7 Day's post up Booty w/Dr. Campos - Tijuana, Mexico

Heelllooo BBL Sista's, I've been looking into...

Heelllooo BBL Sista's,

I've been looking into getting the BBL for a few years now and finally I have decided to stop procrastinating and really get it done!!! It was about a year ago, I was googling this procedure and came across this website and am so thankful for coming across Real Self cause its been so helpful/useful. I'm 28 years old and was always in shape, but i guess as you get older things change and wanna look good like all of you in here... I'm 5'4" and 140-145lbs... I live in Southern Cali and love Dr. Campos results and am looking forward hearing from him. I sent my first request to them thru RealSelf on January 27th and got a response from them yesterday. I have emailed them today with my pics which they received and Hanna emailed me back saying she forwarded my email to Dr. Campos for a quote... Now we shall wait and see about my quote and possibly having the procedure done by the end of February! Communication has been good so far so hopefully I don't jinx it!!! I will keep posting info when I find out the next details from Dr. Campos!!!

So, I was disappointed thinking that everything I...

So, I was disappointed thinking that everything I wrote did not get posted and am happy it did after all... I have to say I have had a great experience with the communication from Dr. Campos scheduler Angie... I received on January 31st the dates available and have scheduled my surgery for February 26th @ 7:30am. Angie emailed me all the information needed for Blood work, where to send the deposit to (within 1 week of her email) and so forth. I went and had my blood work on Friday, February 1st and should be getting my results tomorrow... If all is well hopefully I will send it to Dr. Campos and go from there. I'm from Southern California and was informed I could go home the same day after surgery but am afraid to do so and was thinking of staying the first night at Club Med or something. Please advise if anyone has been through it and has gone home the same day due to living close by. I will keep you posted and try to post more pics as it wouldn't allow me to do so...

I received my blood work results and all looks...

I received my blood work results and all looks good thank god!!! I emailed it to Angie and asked her to confirm that she had received my email and I got a response via email back from Angie so fast saying she did receive it yay...!!! I will be sending my deposit in tomorrow and have it finalized and set in stone!

Yay I sent my deposit in today and ordered the...

Yay I sent my deposit in today and ordered the Support Recovery Program from VitaMedica to heal faster and counting down the days!!! I'm so excited and can't believe how fast everything has gone... I'm still not sure of how long I should stay at ClubMed since I don't live so far???

I'm starting to get nervous since I only requested...

I'm starting to get nervous since I only requested a week off from work and thinking how am I going to go back to work and not sit on my new booty, since I sit most off the day.... I can't believe it's right around the corner aaaahhhh so happy but yet nervous and kind of scared!!! I also feel like I'm losing weight due to stressing out when I need to gain another 10 lbs.... Any advice BBL sisters?

Help BBL sisters I feel so not ready and prepared...

Help BBL sisters I feel so not ready and prepared does anyone advice on curtains items to take with me before and after surgery? Any tips would be appreciated!!!

Can't wait to get this BBL surgery over with and...

Can't wait to get this BBL surgery over with and have new curves almost there yay!!!

I will be meeting Marvin from ClubMed today at 7pm...

I will be meeting Marvin from ClubMed today at 7pm since he's picking a BBL sister at the San Diego airport... I can't believe the day is just around the corner and having a bit of anxiety ugh but excited at the same time!!! I will keep you guys posted... I will be posting a few pics and let you guys know my weight...

Wow I can't believe my bf of almost 2 1/2 years...

Wow I can't believe my bf of almost 2 1/2 years broke up with me just a few hours since I never told him till I was going to do my surgery in TJ... He wasn't supportive of me getting this procedure done since day 1 so I felt like I couldn't be open with him... What a coward for leaving me the day before surgery but I guess everything happens for a reason even though I'm so down I'm about to leave my house and go meet Marvin from Club Med in San Diego and start with my new body and new single life... Please pray for me!!!

Aside from the emotional drama which I hope too...

Aside from the emotional drama which I hope too remain strong... I am at Club Med in bed and I have to tell you how wonderful everyone has been so far and the funny stuff we have laughed about... It has truly helped me and need to go to bed since its almost midnight and we have to be up at 6:30 am to shower and go into Surgery eeeehhhh!!! Thank you all and will post more info xoxo

Let me tell you all that everything went very well...

Let me tell you all that everything went very well and smooth on the day of my surgery February 26 th at 8:00 a.m. I went in got the spinal block and didn't feel a thing during surgery but felt like I was hallucinating during surgery...after surgery I was woken up and felt so tired, swollen, and tight from the lipo and BBL... I'm on my second day post up and got a massage from Maripaz which felt good in a weird way and just trying to relax and heal... Love love everyone and everything about Club Med.... Tonight for dinner they went and got all us Lobster dinner which were delicious mmmmmm....

At Club Med lounging hanging out with the girls...

At Club Med lounging hanging out with the girls and having a good time :)
I'm so happy my headache of 3 days finally went away since that's the only issue I had since surgery... I'm waiting for the Lymphatic queen at Club Med to do my 3rd massage Mari-paz!!! My first massage on day 2, I had to go into Dr. Campos office and let me tell you it wasn't painful it just felt weird as if I had a bunch of balls all over where I got the lipo and Mari-Paz had to poke me on my back with a needle and drain me which I didn't feel a thing btw.... It is recommended to get a massage everyday after your first one which is on your 2nd day but make sure you don't buy them through Dr. Campos otherwise you'll have to go to his office to do it... instead make sure you schedule them through one of the girls at Club Med....

Sooo I had my post up visit with Dr. Campos...

Sooo I had my post up visit with Dr. Campos yesterday and did not take my drains out since I still was draining a lot :( He did cut off my 3 stitches i had thank gawd... They would poke me...I also had my massage with Maripaz at his office which was the last massage I had purchased with my quote of two massages only which are kind of mandatory... They will get better each time you have one... She ended up draining me which is always gross since she accumulates the fluid from massaging you and then pokes your back with a thin needle and drains you.... It doesn't hurt but just gross feeling running down your back... I have to say that I'm feeling amazing and should be ready to go back to work since I 'm bored!!! I left ClubMed yesterday and home sweet home but miss all the girls I met and the sweetest staff from ClubMed!!!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Well thank to the BBL Sisters on this website with all the reviews, pics, experiences and so on it has really helped on who to decide on going too!!! Thanks to one of the BBL sisters whom shared on where to get a good deal on faja/compression garmet check out this website http://www.orchardcorset.com/vedette-sale.com

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You look good girl! Do you have any recent pictures?
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Can u post recent pics??
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You loook amazing!! Do you have more pictures? I'm new on here and I just sent Dr. Campos an email Wow!! 2 days and seeing the dramatic change already ... Happy healing and Thanx for sharing pics
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looking good do you have any more pictures
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Hi! Hoping all is well :) wanted to know how you are doing.. Your results were amazing.. Do you have recent pictures?
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You look awesome. I am looking into going to him for my last round. How many CCs did you get? How much were you quoted if you don't mind me asking?
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What do you look like today?? How much did you pay total for surgery?
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Did you still only take a wk off work? Do you think that was enough time??
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Any more pics :)
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You look beautiful so curvy!
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looking amazing!!
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Hey you look great!! Glad to hear everything went well and keep us posted with your new pics, wuld lovve to see final results :) hope the rest of ur recovery goes smooth.
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Thank you CurvyD!!!
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yep, you're gonna be a masterpiece and is dr. campos as beautiful as he looks in the photo? yowsers
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Hey prayingforamazing, Yes he's a cutie in a different way and thank you for the compliment!!!
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You look great!
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Thank you girl :)
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Congratz, i just had my butt aug with Dr. Gaxiola in TJ and They do not look perky at all. They look horrible!! I'm so scarred. I did have a TT and breast lift too so I hope the swelling subsides but I'm terrified that they will stay like that for ever.
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Aaaawwww Sandivon I hope that it gets better and don't be scared... If you go to TJ again buy the best scarring cream there called "keltocel"! They only sell it in TJ and not in the states....
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Love your curves!! True hrglass n plump booty!! Congrats :)
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Thank you bklynbeauty xoxo
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who does the massages that come with the price Dr. C quote ..??
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