42 Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty – Tijuana, MX

I been thinking about this for 3 years now. I did...

I been thinking about this for 3 years now. I did a lot of research looked at a lot of reviews, and finally decided to go through with it. I thought that I could be a little too young to be doing this procedure, but I read a review on this website about someone who thought the same thing, She also mentioned she'd rather take care of things little by little, I believe the same thing.also she mentioned that she was very happy with your decision. I will be posting pictures and also letting you know about anything that's important.

February 28, 20014

Day off procedure ... everything went well. I can definitely say rest your eyes as much as you can keep your head elevated don't fall asleep with your head low.

Day one

Lot of swelling.... I am using some cold compress. heads up you should only be using a cold compress for a few days.vision is a little blurry, still irritated, still sleeping with my head elevated.

Day two

Post op Day 2
some of the swelling has gone down also redness has decreased a little, irritated around the eyes. also feeling a little itchy

post op day 3. March 02, 2014

Today dry eyes and irritated... want to rub them. It helps massaging around them.
I still will not be able to go back to work, I work all day om a computer, so differently no.
The more rest your eyes get I believe the better.

A Before picture... all done up.

All done up Feb 14th 2014

Post up day 4

Had a lot of swelling still. One more day to get stitches out.

post op day 5

Today is the day... hopefully no more stitches

no more stitches

Dr. Said I had to much swelling still... got new eye drops.

post op day 8

Still lotz of swelling around the eyes and light bruising
Dr. Hector Milla

I can only say great things about my Doctor I have been a patient of his since 2006 I've done a little here a little there. My Doctor by showing me different options for telling me what I should or shouldn't do.tell me what I should do and what I shouldn't do. I trust my doctor and that's important.

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your last set of pic are saying before picture... do you have recent pic.? also do you have any pic 10 days after your surgery?
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Update soon. .. sorry for the delay.
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OMG! I just notice that I changed the Dr. Last name oops:D..Dr.Milla Hector my bad(^_^)!
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You were stunningly pretty before your surgery! I'm sure once everything settles down re: swelling, etc., you'll be even prettier - as though that's possible! LOL! Do keep us posted about your progress! :-)
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That you So much, abs will keep posting.
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U look very pretty in ur before pictures. I know it's too soon to judge but it looks like Dr. Herrera did a conservative n great job. Didn't go to far away from ur upper lids n ur lower lids hardly any scar. I'm pretty sure u r going to have n awsome outcome n will look very refreshed n younger^_^! By any chance did u had ur nose done? I had my quad blepharoplasty when I was 41yrs old but it was not good^_•)! Thank u for sharing ur experience n specially because this surgeon it's from Mexico. Si se puede(^_^)!
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Thank you for you comment. I feel that my Dr. Did q good job we shall see. No never got my nose done, I'm okay with it. LOL
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I can't wait to see your after pix.. I was excited to see your before pix.. hee hee I think again you're very good looking.. so can't wait to see your after pix... Again I wish you the best in your recovery and am excited for you.. I'm also looking forward to doing mine.. where exactly did you go?? was it in TJ??
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Thank you... yes I did it in TJ Info Face & Body www.tjplast.com 619 227-8242 3 miles from border. Dr. Hector Milla is a great Doctor.
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How are you doing today?? How do you feel???
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Wish u the best^_^! Thank u for posting!
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Thank you for posting your experience wishing you great recovery and results will be watching for your updates Cheers D
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Hello... I can relate to what you are saying I am 44 and noticed I needed to do something about my spots on my face then saw my pix in the dr's office and did realize that my eyes do look tired and am thinking about doing something to my bottom lids.. they have quite a bit of creases.. I will be doing lip and also transfer of fat and would like to do my bottom lids in TJ
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I have a question for anyone that had the upper eyelid surgery for medical reasons . I have an appt. in 2 weeks with an opthaloplastic surgeon who I was referred to by my opthalmoloigist . I am worried about the vision field test. Can anyone tell me how long it takes to test each eye? Also is it normal for your eyes to look more droopy one some days and not look as droopy on other days?
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