally saw my results today! Here is a pic of my front view Still not the best but better than none

Here it is

I always Do that! here it really is
I'm going in the next few weeks and we have similar figures. Did you need to show him any pics? How many cc did you have on your implants?
Yes I sent him pix before hand to get a quote and then he replies through email. He had a very good eye for what to do. I trusted him completely and allows him to lipo whatever area and all that. He suggested areas, he suggested 545cc so I went for it and I love the size. I also got 970cc each cheek I just haven't been able to see. He is great though, you should go to him and trust him 100% :)
Did you show him any wish pics?

Dr. Pantoja & gracerecovery

I love this man and his team! In a non creepy way! Lol I felt so down after surgery idk why... I was so emotional and kept crying. He was very humane and came in to give me antidepressants to make sure I felt fine.. There's a camera inside the room that I had no clue of, he called me at midnight... Yes midnight! ... To ask how I was doing Bc I looked like I was in a lot of pain and he was worried. I swear he is more than a doctor, he becomes a friends and almost like a dad he is very caring and such a sweetheart. I recommend him a million times! His anesthesiologist is also a Greg doctor and such a sweetheart the all are! At Gracehouse these ladies have motivated me like no other. I came alone and these ladies make me feel like I am at home with my mom and aunts and sisters etc. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. My physical recovery has been very hard but I'm getting by :)
Did you show the doctor your wish pictures as he was marking your body for surgery?
Have u used ur recovery chair yet?
No ma'am, I'm still at the recovery house

More on Grace...

This recovery house is seriously a little piece of heaven on earth. I truly feel that these ladies have "nursed me back to health". I feel so happy and positive about everything now Bc they are so encouraging and they've had so many patients so they know exactly what to say to help and how to help out. I would have been so lost without them. Ladies if you have a BBL you will have a drain in the back that needs to keep getting covered up so you don't leak all over yourself and these ladies are experts at helping you stay well put together. They help with my garment they patch it so it doesn't cut into my skin, I've never been hungry since I've been here. They offer snacks in between meals, we sit around my bed and talk all day about life, our past, our present and our future. I truly feel like I have healed my soul as well. Teresita brought me a beautiful book this morning designed specifically for women n recovery. It's religious based and has so many beautiful versus in it. I opened up to them about how abusive my children's father was and I felt such a relief to talk about it. It had been years and I had never really talked about it with anyone. Margarita is a true sweetheart, she cheered me on since day one. She motivated me to find the courage within me to recover faster. Jose is a bit newer to the group and I can tell she is learning but she is also very attentive and at your service when you need it. I am totally gonna miss them when I leave!
You look fabulous!
Thank you darling! I don't feel it yet lol too much bruising but I are the shape I'm taking and in happy :)
That's great to hear!

More pics

I can stand and walk for longer than 30 seconds without becoming tired! Yay! Just had my third lymph massage with MariPaz. It makes a world of difference. She is such a sweetheart! :)

Teresita... Grace recovery

She is amazing! Tomorrow she is taking me to the beach after my doc appointment. I really feel like I've made a friends, when in around her I feel like I am around my sisters. She has the cutest laugh. She asks what i like to eat, she makes sure i am ok, soon as we left the hospital (before i even mace it to the house) she bought me a smoothie and she made me one this morning, shes all about being healthy. Pretty much in saying... Girls! Come to Gracehouse :)
Your looking wonderful!
Btw when do you go home?
Thank you Doll! So do you! :) I am back in San Diego with my sister, I crossed the border today. But I'm going back Monday to hopefully have my stitches removed and ill be heading back to my home on Tuesday. How about you?


Well ladies... It's still squared.. Only swollen :-/. I also had a TT so maybe Bc I've been sitting on it & laying on it this whole time.. Sigh.:. The doc did say he put in 950cc each tho... It's also a little lumpy ewww I know, so I massage it in circular motions.. Only the sides tho, I can't twist to reach the back lol

Idk why it didn't show up

Just as an FYI :)

Most people think it's is wrong or are afraid to go out of country for treatment but if you do your research you will be fine!

So the doctor prescribed a lot of meds and since I don't take even over the counter meds, of course, I did my research. As it turns out most US doctors don't use "accolate" which is what my doctor prescribed so that the implant wouldn't become encapsulated. There's research on it and it seems that it really does help! That is awesome! My doctor uses the one the best brands of implants and on top of it prescribes this medication. He knows what he is doing! He takes even more preventative measures than docs here in the US. I have not been in any pain at all, yes I have been very uncomfortable but it's not pain. Since day 1 I refused pain meds. My wound is healing beautifully, he prescribed some spray to help it stay clean and heal and the line is so low and straight. Pretty much I'm saying, yes I know there have been botched surgeries outside of the US but also in the US, just google botches celebrity surgeries. If you do your research and find a well known doctor and find a recovery house to stay with you will
Do just fine outside of the US and you get more bang for your buck! Lol if you can have great results and more procedures and cut the cost in half, why not go for it? Trust me, it will be ok :)
did u just sent him the pics and he gave you a quote ?
I'm not sure if he does butt implants but I know he does really good brazilian butt lifts, I've just been sitting on mine since day one so I've compromised my results. Email them and his assistant will email you back in about a week. Make sure to include all ur stats weight height and front picture, side pictures and back picture and he will tell you what he can so and send you a quote :) hope that helps
Thank u so much I will contact them by email

Next Kim K? Lol

So my faja was cutting into my new butt and I've already been sitting on it too much as it is so I couldn't allow it to cut circulation so I got annoyed with it and I took scissors to the butt area feels soooooo much better! I took a photo to see what I looked like.. To finally see.. And the pic looked so familiar then I remembered where I had seen it .. I had quite a laugh.. And that was tough Bc laughing, coughing, or sneezing all feel like a trip to hell and back with a tummy tuck muscle repair anyway, my pics haven't been posting I really hope these post
U look really good happy heaking
Thank you, so do you! Ur measurements are awesome! :)
Thank u

My sisters- San Diego

So I love being at my sisters house! She is so sweet and loving. She is my eldest sister and has always been my mom (I have mommy issues lol-- she's not a very good mom) anyway my sister has helped me clean my wounds and pull my faja up and yesterday she lent me a super cute outfit and we went to the movies and it was great! She is awesome :) it's so important to be around loving people throughout recovery. It makes it a million times better. It's just hard not to laugh around her Bc she's such a goof ball. So anyway, I didn't bring any maxi dresses idk what I was thinking! We are going shopping right now. Ladies make sure to buy some long loose skirts and dresses. It is so comfortable with ur faja and it's guaranteed to fit! Lol Bc nothing will fit for the first days and I wouldn't want to be having to pull any pants down when I pee... It already takes me like ten minutes lol. Anyway make sure to bring maxi dresses :) and sandals and scrunciis for your hair. Also shave your legs before! Lol it will be a while before you can shave. Ooh don't worry about undies. I have not worn any since day one. The faja covers enough. :) and ur boppy pillow becomes ur best friend so buy a cute one to take with you everywhere you go.
Please post some more pics of the tummy tuck happy healing !!! I'm going with dr p aswell. I love your recovery chair idea never thought of it
Sure thing, momma. Ill do it tomorrow after my shower. You want to see the incision? Like up close?
Yes please! I'm getting the same procedure just no new boobies for me yet :( still happy bout the procedure tho I'm excited!

Kicked my garment to the curve!

Please don't follow in my footsteps but OMG I could not handle how it was cutting into my legs and butt so I had to take it down. I went over to my other sisters house today and it was so perfect! After my babes were born I handed down my postpartum fajas to her and she still had them! She gave them to me today and they fit! A little loose but it's better than the garment. My others arrive in the mail on the 16th. So my advice to you ladies is definitely have an extra faja ready one that is real comfortable! I find two pieces to be a million times more comfortable :)

One more ....

Curves by Pantoja :)
You look amazing!!! I enjoyed reading about your journey and the tips about the undies ! Lol I never would have guessed that but I won't be bringing 10 pairs lol and also the 2 piece Faja I know they provide one but I'll bring an extra 2 piece as you recommended. How long is recovery until doing the dirty deed or working out do you know?
Thank you darling :) and I didn't ask about the dirty deed lol but working out he said no more crunches or sit ups ever! But light work out at about 6 weeks
Ever!? Really? Dang . Well doc knows best so I get it but before you got the tt you were in shape it seemed like just extra skin so maybe that's why, post op recovery differs from each person I get that but I wonder if that's the same for everyone .

Another milestone!

Today my drain was removed! Yay! I had been draining less than 25cc for the past 4 days and the doc still didn't want to take it out! I was like "whaaaaaat?!" And he expected me to come home and do it on my own, I don't have anyone that can help. So anyway, he did it and he also removed most stitches. But then I realized I forgot to tell you ladies my tighys trick! So under the long skirts/ maxi dresses I was wearing tights (since it's cold) so I cut out the "crotch" part of my tights to match my faja so when I had to go pee it wasn't a hassle and it was
More for the drain so that it would fit through and hide comfortably. :)

Back to reality...

So I'm back at work today. Man was it hard to drive, and walk from my car to my desk! I am fully clothes and it takes forever to go pee bc I have so many layers to peel! Lol starting out healthy though, had old style fashion this morning with a teaspoon of peanut butter for taste, I'm having a protein shake now and a banana, I have lentil soup and whole wheat tortillas for lunch and an apple and yogurt for my last break. Been drinking water all day :) no one has asked about anything besides hernia repair Bc that's all I told them I was doing! Lol


Old style oatmeal *
How are you?!
I'm good, thank you :) it feels good to be home but my 3 & 5 year olds are keeping me so busy after work that sometimes I forget I've had all this done and come 9pm I'm feeling like a train hit me lol no pain though, just a lot of wear. I'm back at work and everyone is wondering why all of a sudden I'm dressing (& walking) like an old lady! Hahaha I just saw ur review update! (I haven't been on in a few) you are doing amazing! Keep that drain in; your results are phenomenal! :-) I've notice most of my back and top of belly button aren't swollen anymore but now i have a pouch that sits under my bellybutton.. Is this happening to you?
ughhh...yes I have the lower belly bloat which from what I have read is normal so that is good to know.. also my sides and flanks are still stiff. Other then that Im liking what is happening so far You need to post some boob and belly shots! I really haven't seen much of your scares or anything. Props to you by the way for running around after little ones that would be hard! I have a 12 year old that does her own thing most of the


Gonna stay away from it I was just too curious. My breast are obviously bigger.: better be! Lol. My waist stayed the same .. My big belly -- it's gone-- but now swelling was me at the same measurement ... And my butt, when I gained weight i gained an inch or two but the BBL helped I guess.... Maybe I should have just saved myself the hassle of BBL and just gained a little more weight (since my genes send the fat that way anyway) ... If I could do it again I would wait on the BBL because it's so hard not to sit on it/ lay on it after TT.... Hmmmm.... Anyway a few tips since I hardly have time to post... Rent a walker... And train for this surgery like your training for the hunger games! Lol you need strong legs and you need a strong back as well as a strong core and endurance. Just find a box! (Crossfit gym) and you will be alright! :-) Check out @zimrianne1 profile... She had the same thought but a better rant! Ohhj times up.. Time to watch princess & Sofia. Oh joy! Lol

Will post pix this weekend

Hopefully on Sunday when I have time. Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow since I was gone, orientation got pushed back to this Saturday. Yay :-s
Looks great !
Thanks hunn :)
You look so great! That's hilarious what you said about training like for The Hunger Games! It's true, though! I've been using every moment I have to get into better shape. I think it's been a great motivator, really. It took me 2 years to lose 50 pounds, but only 2 months to lose 11 more! I have to wait until my two-year-old is sleeping to work out, but I've been at it! Thanks for the advice!

just changed my review on the Dr.

it reflects upon the whole staff though. I changed my wait times. It did take a long time to get into surgery. I arrived at 9am and was not taken in until 2pm but the way Nadia answers my e-mails so promptly and how Hannia always answers the phone and helps it changed my mind. So what i waited an extra few hours for surgery? Post-op care is super important and this team is alays right on time and taht helps with peace at mind :)

Ok ladies... As promised..

It's Sunday! Had time to undo my dressings and snap some close ups. I had to take some stitches out (that were accidentally left in) but OMG! I couldn't feel my skin so on one I tugged too hard and I snapped down skin and it began to bleed alot! Good thing I'm not squeemish! I just dabbed some alcohol on it and applied pressure, waited for it to dry then applied some Bactrim and waited for that to dry then some tape... I hope to God it doesn't get infected! Yikes! Anyway... The line is crazy healed! It's barely there! It is raised and bumpy but it blends in so well. I have read that scars look their worst at 4-6 months so I guess we shall wait n see ....


So here is a pic of my breasts.. I really didn't want to post any too revealing but that's ok.. This is real self and I noticed there aren't many out there of Dr. Pantoja and he does some nice BA... I love mine and I now he did too! Lol the nurses all complimented them as well so I'm going to share.. I can't take pics of the BBL Bc I can't twist and have no one to take a pic but soon as I can I will. If I could do it all over again I would do it exactly as I did.. Same doctor; he does amazing TT. Incisions, his BA are awesome and he is said to be the king of BBL (I won't know until month 3 lol) ...anyway, same time of they year; can you imagine being stuck in a garment in hot season?! And with ur wounds being sweat on? Ew not ugh.. I wasn't about to gain weight over summer either.. I knew it'd be easier to do it over winter :)
Yeah...your scars look wonderful so far! How are you feeling?
Thank you! I feel like I haven't had enough recovery time. It's like I got home and it's back to work and back to kids and it almost seems like I'm all healed by force! I Lol how are you?
Congrats you look amazing...I just had my MM on Jan 10 and hope I have results like yours...

quick update! ***Supplies***

So ladies im super short on time but had to share!
i've been looking for epi-foam like crazy because My garment is starting to get loose and it schrunches up at the sides and by the time im going home (after 9hours of sitting at my desk) it drives me insane! anyway...i need the padding for the sides and here it is..its MUCH cheaper than ive seen anywhere else its called Reston foam floow the links and read up ladies :) I just ordered mine
link to purchase:

link to read about Reston akak lipofoam aka epifoam :

also, i recommend you buy paper tape to wear over your incisions

i ran out of the disinfectant spray the doctor recomended after week 1 so i would suggest buying two, or I use Bactrim spray :)

recovery chair: its super confortable but i never have time to sit on it :( either at work or running after m y kids. I thought i would have to sleep on it but not really. I sleep on my boppy at my butt and propped on two pillows at my chest and two pillows under my knees. It does the trick. So if you have time to lounge go for the chair! :) but i dont have time so ehhh..its just sitting in my room looking cute in the corner.

i already wrote a little on this but i have bought two new fajas sinc surgery and they just dont work! sinc ei got a BBL they fit around my waist but dont over my butt or they do over my butt but too wide for my that was wasted money! i should have just stuck to my intial plan of th two piece suit. BUy yourself a tight squeem for ur waist then a seperate for ur bottom. My waist is a medium right now and my bottoms are XL and thay still feels a little tight. its insane!

be rpepared for nothing to fit! specially if you have a BBL and TT
I wear sweats at home but to work i have been wearking dresses (work suits) and the look so awkward..i guess business women arent meant to have curves? lol Theyre tight on my butt on loose on my waist/ So i would better prepare with maxi dresses and skirts. That material is perfect!

kk gotta go! I know i dont update as much as i should but if you ladies have any questions let me know! they come directly to me email :)

ahhh! why cant i edit?

sorry about all the horrible typos and grammatical errors ladies!! I was typing while on a call :)) and the other times its me updating from my phone in bed half asleep around 11pm sorry!
You look amazing girl! Doc did good
Thank you darling! I'm glad all that extra skin is gone :)
gorgeous! he truly did an amazing job on you;) thanks for sharing

Foam and itching!

But not together! Lol my foam arrived... Too bad it came with contradicting info ugh....

OMG I am itching like crazy!!!! I read up on it and apparently it can start two weeks after lipo and it's not recommended to scratch it.. I took two Benadryl and it didn't help... Ahhhh!!
OmgOmg me tooooooo!
Rubbing helps! Lol ad Benadryl never kicked in but I slept like a baby! So I guess it helped :))
Hope the itching subsides doll

Interesting morning... No BBL results?

Sigh.... So it's only been a few weeks, I was finally able to wear jeans! Oh joy! I was finally happy BUT then I took a look back at my butt and guess what?! It looks exactly the same... Here are the pics you be the judge :-(

Don't do as I did!

So in a post above I mention massaging my BBL well... Horrible idea! I thought it would help the cells survive but it did the opposite. I just read that it kills them off Bc of the pressure! Ahhh damn it!

Well... There's always the gym!

I'm still very happy. :) I got lipo out of that BBL so it's all good. I had 3L lipoed, I now have perky boobs, and all my extra skin is gone! Yay!!! I am NOT about to get hung up on the fat graft that didn't take.. Maybe next time ... My main concern was the extra skin anyway, so yay!!! 3weeks down... A few more of swelling n itching to go :))

Questions answered...

a lovely RS user messaged me and her questions were so good i thought the answers might help somebody here is my reply to her (and all of you)

Thank you for the compliments :) I still have a ways to go with swelling but i must say i am already thrilled with the results. I am so glad you felt comfortable sending this message and please continue to ask everyone questions and doing your research. I did the same and it really helps out..ALOT :)

So now to answer your questions:
1. Does the DR speak good English?
**He does not BUT his assistants do and they are always present.
2. What brand of breast implants does he use? Mentor? (I don't want large ones, does he have all sizes available?), Are they under warranty?
**There is a warranty that they give you (they even give you the boxes they came in lol) They are natrelle (the gummy bear ones) mine are still swollen but i can tell they feel natural. I love them. ANd yes he has lots of sizes and i believe if you ask you can try sizers on. I didnt; i just fully trusted him adn im so glad i did. He knows his stuff
3. Does he use an epidural and you are awake? What method does he use?
***He uses a local block. You might wake up (i did) but soon as the anesthesiologist knows this he outs you right back to sleep.. You feel absolutely no pain :) and the recovery is waking up from it is like waking up from a nap. no nausea, no drowsiness, etc.
4. Does he do aggressive lipo with tummy tuck or did you just get a tummy tuck?
***He did lipo other areas but not the tummy since its being removed anyway.
5. Does he do the surgery in a hospital? Do they have all equipment if god for sake you had heart attack or otherwise? (I am healthy, however, you never know)..
***It is performed at the clinic he has a floor above his consultation floor. They are very well equiped all though i dont know for a fact bc i did not ask but im sure he does. He like double checks everything, he has you have an ultra sound of your breasts to make sure everything is ok. He also has you checked by a cardiologist and bloodwork. So im sure he is prepared for anything.
6. Did you have any concern for your safety in TJ? We travel to Puerto Vallarta, however, that is more resort like.. so just asking :)
***I was concerned but I stayed with Grace recovery house and it took all concerns away. They pick you up from San Diego and take you across the boarder, Ralph (the driver) is a sweet older man, the location of the recovery house is great. I was surprised because the news makes TJ look so bad and scary (I'm Mexican and was still concerned) anyway they area is gated as is sooooo nice. They have beautiful views.
7. Do you wish you stayed longer at the recovery house?
***I think i stayed as long as I needed to. I was ready to go home. They had already nurtured me back to health lol
8. How long before you could pick up your kids?
*** I still havent been able to :( Mine are 3(about to be 4) and 5 and they are so sad that I cant hold them. I know they are older than the average age to hold but we are very affectionate toward eachother....i used to carry them both at the same time right before surgery lol so thats been tough. I wont even mess with it. I just sit on the couch and have them sit next to me (they cant even sit on me bc it hurts the BA and the TT.)

best of luck! let me know if you have any more questions!
I think your booty looks fuller! Iplan on going back next year for my BBL..!
Soon as I can I'm gonna start working on it at the gym... If I still can't get that roundness I want... Girl! I'm inviting myself to come with you! Lol


so in a private message today i brought up supplements and thought i'd share...***warning: i am not a doctor and these are only my own thoughts and cannot be held aacountable for the outcome of taking these products** lol anyway...

Before the surgery i was big into weight lifting (its me) so I was into supplements and have applied alot of the concepts to the surgery recovery. You see, when you work out your muscles to the fullest you literately rip muscle fibers and they have to reconstruct themselves but this only happens if you have enough protein and enough melatonin which your body produces. Well, protein helps the body recover right? and we have applied that to our post-surgery ...well so does melatonin. And chances are a lot of the unlucky RS lovelies are having a really hard time sleeping after surgery so you are not producing enough melatonin (which your body needs) so i used to take melatonin to help my muscle fibers rebuild and in this case to help my body recover from this (self-induced) trauma. I also take a shot of BCAA's every morning. These are naturally found in your body but in abundant forms have excellent healing properties to regenerate cells, stimulate new cell production etc. Arnica tea has helped with the swelling as well as the bromelain pills. I think thats all i have for now....

once again these are all just MY opinions and theyre actually off the top of my head bc i learned about this so long ago that i dont even remember the hard facts lol but i think i got my point across. There are websites I know of that have excellent prices on supplements but i think i cant advertise on here so PM me and i will send you ladies the link... :) Happy Friday!

Faja Colombiana

So this thing arrived and I was like "great! Another $80 Down the drain, not even my baby (she's 4 & 'fit') will fit into this.." Anyway this was last week so today I stumbled across it again and it decided to try to snuggle in... I first did the top ones then leaned forward and did the bottom ones and so it went and before I knew it it was on! Yay! And it's not too tight! Whoop whoop! Had I had someone to help me.. Would have been waaaay easier but that's ok! I got it to work... Check out my booty in this thing! It went from squared to bubble... Aww yeahhhh
What size did you get?
What size did you get?
We got the same one! So company! I love mine!

Faja update

Ok so I know I keep going back as forth with this issue but ugh.... Here it goes

This faja doesn't fit right anymore :-( it is now too loose on my waist and cutting into my thighs.. Dr.Pantoja really did a fine number on me... So fine that not even fajas fit! Lol I'm going back to my two piece fajas... I think that's really best.. It's annoying Bc I have to undo everything everyone I go to he bathroom but it's so much more comfy. I would recommend either getting a two piece or getting a size bigger in the Colombiana since you have four rows o hooks to make it smaller on ur waist and so it lets your butt breathe! Ah.. It shaped it so nice the first day... How sad am I ...

I will do my measurements when I am home today.. Hopefully it will help someone out

Measurements & side note on Pantojas office

So my measurements are getting better everyday :) my breasts are the same (surprisingly.. I thought they'd go down Bc of swelling) my waist is one inch down from pre surgery and my fat belly I can't even measure! I'm so "oddly" shaped that the slope is so deep from my waist to hips that I can't measure the infamous "fat belly" anymore... Whoo hooooo! Anyway ... My butt is staying the same! That's a relief! I thought I was loosing it all for sure! I've been sitting since say one.

So anywho,
The girls at Pantojas have been so good since day 1 with communication but Saturday I emailed about needing some information (I'm applying for private insurance through work) and I really need the info and they didn't send it to me... That sucks.. They got back to me with all my crazy questions and when It's something I really really need no response... Dun dun dunnnnn! I sent a reminder email today so hopefully they'll get back to me soon.. I have faith in them :) p.s. I totally dressed like Peter Pan to work today! Haha damn swelling go away already! I wanna dress in normal people clothes! Wait no... I wanna dress in sexy people clothes... Yeah... I like that better ...

Ooooh swelling

... Just go away!
omg te vez superrrrrrrrrrrrrr perfectaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT GURL!!! thanks sooooo much for posting!! keep the pics coming of the seddling boobs...omg im 5'7'' and i would like to weight wrking on my baby weight! ugh.....i have no patience happy healing amiga!
Awww gracias! I love your energy! Lol it's awesome! Idk where ur weight is right now but keep working on that baby weight y tu tambien te vas aveer super! Recuerda que todo esta en la dieta y en las pesas (no en cardio-como todas creen) :-)
awww I'm totally a HUGE fan of weights tooo!!!! Ur totally awesome, funny when I was reading your story I was thinking omg I would totally hit if off with her! lol ufff ahorita peso 228 lbs. GORDAAA!!!!! :):):) LOL after my kids i blew up sooo bad! but im to the point que me da verguensa de salir o andar en la calle haste que rebaje! In the process of getting the spider sleeve.....I need the portion control! Antes pues tan facil soltera y de loca....eating clean and weight lifting pues un cuuuuurpasoo! lol My daughter just turned 3 and my son will be 1 this yr. ugh & im diabetic pero con el favor de dios after my surgery within 48hrs. it will be GONE!!!! thats the main reason to be healthy then SEXY!

Good morning!

Still in between week 3 & 4 post op but life is not waiti g for me to catch up! I am giving orientations all this week to our employees and guess what! I'm all covered up like a nun! Lol I've got dangerous curves going on and Being in HR I know very well that even the way you dress can offend people... Anyway... I'm in one hook on this faja! Whoohoooo swelling is going way down! One of my employees brought me a special ointment from Mexico it's arnica combined with "gobernadora" I have no clue what that is Bc I had never heard of it and oh boy does it stink! Lol but it's totally working wonders! It's magical... I asked her where people can get it but she said a local lady where she's from makes it.. Sorry dolls... Maybe you can google it? Happy Tuesday!

Team Pantoja!

Ladies... i received my report and it was hard to read, lol, Doctors writting huh? but it had all the info i needed I even received my original concent forms. This group of professionals is really the way to go. I received my mam ultra sound report as well as the cardiologist one also. All that as extra, i just needed to know what i got done lol but still! do you see my point? Pantoja is a great doctor and he really knows what he is doing and he is totally human! The anesthesiologist was great also, and so was the cardiologist-he seemed more timid that the rest of the gang but he knew his stuff. Post-op care has been great and Nadia is only an e-mail away and Hannia is a phone call away. This team really knows what they are doing..i've said it before..i will say it again...go to Dr.Pantoja! and stay at gracerecovery! :-)
You are on the loosest hook or the tightest?
I'm one hook in... So I'm in the second row.. But I've been having horrible heartburn I wonder if that's why? Lol
Me to.. .my thought is the pressure on our stomach is allowing juices back up our Esophagus..

This faja.. Playing games with my <3

Out of curiosity I tried the last hook and it fit! But it feels as if I didn't move anything... Maybe it stretched out? Idk but it toyed with my heart! Lol I'm still at 27" waist but on the last hook... Hmmmm?
Wow, your results are amazing !!! Congrats. Hope the swelling goes away ;-) happy healing !!!
Thank you! :) I hope so too.. Well, it has been.. Slowly! Lol I have no patience!

Pictures... Pictures... Awe yeah

Sooooo this morning I realized I will never be able to use my jeans again! (Ok that's super dramatic haha) but seriously.. Unless I loose some fat.. Which I will not!.. My jeans won't fit! But that's ok Bc it's all in the butt n hips ;-)
Try washing and drying the faja
Drying it on the dryer? Bc I washed it by hand but hung it to dry
My last one got to loose I poped it it in the dryer and it shrunk up=)

It's been 4 weeks!

For the first time I feel sick today >.< I was dizzy and hot and felt like I was short of breath... I think I've been over doing ... You start to feel better but remember to sloooooooow it down! Woke up super flat today then came to work and within an hour was swollen to the max and even my bra felt too tight... 4week post op pics :)
Right back at ya, you sexy, kinky sister of KK. I love your result, babe. What a transformation. Congrats first on your weight control. If I knew you're go to Mexic, I will tide myself to your luggage. I need boobs just like yours. I am really impressed with your PS. You are gorgeous and your new booty screams :" look @ me now" :-]. Love ya girlie :-]
haha ZiZi your energy is amazing! I can feel it through your writting lol Thanks so much! I will take you to Mexico as your tour guide anytime! :))
Be careful what you wish for, babe. You might find my luggage and I in front of your for and ask :"let's go" :-]:-]:-] And than, we can stop for few days in my country to visit Dracula castle. GOD can you help us? Hahahha. Seriously babe, I am really happy to see how wonderful your result turned. Please don't ever stop to be the beauty girl that you are :-]

Ugh.... Still Swollen ?!

Well... I really really didn't want to post these but it's a must see: ugh
Hey girl just checking to see howyour doing! Hope all is well!
Doing well thank you :) nothing to really update. Still super uncomfortable with this faja, I think I had a period wannabe lol, and I've just noticed one butt cheek is bigger than the other! Haha how are you?!
I plan on going to get my booty done next year...what are your overall feeling of your BBL...I kinda get mixed feelings reading your review on if you are happy with it or not.


Hello lovelies! Not much to update. Work keeps me insanely busy then I come home and the kids keep me busy.... I feel bad Bc I've already missed three of Hannias calls! Darn it... Ill try to call we back tomorrow if I don't have a lunch meeting:

I still can't fit into any pants but I have a suggestion if you are getting a tummy tuck and bbl I would suggest getting one of those bands that pregnant ladies buy in order to be able to keep wearing their jeans.. That could have been perfect for my jeans and work pants! At this point in time I'm just waiting since my swelling is going down more and more

Still uncomfortable Bc my faja cuts into my natural waist so bad. I'm only happy the days I wear my two piece set :)

People at work have noticed the lovely boobs! Lol I had been hidin them so well but the heater was on full blast and well... Say hello! Lol

I am shopping for swim suits soon! Ladies! They have a great selection at the Victorias Secret clearance side. Idk why they are clearance they are gorgeous! I think it's the sizes .. Mainly naturally odd sizes but perfect for post plastic surgery! Lol they're 34DD, 32DD, 34DDD etc. check them out! :-).

Ooooh I got all the PMS of a period and no period.. Maybe a light spotting but not even that... Odd

I carried my daughter! Yay! She was sooooo excited! My cute little baby :) it was only like 4 seconds but hey! It counts!

When I run I feel my butt jiggle haha but it hurts so I don't run.. I haven't tried working out when I say "run" I mean like chasing my kids lol or should I say "the monster" chasing them

Talk to ya ladies soon!

Ooooh happy 5 weeks to my new body!
Happy 5 weeks to you! Your results look great!!
Thank you darling! So sweet :)
Hi there again! I'm having doubts about getting so much done at once. Hoping you can help me a little. Did you get breast implants, tummy tuck w/ hernia repair AND bbl all at once? Thank you- more questions to come =)

6 weeks!!! Yay

So it's been 6 weeks.. I still can't exercise Bc jumping or moving too fast makes my butt feel really weird... But ehhh ill start soon enough... Here are some pix

Happy <3 Day!

Happy hugs and kisses and chocolate day everyone!!!

May all you ladies enjoy ur new bodies! &&& those of you who haven't gone through the surgery enjoy ur last valentines day with this body and look forward to the new :)
Have a wonderful night! You look perfect!
Awe thank you! :) how are you feeling?
Im doing great! I just updated so you can see photos. Im 100% happy with my results! How are you? work? kids?


Hiiii ladies... So I tried to work out last week and I did two days in a row then I couldn't anymore (even thought it made me feel great all day-mood wise) my back is soooo swollen as well my tummy an it had not gone down! This is the worst my back has been-- there's even a roll looking thing now ughhhh I hope I'm not gaining weight! It feels swollen though it feels hot/sensitive to touch ... Will keep updating... Ps I'm wearing a maiden form as a 2nd stage... I've spent way too much money on garments ugh...
Have you tried having that roll thing looked out? Maybe you need another lymphatic drainage massage? Did they tell you if needed anymore after the ones you had over there? Can't wait til I can work out as well but shoot I haven't even had my procedure yet lol
haha slow down girl! Have your procedure done first. I remember thats how I was sooo eager to get it done so I could be recovered lol. I dont think it needs a lymphatic massage it just feels so swollen but not liquid. I actually read that its very common to swell up after workout even months before. I am going to look into getting a spanx suit for when i work out, like a full body one.
hahah i know, i'm just so excited. Oh ok, I see yeah idk what i'm talking about lol im kinda worried bout the lymphatic massages, do you have 1 or 2 a day?? They had some at a marshalls by where I live but it just went down to the knee I think. I guess what I didn't expect was the amount of money needed aside for graduated how many do we need to get/how many stages are there? or is that personal preference..

Here is the pic (hopefully)

You look great. Maybe it is too soon for your body to start working out. Everybody heals differently. Take it slow ;-) Hope the roll goes down soon maybe it is swelling.
Thanks darling! I hope so too :-/ I have continued but no more cardio (moving my body too much too quickly) instead im doing light weights and body weight. (when i say light i mean 5lbs haha)
That sounds great ;-)


Hiii I probably won't update as detailed reports but ill try to answer any questions. I haven't been able to get into my inbox for some odd reason
How are you???? I got my surgery date :-)
You look amazing!! Your story is so much like mine I work out alot but after six babies that skin and sag dont want to go anywhere.anyhow can u give me the info of the recovery house you stayed in? You look amazing but you liked amazing before so girl win win situation,eh.

I hate it

Sorry I've been MIA girls but once the swelling went down I hated my results and the last thing I wanted was to talk about it it take pix but you girls deserve to see this... I talked to the docs office but all they said was to roll a towel under my garment to put more pressure on the area.. I asked for a revision even asked for the price but that was ignored


I've been eating right, super clean all home made only good oils no fats, working out religiously... I'm doing my part it just won't go away


Still wear it 24/7
Please message me on here, and leave me your number. I want to make sure your ok! =)
Hi! Sorry I've been MIA I think I tried to pretend I didn't do all this.. Sigh...
And I feel better now thank you... How are you?


I wrote to Dr.P and received a better response. This time we talked about revision and I still think he is a sweet heart and so is his staff... Results are still upsetting tho but he said he will do vaser Lipo on the dog ears and some lipo on the back of my legs .. I'm afraid of that though, what if it just gets worst? Any advice? I tried going to a pool this past weekend and i put makeup over my belly Button and it still looked bad, the scar is so big & noticeable .. I was just excited to have an innie at first. He will also be fixing that scar and he will just be charging for the OR fees and the nurse fees the garment and meds. I am so afraid to go back through the process again though, it's the anesthesia that gets me :-/


I still had to cover up bc legs look so strange and I have makeup all over my belly button lol more than on my face and I have tanning lotion (the one that makes you look tan) and makeup on the skin right above the underwear but gosh I do love my breasts Dr.P did have a perfect eye for these
your tummy should be FLAT with no loose didn't have any FAT on your stomach...I am concerned now cause I was considering going to Dr P....but, I don't want no excess skin!!!
I thought the same... It was depressing once the swelling started going down :/
omg you look perfect! even with all u did, you can't see any flaws! i absolutely love you breast! i want mine just like urs!!!! what kind are they and how many cc's & high profile? :) :) you look perfect my dear!!!!! and what do you think is wrg with the back of your legs? :) xoxo se te ve el cuerpo como la KK! :) kim k. :)))))) i love her! hehe

has any one had a revision?

I'm just upset I have to go through it again.. And why do I have to pay? If it would hVe gone as planed the first time I wouldn't have been in this situation and I wouldn't have to spend additional money plus recovery time plus time off work it's all so darn expensive once it adds up! And flight and hotel ugh... Maybe I should have just stayed in the states :-/ any advice?
I may be going back for a revision or round 2 aswell. My left cheek at the bottom inside going towards my you know is bigger than my right. And I'm planning on having more fat taken out of my upper body : arms n back to inject to even it out . And for that alone is 1800 . Idk if I should do that or go with salama in Florida . Let me know what you end up doing you still look great though! Sorry bout tbe disappointment tho I thought I would look skinnier but I don't. Lol
yeahh..sometimes i dont think i really had that aggressive lipo i was promised..and paid for..ugh... when are you going back?
Do u have a date scheduled already?

Made up my mind

I will be going back for the revision come august... I'm already nervous as heck! But the staff at dr. Pantojas is great so that's calms my nerves just a little but it's only normal to feel anxious/ angry/ annoyed ... Ugh... But like I said its helps that they are a great team... I guess I should start prepping for this revision specially mentally... That's the real prep
Wow ur before and afters are really impressive the difference is definatley noticeable, you really look great!! I have an appointment with Dr. P in june, just for a BBL, Thanks for your review it helped a lot.
Thank you :) it should be what I wanted now so soon I'll have my real "after" did you end up having ur work done with Dr. pantoja?
How much is the revision?

Revision 7/4/2012

Hello ladies! I just had my revision! Sorry I didn't update leading into it but I didn't really prep as much this time. I began taking iron pills two weeks before BUT I normally take multivitamins anyway and eat a lot of greens (spinach, kale) and a lot of legumes lentils black beans so i wasn't too a worried. I came in at 9. My sister dropped me off at the border I walked in on my own and walked across the bridge to grab a $5 taxi ride to the office. Piece of cake :) the Doctor came in and said hello by shaking everyone's hand. Sweetheart as always. The girls Hannia and Nadia are very sweet and attentive still! I haven't seen my results just yet but I hope it comes out to what I wanted to I can be done with these surgeries! But all in all I just can't be mad at Pantoja. He tried his best and has now corrects the issues (fingers crossed) I do have a suggestion for ladies doing this in the future: break it down! Seems like you save money but if you get what I did then you end up spending more plus time and energy and recovery twice time off work etc. I would have gone with tummy tuck and breast augmentation then 6months later come back for lipo to that tummy area and nah other areas plus fat graft (bbl) just a suggestion from someone who went through it. Stay sexy chicas! :-)
Hello chica So u had your revision done yesterday? I'm excited for u! Did u have a 2nd round too? I'm curious to know what it feels like the 2nd time around. How do your lipoed areas feel? Same as the 1st time?
You look amazing from before and after. Be much easier to see results now that you have that TT. Try a consistent workout for 1month. Take your measurements and take pics. And you'll notice the difference. It's takes a bit of work but I think your body will tighten up more! :)
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